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  1. how much
  2. @BuddaCould we make it so drake/scale doesn't drop until 5 minutes AFTER leaving the world if you don't want to stop drake dropping all together- same with artifacts? This would fix the problem with the 'Fix' to embark bug, where players are disconnected/forced to leave world and reconnect - dropping all drop-on-log out items.
  3. Good kingdom for new and experienced, always try to fight as long as it doesn't involve dying like idiots - great place to start/restart! - The Crusaders
  4. Details of the white tomb Pierce Debuff - Bite resistance Wall of fire - doesn't stop you or your enemy walking through, they take a 0.2 damage wound but unlike wall of stone and ice, it does not block. Title for using with no tombs: Summoner
  5. minor bug

    I got a rare fireplace and it really annoys my room mate [dadd] so before i die i hope it gets fixed, won't stop turning on.
  6. np
  7. How much
  8. 2-3 years on epic, average amount of missions - 3 tomes through Kingdom efforts not personal wins. Thats 1 tome per year and they're red tome, green tome and white tome. Moves to chaos for 1 year - we've had / seen more tomes through uniques than my whole time on epic.
  9. you're right, im kinda mad i spent 4x longer getting 70 meditation on epic than freedom but I can deal with that and the barrier being removed for all wurm players out weighs my small anger over having a slower gain. But seriously, epic players have been around long enough to pass the average freedom grinder and we done it all under pvp conditions, including tomes. Our generation is slowly dying, I'm thinking about who we got left and the new generation coming in. People don't want resets or servers deleted or full merges where clusters are shut behind us, this is the only fair way for all of the players in game, give players the choice where when and how. How does forcing a player to choose which community he wants to play, barring him from the other unless he wants to do 2x the grind help anything? You have Many great players just leaving the game because they're stuck on a dead cluster simply not paying for their 2-3 accounts and leaving wurm. You have many great players who would like to go to epic and try the different, awesome mechanics that Epic can provide, but don't want to grind again. Long live wurm. Break The Barrier!!!
  10. other kingdoms watch us take their rifts on chaos - pve? no problemo
  11. Super hype about the trees coming back, this will help flap fap flat maps imo.