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  1. IM SORRY YOU WOT.... M8 @DarklordsPlease before you take notes on this comment above i hope you are able to understand since the new changes to Armour Plate/Drake/Scale are not always used as a main in pvp now Leather/chain etc is now viable with the movement speed etc... Also the damage types on weapons with salves etc when Sn00 or someone wearing leather / drake get slapped up the side of the face with a weapons with a salve that is better against its resistances its going to hurt. A LOT The weapon doesn't need NERFING maybe a better understanding on how damages work needs to be explained the the player base.. the only reason its "the best weapons for pvp essentially" is because 90% of the pvp pop are wearing leather.
  2. Hello @Darklordsgreat idea on the thread. a possible fix for multiple things here. Removing the Local tab and removing /who for chaos / Epic could stop Alt Abuse Also removing "Player has lost link / left world / logged in" - Only allow this for people on friend lists or something. - as this can be seen by enemy if in a cave with lowered Local view etc. This would negate the need to play around with above ground and below ground game mechanics as its already bad and buggy.. Boat PvP - Possibly allow for the old sailing on chaos / Epic although it was a little buggy its still way better then the current issues we have.
  3. This is my representation of me currently in the Corona isolation.
  4. 5 hotas = 25 2kg of Adamantine 20s 45s CHoo CHOO
  5. 1 hota statue 5 lumps of 0.4 Adamantine
  6. Hello All, With the recent influx of pirates across the Chaos lands i think its time for Pirate hat skins for leather cap. Thank you
  7. -1 i wouldn't want to have to kill a 5 speeder because of its name.
  8. bumppppppppppppp still looking
  9. Wtb Supreme or Fantastic bone
  10. yes this is another great idea. a random number of items that are in your inventory/equipped gets destroyed on death
  11. You cannot use the item if you do not seal it.. sooo eventually the item will need to be replaced and as its QL will decrease over time.
  12. THIS is an Idea for the Soon to be new steam servers. @Samool Throwing an idea out there to help with creating a active/growing market on the new servers. At the moment if you want a weapon/item/armour and make a shiny new rare/supreme/fantastic you go and get it imped or do it yourself cause you skill your char to do this. if you created some sort of mechanic that allowed you to imp a weapon/item/armour and when finished imping you can "Seal" the item. Once "Sealed" you can now use this item but you cannot Imp it anymore only Repair/Mend it. so over time you will require another item. Keeping the Rarity bonus's in mind they take less damage if rare/sup or fantastic. i know its nice having a full rare tool set for life but if this mechanic is introduced it will allow for an active market people needing new items instead of at the end everyone has everything rare and imped to 90+