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  1. as per title PM if you have a Rare or Supreme bone for sale
  2. Map dump for Defiance would be good. the server has been out long enough if you dont know where the 99% of the current active deeds are you are just sitting on deed with your hands over your eyes and having or not having the map dump wouldn't affect you
  3. This. If you are dragging your items "unfinished compass, brass" from a locked Container in your inventory into the trade window it makes it so the person who you are trading cant see it. Remove the item you want to trade from said container and you will be fine.
  4. Hey bb. How you doin?

  5. What type of trees are you chopping? you would need higher difficulty trees at your level.
  6. CLOSE

  7. -1 my pets have never come and made an official complaints about branding before.
  8. PM offers for White drake set
  9. Im going to need to buy 10 hours of sleep bonus now to get my prayer skill 1 - 70. THATS A LOT