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  1. But don't crocs/scorps tend to spawn more on the desert, as on chaos I was always to pretty much rely on going to any desert for scorp/crocs
  2. The kingdom basically put their passwords out on a forum and it got "hacked" and yeah, it was 50% being dumb and 50% it should have never had to be a worry. But i don't leave my credit cards on the table inside my house incase a burglar comes in so you know. Also, Emoo is currently enjoying chaos loss after loss with the rest of his kingdom (watch for the 10 vs 21 they recently lost) so they're back getting asses kicked without no hacking excuses.
  3. i think mine doors locking need to have 3 things. 1. wooden doors only, makes them harder to hide, ql cap 50. 2. can be lockpicked 3. log off timer extended Otherwise you can hide them using the more common Rock version, which do not lock. (no key) and metal will not lock unless on deed/enemy not in local.
  4. can you show picture, im interested
  5. +1 I like forrests but I like seeing
  6. That you and votip should be nicer to me
  7. I saw a guy named cirhay, siray, somethingg like that in the area bashing, be worth asking if he can give it back
  8. How did this thread go from try to be nice to new players to this isn't your jurisdiction, I love wurm community lmao no sarcasm
  9. Are the mobs fixed yet or are pvpers not grateful enough to receive an updated basic communication on issues?
  10. So that's how I got 52 channeling on mclavin
  11. To be honest surface mining is an action that literally can chisel away at the land and shape it beyond sometimes repair, its a mechanic that although boring requires a lot of knowledge at higher ends I think keep the same, anything that has so much permancy and ability to go horribly wrong should have very very minor updates