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  1. @Pomona When holding alt on the armour it shows the armour type. and in this case the game sees it as a Cloth armour piece As an example here is a leather Cap The type is leather you imp with leather but for damage reduction purposes it uses Damage reduction from a cloth armour perspective not leather armour . Hope this helps
  2. Hello Posting this as a possible bug. The leather Adventure hat is made from leather but on completion it says its a cloth armour piece not a leather armour piece.
  3. i cannot properly reply to this comment as i would get a temp ban but I'm sure you can use your imagination EMA
  4. U CANT SERMON UNTIL 30 FAITH AND YOUR A PRIEST REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee posting but don't understand mechanics
  6. Would like to report that the journal entry "GATHERING STRIDE" imp a tool to 50QL does not work when imping a Rope Tool to 50ql I imped a Rope tool from 10QL to 50.34QL and it did not complete the journal
  7. Should have just made it so caffeine worked on tier levels. skills 1 - 70 Caffeine effect 100 Skills 70.01 -> 80 Caffeine effect 50 Skills 80.01 -> 90 Caffeine effect 25 Skills 90.01 -> 100 Caffeine effect 10 Would allow those newer players to catch up and would remove the need for another Fatigue mechanic.
  8. +1 i dont like how other players can play longer than me.. if we could reduce everyone's Fatigue timers to my in game time and when i log out you hit fatigue? this way my account can be stronk to.
  9. as per title PM if you have a Rare or Supreme bone for sale
  10. Map dump for Defiance would be good. the server has been out long enough if you dont know where the 99% of the current active deeds are you are just sitting on deed with your hands over your eyes and having or not having the map dump wouldn't affect you