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  1. Because it's more of a feature, i'd say that Chaos having an open window has more positive than negative. You spend 5 hours trebbing/getting a drain and can't make a decent dent on living mines? Eh Same time you can't be camped 24 hours a day with damage all day? defo a feature/playstyle over a fix. Things like this should remain seperate, if you want raid windows, go Defiance, that's something that appeals to people. But a Fo leading 4 HH's is just broken meta. But reminder: I'm a fo
  2. they'd probs have to do the same for the "enemy", which also wouldn't be bad, rather have a list of 5 enemies to my left/right/ahead/ahead to left/ahead to right than just 1
  3. I mean there is a big difference from taking a "feature" from Defiance and implementing it on Chaos than taking a Fix/QOL/Improvement from Epic/Defiance, since fixes for pvp should be universal. Keep the raid windows, keep the 61 slopes, keep the faster shoe improvement, keep the safe zones, but why would ANY Fixes not be put server wide? I'm a fo, i lead 4 HH's, it's broken, but im cool either way If you stand by your position we enter a world where if 1 server gets a removal of broken meta, the others can't, think carefully on this 1.
  4. I’d have forced you to give me 10 crates of corn for the boat back
  5. Do the devs care about PvP in this regard
  6. thanks, ill collect as soon as i log in
  7. if that's 10s for both shoes then cod to Mclovin
  8. We fought for that and they did something different. Naughty
  9. I was hoping this WOULDN'T be a overhaul as i love wurm pvp combat but i welcome more visual feed back instead of text and the changes don't seem to be anything drastic away from what we know wurm combat involves so as I read some dissapointment from the otherside I'd just like to say there is a side that likes that part.
  10. takes 6 months to be stepped down so if you reach that with good champ points a % could be converted AWAY from what you lose..So..300 champ points = 30% away from 1 stat of body charastics so only a 0.70% loss instead of full 1. Faith would be 30% added to 50 faith (the reset value) for 300 champ points
  11. reward? If i sign up to the army i get a gun, I don't pay for that, like wise with being a champ, I get the tools needed to be a champ, when i leave they're not asking for gun + interest lol If i've done a job why am i being given -6 on skills when I've been given only +5? By that logic i should only lose +5 then cause its a Free bonus right..oh nope, it's a paid for in - of skills for completing or not completing the championhood, the fact that you get punished the same amount for doing good/bad is stupid