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  1. Is that an Asheron's call life stone? . i so miss that game as you may be able to see my icon has been an olthoi for well over 10 yrs thanks for the site. I used it for deed falling info.
  2. merging the servers soon? next summer maybe? i'll keep asking till it's done.
  3. I see my marker was moved to the top. the blue square is the size of the deed. my highway goes to the yellow line middle of the deed almost I'd maybe move the Phlan square to where i put the yellow box with red border. not a big deal. i just like centering things. and i just realized i pay almost 2Gold a yr in upkeep. so glad my wife never reads my posts. she'd take away my credit card.... lol love the map work be the way. it's so much nicer seeing all the deeds. helps new players plan to find a spot and navigate . and i use it to navigate often too. Thanks to all involved .
  4. sent pm i was thinking of a deed on cadence if sailable
  5. thank you Josh Strife Hayes For your video on youtube. it helped change things for the better. Sorry off highlight not sure how to take it off lol
  6. [05:15:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Vorlox in less than ten minutes. i hope it don't poof lol it looks like i have mismatched socks on lol
  7. are you available to cast WEB 90+ - 8s per set on my Brass 80qL plate armor set? or would it be safer for 80+ WEB casts5s due to not being 90QL plate .? and who do i mail it to on harmony? my character name is Zalidate on harmony
  8. me again please COD to Zalidate on harmony small anvil QL 80 BOTD 82 - 1s 98c (steel) saw QL 80 BOTD 81 - 1s 96c (steel) carving knife QL 89 BOTD 89 - 2s 21c (iron) stone chisle QL 85 BOTD 96 - 3s 12 (steel)
  9. huge question the crate pens. after we buy the key can use pull push the crates to our boats to load. or do we need a wagon to load then put in boats?