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Found 11 results

  1. The idea is pretty simple, real life guardian dogs lived with the livestock and were used to guard them against predators, and herding dogs were used to control the herd. What I would like to see in Wurm is a simpler mix of the two, basically, a breed of dog (or any regular dog?) that once tamed could break up pile-ups of livestock on a tile. I.e. there is a large pen with many sheep in it and a tamed sheepdog, 3 sheep end up on the same tile, the dog walks to them and spreads them apart so they don't catch a disease.
  2. Jet blacks are naturally faster than other kind of horses, so a 5 speed jet black it is basically a 6 speed horse. Pickup only on Xan Q25.4 Jet blacks pure 5 speed, halter rope included: Ironflea: female 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 16/03/2017). Father: Ebenwar. Mother: Pickmountain. Honeynafa: male 5 speed adolescent foal (date of birth: 20/03/2017). Father: Eastlightning. Mother: Abiahappy. Flashdog: female 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 21/03/2017). Father: Eastlightning. Mother: Abiafast. Warstrong: male 5 speed young foal (date of birth: 23/03/2017). Father: Ebenwar. Mother: Chaserblood. These two pairs are perfect for breeding. Starting bid : 2sMin Increase: 50 copper.No reserveBuyout : 4s.
  3. for PvE: So, I gather there really isn't much if any interest in horses with 5s + 1-3 other potentially beneficial traits, over a pure 5s horse? If so, isn't it time to think about creating more benefits for those that continue to skill up AH past 50? What are some interesting ideas we could offer the Devs for improving the value of high AH? (insert your ideas here)
  4. For some reason a Milk keybind doesn't exist; though, for some reason I keep thinking there was one...
  5. Servicing the Center of the Wurmian Pixelverse - Greymead (Xanadu) and neighboring areas. Jobs priority goes to the locals and Will work for silver, or support beams. 25 beams = 1 silver. For the local community (living within 10 minutes travel time of Greymead), all services will be discounted. - Crafting/imping most anything to 80+. - Enchanting tools/weapons. - Genesis, Courier, Mend, Sunder, Strongwall, etc. - Mine mapping with vein quantities. - Major mining projects, including vein removals (up to 10k shards a day). - Supplying 90+ QL wood/ore. - Construction planning with 97 Carp. - Fine furnishings. - High QL Altars. - Teraform to 297 slope, for those insane jobs. - And many more! I need beams for a large mining project, so prefer those over silver.
  6. animal is not in the mood the male will not breed again for 45 real minutes. I find this to be incorrect. I am breeding a late-adolescent male, and seeing that I have to wait up to 80minutes before he will breed again. Curious if this has anything to do with the age of the horse. Younger = longer wait? If you are willing, track your next breeding and the resultant cooldown when you are able to breed again. Would like to nail down the partculars on this... Thanks, Mal
  7. We need a way to stop your neighbour with 10 billion horses to take a horse crap on your game preformance, freedom or not freedom... breeding horses should not affect spawn rate of random animals either. (as in, a deed with 50 horses for breeding makes almost no animals spawn in a large area around it, ever... for neighbouring deeds this can be pure ######, especially for hunting. so i suggest something like this; As some limitations go, it has to be built inside a house on the common ground (so its not retarded with render distance, think a barn), it would come in 1 tile sizes that can hold 2 or maybe 3 animals. (be it cows, horses, whatever...) These animals would become part of the model. (so no animal cap count while inside, no "walking around" rendered, minimal animations, low rendering distances, no smoke particles for "hell" versions etc etc so its real effin smooth on both netcode as vis rendering and the animal itself wont prevent random wild animals to spawn in the wild around the deed) actions able on it might include; Hitch or mount or whatever (when leading an animal, puts the animal inside) Unhitch left, mid, right when appropriate Open (a small container to hold food, it would be eaten every tick that would balance out considering all the animals need food etc, think a troff) Maybe animals left inside these things for very long periods of time without grooming or walk time would get diseased? maybe the "troff" part of it would fill up with "filth" (poo) over time, if not cleaned animals become diseased or the troff cant feed them for very long times? it should be that you cant breed animals while they are inside, but you can take them out, breed and put the preggy animals back inside preggo animals poop their children next to the structure for them to run around freely (because where else will they go lol this isnt dwarf fortress, and they are in a house anyway)
  8. After logging in today none of my horses, any age, groomed or not groomed, and all not hungry (standing on food) are in the mood to breed. Any reason for this? If not please fix. Thanks.
  9. I found Silveriron near Fort Heaven in the wilderness. No one seems to know it... so if youre the owner you can come over and get it back at Fort Heaven (Near Ravens Bluff). Of course you can om me InGame (Theawesomeone), too. To verify you as the owner you should at least know two of this things: - Who are the parents - Which colour is Silveriron - Which armor is it wearing - Which gender is Silveriron Thank you for reading, TheAwesomeOne
  10. i think it would be nice to have more specific breeds of horses, instead of just a plain horse that comes in different colors. for example a dappled grey horse, or a clidesdale, or an arabian stallion, etc. any breed of horse just graphics tailored towards specifics
  11. Illiad Ridge on Celebration (BI32 http://www.noizeviol...wurm/CelebH.png) Illiad ridge is a coastal deed located on a mountain slope with a huge harbour on deed and perim. The docks has sales pens and are ready to use.One road on each side(west and east) from docks to main house and breeding pens. By the main house there are breeding pens. Just south of the deed are a huge area with low stone walls and hedges for either tree planting or expanding. It can also be used for making off deed pens for hellhorses or other wild animals (a free hellhorse breeding pair can be included on request). So lots of room to expand to the south. There are pink unicorns on the deed walking around(need high taming to breed and lead so we havent bothered putting them in a pen atm, they are also good for fs training if you are a brave person. In the sale there are 40+ horses with up to 3 speed horses included. There are also 15+ cows and bulls also included. The mine only have tin and zinc atm, havent tried to find iron yet as we have free iron from another deed, but all the deeds around here have lots of iron so should be easy to find it on or close to the deed. Lots of maple, cedar around the deed, the mountains around here have iron, copper, zinc, tin. Close to Exodus border for sales of bulk and produced items. There are a public road network connecting many of the deeds in the northern parts and can easily take you far by horse and cart and good for transporting cattle. Illiad Ridge Size:21x27 perim 5. 1 guard. 38 days upkeep. Start bid:25 15s Min inc.1s Buyout 35s 20s 1hour sniper prot. Auction ends: 31th of December 19:00 Cet. Contact either Thunderthor or Nefilim(owner) for more info or private guided tour. Breeding pens Sales Pens at the docks. Fenced off deed area with gatehouse access. Some more random images. Inital cost to place the deed.