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Found 10 results

  1. Thatch I've been working on building a small hunting cabin on Xanadu. I live on Release, so Xanadu is like a vacation for me. I'm really trying to keep the deed as simple as homey as possible: Wooden walls, pottery floors - Think of it as a typical mountain getaway. Rustic. But in doing so, I wanted to make the roof appear rustic too; what better way to do so than to make a thatched roof. Now going into this, I thought it would be easy. No one builds thatched roofs because they look "bad" or they're too "noobish" and old-school (the old players will remember thatch roof looks quite similar to how roofs used to be before multistory, before we had an option for different roof types), or whatever. But in my experience, this is absolutely not the case. Thatch is insanely hard to even begin doing. The first requirement of thatch is that you must have 21 Thatching skill to even begin a roof on a building. Not too bad. Other skills are similar: masonry has its stone work. Floors in houses have their paving requirements. But there is a difference with thatching. The only way to grind your thatching to 20 is to make thatch. And each successful thatch skill gain is so incredibly small, that even with sleep bonus on, getting to 21 thatching will take hours(I'm talking like an entire day or more). And as the skill increases as the floors up you go. So at the third floor you have to have 22 thatching, and 3rd: 30 thatching, and so on. I'm not saying the entire thing needs scrapped, but there needs to be some work on the starting requirements because as it is now, its a very grindy thing to use. There is a reason you don't see thatched roofs around your neighborhood, and its not because they look bad, its because they're a ton of unnecessary and illogical work. What does the rest of the community think about grindy thatch? ~Lei
  2. I think it would be helpful to add a a note about thatch being the the only way to plant grass indoors, such as for a stable. (flowers cannot be planted on dirt tiles indoors) Also Max QL is the QL of the mixed grass used (Rare+ leggat increases the max creation ql) Mixed grass can be combined to max size for easier thatch creation, only amount needed is used
  3. Can queue up multiple thatch plantings on the same dirt tile, with different thatch activated each time. Actions will continue even if an earlier action is planted successfully
  4. what we have now... What we want...
  5. Hey everyone! I know a lot of folks generally don't enjoy grinding up their Thatching skill, but I've had need to lately and so I have. With that being said I'm offering my services for thatched roofing. Since I'll be taking jobs that require me to build roofs, I figured I might as well offer to build the other roof types as well. This might seem a little odd, offering to build the other roofs that only take masonry skill, however I know there are some players out there who can build their own houses out of wood, but don't have the masonry required to put on a specific type of roof if they are looking for something other than wooden shingles. I of course will supply the materials to build the roof sections. In addition to roofing I can also build your houses for you if you supply the materials. Below is a list of prices. Comment here if you need any work done or pm me if you have questions or would like to negotiate or trade for work done. I'll travel anywhere in Independence to work for a small traveling fee and only ask that you supply me with a bed and food if I need it. Roofing* Thatch = 50c traveling fee + 10c per tile Pottery Shingle = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Slate = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Paving** Stone brick = 50c traveling fee + 2c per tile Stone slab = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Marble slab = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Construction*** Wooden building = 50c traveling fee + 5c per wall + 2c per floor/ceiling tile Stone building = 50c traveling fee + 6c per wall + 3c per floor/ceiling tile If you'd like to purchase any carpentry made tools (fine fishing rod, fishing rod, grooming brush, mallet, wooden spindle, wooden spatula, or wooden clay shaper) pm me for details. *Roofing costs only apply to jobs where you hire me solely for roofing without the construction of the buildings themselves. **Paving is only for outside use as all other paving falls under house construction. I will also provide the materials for such outside paving. ***Buildings that mix wood and stone walls will still be priced according to each wall type and floor/ceiling type. Cheers, Slickshot
  6. I've been making a lot of thatch over the past few days (trying to get thatching skill up to 21 to finally be able to make roofs, but that is a different topic!). I am storing all of my thatch in a bulk storage bin. One thing I've noticed is that the quality of the stored thatch is changing a lot with the thatch that I drop in there. For instance, even when I have 200 stored thatch with ql 40, one more thatch with low quality will drop the quality of the stored thatch disproportionally. It feels like it is more or less taking the average quality of the stored thatch and the average quality of the dropped thatch and dividing this by 2, not accounting for the amount of thatch already stored.. I don't know if anyone can confirm this?
  7. Please change Usage should now include: Can be planted on a cultivated dirt tile to create a grass tile. Reference:
  8. Selling a bit of random stuff on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli, and to ports on Indy, Cele, and Exodus. The meat has to be picked up at Bridport as I cannot haul that much in one go. PM me on the forums with offers or contact Dougan in-game. Quantities are correct provided they don't take a storage bin decay hit between now & time of purchase. BEAST PARTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) PART QTY Q eyes 100 41.96 bladders 124 26.60 glands 121 23.54 hooves 196 28.31 paws 205 27.36 tails 189 29.68 teeth 254 28.91 horns 58 34.82 hearts 2 9.14 ----- 1,249 DYE INGREDIENTS (all or none, BSB quantities, make offer) INGREDIENT QTY Q woad 67 19.50 cochineals 171 23.43 acorns 33 20.00 --- 271 FOOD (all or none of a type, FSB quantities) FOOD QTY Q PRICE oat 1,500 54.68 1s50c potatoes 1,000 48.57 1s cooked meat 4,000 27.64 6s SPROUTS (all or none of a type, BSB quantities, make offer) SPROUT QTY Q grape 50 32.80 cherry 50 32.64 pine 90 32.16 MISC (all or none of a type, BSB quantities) ITEM QTY Q PRICE soft cap 1 * 2s (it is wrapped, will have to check QL) thatch 700 17.70 make offer hides 200 25.15 make offer
  9. I've been burning 3 hours of sleep bonus with a low QL leggat, making thatch, to raise my thatching skill - all so that I can grass roof my barn storage building. After 3 hours of grinding and having burned through a coupe hundred bunches of grass, I've produced about 150 thatch and my thatching skill is at a mere 13. I'll get to my request in a moment, but let me first say this - I don't mind a grind. A grind that's worth it gives me more enjoyment for what I've achieved once I get there. I feel that the thatching skill needs to be adjusted so that skill gain is increased. Considering that this is the oldest, most basic form of roofing, it doesn't make sense that I need to burn through as much sleep bonus as I have, as much grass as I will, to create 400-500 thatch (of which I'll honestly only use maybe 120. The rest will be wasted, the only building I would make a grass roof for is my barn. Most of these grinds are fairly easy to swallow, but this one is ridiculous. I hope that you all can see where I'm coming from. Grass roofing requires very little skill - its sticks and mud, not a science. Thanks, - Theos
  10. I am selling 130 wire and thatch for 1.5s, including 1 rare thatch (1 left). I am also selling 500 bricks for 1 silver, or 500 planks (25 free large nails) for 1 silver. I am located at 17X, 12.5Y (London) on Deliverance, and I can travel and meet you if needed, GreenDog is a good meeting place for us. I can also make more if ordered, we are a small, ongoing business. Same name in game, contact me there or here.