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  1. It better be an over sight because complaints about fouls coming in and even using the faster way was made about entry to pvp after a big fight.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    @Sindusk Priests being able to rebuild houses, priests should also be able to FIRE a war machine. Or you should apply the same restrictions to priests as you have to war machines. So Mag can fire a treb i assume? You should make it so He can help rebuild only stone walls. Vyn only wooden walls/floors/fences. Fo can do dirt walls, that's good enough. Lib will do Stone only. Otherwise raids are going to be over the top repairs at every stage and limited firing on war machines due to the need for priests. Item protection on death passive has been adjusted. Base chance to save items has been reduced from 50% to 35%. Now stacks with resurrection stones, applying a 65% chance to keep items on death if you have both the deity passive and resurrection stone active. This shouldn't be a thing. Passive rez 35% is fine, but force players to pay 5s to get 50% if they want 50%. You shouldn't get 15% extra for being a priest over a non priest. If you go for that, allow me to buy 2 rez stones for 65%
  3. Raiding some enemy deeds whilst dressed in Bling Be more Crusader
  4. SOLD. WTS Wand of the sea

    I offer 60s
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Hey Sin, wondered why you were not telling us about capes in discord, hope you fully recover. As always, when things go live and the 10000 scenarios of pvp happens you'll probably get more feed back over whats too strong or weak. small comment, low stone wall, fences etc should NOT block spells. If I can archer you, I should be able to cast a spell on you.
  6. Valrei International. 072

    More of the sadder VI's I've read but the team are doing Tich proud by remembering and continuing the work and passion put in. The community will pull through and reading the messages left by players who just learned or knew of Tich has been great. Keep on wurming peeps
  7. Bardings having no effect on speed

    My HH normally goes 36-37 with a iron barding so I knew something was wrong. I waited the 30 seconds, because putting on/pulling off doesn't always get checked right away, i'm just flat out decking it around hota with iron chain barding going max speed as if it was unbarded. Defo something wrong I will try regular horse anyway tho to see if it is affected the same way
  8. [15:15:41] It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Speed without barding Speed with barding Not sure if other bardings have the same effect* *Tested leather, no impact on speed either
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Artifacts are barely used and even then only by people with a specific skill in what is widely considered not worth. A demise spell won't make them OP, because they aren't OP and the question was "what is happening to them if the demise spells are getting removed?" because in 80% of players eyes, this is further pushing the uselessness of them. Not sure how you gathered the words to reply like that @SinduskNot sure you replied already
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    I think Oakshell could still be used as a choice on PVP servers, I see quite a few priests lost the ability to cast it anyway so we'll see a reduced use with that + the changes for it to affect speed. I think making it "player only" renders unicorns pointless to ride, unless this was your goal then i can support unicorns being useless. Unicorns cannot wear bardings, so that will be the result. But i think that's ok. Just making others aware.
  11. drake helm neck shot bugged?

    So you basically got beheaded. But this isn't fun, happened to me in glimmer chain, 1 truestrike I'm at half
  12. Valrei International. 069

    im trying to count, it doesn't look like 10,000, i'll get back to you
  13. Make addy jackal runes show what color they'll apply

    i understand the idea, I think it allows less of a stockpile tho if the colour doesn't show up until applied. there is for sure a high risk you won't get what you want which is why i love how it currently works, cause when you see people like this you appreciate the possible length they went to lol. I also think it makes it more rare to see colour match like this.
  14. Make addy jackal runes show what color they'll apply

    -1, it's a lottery, it's suppose to be a type of sink for MM, i applied 5 and didn't get the colour i wanted, so i'll keep trying.