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  1. Yirana, you're literally saying the affinity system could be more fun and it's just been made available on freedom. PVP was asking for reworks on affinity system for 10 years, so welcome to the club Also noticed nobody wanted to speak up about pvpers walking away from fights with no affinities < That's the only issue they should be focused on right now!
  2. mate, treat it like the gem/bone system, you aren't mining for gems or bones but sometimes it happens. It's a perk for skillers. That's the thing "Perk". Better to have it than not have it. if you don't want it then let's undo it all, but alt farming isn't an option anymore.
  3. in a game which is RNG ruled you can only be proud of what probable work you put in to achieve something. The more you grind, the better chance to gain an affinity, if you end up getting more it reflects the work you put in. Or you can get 50 affinties in 1 day ofc. Still not sure why there's complaints, affinity system was always luck based, you go into a fight with 20 vs 20 people you can walk away with none. After the update Now you can walk away from 1 vs 20, which would otherwise be 20 affinities all for you and leave with none. That's really where skill came into it yet pvpers can walk away with zero affinities. let's hear people speak up on that When you got a kill and did so legit, that was something to be proud off. Maybe now we're on the same page as to what was undermining the reward system with alt abuse and undermine achievements of getting many affinities through real pvp, many argued here that it was perfectly fine to get around this system by alt farming and Undermine those who were proud of getting affinities legit. Even tho that would never reflect to them cause people would just assume alt farmer.
  4. -1 I'll make uniques glow so bright i can see them from otherside of map
  5. chances are fine, this isn't so a player can go out and grind/gain every affinity in a month, you need to feel proud about affinities if you're lucky to get them. This isn't some "everybody must get one of each by the end of the year!" system...PvPers went over 100's of kills and only ever got 6-7 total from all their work, others got luckier.
  6. Yup, can't pull anything
  7. but not the way it is, we can post suggestions for that if you want it like that, but currently this isn't how it works and it isn't in bug notes.
  8. Thanks Locath, contacting him now.
  9. not in patch notes, assuming a bug. Can't pull off horseshoes, barding or saddles. [21:47:23] You need to be standing on the ground to do that.
  10. -1 i might zoom in on a bumhole and upload that, too easily abused. I can imagine all the trump faces now.
  11. 10k mortar and 5 full crate knar worth of dirt pm me through forums
  12. you should say thank you for even giving you a 1/10000000000000 chance, cause it was made to be a chance when before it was ZERO. Lol. And it isn't even what i said, the odds are good for long term skilling. Do you people want fifty affinities in a month or something? Doesn't happen. It's better to make it low chance first then adjust as needed than release and let everybody have 500 affinities in the first week. I've been telling retro I'd make a great PRA, doesn't want to hear it tho. Give me a recommendation mate!
  13. Just play and get lucky, think that's the idea. If you're grinding for affinities then you're better off eating meals anyway