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  1. oh sold already as i posted in seperate discord pm, apparently demmand is high for drake sets from champs that die to alts. Thanks all. can close
  2. just pm me offers, got it for basically free with an Alt so not bothered, was some REAL TRAP Sh#t
  3. Can we throw a barding on a horse without opening the window
  4. New world text Mclovin: ah I'm being wiped
  5. April Events

    Please say April fools that would be gold
  6. April Events

    Finally with that 30% bonus mclovin will rise to be king again
  7. @Retrograde What if me and my 4 friend currently owns 25% share of an account
  8. Mclovin is like 46 body str with 7 tomes, ask mondain
  9. Will that be fresh characters
  10. Bump Cut to 35 euros for a quicker sale
  11. Pm me on forum Paypal only /verified Cut to 35 for a quicker sale