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  1. Will that be fresh characters
  2. Bump Cut to 35 euros for a quicker sale
  3. Pm me on forum Paypal only /verified Cut to 35 for a quicker sale
  4. PayPal verified, pm on forums
  5. sold

    Can't believe they did us like this, oh wait I can.
  6. If only I had a hassle free way to pay
  7. protects like steel helmet
  8. A helmet that got carried over as a reward from challenge (?) I'll post images when home, its a golden full steel helmet with a wolfs head over it. I'm looking for 35eu
  9. Selling my over-flow of items sat in my wagon Post sensible offers here and if I like them i'll COD. PM for any questions All repairs will be done with Dadd and sent 0 damage Euros only and PayPal verified
  10. WTS Olloch

    you get floored in almost everything and the last time i spoke with Plat you couldn't even get across 3 locals without getting lost and you were a champ, probably the rest of the group have started on the MR DEED and you're still trying to find the way, get outta here