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  1. 1.Validate 2. 2010 January 3. Freedom sandbox is what wurm is to me. got me distracted from rough times and made fun times for me4. Day 1. running around no idea what i'm doing i get invited to a deed north end of indi. I died drowning. then to a troll then a spider, took me 3 hrs to make it to their deed. A guy names notchman invited me. no idea if it was Notch himself. a month later he was gone and i moved on to my first deed in the video above this.5.
  2. my very first deed Edmonton on indi over 10 years ago. wow the forge and oven graphics lol. and no the ground was not flat. didn't have to be back then to build houses on. I had buildings as walls at 8 slope on deli. was odd but cool
  3. Did you stop the decay on lanterns ? Cus pointless to have a nice looking item that decays as fast as food…………
  4. I'd love to create a peat and a tar tile on my deed. to prevent the 300 tile ride to gather with mobs attacking me. do you send the liquid for us to do it. or do you come visit and do it for us? 4+5s is a good price to me. question though. is one tile enough or is it best 2 or 4 tiles. . can't afford more now, not later . i may try the extra tiles myself some day i live on harmony. Phlan deed, D15 i think on the map.,619 the weekend is my best time for meeting if in person is needed. otherwise if just mailing the barrels. i log in everyday a few hours i have no natureal sub skill only 7.84 Zalidate on harmony/ thanks.
  5. the voice command thing , not just for macro. but think of how many folks out there is disabilities. voice control would help. again as commands not macroing . as you do need to attend. unless voice recording software to speak for you lol
  6. please COD to Zalidate on harmony Measuring jug 50ql X 3 45c Small amphora 30ql X 5 50c large amphora 40ql X 5 1.5s Planter 30ql X 30 1.2s 3.65s + mailing cost thanks Zalidate
  7. I'd like to know if voice attack or voice bot. macros allowed if the same way no delays no repeats. i tested it about 4 yrs ago. injured hand. i added say dig , and it issued command to press j j j my keybind for dig 3 times. . was cool but i didnt want to get banned so i played one handed for the week.
  8. N No worries. Thanks. I did find some yesterday at a market.
  9. hello. please COD me Zalidate on harmony these 80ql Pickaxe - 77CoC -> 1.3s 70ql Pickaxe - 50CoC -> 1.0s if possible could you imp to 80ql also for extra fee? if not it's ok thank you
  10. like to order with deliver (6s) for fully stocked crate rack (30 large crates). Price with delivery and while delivery add these items below too Cheese drill, Fruit press, Press, Leggat, Fishing rod and Medium fishing reel, Spinning wheel, Floor loom 70ql 60c each (4.8s) to Zalidate on harmony Phlan is my deed D15 area. nice and close kinda. i'm online a lot on weekends. 4pm-8pm weekdays mountain time. not in a rush though.
  11. Zalidate on harmony.. i'll be sending you 2 x 70 ql sickles i'd like casted COC MS MD FB NIM 70 +casts please 6.1s and 70ql studded leather set i'd like AoSP 70+ casted on please 2.93s plus to buy 2 x rings with Glacial 80+ casts 1.6s if you have rings stock. thank you Zalidate [13:09:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  12. me again please COD to zalidate on harmony trowels x4 QL 70 BOTD 61 - 61c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 62 - 62c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 62 - 62c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 63 - 63c (iron) thank you.
  13. Thanks again great service