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  1. i'm on a staycation holiday the week before would have loved a whole week to binge play... oh well guess it's good i have my 2nd staycation first week of august I look forward to a fresh start and playing with steam players everywhere and old vets.
  2. one main thing i'll beg for, is go a head with all the UI improvements. but please have the options for us vets to use the old version. i hate the paper doll. and love that there is an option to keep body in the inventory, i hate having to open the paper doll. i'm sure i'll like the new UI to come. but would be nice to have options to use parts of the new and parts of the old. edit. dont get me wrong i love what i'm seeing so far. love the searching and i hope it's for chests too. i have 4 large magic chests, full of packs and bags, finding things are not easy. just please use the community to help. show us your ideas and hear the feed backs. to succeed on steam. a lot of polishing is needed. i hate combat and dont plan on killing things mush at all. so i dont care that combat is simple. but i know others do. but at the same time dont turn combat into as complicated as fishing is now. lol I can't wait till steam release i hope a nice year before it connects to the main world. would be nice for a fresh start without our main characters rushing the whole thing. my fav day on xanadu release after founding my deed was building a hiway from starter deed to the coast close by my deed, and later putting 4 Hots tower on it. i was down there a few months ago nice to still see it there.
  3. according to my paypal i spent over $3000 usd on wurm. buying accounts, deeds. trader deeds, mats to build with, tools, decorations, and silver over the first 6 years playing wurm. and only 400$ ish in the past 3 years, mainly silver and prem time. i liked having the options. as i felt silver costs in the store was to high. i use to get 100 silver for 100usd , then it changed to 160 eur. or 100 eur from folks selling. . i'm really glad i sold my 15 traders when xanadu opened up. wanted to get out of spending my play time just traveling around to my traders and grinding the selling mats. xanadu's no trader system helped me just enjoy the game. so one hand sad to see the system go. but other hand will get us who stay , to play more and maybe play with others more too. time to trade. I can see a lot of folks leaving. the game is changing a lot. but from what we had 10+ years ago vs now , change can be good. we will need to wait and see. give it a chance, by end of summer, we should see UI changes and many other quality of life changes. steam allows the mmo's they have have micro transactions, so i hope we can still buy silver. i also hope with the new lower cost of silver and prem time, maybe they will reduce the per tile cost of upkeep to the deeds. I still also hop for a new server for steam. i love fresh starts. let it stay off the main cluster for 6 -12 months would be nice.
  4. i have to say navigation. i love wurm unlimited for the mini map that helps a little. but once a highway markers start going up the use of out of game maps help a lot
  5. everquest 2 has great housing system. but wurm is really the only one that has the most options to building the house. but little to decorate it , it's better then years ago. but still a long way to go.
  6. i'm loving the server too. only a few hours in. nice map and features . i need fast timers to not get board. this server gives me my wurm fix. while alt tabbing to everquest . odd yes but works well.
  7. Can't rotate the hitching post. only push and pull. is that meant that way cus looks odd when it's 5-10 degrees off the edge of a tile
  8. he needs to join a village. and play with others. solo is fun. but can get boring, being part of a village or alliance is nice for just the chat while playing. but the group projects and learning first hand with others just adds to the early experience that can help pull folks into the depths of this game. i leave often but always come back for a while. every year. very cool videos though and hope he comes back. and i have to agree. the timers as a new player. omg. i rolled a new one to test out the tutorial area. once i finished. i /suicide my character. i know i'll be playing on the new steam server. but after trying a new character. i'll have to alt tab, from there to WO and grind both games, just not to drain on the slowness.
  9. Indy Dead

    xanadu too ;-( back in after 7 min at least
  10. Amadee "On Sklotopolis, for instance, it's always high pop." Sorry . i do play there too and enjoy it. but the high pop is not true. looks like high numbers but that's due to players being paid to stay online AFK . a very good idea for free money in game, i love the idea. but it doesn't show true active players vs AFK money making players. I use to just leave my character online for days myself. I will say i feel this server is on top and very stable. good community too . my play time [09:21:42] You have played 19 days, 11 hours and 4 minutes. On Sklotopolis, i log in a few times a month and like to grind skills while playing WO . wow [09:21:42] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 2 of the Snake's starfall, 980. That's 1444 days, 9 hours and 41 minutes ago. thats almost 4 yrs ago when i started on Sklotopois
  11. WO = the true experience, WU = the faster experience with quality of life mods. WO = is a game to play over years. i'm in my 9th . WU = can be played fast enough to get to high level in a month on some servers, or grind as the same as WO but with cooler mods WO = need to pay to skill above 20. but still can do almost everything or buy/trade for what you can't do WU = is free after the bought the game. WO = stable live for ever servers WU = a few stable servers, some leave after low population. future WO will be on steam as new server, I can see a good new population on it. won't hurt trying both. worth buying WU for sure, as you can solo play if you want to. I like it for testing things. WU low pop on servers but friendly and helpful. but may find only a few online at certain hours WO bigger population over all the servers combined , lots of helpful folks online at all play hours. the forums for both games is here so tons of help
  12. I just hope no bigger then indi map. xanadu way to bare. i loved my time on indi way way back, but found deli a ton of fun, due to being close to others, but needed more then one deed as they were a bit to crowded, xanadu was great early on. but after 2 yrs, way to much space. I very rarley see folks in local, if it wasn't for alliances, i'd feel completely alone. I feel an indi sized map, with lots of rivers since bridges exist now, could be a good size. any others have map size ideas? . my eyes are blurry today , got a cold, hard to read not sure if others already talked about it.
  13. not really wise for wurm players to give out their emails. as many emails are used to wurm online account recovery. would make it easy for a hacker to come on these forums and ask for emails from folks to log in to a new server, and then one day find their accounts gone. not saying you are one of those folks at all. just saying many of us won't want to join by emailing you. maybe just ask for PM though this forum would be good enough to chat first and you can PM and password. no need for emails at all really.
  14. WU is very risky and many of us don't play on it. i've been on 3 of those servers and was enjoying my time. but one day i go to log in and find it gone or reset. all my time and work was gone. so i don't play WU at all unless my own personal server for testing things. WO would attract more players as it would be one server and a stable server not dropping connections often and never resetting. it will have a better chance then WU. WO has been loosing players too. but this could help, better to try and fail then just give up.