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Found 23 results

  1. One possible gameplay issue with VR that comes to mind is the action timer lengths. Personally I like being able to read or watch something else while waiting, usually on another screen. If there was some kind of picture-in-picture feature, say a craftable tablet or scroll that functioned as an ingame web browser.
  2. Currently if you log out off deed, there is a 1 minute delay - a kind of limbo-land when you have physically left the game but your character logically stays in it. This occurs if you have a disconnection as well as if you choose to log out. If you were in combat (even if it's over) or have an injury - this 'unattended presence' extends for 5 minutes after you log out. In my opinion this delay serves no reasonable purpose in PvE. The delay results in a lot of unwanted and unexpected deaths, particularly for new players. Many players log out when they see a large mob, or worse still log out before they see any mob, and believing their character safe, are shocked when they log back in later to find the red death screen. These are not deaths encountered during actual play. These are not 'fair fights' - the player is not even present when the fight begins, and can not interact with the world in any way. Everyone accepts that the game continues after we leave it, but we don't expect decisions to continue to be made about our character whilst we are absent. Play is supposed to be attended at all times. If the toon can show up visibly to others as a 'lost link' - then surely it is possible for the same toon to be flagged as a non-target to mobs at the same time. It is my suggestion that on PvE, any disconnected toon showing as 'lost link', is flagged as a non-target to mobs as soon as the link is lost. This game goes to so much trouble not to set you as a target as soon as you log in - I believe it should pay you the same courtesy when you log out.
  3. Fish until timer runs to 0, action says on lower part of screen finishing fishing(doesnt recall exact words) but timer doesnt "ever" run out,
  4. Auction timer link is not working for me: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from example, passwords, messages or credit cards). Learn more NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  5. [22:11:52] Ouch! That hurt! [22:11:59] You start to tend to venerable fat brown cow 'I am a fat cow'. Why do we need to hurt ourself, when we want to have a longer timer in many of the actions that we do? Either we jump down a cliff to break a foot, up to 70% damage, then go groom animals, or we go into climbing mode or we restrict ourself to no food, no water for a long time so the "pesky" stamina does not return so fast ... Couldn't we just have a simple way to solve that? Set yourself how long you want your timer to be? Or have more controll over the stamina? I am quite sure, these tricks in animal husbandry are also not known to most new players - they all want to breed horses and cows, many surely do it with a 10 second timer and will cry. I can see minigames to speed up the timer, or slow down the timer... In any way, i would like to see a simple logic way, that does not resolve inflcing yourself 70 damage, even if that works now quite well, i think most breeders know what i mean.
  6. The Wurm Auction Timer creates an image that you can place in your auction posts to show how long is remaining in your auction. Extremely simple to set up. Creates a dynamic image so it can be used on these forums. Countdown is updated each time your post is loaded. NEW! - When countdown is loaded and there are less than 10 minutes remaining an animated countdown will show. No more need to calculate for time zones! Can choose between auction and event timer types. To use it go to: Enter how long your auction will be and click Create Timer. Your timer image will appear with a line of code to paste into your auction/event post. Your image will look like this (2 million day max): When the auction has less than 10 minutes remaining it will look like this (this sample always starts at 9:59 when page loads): When the auction is over it will look like this: Old version still available here:
  7. I've used both BBC and URL to create timers, since the performance fix to forums and the timers won't count down. I haven't checked older timers that were created before the Forums fix to see if they all stopped. Someone else should try making a new timer and confirm that it isn't just me failing in some way.
  8. I have several issues with buildings and fences in Wurm. Problem 1: Fences require 1 unit of rocks, shards, planks. Yet they only restore a flat 10 damage, and always take 30 seconds. No skill adjustment, no quality adjustment, nothing. For a repair: I suggest the repair is completed like any other item, and will consume quality as the item is repaired The amount of quality reduced would be dependent on the construction skill of the repairer. The amount of damage repaired would be dependent on the repair skill of the repairer. The timer for such actions would be 30 seconds - ((10 * repair skill)+(10 * Construction skill)) Allowing for as low as 10 second repair actions. For an improvement: I would suggest that the improvement process is just like any other. The primary building material or tools be used. Total improved cannot exceed quality of material? Total improvement would be Material QL/ # of primary items in construction. Thus 1 stone brick at 60 quality would at most improve a Stone Fence by 6 points, and will not improve the wall over 60ql in total, however tools would improve beyond that. Problem 2: Walls and fences don't always require their building material for repair/improvement. Rope fences require planks. Is built with shafts and ropes. (planks work with this how?) Woven fences require wood scraps. Repairs with Wood scraps. (only problem is you can only get this by making other things.) Round pole fence Low & High repairs with planks, and is make with shafts and nails. (this should repair with shafts.) Crude wooden fence: repairs with planks, (this at least makes sense.) Wooden fences: (works fine as is) Hedge fences: There is currently no way to improve these fences. Perhaps a hedge could take damage over time at it's highest growth stage, and this could be reduced by pruning. The hedge could also be improved in a similar way, if it is pruned and on a growth with 0 damage it would improve slightly? I'm not going to list the stone variants, as I think the list above makes my objections evident. I want to also take a moment while requesting this change, that this is not all meant to be implemented. It's a series of make the repairs a little more in line with the rest of the system. Thanks!
  9. "IF" we must have a pre-rift beacon, to warn us of when and where, days in advance, then please make the /rift command work from anywhere on the server, giving the active rift stats, as well as pre-rift timer countdown. Heck, why not just make a tiny widget that can be added to the client? It could even list the waves a current rift is on. If I log in and a rift is active, no point trying to reach it, if already on wave 3. My preference is to not offer any warning beacon and only have the beacon appear, once the rift starts spewing critters.
  10. In the headless server, you can enter 'shutdown' to tell the server to go down, but it doesn't seem you can tell it how long to wait or have it send a message to the event tab as you can with the gui. Has anyone managed to get around this or figured out how to get it to function? Thanks! -Llurendt
  11. When i use timers i am always looking for that green text signaling that the time has passed and it needs my attention again but when we have finished what we needed to time for the day we are stuck with that green text until we log out and that gets distracting since my eyes are trained to look for that green text so.. My suggestion is that when we use "reset counter" that it also puts the timer back into it starting idle state like it is when we log on and not leaving us stuck with the green text anymore.
  12. When I start leveling a tile that needs 12 dirts to be removed, the timer starts from 40s and goes down normally -5s per dirt, until it reaches 'Finishing...' and in that state I remove the remaining 4 dirt. The timer computes correctly in other tiles that need 4 or 8 dirts to be removed (sorry that I haven't tested more extensively). I inquired in CA in-game, and Wraithfoe suggested that it may be because of the WoA (36) cast on my 59ql shovel. However I can remember not too long ago, probably last week or so, that I could accurately compute the amount of dirts I have to remove by starting a leveling action and checking the timer, so it's probably something that broke recently.
  13. For those who are not aware the playerdata.txt file in each character's folder is where the game stores data such as toolbelt configurations, custom timers, skill tracker, etc for that particular character. However, there is no separate data file for either the Epic or Freedom side of each character. Obviously each cluster has separate items (and item identifiers), and a character on either cluster can have a completely divergent skillset and timers. For example a crafter on one cluster may be a fulltime Fo priest on another cluster. EDIT: Sure one change in Settings > Game where data such as custom timers are stored; however, there is no such option for toolbelt info.
  14. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. Posts in the toolbelt forum are being archived so I can no longer post in my thread. This post is to acknowledge the Wurm Auction Timer is temporarily down. Issues like this usually don't last long and it should return soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Earlier today, about 7 hours ago from this post, I planted a shop sign on my deed. I just now tried to plant a pointing sign off-deed and received the message that I could only plant one sign off-deed per week (21 hours). This is either bugged, or was purposely altered to operate this way, however I know it wasn't always like this. The wiki states that you can plant as many signs on-deed as you want without limitation, but that only 1 sign can be planted off-deed every 21 hours. If planting a sign on-deed triggers the off-deed global timer, then the error message needs to be edited, and the wiki needs to be changed as well to clarify the new rules for signs.
  16. Would be nice if we could have auto-recurring event triggered reset (eg Pray or faith gain)
  17. Me and a buddy of mine would really like to come back to wurm but were kind of waiting for the action timers to be lowered. Does anyone know when this will go live?