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  1. you know.... just say players found to be abusing alts for affinities will be banned GG you did it no patch needed. no need to remove the affinities ..
  2. I think all wurm players get fatigue from playing wurm and dev decissions. Its worded diffefently on the forums but my warning time "fatigue timer" is 2 weeks before i can get more.
  3. Possibly have Hota SPawn randomly around the map. so people are just building safe deed outside the local of it. Have it spawn on Water tiles and land tiles..... a light starts 1 hour before Hota start to show you where it will spawn.
  4. allow Epic and Freedom cluster to merge into another pvp Server with same skill gain etc as freedom no ITEMS on transfer no nerfing skills and connect the server to the freedom cluster in 6 months time.
  5. Bump please send pm's as I'm not actively watching this thread
  6. bamp
  8. sell it to me for 1g and ill put it on tinkle.
  9. Priced changed 1G = 90E
  10. best thing is since its ur last achievement is that if you was to do it on epic... the tome would be on epic not freedom isles
  11. Verified PayPal only. 50s = 45e
  12. BAMP Still for sale.