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  1. Could make it do any death makes you forget the teleport being set
  2. honestly when it comes to Toxicity towards PVP and how 6 months ago Chaos was in a space where you just had to turn up to get pvp to what it is now, to what defiance has been for months, i can't agree with Necroe more. Not just this comment but the others made, like the soul and point of pvp for VD seems to be to want to "run" people off the server which clearly they aren't going to do, because Malice is still standing and you're against a community of players who I believe are now fighting for more than just a kingdom, but fighting for the life of Chaos itself, because under VD rule there is no future for chaos, but insteadt toxic game play. I'm personally against Raid windows, wurm should be a sandbox pvp where you can turn up with 1-2 people away from peak hours to hit a bigger group where maybe at that time they can Just Match you, but at the same time with people as toxic as what multiple servers are now facing/have faced I understand that people don't want to destroy the sandbox but want at least protection from this toxic "turn up at 3 am to run if possibility of pvp will occur" brain damage. Like look at the post asking to remove Far Walkers and 3 boats running because the possibility of pvp which they clearly don't want might happen. Leaves me no choice but to +1, even though I hate raid windows and the pro's and cons could be spoken about, it's all about protection from Toxic group that doesn't plan to fight but wants to cause the damage. I still remember the days when VD converted Panda and TC stood there and Carried on raiding/fighting/getting kills. I remember when KJ turned up to Panda deed Road-House and carried on fighting/we had a fight outside the deed. Can't even be shocked that players who want a schuelded raid to actually have chance to engage at PvP instead of waking up at 3 am just to see 3 boats run are asking for this. If you wanted pvp you'd +1 this thread. If you want pvp but don't want the raid windows, you'd stop avoiding the direct confrotation of a peak time raid. +1
  3. The Shroud is placed in what history has shown to be a very bad spot. Any kingdom that deeds to the North basically cuts out any chance of a BL group / player going that way, as it's a natural funnel and easy to cut off both on influence and passage. To get North atm you have to cross the Panda Landbridge which is clearly owned by Panda so not an Option Go West you're running to another funnel and another deed blocking you from going North/West - On top of that with the shroud being on basically it's own island, it's very easy and is currently being done - to block them in even unintetionally. It's just a very bad placement and I think there should be a second BL starter town to the very North west. Freedom has 3 Starter towns on chaos - The Landing - Gold Coast and Hunters Lodge - Hunters Lodge is basically in the centre of chaos and i feel sorry for anybody who choses to spawn there as chance to be rescued or find yourself off the server is pretty slim since you gotta pass through territories and all sorts to even attempt to sail or be sailed off- it's a bad spawn and you should remove it in favor of a 2nd BL starter town. For the health of BL - something I am not a part off, please make the change asap. Name suggestion: The Gallows So the purple sqaure at the south is basically as far as BL can go, everything else is blocked by influence/deeds. The red line is to show they have no passage there without being killed. To the north west i added where I think the new town should go. Hunters lodge in the centre of the map should be deleted as it's an awful place to have blocked anyway.
  4. Because it's more of a feature, i'd say that Chaos having an open window has more positive than negative. You spend 5 hours trebbing/getting a drain and can't make a decent dent on living mines? Eh Same time you can't be camped 24 hours a day with damage all day? defo a feature/playstyle over a fix. Things like this should remain seperate, if you want raid windows, go Defiance, that's something that appeals to people. But a Fo leading 4 HH's is just broken meta. But reminder: I'm a fo
  5. they'd probs have to do the same for the "enemy", which also wouldn't be bad, rather have a list of 5 enemies to my left/right/ahead/ahead to left/ahead to right than just 1
  6. I mean there is a big difference from taking a "feature" from Defiance and implementing it on Chaos than taking a Fix/QOL/Improvement from Epic/Defiance, since fixes for pvp should be universal. Keep the raid windows, keep the 61 slopes, keep the faster shoe improvement, keep the safe zones, but why would ANY Fixes not be put server wide? I'm a fo, i lead 4 HH's, it's broken, but im cool either way If you stand by your position we enter a world where if 1 server gets a removal of broken meta, the others can't, think carefully on this 1.
  7. I’d have forced you to give me 10 crates of corn for the boat back
  8. Do the devs care about PvP in this regard
  9. thanks, ill collect as soon as i log in
  10. if that's 10s for both shoes then cod to Mclovin