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  1. Sold, please close.
  2. Yes! It's a peer-to-peer online currency. You can read more about it here:
  3. As the title states. Character info is here: Mikesandy I will only sell for bitcoin. Current exchange rate per bitcoin (at time of this post) is ~$754.52 in USD.
  4. and if the only ones worth eating are the ones that require seryll lumps or keel sections to cook? Since we don't know what the recipes are, I'm not ruling that out.
  5. This kind of cooking system seems like a step towards minecraft. A whole lot of useless recipes and no real alternatives.
  6. Right, but one of those two things has been needlessly nerfed into uselessness. That's the problem.
  7. Nutrition bonus does more than give a marginal increase in skillgain %. It affects how frequently you have to fill your food bar as well, which in turn affects stamina regeneration, (supposedly) combat rating, how often you need to interrupt whatever you're doing to find something to eat, and other things. Regardless, my dissatisfaction with the upcoming cooking system has to do with the fact that idiot devs could have done something more productive with their time, and that this new system brings more interruptions and possibly more disappointment to my already busy wurm daily schedule.
  8. Hey, if you don't mind saccing a rare mat every few minutes or if you have the time to cook a new meal 10 times a day simply because you don't do anything, that's your problem. While I have 99 HFC, I pity the poor souls who don't simply because they will be forced to grind it now. For those of us who want to continue to have high nutrition pretty much all the time, it's an insane amount of work that disrupts day-to-day activities.
  9. I have a problem with making options inviable in a sandbox style game. I have problems with making cookie cutter play styles that people have to conform to. I have a problem with turning a sandbox building/crafting/pvp/adventure game into a numbers simulator.
  10. Which means they're not alternatives to grinding up your cooking skill. They're poor substitutes at best.
  11. Flawed analogy unless your next argument is that guard towers and deed guards are overpowered and need to be removed so everyone is forced to fight. With this update there will be pretty much no alternative to cooking.
  12. To be honest, I'm expecting something like a 10% bonus for 10 seconds tops at 99ql with a 1% chance to make anything above 50ql. It seems about on-par with the level of bad ideas the dev team has on a regular basis.