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  1. -1, just mine the tile, if you don't like that try disintergrating for hours and hours, you'll soon like the mining tile option. Also -1 to keeping a reinforcement after you remove it.
  2. -1, i rather find out by myself, keep it a secret until discovered, don't want this to be easy, i don't have wurm offline.
  3. I need Body str/stam/mind logic/control sent to Solarblade please
  4. im a champ with ignore animal i got into combat with it via taming, stopped now i cannot deagro it at all I ran a local south i can
  5. Looking to buy affinity drinks, need body str, control, stam and logic, and taster kit to solarblade
  6. My lmc is fine, buy another, no more containers to horde , the idea is to go off deed and get more.
  7. well that last sentence is a bit exagerated
  8. -1
  9. try bashing.
  10. Doesn't matter what side you choose, just come play, EPIC PVP!
  11. Retro has been a voice and ear for all the moaning pvpers, including me for the last year. He's almost the punching bag of the pvp side and tbh he gets held much more to things than the devs themselves sometimes. It's been really cool having Retro in the WO Discord to give feed back on ideas, enlighten us on behind the scenes and to shoot our ideas down with some sassy comment. When he first jumped into kingdoms ts's to talk to them about what issues are, other staff told him "you're gonna die", he came in regardless. I couldn't really imagine anybody else in retro's place with the amount he does/puts up with and talks about. Really is a 10/10 PR guy, I hope pvpers see him as I do, somebody who isn't "against" you or "against" your ideas or "pvp". 85% of the updates that came, literally came from Discord from the pvp community talking to retro, you can see clearly he has taken all of that feed back, when we moaned he wasn't listening and did take it to the devs. Examples. Nolo change. Meditation change. Iron plate armor. Speed in Plate amor. Anti-Spy Alt mechanics. General feedback and tweaks. Many more but this is from the top of the head. I'll still kill him in the next 1 vs 1 tho. The devs aswell get held and put up to "the old team" or how things were when rolf was around. A lot of trust and faith in the team towards pvp was lost and when Budda came along to pick up Epic, you could see things were slowly, then rapidly getting better. A true commitment was made to Epic and despite the calls for wipes/close downs and everything else, which in our eyes would be 200x easier, they're taken on core problems and fixing core problems. So you've restored a lot of faith, trust and hope for the future of pvp. Just the otherday we were talking about how lame "gods favoring kingdoms" message was on home server with budda on Discord and after a small chat 2-3 days later, we get that message removed. It's awseome. I feel we're striding into EpicV2 and with the commitment devs are taking to make it unique again and not let features share over to chaos, it will be the one, true pvp cluster to play on. GJ/Thank you