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Found 6 results

  1. As on scr above. I loaded into cage zombie mob. Zombie "died" insida cage. Corpse spawned outside (on scr in my inventory). But cage still looks like mob is inside, even is called "empty". Issue: I cannot unload and load animal. I cannot leave server with cage on board - even with ploted curse kick me off ship. I left cage here -,7173
  2. I love being able to make subgroups, but once I consolidated my groups I went back to delete some of my old groups and found that is not an option anymore.
  3. So i'm trying to make a complex cooking recipe in a cake tin and it says "Have you tried adding a sweet?". I get a sweet and drop it in the cake tin "[20:56:26] You drop a sweet.". Then it says "[20:56:27] The items inside do not make any known recipe." . The sweet i'm dropping is a green apple nougat for reference. Is it an improper ID given to the item or what?
  4. Im Cybrax im playing in Epic Cluster,I want to report :Since the devs update wurm with bridges,boats and stairs,the select bar is not working anymore,the bar that gives options to cut trees or mining or forage,can you guys fix this please,thank you very much.
  5. If it's time for a new mission but the server is down, the new mission never starts. It just happened with Magranon. A mission expired on Elevation during maintenance restart but there was no new mission. It has happened again in the past.
  6. Earlier today, about 7 hours ago from this post, I planted a shop sign on my deed. I just now tried to plant a pointing sign off-deed and received the message that I could only plant one sign off-deed per week (21 hours). This is either bugged, or was purposely altered to operate this way, however I know it wasn't always like this. The wiki states that you can plant as many signs on-deed as you want without limitation, but that only 1 sign can be planted off-deed every 21 hours. If planting a sign on-deed triggers the off-deed global timer, then the error message needs to be edited, and the wiki needs to be changed as well to clarify the new rules for signs.