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  1. WTS - Blood of the angels

    Taking Offers [20:39:25] A crystal vial containing a shining liquid. It has one charge left. Can be mailed.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    good idea
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    how about if you want to block spells you change paths..... also was thinking why dont you have a cast for armour that like web armour or aosp.. Spell web "Slows casters casting time depending on cast power max 4 seconds" Spell reflection "Damages spell caster depending on cast power" Like web Armour and Aosp you can only have one of these casted on the armour.. so you couldn't have Both Web Armour or Spell Web so either geared for Melee or spell combat. Blocking spells with a shield is just Silly and should not even be looked at. Why would you even choose a path that can block spells then. @Budda
  4. Priest overhaul testing

  5. Priest overhaul testing

    If only there was a path you could join that would make direct damage spells useless. if you want sotg or immunity its your choice. dont go trying to change things to suite yourself you shouldn't be able to have all the things. Sort your ###### out guys stop complaining about stuff and try and work with it.
  6. New HotA System

    can you make it so only one gate can be built? is this a possibility ... i only ask this cause if every tile is a gate i know you could step in and out of a tile boarder for like 20 mins while 2 groups try and kill you.... i can see this turning ugly i would prefer no gate at all but it seems ppl want gates.
  7. New HotA System

    end up being scared of gates more then i do PVP
  8. New HotA System

    Thats ok but imagine how ppl are really going to do it it will be gates on gates on gates. if someone follows past while trying to kill someone as they are low on life next minute they are stuck in a gate teleporting until they relog. most likely dying. make it simple none of this buggy crap. if you rode in for pvp and then someone has built gates plus a 40 slope wall gate 40 slope wall on every tile are you actually going to attempt to fight or just say ###### this im out and ride off.. cause i know i would would prevent pvp imo. there should be no "safe zone" for people to hide no advantage its essentially king of the hill on these camps the whole point is for them to go back of forth. NO BUILD / NO TERAFORM / NO SAFE ZONE make pvp great again
  9. New HotA System

    remove the the terraforming by owned kingdoms and fences etc.. make it so no one can build anything. just give the owned kingdom the CR buff the camps always had. Otherwise everyone going to spam ###### around it will make ppl not want to pvp there.
  10. WTS stuff

  11. WTS stuff

    Looking at selling this stuff taking offers PM if interested. Seryll chain set looking for 35s firm Casted with Web armour
  12. No Sale

  13. Wts Small Barrels of Grape juice and Maple sap - 45kg of liquid Grape juice approx 50ql 1s per barrel Maple Sap Random QL 40c per Barrel if you want this mailed it cost 10c each for mail cost. Pickup is south Exodus. Can Deliver for a cost.
  14. After you imp an item you need to "seal" the item to be able to use it.. Once the item is sealed you can only repair/mend the item and you are no longer able to imp it. Drake and scale are an exception to this rule. This would create a ongoing market for wurm .. you no longer have that tool set / armor / boat etc for life it would need to be replaced later down the road. Rares supremes and fantastic items have the damage reduction same as as some of the metals now.. Please send all hate pm's to mondain in game thanks.