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Found 19 results

  1. There are a lot of things in this game that are overly complicated, and not easily deducible. Thanks to the help of CA Help or the Wiki answering this question everytime one of the sacrifice missions comes up. Otherwise, people would have to randomly sacrifice items of varying qualities until the mission progressed. Which is most likely what the the first of us had to do. I can understand the question "What is a mission?", but having to ask why one particular works over another? I would request that the "decent" text be replaced with "30+QL" or at least "decent 30+QL". This would also allow for higher tier missions where it could be 50+QL, 70+QL, or even 90+QL. Without the need of saying above average, highly above average, and excellent. Which would create even more confusion for New Players. Benefits: CA members don't have to answer the same frequent question over, and over, and over New Players don't need to ask for help in order to figure out how to progress these missions I also know people who are too anxious to ask for help, and will often just struggle instead which sucks EXTREMELY easy fix. Only text needs to be changed. No real coding needs to be done. Just one line of code from "decent" to "30+QL" or at least "decent 30+QL" Note to the devs: If you implement my suggestion or others please credit us in the changelogs. It will not only show that you are listening, but will encourage those of us who took the time to post our suggestions, defend them, and find support for them, to continue doing so. Also, people should just always credit their sources.
  2. Hello everyone! We are aware that not everyone was happy about our recent design change. We were working on improving our kingdom design, but this time we don't want to unexpectedly upload it, we wanted to ask your opinion about it first. We made some major changes to the wagon and tent design but the banners and flag were also changed a little bit. Here's what we came up with: Current design for comparison: Please vote on the poll above if you would like us to change the design, or just leave it as it is. I also wanted to use this opportunity to inform you that there are some wagons and banners on the market which were stolen from us. And no, not stolen in a raid or a pvp battle - that would be fair game. They were made by a person from the enemy kingdom, abusing an alt account. I've met a lot of people that were happy they can support Wurm University in our battles on Chaos, so I think if you want to buy a wagon, you should at least know where your money is going. Because of that, I just want to inform everyone that all the wagons made by a character "Btgringo" or any character other than Aesir are not made by us. Also we don't sell anything on the freedom Trade chat. If you want to support Wurm University, visit our official merchant thread: All the PMK gear made by us is not made for personal gain, the money is used to support our kingdom. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Hello Wurmians! For a while ago me and my friend left Epic and Desertion for Xanadu due to the death of Epic. The thing with that move that bothered me and my friend was, after all the years we´ve been playing the beautiful game of Wurm online we couldn´t get our seasonal or loyalty gifts with us (sleeping powders, Spyglass and other special gifts) that you might have saved and wanted to take with you, my question is WHY? and could i get my stuff back? that i´ve payed for through game time. Many thanks! Moraal
  4. So i love the new map dump, but... I notice that there are deeds on there that are gone or have been renamed. I like to know who did it so i can get a hold of them to change the one that's called Castleedge to Kappa. I have gotten Kappa close to two years ago and it was with this name. So before someone says that it is using only data form more then two years ago. Then tell me why the Lormere by Glasshollow market is on there. And that was started and finished this year. Please help me with this i like to put Kappa on the map and Vend a Horse too. Vend a Horse has been there for at least three years as well. I have taken great pride on these two deeds and want people to see it too. Thank you for your time on reading this.
  5. This has been a hot topic for a while now with many people considering the current mechanics of locate soul and nolo causing stalemate and pvp to be stagnant, just like info minister did. The current issue is, small groups cannot roam because other groups/large groups will just spam locate names with kingdom priests + chopped veg until all names can be allocated to a deed and larger groups never get engagements because smaller groups want to spam locate names to make sure there isn't a zerg waiting. The end result is nobody leaves deed until a hit is made on somebody off deed whilst others are on deed. The change to the old locate/nolo was needed and with this change, it was a right step in the right direction, nolo shouldn't keep you 10000% nolo'd for it's duration. I believe we can just go a little but further and add something cool to support all groups and get players off deed or even just add small patch to the current locate and make it harder/stronger. This is why I felt a new thread was better instead of bumping the old once since the title was 'Revert Locate Changes' - I believe this is a step back. This thread is created to put together ideas on how to better improve the mechanic we have, not go back to the old one. One suggestion that was popular was only being able to get a hit on a person if you're within x amount of tiles of them. [Rather Long Distance perhaps] Nolo would slightly reduce this distance and still provide a % chance to block the locate. Locate spam wouldn't be an issue because priests back at deed won't be within the x amount of tiles. The perk to this idea is, small groups and large groups can go roaming without being spammed, this will increase the idea of people leaving deeds to find people, instead of sitting at deeds to locate them. Other ideas were simply making locate soul harder to get a hit on nolo'd players with the power of a nolo being 90+ almost the same as a reinforcement disintegrate, but have the power % go down with the timer so once it reaches 80% it becomes more and more easier to locate. I suggest making Body Nolo's 60 favor so people out roaming have to sacrifice gems in order to remain 'under the radar' Another idea was to make Nolo become easier to cast through as you get closer. Many ideas were discussed in Discord, Retro said that the team are throwing ideas around and have heard our concerns about the current mechanic and what damage it does to pvp. Making Pendulums / Tracking more useful would also be seen as a plus. Many small groups have said it makes it frustratingly difficult to roam or even hunt on chaos, as soon as the ring is hit, it's time to go home. Other changes Along side this can help smaller groups on chaos, delayed death tabs for example too, so groups can't rush in for a back door as soon as some action starts.. Small changes, big effects. Share your ideas if you'd like change, or want complete removal, post below and share. Edit: Other small ideas were the more you locate a name, the more resistance that player builds Or, locate soul works once like Locate Artifact
  6. I'm sure this is an old topic, but a few quick searches did not surface anything for me, before the forums told me I was doing too many searches. I would gladly put $$$ in the king's coin purse, for an option to do character name changes. I know there are very valid reasons not to, especially around pvp, but there are ways it could be handled. - A name history option when you right click the name from local or any chat windows. Ultimately I'l like this history to have a time limit of maybe 6 months, then fade completely, but if everyone wants a permanent history, I'd be ok with it too. - No name changes allowed if the character/account has warnings or been reported recently. - No name changes if the account has been logged into a pvp server within the last (30, 60, 90?) days. - No name changes if changed in the last (30, 60, 90?) days. As an owner of some accounts that I did not create, I would like to make them more personalized to me and my naming tastes. I know many others would love to do the same. When an account changes owners, the personality or soul of the character makes a complete change. I think we should have the option to rename and complete that change. So King, please take my silver in return for the use of your royal scribes, to make the appropriate changes and give us our new names
  7. I think it would be a good idea to change how the K letter looks on the map, while the order of letters is correct, it looks like a lowercase H. I lost a good hour because I made that mistake and I heard I'm not the first one.
  8. As the title says. Atm there is 4 Template kingdoms on Chaos. 1. Freedom - no leadership, no titles and 3 spawns 2. JK - turned off so no leadership, no members and no titles 3. MR - same as JK. 4. Hots - 1 spawn deed, full leadership meaning an emperor with all of the goodies (crown, chancellor cape), titles giving CR, bonuses and many more, Champions. At this time this is the only template kingdom who is getting all the benefits without no downsides. I agree that Hots should stay but it should stay the same as Freedom. If not then enable the template MR and JK. The problem comes from the fact that Hots does not need a deed or not even members to be able to have the benefits of PMK-s while everyone else has to found or join a PMK because that is the only way available. I bet this will get trashed but i am interested in arguments vs this idea. I think all template kingdoms should work the same way or if Hots is the opposite of freedom kingdom it should get the same way it works the freedom (at this time - no leader, no champions, no titles)
  9. I found the concept of the priest great but wow not with this restrictions, its realy not playable. Priests typically cannot do any of the following actions, with some exceptions. See the table below for details. Improve, continue or destroy/bash items, walls or structures, or repair structures. However they are permitted to create and plan items and structures. WTF it forces the players to make an alternative character if the trying being a priest, this is a total misconception on the freedom servers in my mind.
  10. who's bright idea was it to give slate slabs a snow texture? Please revert it or implement a snow shovel.
  11. I'm new to the game and just made an account, the problem is I tried changing the password after learning the community password is different from the avatar in game password, and apart from the fact it was confusing as it said "old password" suggesting I already had a password for the avatar that I wasn't aware I had set up, I tried to change the password to activate this new avatar password and have it emailed to me, after checking several times, I knew I had entered the correct email, however I was instantly prompted with an error saying "email unknown". If a mod or admin could manually email a password change/reset that would help, providing it doesn't link me back to that page or the password reset page as I had similar issues with that aswell, on the password reset screen I was just being looped around between entering my email and entering a security question, I thought I'd wait the hour anyway that it tells me to do but nothing happened. My username is "Drifter"
  12. Hi there. I have a bug to report about switching meditation paths and travelling servers. I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Exodus and am now back in Xanadu. Yesterday (17/06) I left the Path of Love with the plan of joining the Path of Knowledge after the 24 hour timer was over: [20:06:01] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love. I have just returned to Xanadu today (18/06): [14:42:08] Welcome back, Hedgeknight! Xanadu - the great mystery. I have discovered that the server switch has reset me back onto the Path of Love. I am back to the same level I was when I left as if no change was made. Does anyone know whether this is a known bug and if so how to get around it? I'm going to try leaving the path of love again now and I don't want it resetting me again the next time I cross servers. Thanks for your help. Hedge
  13. I know account management has come up before and is probably more work than anyone at CC cares to tackle, but with all the account trading and questions of who is actually running the account, or the desire to have character name changes, what if we did this: One player account - One forum Account - Many characters, which can be added or removed from the Player Account. - All characters can purchase name changes, but you must have a "family" name, associated with your player account, which is visible to anyone via mouseover in any text box, or mouseover of the character when you are face to face with them. - Only 1 email needed, for the 1 player account, regardless of how many characters/alts. - Link Player Account with a real life identity, so people aren't making multiple player accounts, which would defeat the purpose of this system. This will prevent banned people from just making or buying new accounts and using a proxy to bypass the IP bans. - Web Management of the account and all characters/alts in one place. Pay premium for all alts, Pay upkeep on all deeds, buy silver for alts. Setup Auto Pay! How many people take a break, forgetting they didn't put more into upkeep, then come back, only to see everything looted and gone - then quitting in frustration. It is funny how many ways people make suggestions for ways to have CC collect more money and be more successful. We players want Wurm to last and improve. Some things need to happen to pave the way. Better account & character management is required if any growth is expected. Right now, account management is no better than scribbling our fake names on a sign up sheet. A dream scenario for anyone with wicked intent to scam others.
  14. As the title suggests allow to change gender of toon with the help of mirror. We can only change looks and not Gender.
  15. My wife has this idea, to see if the devs could change how the chat works. we use to play another game, that had this option for the chat. ok, so i'm sure everyone in wurm, is sick and tired of tab'ing through the chat tabs. why is wurm so difficult to have all the chats in one window? ok, so in this other game we played, the chat had the ability to have multiple tabs for chats, like wurm does now, but within each window, you could choose which logs went in that window. so, we wurm has "local", "village", "alliance", "kingdom", "global kingdom", "PMs", "Death" tabs in the "Chat Window", right? and "event", "friends", "help", "skills", "support" tabs and maybe a couple others in the "Event Window", right? my wife's idea: 1st NOTE* these would be options to how the chat and event windows can work. its not changing them completely. its just added options! 1. add option to combine all possible chat/event tabs into 1 chat tab or event tab or multiple tabs. 2. add option to choose which chat options you want to see in each chat tab or event tab. 3. add option to choose a specific color for each chat option( so you can have multiple chats all in the same tab, and tell them apart ). 4. add option to change background colors of the chat and event tab windows. 5. add option that remember which chat you last typed in, and it will stay in that chat until you specifically change the chat with /local , /alliance , /village and etc. 6. add option to show which chat you're typing in as well in a small box left of the window where you type as well. 2nd NOTE: would have to change player window as well with the options above or the ability to be able to change them. one thing i didn't think about, is the player windows, and i guess you could condense the player windows into 1 as well, with the ability to change the colors of the players in the window. IE players in the same village, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same alliance, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same kingdom, you choose the color, which trumps all below.( might have to be same as players in local, otherwise could be used to quickly determine the enemy in local? ) players in local, you choose the color. what this does for players of WurmOnline: 1. adds the ability to have less tabs in those windows so you dont have to tab between each chat or event. 2. adds customization to your own interface of needed windows. 3. adds the ability to condense player windows into 1 with colors. This would not change how PM's are. those should still show up as their own chat window tab. Please let me know your input on this or if there are any other suggestions/ideas similar to this. Thank You! PS. this was the wife's idea. I'm just posting for her!
  16. I suggest to get rid of the restriction to only place one BSB on one tile. Now that the BSBs are smaller it looks even more rediculous than before. Such a waste of space. And if I'm not mistaken there shouldn't be any game mechanics forcing this restriction. Large crates don't have it either. Edit: Since it is possible to plant more than one on a tile I suggest to get rid of the inconvenience rather than the restriction (Thx Aum for the Info)
  17. There are some silly skill-titles, some of which break the game rules to begin with (pop-culture references such as Tank Girl, Gepetto, and Tim-the-Toolman), and some of which are not gender-oriented, such as Soulman. I think they could use a bit of updating. Some of the titles pertain to a different skill, such as Alchemist for Natural Substances and Gardener for Nature while both of these do have actual sub-skills that relate to the title. Alchemy: Alchemist, Chemist, Shaman (Male and Female) Natural Substances: Apothecarist, Transmultator, Druid (Male and Female) Archery: Archer, Bowman, Marksman (Male) - Archer, Bow Woman, Markswoman (Female) Toy Making: Toymaker, Renowned Toymaker, Master Toymaker (Male and Female) - As mush as I like Gepetto, it is a pop-culture reference... Butchering: Butcher, Skinner, Taxidermist (Male and Female) Climbing: Hiker, Rock Climber, Mountaineer (Male and Female) Fighting: Soldier, Mercenary, Knight (Male) - Soldier, Mercenary, Knightess or Dame (Female) Shield Bashing: Stunner, Basher, Smasher (Male and Female) Weaponless Fighting: Bruiser, Boxer, Pugilist (Male and Female) Knives: Knifer, Stabber, Assassin (Male and Female) Carving Knife: Carver, Engraver, Whittler (Male and Female) Nature: Naturist, Tree Hugger, Ecologist (Male and Female) Botanizing: Botanist, Herbalist, Phytologist (Male and Female) Foraging: Forager, Gatherer, Wanderer (Male and Female) Gardening: Gardener, Greenthumbs, Horticulturist (Male and Female) Miscellaneous Items: Handyman, Toolman, Master of All Trades (Male) - Handywoman, Toolwoman, Master of All Trades (Female) Repairing: Repairman, Fixer, Materia Tamer (Male) - Repairwoman, Fixer, Materia Tamer ( Female) Stone Cutting: Stonecutter, Sculptor, Artist (Male and Female) Polearms: Spearman, Pikeman, Lancer (Male) - Spearwoman, Pikewoman, Lancer (Female) Pottery: Potter, Moulder, Master Potter (Male and Female) Religion: Reverend, Pastor, Minister (Male and Female) Body: Athlete, Body Builder, Olympian (Male and Female) Mind: Intellectualist, Scholar, Philosopher (Male and Female) Soul: Spiritualist, Soulman, Maverick (Male) - Spiritualist, Soulwoman, Maverick (Female) None of the sub-characteristic skills should have titles as it gets too confusing. I do know traditionally people are allowed to pick their own titles when they are the first to achieve the skill, but sometimes people pick a title without thinking about the opinions of others. If anyone has any other suggestions or improvements to this, please post away, but try to include all 3 titles for the skill.
  18. The ability to repair curbs from inside a mine by popping out and having the window open to repair and popping back in the mine to do the complete action. Really hinders raiding a place... As it makes it ridiculously hard to beat a pair of two defending a deed by one of them placing curbs and the other destroying walls we are putting up to prevent them mine hopping. Another silly mechanic, the ability to add just 1 brick to a wall to prevent the building from poofing. resulting in the inability to level dirt down to get into a deed. Needs changing. This is probably the biggest problem I have faced when it comes to raiding an enemy deed, all they do is wait for their walls to fall a bit then replace them quickly by starting a new one, which then disallows the writ from being popped and then we cannot level the dirt walls down to get into the deed. Also, one for in game bug reporting: The text box for submitting bugs needs to larger so I can fill it up with more descriptive info, which will help improve other wurmians experience in the future. I always find myself having to shorten posts to remove key info. Thanks Miniroll
  19. Currently they are testing some changes to the friendlist: As that topic is for bugs only, here one for some discussion: The event window is a log window, but the friendlist is a status window. I think the two don't belong together. The friends tab in the event window should display messages such as "Marco connected to Deliverance" "Tony moved from Deliverance to Chaos" "Silvia lost Connection" "Silvia left the game" The friendlist window should remain as it is or have an option to integrate it into the frieend log tab, like it can be done with the local player list.