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Found 5 results

  1. This has been a hot topic for a while now with many people considering the current mechanics of locate soul and nolo causing stalemate and pvp to be stagnant, just like info minister did. The current issue is, small groups cannot roam because other groups/large groups will just spam locate names with kingdom priests + chopped veg until all names can be allocated to a deed and larger groups never get engagements because smaller groups want to spam locate names to make sure there isn't a zerg waiting. The end result is nobody leaves deed until a hit is made on somebody off deed whilst others are on deed. The change to the old locate/nolo was needed and with this change, it was a right step in the right direction, nolo shouldn't keep you 10000% nolo'd for it's duration. I believe we can just go a little but further and add something cool to support all groups and get players off deed or even just add small patch to the current locate and make it harder/stronger. This is why I felt a new thread was better instead of bumping the old once since the title was 'Revert Locate Changes' - I believe this is a step back. This thread is created to put together ideas on how to better improve the mechanic we have, not go back to the old one. One suggestion that was popular was only being able to get a hit on a person if you're within x amount of tiles of them. [Rather Long Distance perhaps] Nolo would slightly reduce this distance and still provide a % chance to block the locate. Locate spam wouldn't be an issue because priests back at deed won't be within the x amount of tiles. The perk to this idea is, small groups and large groups can go roaming without being spammed, this will increase the idea of people leaving deeds to find people, instead of sitting at deeds to locate them. Other ideas were simply making locate soul harder to get a hit on nolo'd players with the power of a nolo being 90+ almost the same as a reinforcement disintegrate, but have the power % go down with the timer so once it reaches 80% it becomes more and more easier to locate. I suggest making Body Nolo's 60 favor so people out roaming have to sacrifice gems in order to remain 'under the radar' Another idea was to make Nolo become easier to cast through as you get closer. Many ideas were discussed in Discord, Retro said that the team are throwing ideas around and have heard our concerns about the current mechanic and what damage it does to pvp. Making Pendulums / Tracking more useful would also be seen as a plus. Many small groups have said it makes it frustratingly difficult to roam or even hunt on chaos, as soon as the ring is hit, it's time to go home. Other changes Along side this can help smaller groups on chaos, delayed death tabs for example too, so groups can't rush in for a back door as soon as some action starts.. Small changes, big effects. Share your ideas if you'd like change, or want complete removal, post below and share. Edit: Other small ideas were the more you locate a name, the more resistance that player builds Or, locate soul works once like Locate Artifact
  2. Lanterns in inventory DO decay when they are not used. Could this stop for the unlit lanterns, pretty please.
  3. As the title says, because we all know if SOTG is nerfed we won't continue playing a game whose development staff listens to lazy players who think it's too hard to get or can't get enough friends together (in an MMO lol) to counteract enemy SOTG.
  4. After logging in today none of my horses, any age, groomed or not groomed, and all not hungry (standing on food) are in the mood to breed. Any reason for this? If not please fix. Thanks.
  5. Please revert the Nerf to enchanted trees in PvE servers. As they have been rendered useless now. Or give ideas for new functionalities.