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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone know who owns the deed Moonlight Marina? It's a shoreline deed on centre south Indy. I've looked at the token, but it looks like it's an alt officially holding the deed. If anyone knows who the owner is, please let me know! I'm trying to get in contact with them
  2. Currently most people play on their own deeds with all villagers being their own alts. When one alt drops and item, another can pick up just fine, if the right permissions are set. However, when renaming something, only the person that picks up and drops something can rename it. This is particularly a bummer when you have multiple alts all helping to decorate a building with containers, etc. Alt-1 drops a BSB and names it QL 1-9. Later, you decide it needs to be 1-49, because your skills are much higher. Gotta find the right alt to rename it now, or if you traded that alt away and if the BSB was planted, you now have to completely unload it, then get your deed holder alt to pick it up and replace it. If the deed holder is too weak, they can't replant it, so gotta get another alt to do that and manage the naming. This turns into a complete nightmare at times. Need a settlement deed permissions setting to allow renaming of all dropped or planted items by all citizens, or possible a check list of citizens, so you can choose all your alts, but not other villagers you invited to the deed.
  3. I wisht there was a way to examine a building as you do a boat and find out the owner
  4. Carts, ships, animals all have a means of identifying an owner, but not buildings. We really should have the building owner visible on examine. Would make it easier for contacting people to discuss/negotiate in land disputes, moving into an area, or whatever.
  5. Changing the owner of a boat or ship always bears the risk of losing your boat forever! Say you want to change the owner to "Rey", but you make a typo and enter "Red" - poof! You can't revert the change anymore, nor can player "Rey". Or you want to change the boat's name, but accidentally type the new name in the wrong field: (Happened before... many times ) So, adding an additional confirmation level (a pop-up saying "Do you really want to change the boat's owner to 'yyyy'?) would reduce this risk considerably.
  6. I'd like to resize my deed, unfortunally there is a shed right at the border of the planned resized deed. To the owner of "Buddas pleasure palace": Please pm me here or ingame!
  7. Love if we could rename carts that we own, just as you do Boats. Would be nice to see at a glance what they said rather than examine all the time. Yes I know you can rename. but I would like it to be visable like boats.
  8. I built a rock mine door today and unchecked the "Everyone in your village..." option. After that I no longer had access to the door and was unable to manage door settings. (Fortunately I allowed access for one of my my alts earlier, so I was able to change settings with that other character.) Also, the management window showed different information for different users (options were checked for one user, unchecked for others).