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  1. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

  2. PvP Holidays

    so I can go up to your deed and inspect the deed/look at your area/spot towers/map all this info without risk? Sounds like alt abuse son
  3. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    I'd go path of knowledge, actually. Anyones suggestion fixes a problem now which is requirement for sotg, I don't see hate power love or knowledge being a specific requirement just a gameplay choice i'd be fine with my guys going any of the 3, if they wanted to
  4. Valrei International. 064

    I said this in discord, but I'm really happy with the clients performance lately, no crashing, no memory leaks and everything looks a hell of a lot nicer. Idk if this is just a side effect or work was actually done as a focus, but yeah. Rendering system looks dank, keep up the good work you client-devs
  5. Valrei International. 064

    That render is sick and I wish PVE tabs were a thing when aus got killed on cartier to trolls lol. I'm looking forward to this
  6. Wts Wand of Seas

  7. Updates the current pvp community want

    Seems people here simply can't lay out what changes they require and rather cry, convo going nowhere. Repeating population isn't really an argument. Chaos isn't the only server to bleed tho, actually since you joined freedom, freedom has declined in population by the hundreds as Jake points out, so is Chaos not simply receiving the same bleed of players as the servers you currently reside on? Or we going to point to one server on the freedom cluster and set a whole made up reason as to why that is losing players outside of the ones you live on, lol. Also, chaos will go to 60 pop anytime in minutes anytime there is a reason to leave deed, which shows there simply needs to be more reasons to leave deed and changes outside the stalemate that allows 1 big team to landslide hota/the map. We're all literally waiting to log in and do something outside of roaming for no reason and watching enemy run away 44 kmph. Why don't you do what I say in the OP and post your suggestions in a different thread whilst this one addresses the suggestions current players from 4 groups want since you clearly aren't ready to present a desired list to the majority of the community here with the devs eyes eager to read.
  8. Updates the current pvp community want

    Karma teleport isn't coming back, TC isn't leaving, so list your changes outside of that.
  9. Updates the current pvp community want

    The above topics of karma teleport and current influence and who plays where or when and how long is irrelevant to this thread. Thread lays out it's goal/topic, devs are answering/talking, make a new thread for anything outside of this. The ideas that stem from the original suggestions such as karma cool down on leaving local and the stemming effects are fine, but as retro said stay on topic and just discus the ideas, we can't help anything else. Mod should clear the above up.
  10. Updates the current pvp community want

    One suggestion was make it the Base path on Epic/Chaos so we all have SOTG no matter the level and we instead just level up the other paths. If you take it away we're all gonna be 4 hit with huge axes, but keeping the DR and giving to everybody is more realistic
  11. Just because it sucks so much

    Nothing wrong with it, move to a flat field.
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    I think if that encourages players to go out and rebuild their towers in contested land, then maybe, but originally no it was just going to be for deeds that were wayy out there and nobody would chain and opt to disband instead. [i had 2 of mine in mind] But maybe more convo on that, I think a small increase wouldn't hurt if the chain was broke..
  13. Updates the current pvp community want

    You've just confirmed that things are in the works and that's all we needed to know, so that's really great to hear, I didn't want to waste another summer hoping a change would come and then waiting for Christmas and then back around to summer again and wondering what happened to that thread that 1 time all groups on Chaos got into agreement. Since the thread has done it's job and got issues we have/had to your tables, I can check back a bit less knowing it's in your good hands. Thank you to all the groups that pitched in opinions/points/ideas and kept KvK tit for tat to one side and personal agenda to one side, ty for the devs in reading and asking back questions/giving points and ideas. o/
  14. Updates the current pvp community want

    I think devs should now start working on disabling and reworking the hota and battle camps as suggested, this will right away create new experiences. on top of that, you should also release the tower mechanics asap to stop deeds being placed anywhere before they face punishment via mechanics of upkeep or w/e, and nobody can feel burned out from it. Rest is just talk until things are confirmed and agreed by you that it will happen. You should confirm the above 2 at the very least so we can focus the remaining 3 changes and their sub changes. Dev been walking on egg-shells around changes for ages now, these aren't even new, retro knew what the list would be before it was even posted. Start confirming or talk of it for the third year through the summer isn't cutting it this year.
  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    Increase locate soul favor cost so when you're out in the field it's actually a gems worth for 1 try, apply a hidden resistance on a person, make it HARDER to locate from further away and easier as you get closer, so although you can have a chance of locating with kingdom priests it's still better to try and get closer for more accurate/consistant locates. But with that Allow 90+ nolo's to actually hide you from any locate but make this tick down as the time gets lower. That means keeping yourself 90+ nolo is a resource too, as you'd have to dispel/attempt to reaply if your objective requires not being found but at a cost. Only way i can see a balance kinda. If you wanna be really cool, on the day of luck the locate from further distances is easier, avoid this day. ;D