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Found 8 results

  1. Currently most people play on their own deeds with all villagers being their own alts. When one alt drops and item, another can pick up just fine, if the right permissions are set. However, when renaming something, only the person that picks up and drops something can rename it. This is particularly a bummer when you have multiple alts all helping to decorate a building with containers, etc. Alt-1 drops a BSB and names it QL 1-9. Later, you decide it needs to be 1-49, because your skills are much higher. Gotta find the right alt to rename it now, or if you traded that alt away and if the BSB was planted, you now have to completely unload it, then get your deed holder alt to pick it up and replace it. If the deed holder is too weak, they can't replant it, so gotta get another alt to do that and manage the naming. This turns into a complete nightmare at times. Need a settlement deed permissions setting to allow renaming of all dropped or planted items by all citizens, or possible a check list of citizens, so you can choose all your alts, but not other villagers you invited to the deed.
  2. A fastener is like planting, but better. 1. It is applied to an item already on the ground. This allows items to be arranged into their final positions and be applied to things that cannot be picked up or planted normally. 2. It locks all aspects of an items position. Once fastened it cannot be loaded, picked up, push, pulled or rotated. The Move option doesn’t even appear on the item, replaced with a “Fastened” non-option at the bottom of the menu. 3. Can be used to attach an item to its container. Both items need effective QL>10. This allows it to be used with Warlanders upcoming display slot system he’s mentioned. 4. Universal, no weird exceptions. Want to attach a sword to the floor for decoration? Go ahead! No worries about it wandering away. 5. Still allow items to be used, for public buildings. 6. Lanyards allow items to be picked up and used, but not moved. See below. Item: Fastener 0.1 kg, Made with iron. Very easy blacksmithing. Use on an item to fasten it in place. Item needs effective QL <10, both items if fastened inside another container. When something decays below that value the fastener is removed. To remove a fastener, select pliers and use on the item. Menu>Fastener>Remove. Fastener is not returned. Permissions apply normally. Item: Lanyard 0.3 kg, Made from 2 Fasteners and a Chain. Very easy blacksmithing. Use on an item on the ground or in a container like a fastener. Item needs effective QL <10, both items if fastened inside another container. When something decays below that value the fastener is removed. An item with a lanyard CAN be picked up. However, while picked the player cannot move so long as it is in their inventory. This allows tools to be put in public workshops securely while enabling various pick up/drop and load/unload commands for visitors. While a lanyard item is a player’s inventory a special status icon should appear to let them know why they can’t move. Permissions Fastening and Unfastening replaces the planting permissions. Identification An item with a lanyard should stand out in some way. I play too much Dwarf Fortress, so I tend to favor brackets around the name, but a special color or prefix also works. PvP In a pvp area, let any enemy player simply RIP THE ITEM FROM ITS MORINGS with their mighty 31 strength or better. 31 Body Strength so that even with the 30 cap for lapsed premium players, it’s still a premium only thing.
  3. Can queue up multiple thatch plantings on the same dirt tile, with different thatch activated each time. Actions will continue even if an earlier action is planted successfully
  4. Since the update, we can no longer plant low QL (under 10ql) BSBs on deed. In my opinion, this is inconvenient, as the empty BSBs can no longer be planted all together on the same tile (for example when creating multiple BSBs) until they have been imped above 10. It is particularly annoying for players with low carp skill, as they cannot plant piles of new BSBs at the creation area, nor can they stack their empty BSBs in a tidy way. I know there are workarounds, but this may involve a large area for storing BSB's while they wait to be imped, or building single BSBs then imping them one at a time. I appreciate this doesn't affect everybody, but I think that we should be able to plant low QL BSB's on deed again.
  5. Planting trees was a awesome addition as it allows me to make my fields look like orchards. I would love to be able to plant Flags and banners and similar items in the center, im trying to make a line of flags for the front of my deed but it just looks terrible not nice and lined up. SuperFly
  6. like the new plant center , but instead of nature how about plant nearest corner also please and thanks
  7. Earlier today, about 7 hours ago from this post, I planted a shop sign on my deed. I just now tried to plant a pointing sign off-deed and received the message that I could only plant one sign off-deed per week (21 hours). This is either bugged, or was purposely altered to operate this way, however I know it wasn't always like this. The wiki states that you can plant as many signs on-deed as you want without limitation, but that only 1 sign can be planted off-deed every 21 hours. If planting a sign on-deed triggers the off-deed global timer, then the error message needs to be edited, and the wiki needs to be changed as well to clarify the new rules for signs.
  8. Okay, so i'm planting a large sign and when the action finishes, POOF, the sign is gone, so I made a second and dropped it where i wanted to planted it, and it appeared like it should, so i planted it and its gone!