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  1. i just close the steam bootstrap in task manager, then log in the next use my next steam user account. if you have more then one.
  2. Why?

    clear cutting on deed and perm normal. but to just kill the trees and not turn to logs, is a bit odd. . skill gain guessing. but why not turn to logs too? maybe feud .
  3. if adding highways a few here. partly cateye'd too , hunting for more 800,414 to 804,414 to 804,397 to 807,397 to 807,391 to 809,390 to 809,383 to 806,383 to 806,369
  4. if its at the starter deeds they make it quick .
  5. 3 active merchants now, and 5 more empty stalls for your merchants. slowly growing, nice and close to heartland, accessible by highway just over halfway with cateyes. need 80 more eyes to finish. and easy to sail over too
  6. i just deleted the game data files, and reinstalled from website. no issues after. i find it has trouble installing the new map into the old file and backup, due to my pc copy protect. plus had to log out all cleints to allow updates to work right. dont delete the whole folder as you will loose set. just the large graphic.jar or something file. all i did the past 3 server releases
  7. Andru ya that does seem like griefing to me. deed it or loose rules, still griefing to act like that. one thing about this game as we have had some bad players in the past. once known they get shunned by the community . many of those bad players, i'm sure came back to steam, just to leave bad reviews, as so many of them had less then 5 min game time before reviews. and did not continue. this person will learn or live solo. I hope your able to find a better area, to live. you won't want to be around them. try to ask around who has space for you to live just outside their perm . or on deed for a small home and farm. one way of saving space is 1x1 building then go 6 tiles for your home then 6 tiles for 1x1. OxxxxxHomexxxxxO this will allow others to kill the 1x1 after a certain time. but your home will be safe. the other thing to help more is once skill is up to make QL planks add more planks to your one wall per building. the higher the QL the longer it takes to fall. . making a small deed is best though 11x11 by 15x15 i think is 1s upkeep dont need smaller as its still 1s upkeep . can make money easy in game. planks and bricks and we all hate making mortar. it sells well.
  8. i spent 260 euros last month on this game to prem may new main and 4 alts one per faith and a ton of silver. to deed and start buying things i'm to lazy to do myself. i paid over 30s to other players in the first 2 weeks of harmony helping start the economy. I did deed 4 area, a main deed, a small market deed, that i waited a week to see if anyone would deed the water area by my main deed. and the other 2 deeds. i have huge plans for. being near a starter deed. i also helped build about 300-400 tiles worth of highways for new and old players to use. there was a good amount of time between deeding each deed also. so there was chances for others to deed around me. one could see i have the 4 deeds and only 2 with some development and call me a land hog... but only I know my plans. i dont feel i did this as a land grab. as i will develop the land, been playing 10 yrs. very addicted. but i have run into new players and help them out often. if someone like you were near by i'd even let you toss a home on one of my deeds that i dont plan on working on for a while and let you live there safely. i pay a lot into this game over the years. i cant say how much as if my wife finds out, i'll loose my computer. lol over 3k usd $ . shhh. not that i feel spending money = right to grief anyone ever. but i feel a little offended at first reading the OP post, playing with alts i've done so since 2010. never felt is was wrong until today... but when i saw later you said you started developing the area and they deeded it. that was wrong to me too. but only if you were online enough to be found. before i deeded my last 2 deeds, there were tents. i waited until i saw the tents decay to 90% before deeding. and i left it in the perimeter so they could collect their things if they came back. then i finished expanding. (there is oddly a tent at 100% on one of my deeds i think they put it down at the same time i deeded. was odd, they never logged back on and its still there 100% lol) owning alts and multiple deeds. though , this game gains a lot of money from that. if the devs had a way to pull up how many of us have alts and how much silver sinks in from that. i'd bet 1/4 if not 1/2 the revenue comes for those players and alts. i say this with love, join us and forget about that guy or gal that did that to you. most of us are good and will welcome you to our area. don't give up. I hope you stick with this game. tones of land inland ,can build a well for water. and a ship transport to go to water to sail later on also. plus the new land opening .if your ready to invest in the game. 99% of the player base is a good community and never grief on purpose at least. maybe join a deed for a bit. enjoy the company. lol wow long post sorry.
  9. added more roads my neighbors and I have been working on. Market has 5 ready stalls for merchants , 1 active now with weaponsmithing items. everyone welcome to add your own merchants there
  10. you should be able to take your character, just make a row boat asap . or be near the starter towns they may make a portal again. glad your sticking with it. also try to have forage for cotton asap. you may need to heal while running for new land. but a boat is best bet. if you have time a sail boat will be much faster
  11. lol they wanted to delete someones elses post cus its a bad idea. it wasnt they're own
  12. I'd like to say after the first 5-6 days of playing on harmony with lag. I haven't really had any lag since then. and i play a ton. with alts too. no issues so the fixes are working well. thank you . but a huge new server. better a smaller one and add another smaller one after that if needed. vs a large one. please look at server stats . You guys opened exodus and celi soon after because deli was high, sure folks left for them. but a couple years later 15-20 players. release and i forget the other one . was good when alone, but when added in to freedom. same thing the population left. please think 2 years down the road. when maybe north joins the south. you'll be paying for a lot of mostly empty servers. less then 2 months from now a lot of newbie player deeds that was formed the first 2-3 days of release will disband from upkeep and that will open up a lot of land again. would be better to make a small one for now, and see what it's like in two months if another larger server is needed. I intend to stay on harmony. and shrank my xanadu deed just to keep my things safe for a yr or two in hopes of sailing over. i loved xanadu at first. but it's too big and under populated for it's size. 100-200 players max. if you have many steam sales and advertise more then i guess make a larger server but again wait until the sale to open it up.
  13. agreed, making another smaller one would be ok. but another one , that will pull 50% off harmony and 25%-50% off melody . and we will end up with populations like celebration peaking at 20 during the day or worse like the others. I stopped playing xanadu because there was no one around, way to spread out. the new cluster doesnt need another server that size. Golden Valley players 2/80 Chaos players 16/800 Independence players 50/800 Deliverance players 23/800 Exodus players 16/800 Celebration players 20/800 Pristine players 11/800 Release players 15/800 Xanadu players 115/800 Harmony players 671/1500 Defiance players 286/1500 Haven players 13/400 Melody players 365/800 Epic cluster players 3/3200 Total players 1606/13880