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Found 73 results

  1. It would be nice, since the permissions still work now, if horses that were dead could still be managed until the permissions wear off. Otherwise I can't let someone else loot or pickup my own horse if I didn't plan for its death ahead of time and already give them permission... >.<
  2. Proposition We currently have a system for planting items that prevents people other than the planter from messing with the item unless the original planter has sufficiently neglected the item to the point where it's effective quality is less than 10. This helps clean up areas where deeds have disbanded without having everything go to waste. I propose that something similar be done for locked items. Feature Requirements Minimum Viable Product Any player shall have full permission on a locked item with an effective quality less than 10 that is off deed. When the effective quality of a locked item is lower than 10, when examined, the lock description shall have “ that has rusted open”, “ that is ineffectively in disrepair”, or some similar text added to denote the lock is not functioning. When the effective quality of a locked item is raised above 10, it should again be checked for permission as before dropping below an effective quality of 10. Supplemental Requirements When the effective quality of an off deed item is below 10, a player shall be presented with an option to remove the lock. Reasoning I speak mainly from my experiences with deeds that have been disbanded in excess of a year. If you want to expand a waterfront road, but someone has moored a locked boat to the shore, you boat must sit on the road until it has decayed away. A preferable solution would be that the boat could be moved and repurposed. If there is an area where several chests have fallen together beside a road where a multi story house decayed away leaving just the locked items behind, you can't do anything about the except let them decay away. A preferable solution would be to repurpose them for other uses. If there is a wagon or cart abandoned by the side of a road, or in the old parking spot, the animals hitched to the vehicle are doom to stand there for an eternity waiting for the vehicle to pop. Many will never know the freedom of running free, or at least traveling to new and exciting places, because they are trapped there by neglecting former hitchers. Since we already have made the decision that planted items should be able to be moved and reused after being neglected for a suitable amount of time, I find that it is only reasonable to extend that rational to locked items. Items that are abandoned that decay over time could be considered similar to a lost treasure in the lore of the game. For a legal standpoint, the Kingdom could consider this as being a law that any item sufficiently abandoned should be considered abandoned and the property of whoever reclaims it. An item may maintain ownership if it is checked regularly (I.e. repaired), by the owner, a confidant, or a generous stranger. After sufficient abandonment, the original owner loses the rights to the items on the grounds of abandonment and littering. (All remarks in this paragraph pertaining specifically to lore, and not to any actually coded functionality.) I don't suggest the lock automatically drop off when the effective quality drops below 10, because that saves someone who actually does reclaim the item the need to reapply the lock and redistribute copies of the key.
  3. A common issue that I've seen in the CA HELP channel that seems to cause new players issues is that they lose access when taking an unowned cart onto a deed. From what they say they are unable to move the cart afterward. There is a notification for boats and tents which covers some permissions information but it seems like the carts are left out.
  4. Currently most people play on their own deeds with all villagers being their own alts. When one alt drops and item, another can pick up just fine, if the right permissions are set. However, when renaming something, only the person that picks up and drops something can rename it. This is particularly a bummer when you have multiple alts all helping to decorate a building with containers, etc. Alt-1 drops a BSB and names it QL 1-9. Later, you decide it needs to be 1-49, because your skills are much higher. Gotta find the right alt to rename it now, or if you traded that alt away and if the BSB was planted, you now have to completely unload it, then get your deed holder alt to pick it up and replace it. If the deed holder is too weak, they can't replant it, so gotta get another alt to do that and manage the naming. This turns into a complete nightmare at times. Need a settlement deed permissions setting to allow renaming of all dropped or planted items by all citizens, or possible a check list of citizens, so you can choose all your alts, but not other villagers you invited to the deed.
  5. As I continue work with the Ultima Nostalgia project (in which the entire server is one huge deed), I'm getting more and more requests on YouTube and elsewhere from people who would like to live in their own house on the server. I suspect that a lot of these people are Ultima players who have never tried Wurm before but who would be willing to buy Wurm Unlimited to live in a place that looks like UO and is populated by other Ultima fans. Obviously, since they've never played Wurm they don't really understand how deeds work. So I've tried to explain the problems of letting them live there. This got me to thinking about permissions. We can set permissions to houses, carts, boats, fences, mounts etc. But what if we could right click and set permissions to TILES that are within one's deed? This way, deed owners could: Create various empty plots - allowing "anything goes" so players could build a house from ground up, farm etc and anything they wished - so sort of like a mini deed inside a deed. Create a public mine that allows players to mine and pick up ore, but doesn't allow them to load a forge onto a cart Create wood chopping forests, keeping the forests and trees of the rest of the deed safe. Create public farming land And I'm sure there are many uses that I'm not even realizing at this point It would be up to the deed owner to mark these areas somehow with fences or signs Right click tile... Set permissions from a popup Coordinates of tile can be seen in the title to ease remote management Tile could be named to better keep track of which set of tiles (Plot 1, Plot 2, Public forest, Public mine etc) they belong to PS: Before posting this, I checked to see if there were any other similar posts, and I'd just like to point out that Enigma_Prime is suggesting something similar. Please go and check out Enigma's post as well. I decided to make a separate thread about this since what I'm asking for is slightly different, has different mechanics etc
  6. I feel that many people play this game for the novelty of how WURM works and the fact that you have pretty much full freedom to do what you want when you want with specific limitations. However, it has been my experience, regarding WURM, that there is an issue with player community. The players themselves do what they can to promote community and the devs have done a wonderful job improving this area yet to me it seems that it still lacks the "Let's be togetherness". I believe this idea that I have about the ability to "sell" property to players if they wish to be a citizen of a settlement can help with this shortcoming. Selling property with preset permissions that come with being an "auto citizen" lets individuals get to know others by proxy of purchased property. Essentially the community stems from being neighbors. One of the walls I have found as a deed owner is the fact that I have to "get to know" anyone and almost everyone that I add as a citizen. I would have to spend a considerable amount of time with an individual, as a deed owner or an individual that is capable of inviting strangers to a deed, in order to fully know if they are trustworthy enough to not seriously grief/damage everything on my deed before giving them the permissions that they want as part of a deed. All the while the individual wanting the benefits of my deed, and the community that comes with it, will have to wait that considerable amount of time to do pretty much anything on deed while they craft and build things off deed (wasting their time in my opinion). This may not seem like a problem with settlements that have a population less than 5 however when it gets to the point that the settlement has 10 - 20 or more then it gets annoying. As mentioned before as a settlement mayor it is hard to justify the time spent getting to know all the individuals that want to enter my deed. It is time better spent enjoying all the facets of this game that I have yet to do. This is only my opinion but the micromanagement style to deed owning is arduous. This issue is reduced a little with the ability to sell property that I allocate on my deed. As the mayor (or anyone authorized to do mayor things) I can then set certain permissions that automatically take effect as soon as they buy the property (and become a citizen of the settlement) just like it is set up now. The benefit of this situation is the individual that purchased the property can do what they wish, how they wish within the confines of the purchased property and its set permissions. The ability to sell property on a deed alleviates the issue of "trustworthiness" of the individual and enables them to gain the settlement benefits they so desire all the while putting a bit of currency in the coffers of the deed (the purchaser will still have to adhere to and be aware of any taxes that come with being a citizen). It is no secret that WURM also lacks anything that can be considered an economy. It has been mentioned by the players and the devs uniformly that the trading system between players is... clunky at best. The idea of selling property will benefit to the inevitable solution by creating a bit of "cash-flow" through the settlement. The Mayor (or authorized citizens) plant a property marker, sets the price and they are done. As soon as another player "purchases" that property marker funds are debited from the players account and the deed coffer is credited. Now this is in no way to be a huge effect on the problem but does introduce motivation to both purchase and use in-game currency. So this is all good but how would a system like this be set up? Good question and I have thought about this quite a bit: 1) Mayor (or authorized citizen) sets up permissions for a "New citizen" just like they do now. This will be what they are allowed to do anywhere on the deed (Pick-up items, not pick-up items, Lead, not lead, dig, not dig, etc.) 2) Set up a "property profile" for different types of property (what the purchaser is allowed to do within the confines of this type of property) Similar to the "New citizen" permissions however will include subjects such as maximum slope allowed or maximum building height for example. 3) Purchase a property stake from a trader (or make one. this would be entirely up to codeclub) 4) Place the property stake. Now this seems simple however I have thought about just letting the "marker" be in the center like the deed marker but considering you are dealing with a much smaller area (I'm thinking minimum 5x5 tiles with a one tile [or more] perimeter) Having a marker in the center where you cannot build anything would be annoying. So the solution would be to place the marker and have a UI that would allow a 0 to be placed in the fields asking how far north/east/west/south you would like the property to be with a minimum of two fields filled in and a mandatory perimeter (minimum one tile). 5) Apply a "property profile" to the marker and “citizen type” they would become if purchased. 6) Set Price 7) Player purchases property That's it. As soon as the purchaser buys the property they are now a citizen of the settlement (which is set with the "property profile") and can freely build within the property limits (also set in the "property profile"). From here on it is up to the new citizen to get to know others do good things for the settlement and gain more permissions or higher citizen ranking along the way. I admit there are a few more questions that need to be answered that are more difficult to deal with and ultimately, if this idea takes off, would have to be debated. However this is the gist of the subject. Some questions that I had a hard time confronting: 1) If an individual purchases property then quits playing/doesn't follow the rules/irritates the other citizens; do I as the mayor have the right to revoke their citizenship and take their property? A: If the property was rented you could as deed owner refuse to continue contract after expiration. 2) If, as a mayor, I have the right to take their property how does codeclub prevent mayors from stealing your game currency by booting the citizen out as soon as the transaction is complete? A: The mayor would be bound to a "rental contract", as it were, and be unable to cancel the contract until the agreed upon time is met. The deed owner would also be unable to disband the deed until such time that all rental contracts are expired. This would alleviate this issue. 3) Would a purchaser have the ability to purchase more property and if so how would I prevent them from “land-grabbing”? A: All properties are by contract and a default of one contract per toon. It would be between the deed owner and the renter to allow for a bigger plot. 4) Would a purchaser have the right to develop the property then sell to another? If so does the second purchaser become a citizen? and to this if so then what level of citizen? A: No, however one could allow the rental contract to expire therefore allowing another individual to rent the space. 5) Can purchasers "sub-lease"/share the property? A: No 6) After purchasing; would the purchaser be able to add others to the property and set permissions for them? A: No EDIT: It has bee pointed out by Vanyel that renting spaces would be more viable and I agree. EDIT 2: If you like this idea you may like this idea as well
  7. I've got all my gates set to alliance, and I've just had to unlock a bunch of them to let an alliance member through. I tried relogging and un-adding then re-adding alliance permission to pass the gate, but none of it worked. The same thing with leading - my alliance has permission to lead on my deed, and we had to go off deed to let the alliance person lead a horse...
  8. It sure would be sweet if we could manage permissions for other servers. I'm sitting in the middle of Xanadu and want to get some more of my alts over, but my main (on Xanadu) owns the fleet of boats on my other server. So I have a 3 hour sail back, just to cross the border and do a boat ownership transfer to one of the other alts. Maybe it needs to be this way because of Chaos? If not, can we change it to allow permissions across all servers?
  9. With an alt, I went to see if an easter egg has decayed. My main has dropped the egg, but I wasn't on that server so I sent the alt just to see. The egg was on a deed, right on the same tile with the deed token. It had decayed, and there was an opal on the pavement. [00:58:38] You get an opal. The alt is not citizen of that deed, and it has no permissions afaik. Just to be sure, I did test pickup, push, pickup planted, and it doesn't have them: [00:59:33] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. It's not able to pick up anything else. This alt didn't drop the egg there, it's non-prem and didn't have any egg. Is this intended or known, or it may have slipped through, for items from eggs?
  10. If a building is on deed and for some reason the player who owned the building stops playing, the mayor should have the option of claiming ownership of this building. There is no reason for the mayor not to have this ability, they already have the ability to demolish the building, and or allow other village members the same option. So in essence there is no security issues with the player who was permitted to put up the building up on the deed in the first place. There are many reasons for a mayor to always try and obtain the ownership of on deed buildings, but quite often this is not done as to allow the village member of a deed some responsibility and freedom in doing there own building while living in that village. Often deeds transfer hands several times and a few buildings sit there with no active ownership. I myself in the past with friends joining wurm and playing for a short time then leaving again, along with there building writs. Asking for them to hand over the writ to there first building they put up was not something I ever thought to ask them. Recently I bought a deed and the owner did not have all the writs, I spent a lot of time with catapults and mauls tearing down buildings when I decided to resize the deed, a very time consuming task and such a waste for a nice building as well. What reason is there to force the mayor and members of a village to destroy a building simply because the owner is no longer playing. Quit often the building may be very large, or perhaps so nice you would not want to destroy it in the first place, or maybe a bridge is connected to it or just a good functional building. Unowned buildings in a village leads to huge problems if the village needs to be resized or even maintained, as the mayor will not have ownership of all the buildings. Also just think of the poor folks who for whatever reason let there deed upkeep lapse, they come back to a village they will not be able to re-deed over if there is a unowned building smack in the middle of it. I have seen this happen several times over the years, with people replanting there deed the same day or even a few days after it has disbanded. I have seen a re-deed village with the token very far off to the side of its original location due to unowned buildings on the opposite side where the buildings they wanted to keep along with the one causing the problems all taking perimeter decay. What I propose is a simple solution to this problem, allow a mayor to walk up to a building that is on there deed, right click it and transfer the building to there ownership. Once done the permissions can be set for the person who originally owned the building or the mayor could just destroy it or even assign it to a new villager or just do whatever they want with it, it is there deed after all. I hear lots of talk about making wurm more enjoyable for the playerbase, well un-owned buildings in your village is anything but enjoyable when the time comes to dealing with them.
  11. Lately, since rifts have begun, we've been having fun displaying rift corpses on our deed next to a large highway. Unfortunately, deed permissions don't allow blocking of the "bury" action. So invariably someone comes along and buries our corpses and we don't have a display anymore. To alleviate this problem, we had a writ with an open arched wall section where we put a corpse. Unfortunately, that corpse was butchered since writs have no way of blocking the "butcher" action. It'd be great if burying things was tied into another on-deed permission. Say butchering or digging. Similarly, I don't see why someone on a writ with no rights to enter a building or pick anything up should be able to butcher corpses there. (especially when it's also on deed). Thanks for your time,
  12. Hi! So, I've been running a small private WU server for myself and a few friends. We can't however, for the life of us, seem to be able to get branding to work properly. We've branded a number of horses while on deed, but despite them showing as branded when examined, there's no manage / permissions options when right clicking them, nor is there an option to manage animals when the deed owner right clicks their own body, nor are we able to equip the animals (When trying to put a saddle or horseshoes on them it says "You are not allowed to do that"). I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find anyone else having this problem. Is there something we're doing wrong?
  13. I cannot find the options for editing permissions for villagers anymore! What happened, and how can I edit perms in my village? I can't let villagers dig, harvest, build, or destroy or mine or anything. They are literally doing nothing.
  14. If the game checked gate permissions one tile away from the gate (instead of when you're trying to push your way through it), it would mostly eliminate gate lag, which is really annoying when you're trying to get somewhere (or get away from something). Even if it means the gates graphically open one tile sooner, I would think that is an acceptable compromise. Just a thought, it would smooth out the gameplay.
  15. [14:16:15] You may not move that item right now. This is on deed with full permissions. Regardless of permissions, only the person who planted a lamp can push, pull, or turn it, including the mayor.
  16. When you own a deed and someone else finishes a colossus on it, or purchase a deed with a colossus created by someone else, the mayor does not have move (push, pull, turn) rights nor do they have destroy option. Please allow these for the mayor of the deed the colossus is on, similar to guard towers. Thanks.
  17. The other day I picked up an old, mostly decayed, unlocked, and empty BSB. The previous owner, a friend of mine, had not logged in for over 50 days. After repairing and improving the BSB back up to acceptable levels, I handed the BSB to another player. He was unable to plant it, because he didn't have 10 digging, and gave it back. I then planted it into the ground, thinking that since it came from my inventory, I would be able to attach a lock and manipulate permissions to it, however, the BSB instead said it had been planted by the original owner, and was secured to the ground, so now I am unable to move it away, or attach a lock to change the permissions. Am I wrong to think that the BSB should now belong to me, instead of this other player who hasn't even been online for nearly 2 months? Screenshots can be provided upon request.
  18. Hello there, For the second night in a row, I have had the same problem. I have a second floor room on Elizarya's deed - Saint Absy's Cathedral on Release. Her room is the first floor. There is a stairway in the hall outside the 3x3 room. When I go to sleep in the canopy bed in the center of the room, I wake up the next day in her room. Since I don't have perms to the doors to her room, I end up locked inside. While this leads to some opportunities for friendly teasing, it is definitely inconvenient if she doesn't happen to be logged on when I show up. Obviously, if I weren't a friend she could trust this could be pretty serious. My involved character is Kyleshandra. I hope this helps. On the suggestion of the CA, I will try pushing the bed as far as possible away from the doors and the stairway to see if proximity to floor openings makes a difference. If you have any further questions, please contact me here, in game, or at Thank you
  19. So I have several deeds I want to work on, some I have been using non-prem alts as mayors, some have been prem once before. My latest deed I need to remove fences and want to use a catapult as it takes too long otherwise. With a non-prem alt you can not invite someone to the deed to do this work. I prem'd the alt up and joined the deed with my main, even with full permissions I still could not damage the fence with the catapult. I finally changed the writ over to my main and he can now do this. This is a bothersome problem with the permissions, as my other deeds the mayors are no longer prem and so I can not trade the deed writ back and forth to get the work done on these projects.
  20. I have sold the toon Chiqa to a private buyer. I will be sticking around on Chiqqa. Please change permissions accordingly if you have given her perms in the past. Thank you.
  21. Hey Recently I ran into unexpected house permission related isses in our village. We've got an inactive villager. Before he disappeared (now 3 weeks ago) he had planned a 1x1 house on perimeter (don't ask why, I don't know). One house wall is on deed border and it has one wooden beam attached. Other three walls are just planned, not built. This wannabe house effectively blocks deed expansion in any direction because I don't have permission to modify. Problem one! Foreign house on west perimeter blocks deed expansion in east, south and north. I cannot bash that wall because, once again, I don't have permission to modify. Problem two! House is on deed and off deed at the same time. Won't decay, but cannot bash either. As per game logic, deed cannot expand over house if the mayor doesn't have permissions to modify this house. Ok, this is clear and I don't complain, that's how it should be. The house is there first, deed cannot move over (under) it. In our case, deed was there first and house was built partially on deed. This can only happen if the house owner is citizen at the time of planning and building. Thus the house should have same permission logic as any other house fully built on deed. Part of it is on deed, mayor should have permission to bash the walls OR expand deed fully over it (and then can bash). Only option I'm given right now (other than hoping the owner to come back) is to shrink the deed by two tiles, wait for this one damn wall to decay, and then expand back. This takes time and money and makes me very unhappy. Not to mention there are other citizen houses on the same border which would then also take decay damage (luckily we have permissions on them). However this doesn't sound right. What I would like to see changed regarding these two problems? 1. Allow deed expansion in certain direction if there is no direct blockage. In our case, I should be allowed to expand east, when that darn house is in west. 2. House built partially on deed and partially on perimeter should be considered as fully on deed. Thank you for reading. PS. posting it in server bugs and not suggestions section because it feels like a " Game Mechanics Problem"
  22. I have a deed where I set permissions for allies to do things, like pick up, but they can't. I set a cart for allies to access inventory and they can't. Do deeds sometimes get bugged and permissions don't do what they are supposed to? I've logged out alts and back in and still no go. Does this fix on a server reset?
  23. Regardless of permissions or even if it is the mayor, objects planted by another player cannot be pushed, pulled, or turned on deed. They can be taken and replanted but then it just rotates the ownership and the other people cannot manage them.
  24. I have built a multiple level building, since the new permission update i am able to grant access right to specific rooms, where a villager wanted to live in a room. acess is working through multiple doors, all of those controlled independant. But if said vilager wants to pick up stuff inside the house it says "steal". All permissions for the house are set, he has right to pick up things inside the house, but not allowed to manage or modify the house, as i am the house owner. I tried to add the name manualy, but it didn't change anything. Logging in, relogging didn't work either. Please tell me if it is a bug, or it is simply not possible to create some kind of "hotel building" with flats for rent. Thanks
  25. Hey Everyone! You join us this week under the premise of a new title and a little bit of a theme. Firstly, we've decided to change the format of the title to just be News, the number of the post and some information about what's inside. That way, you know what's in every news post and they'll also be easier to keep track of, especially now that the Weekly Update titles have gone on for over a year and some have the same number. Secondly, as we discussed last week, dev focus for the next few months will be on bugs and small updates. We came up with a theory that if a news header is worth doing, then it's probably worth over-doing... The B Word Hmm... Boats? Bridges?! Bugs! Starting from this week, we'll also be including all of the week's patch notes in the weekly news, which ought to help you keep on top of them. In un-noted news, devs have also began work on a server management tool to generally help with maintenance. Fixes that apply to all servers will be in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green, which will make it easier to work out what applies to you. 1/6/15: Changed display of received mail items, so can look in containers Fix so cannot charm animals when you are not allowed to tame them Merchants no longer may be threatened from another floor level Attempted fix for mycelium spreading to lawns Relaxed the checks for structures blocking tunnelling Allow fungus spell to work on lawn Fix for deity loss due to alignment changes A bug with faithful setting on spells was fixed 2/6/15: Fix so ballista darts do damage Creatures may now be blocked by doors when entering from bridges War machines now work a bit better against bridges but still needs tweaking 4/6/15: Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity. Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts. Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots. Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing. Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards. Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving. Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring. Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill†button is always unchecked by default. Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds. Permissions We have a few news updates on the permissions changes that Tich is currently working on. In the long term, Tich will be working on new permissions options for *deep breath*: settlement roles, buildings, ships, wagons, carts, gates, mine doors, house doors (likely to be last due to complexity) and (potentially) animals. It's a comprehensive set of updates that will give far greater control over your possessions. This week, Tich has a preview of the new settlement roles window to share. Existing options are combined with an easier to use UI and a number of useful new permissions, such as "harvest fields," "modify buildings" and "mine iron veins." As with the old system, permissions are configurable for every role, allowing a huge number of possibilities - ranging from only allowing skilled farmers to harvest fields while letting newer players tend them for skill, to allowing the modification of buildings without allowing a citizen to build new buildings. We expect the new permissions features to come out over the next few months, either steadily or in groups. There are still a number of problems to solve, including more difficult tasks like how to get boat permissions to co-operate with changing servers - but it looks like it'll all be well worth the wait! New Clothing Items We also have some new clothing items to share this week. Wox has been hard at work on some new shirts for the fashionable Wurmian! They may be liable to changes before release and will be a part of a wider range of new clothing items. Serendipity Bridge, Deliverance Building new bridges around previously bridge-less servers seems to be making for a few big community projects, and so we're going to get into a habit of featuring a bridge every week for a little while. Serendipity bridge on Deliverance connects the Serendipity Peninsula with the Deliverance mainland. The main segment is a staggering 36 tiles long, just two off of the maximum. Has anyone built a single bridge that's longer yet, and who has the longest of each material type? Credits go to the Deli community and Yaga for the organisation. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Lastly, it's time for our favourite weekly screenshot and is bridge-related too, and this week's is courtesy of Journeya. We really liked their creative use of bridges as roofs and archways, which isn't a way that we expected to see them used! More pictures of the building are here, including its roof made from bridge which is also worth a look. That concludes the 67th Weekly News of Wurm Online. 67, 'ey? How time flies when you're having fun. Happy Wurming!