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  1. Steam only tracks steam logins . very few players use steam to log in. Niarja is better or even is the most accurate per server, i watched harmony deed counts, go from over 1100 deeds last aug or sept. i forget. down to 554 now. makes me sad.
  2. we can't blame you , we know you do what you can for us. you also are not the only one who works for the game. at least i hope not LOL. my guess is they are all on summer break and forgot too.
  3. announce a sale. get some current players spend money for prem time and silvers. bring a few players back maybe . gain extra income to the company announce server crossings from north to south. may bring players who miss the game but dont want to start over, a chance to come back and move to new lands with their main character and supplies . again gain extra income for the company add events all week. extra rift things, uniques other fun things. that bring current players and past players back. and I don't know maybe advertise it. and bring in new players......
  4. we will be launching Wurm Online on Steam on July 24th, 2020! today is the steam 1 yr anniversay? anything happening sales? events? server connection north to south? or na we got our money from steam. would be nice if we connected at least. or hey store sale like black friday . something ..... anyone else agree or disagree. ?
  5. I do have a coastal deed darkhold Port G15 on harmony map. near heartland for a coastal delivery if you would like. i just asked for wagoneer as normaly easier, and i can come online and accept when i can vs us waiting for eachother. I play evenings mountain time 4pm-7pm Canada. but should be online most the weekend. friday 3pm till 1am . sat and sunday 9am -9pm . i dont have a boat yet, just got a knarr started like just the 2 pc of keel lol so a month or two. I think the canal from waterdeep my market deed to hartland is knarr ready and i think the wagoneer there is accessable. i also think there is a deed north of waterdeep along the shore that has wagon container for use publicly. i thought i read somewhere. but can't confirm yet.
  6. can i get by wagoneer on harmony to Zalidate 10,000 items 11.9s 2000 bear meat 1.2s 2000 lamb meat 1.2s 3000 tomatoes 4.5s 1000 rice 1.5s 1000 strawberries 1.5s 1000 wemp 2s thanks.
  7. 10s with delivery to Darkhold port on harmony, Zalidate is my character name . if I win.
  8. need a quote how much to deliver all your meat to me on Harmony Darkhold Port , i think i count (10.10s of meat) plus large create costs for 13,000 meat 15 creates avg 30c each (4.5s) free delivery since nice big order? learning to cook Zalidate is my ingame name on Harmony Horse 39 6k 4.5s Beef 33 4k 3s Pork 32 1k 75c Lamb 35 600 50c Game 32 200 20c Canine 36 400 40c Feline 42 100 10c Humanoid 36 200 20c Bear 39 100 10c Seafood 30 30 3c Fowl 37 20 2c Insect 36 300 30c like to add too . Hides 26 800 2s Fats 32 1000 2.5s how much for all this delivered with large crates?
  9. add on to my opinion market in the forums on both NFI and SFI seem slow to me seems like only 10-15 players who sell goods, not much to choose from. and I'd say on both markets, they are good prices, i bought tons of stuff, I feel they are very close in price. only a few things i see, like NFI mortar 1k for 3s vs SFI 2.5s , bricks NFI 3s/1k vs SFI 2s/1k . tools seem close to me. services closer now too. I can see the traders on NFI rather not have SFI selling on NFI due to taking sales from them. for tools, weapons, but I find it very hard to find bulk item sales on NFI . i've been watching for farm goods and building mats. SFI was very easy to get either by boat or wagoneer NFI good luck finding wagoneer. as 80% of the NFI player base is on candnce only so the rest of us have to wait. i could be wrong. but this is what i've noticed so far over last 2 months only.
  10. [22:12:57] 68 other players are online. You are on Harmony (466 totally in Wurm). a saturday night. doing nothing is not good. these numbers will get lower and lower harmony in October had about 1200 deeds. i left the game until april to come back to 600 deeds left. the stupid portal thats still at the starter deeds thats let players leave to cadance took alot of harmony player base. sure many can sail over, but when it was a portal jump away just to easy . but the total wurm count bugs me. there was what one sale in past year. i'm cool with no silver sales. but prem time sales would encourage players to rejoin from a break in the game. would it really hurt to reduce the prem time fee. of those 466, we all know half is most likely alts. and out of that maybe half is priests that are prem. I personaly do the 6-12 month thing as it s the best deal. but not everyone can afford to do that for 1-5 + characters . or even just one character . steam is often showcasing sales for game. why not offer it even at a low 15% for 1-2 month sub. please join us.
  11. Steam launch anniversary date for merger would be a good date and advertising for it on both platforms
  12. So if reading the rules correctly. Anyone can still bid with in 53 min and it would reset an hour? Until no one bids for a whole hr?