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  1. Increased Macro Questions?

    odd. i often log in 3-7 alts and alt tab a ton to pray and grind mats like mortar or bricks. for hours, or even mining or landscaping. and i have even bee online 23 hours straight last weekend. and i dont recall ever getting these questions. 8 yrs playing and really cant recall once. i dont run any programs, except multiplicity which just allows me to drag my mouse over to the 2nd computer , just allows one mouse and keyboard for 2 pcs, nothing automated i hope there's not going to be invasive macro guess work happening. i lost runescape account as they thought i was macroing. but i was just using my tablet and guessing finger tapping seemed like macros to the detection software back then, 3 yrs ago. of course now they are coming our with mobile version lol.
  2. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    Digging for me too I have spent at least half my gaming time landscaping. Oh and would love to see a shovel thing hooked up to the back of a large cart that the passenger could use to dig 10 dirt at a time. Lol. Kidding but....
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Just need to refresh that page and the links will show up. Not sure why it looks blank. But refresh worked for me all month
  4. Omicron [16384x16384]

    re trying this map added modlauncher.bat -Xmx24g it's only using 8-9gb ram. and 1 gb ram for client. so huge, kinda have to play as a gm. was thinking would be cool to host this map as a GM only server, or give everyone 99 skills ect. and increase movment speeds.
  5. xan down what were you doing when it crashed.

    i was taking an afternoon nap with my wife. i hope it's up now.
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    fishing getaway was added to same spot as holtburg. it should be up by the water 1588 ,-3530 or maybe -3535 for the fishing getaway please. and thanks for all you do.
  7. even have my own personal sermon group going between the work load on weekends
  8. Xanadu Community Map

    please add fishing getaway to 1588 , -3530 and Holtburg at 1595 , -3571
  9. sad face here. would have been cool though. maybe folks could start sharing their deed plans and pics again. i love snooping deeds and seeing what they build. would have been cool to see old deeds too
  10. i'd like to see the game take a screen shot of a deed from the token village plan thingy when the deed falls. and then when one finds the token in arch. u can link to the deeds formal glory in web.
  11. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    huge +1 . cus i'm in the same alliance lol
  12. Planting lamps on submerged tiles

    there is a trick i use, try to use up your stamina, mining or digging ect. then start the plant process, run to where you want it hopfully not to far of a run. i messed up a mine a while a go and had to plant 10 lamps around so i could see. been 3 yrs since i did this. so could be nurfed
  13. why oh why is there always one log off sized. if 24 or 20 or 16 cool plank sized but 18.64, or 19.32 . why do we always have a wasted part. can we recode that . i miss the iron scraps lol