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  1. More fun for Champs

    Also, I feel this brings forward issues of "i was on freedom and I dc'd cause I'd hurricane please give back"
  2. More fun for Champs

    I'm going to - 1 because this will allow border hopping champs. 2 hour cool down doesn't help that just gives you an excuse to say you can't come pvp. If I ever hear a champ in tc say they can't come pvp because they freedom locked, we'd kill them. Points are very easy to obtain, I don't think you should be allowed to go freedom at all once champ, there needs to be severe limits for big benefits. Also its nice to know that as a champ, youh will be chaos focused. Is a big time to undertake and making a thread like this whilst you're a champ is abiast suggestion. I know you probably think it's a fair idea since you are one, but it's really not. This will cause headache for kingdoms trying to get thier champs to be focused where they should be. You need to Erinyesthegreat it if you need to go focus or join events on freedom, because you should be pushing that on chaos.
  3. sold please close.

    loink just got killshot
  4. Valrei International. 068

    shatter resistance should be soul depth, Soul depth needs love.
  5. Lotsa tomes

    an item is worth what the buyer is willing to pay. For me this might be 60s, for others 150s, nothing wrong with offers. If you don't know the current market price, then don't offer
  6. Valrei International. 068

    Depriest, grind, then repriest, not hard
  7. Valrei International. 068

    "Emoo: you four can attack and I'll make it fair by removing my helmet" My biggest concern was allowing priests to build/repair deeds. I've since heard that entering combat with somebody building/repairing will cancel their action timer. Can you pretty please, make sure that placing mine doors is part of this timer so to stop the dreaded Mine Door Spam which can on without this. I also believe, that if all priests can repair and build. Then all preists should be able to operate trebs and catapults. I think Libila should be able to CREATE them. I also believe that this is a fair balance, as the attackers will still need a good skill in the treb/cata they operate and knowledge of a system that can be pretty complex.
  8. i ended up watching the stream, i've never sat through one before for so long, entertaining, good questions from Host, sharing questions/points from chat, good clear convo/answers from devs/retro. Will have to tune in more. Oh saw my first shooey aswell. Can we get a waterskin renamed "shooey" for an event 1 day.
  9. ye i don't watch streams, sadly, even if @Emoo would do a "highlights" video and post it here of that specific convo of the update/changes, i'd watch.
  10. WTB Key to the heavens

    this won't make you me.
  11. -1 i just build more knars and get my friends to help me
  12. pm offers
  13. So far this is my skill progression

    when necroe says "just jump in" at a raid at level 10.
  14. So far this is my skill progression

    work on the following weapon skills: Staff. Med maul Large Maul Spear Longsword Staff/med/large/spear are GREAT for body strength, pretty much the best gains and very fast. You'll probably be high 40's by the time this is done. Then work on Archery for body control gains. Then work on chain smithing/plate smithing and black smithing, it's always nice to be able to imp your tools/armour, let's you cut down on alts or other services. Then leather working for that drake/saddle imps. [also great for body] If you raise your animal husbandry up to 50 in between, in the end you'll have a pretty self sufficient account