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  1. if a kingdom has 5 blocker deeds and want to have a raid window on all 5 people keeping 25 priests alts up becomes a pretty steep requirement not to mentioned the actual deeds ppl have to live in to also require 5 prem alts....
  2. @DarklordsTHIS IS GUD Would stop the spamming of blocker deeds too.
  3. Grave stones are there to stop the ninja looting i guess.. but if you push someone off the grave stone you get the gear its not so much as a loot timer but stop someone from Europe who is latterly sitting on top of server spamming "take" i win button. Raid timer could be worked like this. Buy a Siege writ from trader "20s" i dont know. walk to deed you wish to raid and drop a writ on the deed perimeter this gives the defenders 12 hours to set a 6 - 12 hour raid window within a 36 hour timeframe. during the siege window (48 HOURS) you cannot build / repair / plant mine doors on deed or within 20 tiles of a deed perimeter Attackers - if deed is drained during the raid window the deed and all its buildings are destroyed "Does not apply to safezone deeds" Defenders - After the Siege writ is dropped it creates a siege stone this stone cannot have anything built around it and is the same strength as a 60ql mine door once this is destroyed it ends the siege window. You can only be sieged once every 1 month Next is listen to the requests coming from the players and have monthly votes on what could be implemented / removed from the server
  4. Id like to see this but maybe make it only 20- 40ql mine doors can be planted off deed ?
  5. regarding raid window. Does this mean buildings/walls are immune?? or does it just mean you cannot drain a deed? only asking as the War bonus could increase the time of getting into a deed typically you cannot raid a deed in 2 hours if its also being defended During a raid window once an alarm has been raised etc maybe make it so buildings cannot be repaired ?? War bonus could work both ways decrease the damage taken but also increase the damage on war machines? Forgot to mention great changes @Darklordsand team looking forward to steam release!
  6. you forgot to mention the rest. you cant spam it. you cant see all of local as it dependant on your tracking ... Having a "must have" skill for pvp makes it worth while.. How many MUST have skills do you currently need for pvp???
  7. Meant for this to be here.... This Idea is for with Local being removed from game. Depending on tracking skill something that indicates someone is in your local. example with 30 tracking skill You start to track. Local list pops up within a 30 tile radius. 1 Tile per skill. you click the person you want to track the Beastwolf is North east of your location. Make it so tracking only works above ground Make it so Tracking has a Decent timer 10-20 seconds and can only be used every 2-5 mins. @DarklordsThoughts?
  8. @Retrograde I know this is a long shot but do you think it would be worth having a small player base from pvp side for the the initial release of PvP who are voted for by the players that would sit and discuss / suggest potential improvements / ideas and issues with the devs. having that 3rd party view can always be helpful you might think that something that is being implemented is great but then someone says what if i do this does it break?? just a thought?
  9. Also This is a good idea to remove from PvP
  10. Will specific skills like weapon skills, Shield skills be non transferable from pve to Pvp . This would make it so people have to leave deed to skill these and not just be able to train them on pve.
  11. My fav pet is my New Zambie Hoverboar
  12. IM SORRY YOU WOT.... M8 @DarklordsPlease before you take notes on this comment above i hope you are able to understand since the new changes to Armour Plate/Drake/Scale are not always used as a main in pvp now Leather/chain etc is now viable with the movement speed etc... Also the damage types on weapons with salves etc when Sn00 or someone wearing leather / drake get slapped up the side of the face with a weapons with a salve that is better against its resistances its going to hurt. A LOT The weapon doesn't need NERFING maybe a better understanding on how damages work needs to be explained the the player base.. the only reason its "the best weapons for pvp essentially" is because 90% of the pvp pop are wearing leather.
  13. Hello @Darklordsgreat idea on the thread. a possible fix for multiple things here. Removing the Local tab and removing /who for chaos / Epic could stop Alt Abuse Also removing "Player has lost link / left world / logged in" - Only allow this for people on friend lists or something. - as this can be seen by enemy if in a cave with lowered Local view etc. This would negate the need to play around with above ground and below ground game mechanics as its already bad and buggy.. Boat PvP - Possibly allow for the old sailing on chaos / Epic although it was a little buggy its still way better then the current issues we have.