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  1. I will personally invest 100 euros of silver into deeding any tent along that coastline if I have to, just saying
  2. It's not a thing, deed it or lose it
  3. Just kill them all
  4. I'm glad mol rehan are back, I'm sure they want pvp and just landed on chaos at a off time.
  5. What you gonna do if enemy dump a deed in your territory which happens to be the only way out to get to world pvp @Tedzogh You're not thinking it through because you've been hooked on no raids since pirates came to chaos
  6. Safe zones need to be intended for new players or those looking to setup. I hope we don't have too many resource deeds back on the safe island so I got a idea to fight it Cap the ql you can get there and if any raw Resources are brought back from Main Land they'll get the ql reduced to safe zone level over time. Bricks, mortar, clay, iron, things like this should be stored on main land. I don't really care for safe zones I think it'll help pve come over and with restrictions act like home servers without it being a home server and having everybody on the same map.
  7. Raid windows have been asked for since somebody logged into eve online once time and said oh nice Now they're here some are against it Let's say I set my raid window to 10pm and 2 weeks later enemy come drain me at 1am Next day I wake up and set my window for 11am Enemy turn up next day to get drain #2 at 1am again but then get told lol sorry, window is in 10 hours There should be a hard lock to reset if a drain happens and the same 48 hour window between getting that advanced drain and moving the raid window Also a drain should boost the window by 2 more hours, or however long you get on disintegration bonus to allow for phase two of a raid which is breaking into tunnels Mine doors after this drain should become weaker too This shouldn't be an issue if you've set your window to get maximum people on defence. Everybody knows a well populated deed will not be drained so it'll be interesting to see how you balance the damage and stuff for a window based raid.
  8. Very nice Completely hypothetical scenario If I'm raiding Beastwolfs deed and they decide to log out whilst necroe returns to old habits and starts loading his knar with stolen gear, as that alliance number drops will the raid window also drop if it originally started out at 6 hours or will that time frame be locked weather they rage quit or not? Also Village warbonus will now reduce the damage your walls/fences take from siege and no longer increase players damage This was a very nice and unexpected change
  9. Was there ever a decision made over the same day release of pvp
  10. Rhianna is needed if speculation is the topic
  11. Worth like 40s because it's me
  12. Triumph for the pve and Frontier for pvp