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  1. Bump Cav helm sold pending sale
  2. protects like steel helmet
  3. A helmet that got carried over as a reward from challenge (?) I'll post images when home, its a golden full steel helmet with a wolfs head over it. I'm looking for 35eu
  4. Selling my over-flow of items sat in my wagon Post sensible offers here and if I like them i'll COD. PM for any questions All repairs will be done with Dadd and sent 0 damage Euros only and PayPal verified
  5. WTS Olloch

    you get floored in almost everything and the last time i spoke with Plat you couldn't even get across 3 locals without getting lost and you were a champ, probably the rest of the group have started on the MR DEED and you're still trying to find the way, get outta here
  6. Deed on chaos, goldcoast ?
  7. If you think that's what you need to do then you're more outdated than most of us first thought but it's OK, mechanics being changed because you can't work it out = no
  8. If I have to spell out how you counter people at battle camps I'm giving up on jke, I can hear the roars of Kongwardis from here. Make a new thread with a new change cause you can't grasp the current, sheesh. But hey you got faith, we ahead boizzz.
  9. Hi do you want some milk No thanks I'm lactose toler- *milk being forced down throat
  10. I'm.. Agreeing with Frank, dang. Dire times
  11. Probably milking cows too, but yep, so much being said about the integrity of somebody who created fun content on a volunteer basis and doesn't even want to play it. *sighs* I'm sure in some way these posts use the tiniest bit of room on the Internet but blimey what a waste of space. Pretty close to staff bashing tbh
  12. He was going to be in mine, aka BL, but I think he'd only jump on to help defend really.. If even that
  13. And they are uninfluenced im sorry your friends who found themselves in roles couldn't be the same, you're like the person in a relationship Who cheats them blames the the girl and accuses her of cheating because if you did, they must be too, lol, I'm so sorry for your affected damaged mind. Proud of my friends who are devs and im mad at them most times cause I don't like certain fixes and guess what, they don't care lmao.