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  1. You can't rip champs with specials anymore, if you pvp between 2016-2018 you'd know after two moves your basically resistant. Sludge/cricket got nerfed and so did all specials
  2. Just gonna point out - nobody in TC seen this dude since his days in JKC. Not on chaos anyway - Find another reason to drop out.
  3. From what kill out of how many kills.
  4. rat

    You should bite your tongue, he hasn't messaged him...yet
  5. 150-230, good in theory, dispell hell in practice.
  6. rat

    he pms peeps who join TC that may have known him on freedom swearing at them. Biggest joke of wurm, hope he's reading this.
  7. What ql/enchants
  8. You're not explaining to me, your explaining your point to the thread /op/devs. But ofc I'm the one that matters most in your eyes. Also very bad reason to - 1, couldn't think of something better in the spot eh.
  9. rat

    Yeah cause it's a real mystery who's behind the account.
  10. Great server, great pvp
  11. rat

    Necroe always called people into Coms to speak about issues such as above because it was easier way to avoid logs. Rarely would somebody record. safer.
  12. I got knowledge, i can be brought from TC pretty cheap. We need to do transfers/loans like footballers GL with your on-going war
  13. rat

    Lol, necroe told me he quit because in-game gms would try get themselves involved with forum moderation, so as a sign of protest he left and got begged to come back by rolf. LOL FIRED DOH