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  1. or find a spot and use your deed stake and try to place it there as long as it's not to close to others. you may want to buy premium with some silver for the deed and deed upkeep. as a new player you can get a good deal with the 2 months and 15 silver i think discounted for first time players. planting 11x11 is best as a minimum . because 1s upkeep is the lowest. if you deed smaller it still costs 1s, 11x11 is 1.05s
  2. and ducks to go with the F N duck sounds we keep hearing in the game for years
  3. thank you very much amazing casts should be fun to hunt with
  4. Axe sent should arrive soon. thanks. Zalidate
  5. I'm waiting for another Axe to come in and i'll send that for the casts with Venom as soon as i get it. i just need one venom weapon for my priests, he has the venom rings the others i'll keep my main and other priests Nimbleness 60+ free Circle of cunning 80+ 1s Venom 80+ 2s Mind Stealer 80+ 2s Monster demise free
  6. hello again need to order another 1x axe( normal one handed type) 80QL COD to Zalidate on harmony thanks again
  7. opps you did LT instead of venom but i'm ok with that . i may have a couple one handed weapons to send for venom . i picked up some poison rings somewhere. thought i'd test it out. but no worries really good casts i see too. thanks again will be back soon i'm sure. gearing up priests too.
  8. [03:10:22] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Sinnjinn in less than ten minutes. thank you . all 3 weapons coming
  9. COD to Zalidate on harmony when you have a chance please file QL 70 BOTD 67 - 87c (steel) thank you
  10. my first time buying horses with a boat and cages. we neat. thanks. love the work on the deed so much done since i visited last year
  11. can i get these items COD to Zalidate on harmony please Alcoholic Drinks in Stock Vodka 1x smallbarrel's 74QL 1s each Whisky 1x smallbarrel´s 87QL 1s each Beer: 1x smallbarrel`s 88QL 60c each Met 1x smallbarrel's 76QL each 50c Olivenöl 1x71QL each 2s Cookingöl 1x cottonseedöl 67QL 1s 6.1s total plus mail costs thanks , Zalidate
  12. I have a metal staff an Axe and a spear all silver 80ql i'd like to get casts on and COD back to Zalidate on harmony please if i read right. Nimbleness 60+ free Circle of cunning 80+ 1s Venom 80+ 2s Mind Stealer 80+ 2s Monster demise free 5s per weapon ? Do i Mail the weapons to Sinnjinn ?
  13. cod to Zalidate on harmony a large shield 90.13ql 97 coc for 4.5s please thanks
  14. please COD to Zalidate on harmony Large metal shield and a medium metal shield both 70QL also studded leather set 80QL i hope to find someone to cast WEB on it. thanks again. Zalidate