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Found 32 results

  1. I am not sure what to make of this enchanted grass tile, it seems like there are two sets of grass textures with just one being moved by the wind in the GLSL shader. The grey-ish grass (below the cart wheel centre) and black sticks (just in front and behind horse's hocks) become visible every time the wind blows and the grass waves. I've never seen it on enchanted grass before. At first I thought it was the grass texture coming across from the rock tiles, but he whole enchanted grass tile seems to be affected, not just the edges. The tile is 1007, 1942 on Deliverance Community Map
  2. Everything is of undefined low QL[1]. Delivery to coast anywhere except inner seas/lakes up to 2s per route (full knarr). Pick up possible for no cost at specified location on Xanadu coast. Bring up your own crates/containers for swap. Containers are available to purchase at an additonal cost specified in this list down below placed towards the end of the post. You can use ctrl+f (find feature of your browser) with 'containers:' keyword to navigate to it. Contact me only through forum private message system (available through my profile). Do not leave replies in this thread (I might not read it) nor try to message me in game. Private forum message only. If you want something a noob can craft and it's not listed drop me a PM. UPDATE: I am currently quite busy so for now this offer is on hold, I leave it here so you can still review it and get idea about what I offer and my prices. One time 10% discount. Be third [content] person to buy anything and to leave a positive feedback and get 10% off. Please include disclaimer that you were actually incentivized/tricked/paid to do this. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in revoking of said discount. To avoid disagreement and confusion I strongly advise to write down a feedback comment beforehand for mutual additonal. If you are not interested in said discount just ignore it and do nothing afterwards. If you bought something and are dissatisfied naturally feel free to post a negative feedback. I think it is fair to not provide any additional incentive in this case as I think your negative emotions and desire of justice are enough to make you come out and encourage you to post. Format: Item name - price [number in stock currently] Additional symbols: -If something has two plus sings (++) behind square brackets it means you can order even if I don't have stuff in stock currently allowing me additional time to complete the order. -If something has single plus sign (+) behind square brakets it means I can provide you more even if it's not in stock currently but some conditions apply (like higher price, long delay, limited amount, etc., there is too many to mention them all here so just drop me an inquiry about the item in question and I will fill you with details). -If there is not any plus sign behind square brackets it means I sell only what I currently have in stock and nothing above that. -If something is rough estimate it is prepended with tilde (~) symbol. -Strikethrough example marks recent change. Dig: Dirt - 70c/k 50c/k [currenty 0, ask for restock]++ Clay - 70c/k 50c/k [currently 0, ask for restock]++ Sand - 70c/k 50c/k [0]++ Moss - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Peat - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Tar - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Building materials: Bricks - 99c/1k 1,1s/k [0] Planks - 80c/1k [~200] Mortar - 1,15s/1k[200]+ Clay bricks - 4s/1k[0]+ Mine: Iron - 70c/1k [0]+ Iron 70QL - 1s/k [1k] Lead - 70c/1k [0]+ Copper - 70c/1k [0]+ Tin - 70c/1k [0]+ Zinc - 70c/1k [0]+ Stone shards - 70c/1k [0]+ Marble shards - 70c/1k [0]+ ~1QL Logs: Linden logs - 50c/k [700] Sprouts and seedlings: Linden sprouts - 50c/100 [327]++ Apple sprouts - 50c/100 [0]+ Maple sprouts - 50c/100 [0] Blueberry sprouts - 50c/100 [56] Raspeberry sprouts - 50c/100 [42] Hazlenut sprouts - 50c/100 [34] Walnut sprouts - 50c/100 [19] Camelia sprouts - 50c/100 [43]+ Ivy seedling - 50c/100 [53] Hop seedling - 50c/100 [59] Oak sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [22]++ Willow sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [4]+ Thorn sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet but bit cheaper than oak/will I guess) [26]++ Ask if you need different sprouts at 50c/100. Mixed grass: Mixed grass - 30c/k [0]++ ~10QL Flowers: Yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [98]++ Orange-yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [46]++ Purple flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [18]++ White flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [17]++ Blue flowers - 70i/1 [20]+ Greenish-yellow flowers - 70i/1 [8]+ White-dotted flowers - 10c/1 [2]+ Meat: Meat - 20c/k [~11k]+ (around 30QL, not sure) Animal parts: Eyes - 20c/k [530] *new* Paws - 20c/k [136] Hooves - 20c/k [434] Tails - 20c/k [413] Fat - 20c/k [557] Bladders - 20c/k [333] Teeth - 20c/k [170] Glands - 20c/k [84] Also currently got one wagon for 50c, a bunch (>10) of rare and supreme stone and marble shards, few rare marble bricks and rare colossus bricks. I am also interested in providing seasonal harvestable items (fruits/nuts/etc). The problem is I never seem to be able to gather more than 500 per season even having huge plantation nearby which means it would take me a lot of time to gather any significant amount to intrest bulk buyers and make my first sale. Also I am not even sure if anyone would like to buy it in the first place and I lose motivation very quickly. So let me know if interested. Containers: Small crate - 3c/1 or 20 planks/1 [~ 1 crate rack] (They can only be ordered to hold other stuff bought in this offer. Possibility to swap/barter for 20 planks ea. I can sell them at 5c/1 if you want them empty.) Large crate - 8c/1 BSB - 10c/1 [0] FSB - 10c/1 [0] Small raft - 5c/1 [0] Pottery bowl - 20i /1[100] If you are unsure how many items will fit in a given container give me a message. Disclaimers: [1] >99% of this stuff is low QL until otherwise specified but don't assume it will come in "SPECIFIED" QL. If you want "SPECIFIED" QL ask beforehand.
  3. Today I discovered that one of my fairly new females were dead in a pen of enchanted grass, marked Aged, no fat tags.. and it definitely wasn't pregnant as I haven't been breeding. I am currently fostering a friend's horses but my deed ratio sits comfortably at 21.8... Any ideas? Suggestions.. have you seen this before?
  4. I think it would be helpful to add a a note about thatch being the the only way to plant grass indoors, such as for a stable. (flowers cannot be planted on dirt tiles indoors) Also Max QL is the QL of the mixed grass used (Rare+ leggat increases the max creation ql) Mixed grass can be combined to max size for easier thatch creation, only amount needed is used
  5. So I am finally realising that steppe is now eating up grass tiles. The last few times I have walked around my neighbourhood, it became more and more obvious. I am making a specific test of it, but is hardly necessary anymore. It must have been implemented quite recently but I never pay attention, was it announced? It has been known hitherto that steppe tiles and grass tiles did not grow over each other, for example here In my little pic here you see what we will slowly see more off. Steppe is everywhere and expanding *through* the forests on the ridges, leaving trees standing on single grass tiles with steppe around. The longterm consequences will be, than when settlers chop down the trees surrounded by steppe, those tiles will also become steppe. There will be less regrowth of the timber trees that people want, leading to even more trees being cut down. Ultimately there will also be a shortage of flowers needed for planting new grass. This will of course be countered by the players actively planting grass and trees. But we are going to see some changes.
  6. Looking for up to 3 cheap accounts that can enchant grass. 15s each. Don't care what other skills it has. PM me if you have one.
  7. You're a rancher or stock breeder? Your cattle and horses are always hungry? You find your grass or crop tiles packed dry every morning? You're tired of replanting grass tiles to keep your animals happy? Let your grass be enchanted! Any herbivorous animal can graze on enchanted grass. Technically, it will not last forever, because there is a small chance that a grazing animal will pack the tile - but practically it will last considerably longer than normal grass or crops. (If you allow an average of less than 1 animal per grass tile inside a pen, the enchanted grass can easily last for many months.) I will enchant your grass tiles in the southeast of Deliverance, within manageable distance from the Serendipity Peninsula. The price per tile is 40c or 80c, depending on distance, as shown on this map: I can enchant one tile per RL day. Contact me here (PM) or in game (Yaga).
  8. Can queue up multiple thatch plantings on the same dirt tile, with different thatch activated each time. Actions will continue even if an earlier action is planted successfully
  9. Since today's update, players on my server are complaining of messed up mixed-grass textures (pile of mixed grass is fine, this seems to effect the display of dropped individual pieces of mixed grass).
  10. Pretty simple. We ought to be able to plant flowers on grass, like we can with sprouts. Mostly a convenience thing, especially for Fo priests; they get alignment from planting flowers, but can't pack the grass first to turn it back into dirt.
  11. For a new player this page is useless. It never actually says what does E.Grass do and why do people want it. Through CA Help I found out that some perks are there, but no way to spot them if not familiar with them already "Note 2: As of November 11, 2012 enchanted grass no longer seems to disappear when grazed. There is a small chance that a grazing animal will pack the tile." - this seams to be the main reason, and it's under a note. Also, "small chance" says nothing if you don't know what the chance is for normal grass so that you can compare it somehow. As a new player I can't ask for a specific change, just that you look at it from eyes of a new player who will most likely use the wiki and change it accordingly Cheers 0/
  12. Hi guys A quick one. that's bugging me. I used to love lawn, it looked tidy. NOwadays, it seems to look exactly like short cut grass... See: Right in front of me, selected, is lawn. At the back, is short grass... Does not even match the wiki image. Is this a setting in graphics settings, or did something change? I would love to get the old look back Thanks in advance Marlon
  13. Doesn't have to be bought out, you can get smaller pieces of the pie. I will update the available amounts accordingly. Clay, QL48.00, 5000x - 1s/kIron lump, QL54.00, 5000x - 30c/100Mixed grass, QL38.25-ish, 12000x - 50c/k (Sold)Logs, QL80-ish - 1s/100Logs, Low QL - 25c/100Delivery policy and prices Please have a look at my delivery zones map v2. If you're having colour blindness, I hope the numbers in the outlined zones help! No delivery to Chaos because I'm a wuss Can be picked up at Ussta Delmah (C24) or Targoviste (E24) (northeast corner)Only coastal deliveries on other servers than IndependenceLand inwards delivery on Independence possible by agreementOrders worth 10s or more - Free delivery#0, Green zone - Free delivery#1, Yellow zone - 20c#2, Orange zone - 40c#3, Red zone - 70c#4, Purple zone - 1s#5, Blue zone - 1.5sMy timezone/in-game hours My timezone is Central European Summer Time (CEST), that is UTC+2/EST+6/PST+9/AUS-8 to list just a few. Although I can be a night owl, I usually play during european day time hours. I hope I covered everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to post them here, via forum PM or contact me ingame /t Ulviirala when I'm around. Best Regards, ~Ulvi
  14. Please add the ability to gain scythe skill from cutting grass I collected hundreds of units and did not gain any skill into my scythe skill.
  15. I've noticed that over the last few days, a lot of (previously) grass tiles with trees growing on them have suddenly turned to lawn tiles - with the tree still there. One such tile for example shows: "Birch tree, the lawn is neatly trimmed" but there is no 'nature' menu section with sickle activated to prune or harvest etc. Examining the tile gives me "[07:44:59] You see an old Birch tree.". I can activate hatchet and chop the tree down, pack the ground, cultivate it, plant flowers, plant a new sprout, but...what is producing these lawn tiles or why are they becoming lawn on their own? Another Edit: This seems to be happening exclusively with Birch trees. Over 50% of the birch trees in my deed now have Lawn tiles under them.
  16. big mistake posting this
  17. When you attempt to create a hedge in-between two enchanted grass tiles, it gives you this error message. [01:58:22] You cannot plant a hedge there. Please fix. Thanks!
  18. New Spell : Infuse Life Domain : Fo Favour Cost : 80 Unlocked at : 50 Faith Difficulty : 70 Effect : Cast on a dirt tile and effects a 3x3 area around that tile. Elevation of the tile effects the cast effect. If under water then a success will spawn kelp 50% of the time, reeds 55% of the time, marsh 5% of the time. If the tile is above water but not on high ground success spawns moss 25% of the time, grass 75% of the time. If on high ground success spawns tundra 25% of the time, Steppe 25% of the time. On all above ground casts grass tiles generated may (5% chance per tile) sprout a random sapling. Optional Extra : Can be cast with an intended effect at a 10 difficulty penalty and 10 favour extra cost. Why? Have it? Why not? It's a nice terraform spell that is hard to cast and easy to reverse (unless you marsh someone up by mistake, but then that only works near water tiles). Edited for clarity
  19. Currently enchanted grass serves a purpose (animals find it harder to pack), but the same cannot be said to be true for trees. (Just a side note, forage/botanise would be nice on enchanted grass...) They're essentially normal trees you cannot prune and others can cut. I propose that enchanted trees require a high (say 50) woodcutting to remove and can be pruned/saplinged. Means they're more durable as decoration and can be used for saplings without too much worry., Optional Extra : Give 10% more logs when cut
  20. Volunteer Trees = All the new growth that volunteers to make my beautiful lawn look like crap. I can butcher and bury animals while galloping on my horse, but I have to disembark to chop the relentless tree and bush saplings that overrun my lawn areas. It makes sense that I could stop, lean over, and chop them down until they are mature. Please make this change if you can.
  21. I will enchant your grass tiles in the southeast of Deliverance, within manageable distance from the Serendipity Peninsula. The price per tile varies from 40c to 1s and depends on distance, as shown on this map: I can enchant one tile per RL day. Contact me here (PM) or in game (Yaga). ----------------------------------------------- EDIT (28-Apr-2012): New areas and new prices
  22. Cannot plant hedges along the borders of enchanted grass tiles. Figuring the game doesn't recognize the tiles as grass, thus not allowing. Unsure if actually a bug.
  23. In true give-a-mouse-a-cookie fashion: Window boxes????? I know this has been asked for before, and there are still bugs and things being worked out from previous updates... but maybe uh... If we ask one more time?
  24. Ive notice that you cant cultivate grass and would like to see it posible. Dontknow it anyone else would like it and dont see a post about it. so here it is. Really would like to see it in game. Would help a lot when planting trees or crops.