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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    @SinduskShouldn't priests be able to place mine doors? It won't let us
  2. Wurm Contrails?

    Hey log in your towers are being bashed your kingdom needs you
  3. Chaos Desync

    The desync on chaos for the last 2 weeks has been terrible, horses riding 10 tiles behind/to the left, desync in combat, hell my horse was left out of a cave which I saw it inside of, because of desync. Then you got stam issues, you stop for stam it's taking 10 seconds just to refill because server doesn't see I've stopped. It isn't just me it's my whole kingdom + others have complained from other kingdoms.. All of this combined is just a mess in pvp/for pvp Probably since the update came out. Thread made to make you guys aware if not already and to get an update about it
  4. Wurm Market Economy Poll

    pricing trends don't = pricing regulation. It's just more popular to see those prices but I've seen bricks cheaper/higher and they've sold/not sold based on that.
  5. After delivering a mighty Blow to the Armies of WU and gaining yet another drake set, Doctorchaos has passed the Crown to Ciray. Long live the King
  6. Global Death Tabs

    nobody cares
  7. Global Death Tabs

    bring rotab to freedom!
  8. Close

    maybe post the photos to clarify
  9. For Auld Lang Syne

    I'm with niki on the chest spawns but enki cleared up the rest. I don't really attend these events because I don't care for the items. I'd really like to see some more pvp events from gm, even when staff spawned guardian trolls on hota with announcements. I would like a no loss hota event for example, just really something to let everybody go wild in, that's my idea of a end of year bang.
  10. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019! Don't ask questions
  11. Cobwebs on logo?

    i thought it was the supreme glow
  12. WTSOLD pvp account

    Holar, I know you'll be back in some form when it's worth, gl with sale brother. This is a great account.
  13. Auction Ended - Accepted Buy out. Thank you all for interest.
  14. Great progress on the wall. For security reasons I cannot share the progress. Need a builder willing to help build 4 colossus. Supplies are here.