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  1. I hope new server on epic locks you at 30 body str max when on starting islands, so you move to ele. Any person going back to starter island, is nerfed down to 30 body again, that way the pvp is atleast fair for newer players.
  2. The response when we defeat our enemy
  3. Told you boiz, we will put 5s in a pot in game and load up table top simulator. 2nd prize = money back 1st the rest of pot. Let's gooo
  4. Move Valrei to freedom, give the tier rewards to Chaos, allowing us to complete more competeitve missions for tomes, make these tomes untradable. Only ones from Uniques will be tradable.
  5. Fought 2 Kingdoms AGAIN today and made them run AGAIN. Got 2 kills. After this we won hota and killed a champ. Come learn, have fun and fight against incredible odds.
  6. add a flip option to all coins so we can settle debates with heads or tails, or Sols and jackals,
  7. The server is dead. If devs at this point an update to w/e mechanic epic has, is gonna revive that, then yeah. My hopes for Epic is dead I have zero interest for Epic because of X amount of reasons
  8. Bloodmaster please
  9. if i buy both the rare braziers, you do 4s?
  10. Hi, we don't claim we're drunk when recording fails, bad is bad
  11. We don't steal from WU servers to fund accounts and we don't steal horse gear on freedom to fund our deeds. We also don't leak info from our kingdom and we don't plan to PMK behind each others backs. Wanna win fights and dominate without stealing/meta/backstabbing? The Crusaders
  12. No need to lie for achievements, pretending they won hota. Chaos Server @wildserv1 Subie has secured victory for he looks english! We won hota yesterday because ONE member of Crusaders kept 2 kingdoms (17 people) back from competing! Join the real deal, not a fantasy!
  13. Join Crusaders, enemy pop alts we pop deeds.
  14. Thanks for selling, was good fast trade.