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  1. new highway bridge system north part of the map. not sure how to add all this to the map. but this is 90% accurate D15- D16 on game map heres the numbers i think, 1797,553 1797,575 1813,581 1813,612 1818,612 1818,630 1931,630 1931,603 1942,603 1952,608 1993,608 2015,608 2019,603 2019,581 2029,572 2072,572
  2. I bought a nintendo switch for now. I read about the steam deck batteries not lasting long. so I plan to wait 1-2 more yrs. they plan to improve the battery.
  3. It took a lot of work and Mats to build. I'll make lamps and bless them when i get time. wagoneers can cross, could cut down on time for them. players can cross easier now too. not the pretty but works.
  4. lol i forgot to add this too. bridge building. Trowel Steel - 85QL 80BotD 3s need to give my old on to alt to help. thanks Zalidate
  5. please cod to Zalidate trowel, iron, ~84ql, 98woa 96coc - 3,0s thanks Zalidate
  6. please COD to Zalidate RANGE POLES: 80QL 2.0s thank you Zalidate
  7. 8s Zalidate hi nieghbour. just north of ya D15 and i dont see auction timer. i'm tiered and old though so it could be there.
  8. my NFI deed getting close to done. some roofing work needed, and back of deed terraforming. i love building workshops. my voice lol. slight cold i can put myself to sleep talking lol
  9. wow while youtube is uploading my new video i looked back to my first wurm video and deeds. june 2011, 3 months before deliverance is released. I had so many plans. but then . moved to the new server. and wow the graphics , and single story only buildings
  10. lol Asheron is my Fo priest. many deeds i names from AC , currently on SFI Holtburg my deed. so many memories. i wish they would reboot games like that. we never had a TLP type server. start from the beginning. randomly placing the spell mats to try to learn a new spell. pyreals had weight had to buy notes often. Arwic sub was the buying and selling place. died many times making that jump until i learned bludgeon protection will help i think it was. AC2 i played beta i found the game empty after release was to hard to leave AC1 for me. but there was and maybe still an emu of AC2 still. i tried one about a year after they shut down all ACs. I want to still get a tattoo of one of the ac2 Olthoi's i have it printed out from a photo shop so good quality. but been chicken to do it. that and the cost 300-500$ they said. someone even made a RPG paper play book for AC. looks fun. not finished yet though.
  11. i made it to the area today . i added some pegs so the dye can be resealed. and i added 15 or so slabs to the pylon while there as i may not make it to help later.. cool for the message board i never knew we could do that. geez and didn't know he was my sons age too. will be missed. at least i have Iles if killjoy to remember him too as my Cadance deed.
  12. LOL. my wife played with me for 2 months. she got good at grinding MMds for us. she quit when she came home and found out i spent them all on armor for both of us. and some higher end weapons. a Co-worker I got into playing it. he was just married. after 3 months he called in to work sick. and then called me. asking about a quest. I asked him how sick was he. he told me he wasn't he skill his collage classes too. trying to finish this quest. one of the weapon quests. glows blue been to long. i know i did it for 3 of my characters. but i told him he's to addicted . 2 days later called me at work upset. as his wife told him to delete the game. he set it up to uninstall but could not press the button without calling me. wow. thats when i took a look at my life. and kept on gaming till this day and last week i installed the game again too and jumped in for an hour. I so miss it. oh and my cell phone ring tone is the portal call .. drives my wife nuts. and right now and most evenings i ware this shirt i got custom made. olthoi on the front. and portal graphics from AC 2 i think on the back. found the pics i had online of it. hope it posts