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Found 25 results

  1. After my small talk with friend about mediation tiles I started to think how to make them special, more special just only note in event chat "this is special tile" and sign "dont disturb plizz". How to arrange area to give the place specific character?. I decided to make 2 meditation spots - "Stone Circle Of Love" and "The Cave Of 111 Demons", close together (how far is love from insanity?). Full album - "Cave Of 111 Deamons" is not finished, could make slate altar (Libila?) and clad slate. Add your work, if you made some special tiles more special or have some idea to share.
  2. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but it would be cool.
  3. Just some possible ideas which could be considered one day. 1. A bug repellent potion: made from plants which in real life repel bugs. (eg. lavender, garlic & mint) This potion would allow you to pass unmolested by scorpions/cave bugs for a period of time. 2. A special 'twin' trait only for twins: As the ability to have twins for an animal is rare and twins themselves are even more rare... then having a super rare trait special to only twins. If the mother for instance births twins that each have 4 draft traits, then they would gain a special unique trait that give them a bonus to their main trait. Making them 'together' not 4 drafts, but 5 drafts. They would both need to be hitched on the same team for this super rare trait to be in effect. It would make twins highly desirable if they got a bonus trait if kept within a couple of tiles of each other. If they were 4 speeds and were ridden by two people riding together across terrain, then if they stay close together, they would get a speed bonus making them 5 speeds. This extra special trait limited by distance between the twins doing a task. This tile distance would have to be determined. 3. The option of a dress for characters: I know this is very minor and hardly worth mentioning, but as a girl... it would be nice if we could have the option of a dress which we could dye. Or just something slightly girlish. 4. Local voice chat option: Not everyone would like this option... but if one is near another character in game, pressing T would allow you to verbally talk to the person, like you would if you were near a person in real life. They would have the option of replying through typing a reply or pressing T to verbally reply. This would be local only and maybe limited to a few tiles from your character... (realistic distance of talking). This option would need to have the ability to turn it off in the options menu if people do not want to verbally hear someone say hi to them in game, or to allow you to block verbal talking from one particular person. It may be more effort than it is worth... but it is just an idea worth putting forward. 5. The ability to remove a tent on your deed: I personally have a tent that belonged ages ago to a new player that set up a tent and quit. The contents in the tent has long since rotted away but the tent which is immortal on a deed... can not be moved or taken down since it belonged to another character. It would be nice if we could remove a tent if the person has not logged in a period of time and the tent is on YOUR deed. Just a little frustrating. I can handle carts and horses left on my deed... as I just starve the horses over time until they die. Then I push the cart off the deed. I can't set fire to a tent, destroy it or push it, no matter how much I may wish to.
  4. For years we've been tearing our hair out over disappointing rare rolls - but no more! Lets compile a list of the rares that need a good / better use than saccing (some of them can't even be sacced). Please submit your personal favourites (pet hates) below - along with any solutions and ideas for uses! As the devs find us a use for all these "rotten rares", they can be finally crossed off the list. Rare Item Action (how we get the MOI) Ideas for uses / solution ? Interacting with the UI Delay MOI until a more productive action takes place Increased yield Tending / Sowing (Crops) Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Praying Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Bandaging Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick ? Using Transmutation Liquid on a Tile Add chance for rare coins / remove or delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Runes Create Rune Needs some use for rare+ runes, such as guaranteed to attach or easier to attach. Rare Stump Woodcutting (Cutting down tree) Usually accompanied by rare felled tree. Add message to highlight this or add chance for rare coins. Rare Support Beam Create / Improve Support Beam Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Floor Boards Create / Improve Floor Boards Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Wemp Plants Foraging Allow the crushed fibre to keep the rarity of the wemp plants. Rare Cotton (Ball) Foraging Stuffed soft furnishings or taxidermy or allow the string to keep the rarity of the cotton ball. Rare Wool (Ball) Shearing (Sheep) Stuffed soft furnishings or taxidermy or allow the yarn to keep the rarity of the wool ball. Rare Concrete Creating Concrete from Sand and Clay Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Peat Digging (Peat Tile) Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Pottery Shingle Create / Improve clay Shingle and rolls during Archaeology Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Slate Shingle Create slate Shingle and rolls during Archaeology Remove / delay MOI / add substantial skill tick Rare Coffee Cherries Gardening: Harvest from planter Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Rare Coffee Bean Beverages: Roast green coffee bean in roasting dish Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Rare Cacao Pod Gardening: Harvest from planter Allow the intermediate stages to transfer the rarity to the next usable food product Related threads:
  5. These are some items and suggestions from discussions that I've had with friends trying to get them to come back for the steam launch. Item Creation, Failure and Timers: Speaking to the group of friends who have played and never stayed one of the larger issues that they always present is the time things take to build. Which for me is not a concern, and it never has been. What has been a clear frustration for them is the failures. Mostly when they occur at the end of a creation timer. It seems that nobody cares if something takes two minutes to create. But it becomes a problem if the item can fail any time in between. Especially at the end. If failures were moved to the beginning it would ease if not all, then most of the pain of waiting two minutes for a timer to complete. Some of this has been addressed already by making some items impossible to fail. Combat: I hear the same thing over and over. Combat is boring and unsatisfying. I sometimes wish myself that it was a little more engaging. I joke with myself that I can leave the game running and nothing bad will happen ever, short of starving. With the new UI and floating text it would be nice to see combat information above the creatures. Like who they are targeting and where. As a long term goal it would be nice to see a tab target hybrid incorporated. The baseline is already there with focus and block, along with some enchants. It would be nice to see harder hitting skills which could be chained for extra damage. Allow both systems for those who are happy auto attacking. It would automatically randomize the skills known during combat. I think that RuneScape 3 is an example where this works. If animations lined up with strikes the illusion would also be more firm. PVE activities: Newbie dungeons it would be nice to see a mine or rat infested building for new players to grind their fight skill before adventuring out toward the wilderness. It could reward small amounts of coin per kill or on completion. It would give the illusion of a quest and earning coin in-game from a non player source. This could be build upon and use a similar system as the rifts to spawn random dungeons throughout the server. Each holding different rewards and difficulty. The idea crossed my mind to utilize the highway system and have bandits spawn along it to hastle the players traveling it. Guards should engage creatures automatically and vice versa. It would make the world seem more alive. This can be seen with some creatures already. Things like trolls, goblins and spiders should be aggressive to all creatures NPCs and players. Another thought was to have a higher able guard for new players. Having it be free while the newbie buff exists and cost a few coppers to maintain after that. It would follow them around and help them survive while they find a place to settle. This guard would be weaker than the ones on tower's but would help them survive against early mobs and hold agro while they try to escape. Premium bonuses: One suggestion that I have is removing the paywall for un-named, non-traited horses. It would give new players something to work towards before buying premium, but still encourage them to do so. The same could be said for large carts. Only allowing them to command a cart lead by slower animals but still allowing them to be effective enough while making the decision to purchase premium.
  6. Greetings fellow Wurmians! So I've got some rough ideas, and I thought I might do some crowdsourcing to see what people think, maybe get some inspiration, that sort of thing. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to weigh in! So the main thing that I've been thinking about is something relatively communal and open. What about a campground? I could find some open, relatively flat land, set up some basic borders for aggro control, then set up individual campsites where people can come, pitch a tent, secure their locked containers, that sort of thing. Close to the water for boat access and fishing, maybe close to a load of abandoned settlements for Archaeology; communal workspace with ovens/forges/etc? Would it make sense to do this on an island, to be more generally accessible? Possibly bridged to the mainland and connected to a highway even? Are there any nomads out there who would use such a place if it existed? I did a cursory search of the forums to see if there was anything like this at the moment, and I didn't really see anything, but if someone has done this elsewhere, I would love to hear about it! I look forward to any feedback that you guys might have! - Perihelion
  7. Currently rare bricks, other than marble and stone, are pretty much useless other than for saccing. It would be nice if we were able to create planters, braziers, and maybe even fireplaces out if the various brick materials. It would give more variety for decorating and also (hopefully) create a new market space.
  8. This has been a hot topic for a while now with many people considering the current mechanics of locate soul and nolo causing stalemate and pvp to be stagnant, just like info minister did. The current issue is, small groups cannot roam because other groups/large groups will just spam locate names with kingdom priests + chopped veg until all names can be allocated to a deed and larger groups never get engagements because smaller groups want to spam locate names to make sure there isn't a zerg waiting. The end result is nobody leaves deed until a hit is made on somebody off deed whilst others are on deed. The change to the old locate/nolo was needed and with this change, it was a right step in the right direction, nolo shouldn't keep you 10000% nolo'd for it's duration. I believe we can just go a little but further and add something cool to support all groups and get players off deed or even just add small patch to the current locate and make it harder/stronger. This is why I felt a new thread was better instead of bumping the old once since the title was 'Revert Locate Changes' - I believe this is a step back. This thread is created to put together ideas on how to better improve the mechanic we have, not go back to the old one. One suggestion that was popular was only being able to get a hit on a person if you're within x amount of tiles of them. [Rather Long Distance perhaps] Nolo would slightly reduce this distance and still provide a % chance to block the locate. Locate spam wouldn't be an issue because priests back at deed won't be within the x amount of tiles. The perk to this idea is, small groups and large groups can go roaming without being spammed, this will increase the idea of people leaving deeds to find people, instead of sitting at deeds to locate them. Other ideas were simply making locate soul harder to get a hit on nolo'd players with the power of a nolo being 90+ almost the same as a reinforcement disintegrate, but have the power % go down with the timer so once it reaches 80% it becomes more and more easier to locate. I suggest making Body Nolo's 60 favor so people out roaming have to sacrifice gems in order to remain 'under the radar' Another idea was to make Nolo become easier to cast through as you get closer. Many ideas were discussed in Discord, Retro said that the team are throwing ideas around and have heard our concerns about the current mechanic and what damage it does to pvp. Making Pendulums / Tracking more useful would also be seen as a plus. Many small groups have said it makes it frustratingly difficult to roam or even hunt on chaos, as soon as the ring is hit, it's time to go home. Other changes Along side this can help smaller groups on chaos, delayed death tabs for example too, so groups can't rush in for a back door as soon as some action starts.. Small changes, big effects. Share your ideas if you'd like change, or want complete removal, post below and share. Edit: Other small ideas were the more you locate a name, the more resistance that player builds Or, locate soul works once like Locate Artifact
  9. (To Mods: If this isn't the correct section for this type of post, please move it to the correct one. I didn't know where I should post it. Thanks) Hey everyone. Due to events I just don't wish to live again, I feel I must redesign my deed.. somehow, to remove past bad memories in it. Yet I'm horrible when it comes to deed planning. And the deed needs a good redesign. What I'm looking for, is that "in the woods, but in the mountains" feel (as my deed is both). I would like a complete redesign of my main house. I'll even go with Stone instead of Wood, though I've never worked with Mortar in my Wurm life. The horse pen can be moved, and so can the cart storage. Please be good (or at least decent) in DeedPlanner (what I've been using). But even with that, I can't come up with any real good ideas. Just want a complete redesign that will blow me away, and in ways.. celebrate 2017's arrival. By the way, I have three horses. I'm looking to give them a proper pen (and have someone get Enchanted Grass under them to prevent more of those damn trees growing in the pen). Also note that there are three people living here (me, my alt, and a friend of mine). My friend does deserve his own place on my deed, but I don't know where to put it. I'll even pay if I need to, for the service. Though I don't have much silver. Here's my deed (tried to upload it to my website in MAP form, but it wouldn't show as a download). If you can help me, that would be fantastic. The deed is 'Oceanside Retreat', NW side of Indy (so I have ocean/boat access). Thanks in advance;
  10. Wurm players have always wanted a way to turn a non-water tile into a water tile and I have a few ideas that might make heading down that path a bit easier: Idea 1: Create koi (fish) garden pond items (basically a water basin) that you install into a tile like floorboards. This could consume one tile as a single small pond or you could create multiple items that would create a bigger pond that would take more tiles (think of a pie cut into four equal pieces (+) that make up a larger item) and it could even be filled with water like a fountain or placed like a well to fill on its own. This could provide water in deserts/steppe/tundra and on top of mountains, where you currently have no access to water if you are above water level, making it more difficult in these fantastic places. Imagine an Oasis in the middle of a desert/steppe or a hotspring resort on top of a mountain, or even a fish farm far inland! It would certainly help fishers hold their catch. I also had some other idea's: A multi-story stair or floor that is a trap door (so think in pvp if you you pass/bash through a gate or into a building, go up some stairs and step on a trap door and get trapped in a makeshift jail below). And another idea that could add some more capacity to multi-story buildings is theorizing that you could somehow add additional coded containers per height level for each floor which would allow you to treat each floor level as its own tile with its own tile contents, instead of just a single tile with multiple floors. This would allow you to do things like add trees on top of buildings, or other tile enhancements that are currently restricted to single tile. I don't know if this is possible but I thought that it would be worth looking into, if the devs already hadn't. Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration, I'm sure they would improve the game and help players accomplish more in the game as well as more personal enjoyment.
  11. User who may read this - I have a lot of game thoughts, and suggestions, and will be putting them into volumes. Please +1 this as a whole, or each individual idea that you like. I want the community as a whole to discuss these ideas together. Also, I want to see the approved features to be included and integrated into Wurm Unlimited no matter what. Also, to +1 a certain suggestion, put the +1 with the corresponding letter next to it. Thank you. A. The ability to level and flatten down cave walls, ceilings, and floors without there being any chunks that stand out and make it less good looking. B. The ability for priests to have spells that can buff animals, like horse speeds, or wolf/dog damage, to make war animals a bigger part in the game. C. The ability to create a macro that auto crafts things, so we don't have to hit that annoying button ten times. Especially with arrows... D. Make coins gained from botanizing and other actions during moments of inspiration a lot more to get more use. E. Establish the ability to have an actual "sneak" instead of hide feature, so that we can actually have viable almost-invis rouges. F. Allow us to turn the inside of caves into walled structures with floors and roofs instead of wide open, and raw, so we can have underground secure bases... G. Saddles would be 10/10 nice, would make the game a bit more harder but more... Well, realistic. (This ones getting no support, I bet you...) That wraps up this volume, I may add to it, all the way to Z. If any of the above listed suggestions are features, please converse with me either in game on Zenath or through my Discord, alexinmichigan. Thank you guys for being such a great community!
  12. Hello Everyone, o/ I'm quite a new player have been staying in the same area for quite some time and i'm going out to see the Freedom Isles soon i will be on every server for a couple of days and would like some suggestions on what to go see, from must see monuments and buildings to good hunting spots please post Name and ingame map locations in comments. Thanks alot;)
  13. I have been doing some thinking Since i am an avid particpant of unique fights items such as the goblin leader sword and shield troll king maul or even the teeth of any of the unique have no real value nor sought after i figured if we could make a tooth necklace or a weapon plaque, or even as i brought up before taxadermy could be something to look for when partaking in unique fight so i made this poll to see what you the people think about it... lets see what you all think
  14. i got to thinking about some things and i thought ot myself wh would we want to loot a corpse of a unique mob when when it decays over time why cant we have a taxadermy skill or have the ability to stuff corpses instead of bury them just saying this would be pretty awesome
  15. This is suggestion list of creatures that would bring a new experience to the game. As you can see these creatures can lead to more crafting, farming, and provide even pvp fun. In addition I also suggested these creatures traits, spawning area's, and ect. for us to be able to indulge in our imaginations a little. Military Macaw or some type of a Macaw (Spawns in Forest)(Strength approx of large rat?) (Produces Small weight of meat and colored feathers) (Can be Tamed) (Non Aggressive) (Reasons + could lead to: a bird cage, pet retrieving small items, messenger birds, decorative feathers, first actual flying birds besides spirits) Emu or Ostrich (Spawns in Steppe or grass area's)(Approx strength of a wolf) (Can be tamed) (Can mate) (Aggressive Creature) (Produces eggs while living, butchering = large weight of meat, fat, leather, claws for alchemy) (Reasons: Egg for different meal type, Another type of farm animal, another avian type of animal) Polar bear (Spawns in tundra and grass lands?) (Slightly stronger then crocodile) (Produces large weight of fur and meat, also claws and teeth for alchemy) (Can be tamed but hard to tame) (Mountable) (Aggressive Creature) (Reasons: Allows for a different fur type, adds to variety of bears, useful as a pvp pet due to strength) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Cave Lion (Spawns in forest, steppe, marsh lands and mines)(Approx same strength as Hyena) (Produces meat, teeth of alchemy, fat, and fur) (Can not be tamed to aggressive) (Not Mountable) (Aggressive creature) (Reasons: More cats , dedicated to spawning in mines and marsh lands, produces different fur type) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Poison dart frog (Spawns in forest and marsh)(smaller in size but strength of a chicken) (Can not be tame) (Produces Poison, and frog legs for alchemy) (Can not mount) (Not aggressive) (Reasons: New type of creature, can come in variety of colors, good for pvp due to poison) (Could Lead to: blow dart weapon, poison tip spears, poison tip arrows, pet container for small animals) More Animal Barding types: Type: Leather and cloth Animal types: Bears, Bulls, and Bison (Reasons: Another item for crafting, provides protection of animals that could be used in pvp events) (Could also lead to: Different type of bridles and saddles for Bears, Bulls, and Bison) Please support if you like any of these creature ideas, I love to see one or two of them make the game! Kind Regards, Kernel Leonessar The Ubuntu Guy! P.S. Excuse my grammar and spelling please! XD
  16. Post deleted. People did not want me to create a thread as a place for people to post ideas about medieval technologies that could be incorporated into the game. Therefore, no point in continuing this thread.
  17. i was thinking u could add a new dish to wurm pig corpse, pile of salt,2 any herb, 4 mushrooms, 2 chestnuts, 2 apples,1 onion, any veg to make it weigh more is dish could weigh quite a bit and be able to feed many users from one cooking and how u would make it u would put all the ingredients into the corpse and put it in a oven or forge,no need for a bowl or pan and now as the collision thing is almost solved was hope u could place it on a table and if anyone has other ideas pls post them here
  18. I have an idea that a few of you will dislike but seem a good agreement from Advantage/Disadvantage. All that idea can be divided in 2 steps: 1) Improve the shop 2) Internationalization of Advertising 3) Increase the density of population per server 4) Interactive tutorial Step 1: Problem:Compared to other similar game, our shop is currently overaged and obsolete. Solution:Add other options, not only prem or prem + coins, but also special offers to open in specific time of the year. Or add bundle like Deed (11x11) + Full Chain armor + 1 month prem ... Problem:the Web Interface is difficult to use. Too many buttons, too height, difficult to found the right way you want. Solution:Create a new interface (to merge Xsolla and Paypal) and use the API of Xsolla if avaiable or change system Step 2: Problem:In my country all people know Minecraft, but no one know or heard of Wurm Online Solution:Pay more for that!!! Don't limit the adv to, but extend to all countries. Facebook can provide you a good way, Google adwords too. Another solution can be Ask to the player to promote in their country sending them the flyers, posters, etc.. to print and attach Note about Challenge server: Well, that is a good idea to gain a different target of player I like that, but new potential players should know of that. Step 3: Problem:There are too many Servers and too few players. New Wurmians < Wurmians quitting Solution:A lot of you will dislike that but I suggest to wipe some server and shut down it. The servers are Exodus and Celebration. Merge them in only one (without increase the size) The same for Pristine and Release. Step 4: Problem:Current tutorial doesn't learn things like it should. And players get lost there. Too many pop up windows and 0 iteractions. Solution:I like the current idea, but I think a good way is Use the current system but with the iteration like in the previous one. Please comment it with costructive opinion.
  19. Sheep do not swim - for those who wish to know They produce about 0.05kg wool when sheared with scissors of varying ql, depending on your AH skill. We need: - pretty spinning wheels to spin the wool, - knitting needles to knit jumpers for winter And huge quantities of spun wool could be used on looms to make blankets, maybe instead of furs ?
  20. I was having some thought of some ideas which could happen at a specific time of the wurm year. My main one was something along the lines of the ocean completely disappearing or lowering for a period of time, maybe from the gods fighting or something. I don't know, some awesome dynamic events would be interesting
  21. I have been seeing a lot of suggestions for ways to get more people to play PVP lately. However I have not seen any topics that come close to solving the real issue of why freedomers don't want to go to PVP. I personaly think the biggest reason for people not wanting to play on PVP is because new players are killed right away by people camping the spawning villages. GIVE US A CHANCE! If you want us to stick around and play and participate in PVP then don't kill us right away or we will leave cause we cant do anything but die. I suggest adding a 48 hours protection to new players on PVP servers so they cant be killed by other players in that time. I am not saying protect them from mobs just players so they actually have a chance to get started get some gear and find a village to join. Please tell me what you think. Thanks, Hawk
  22. Useless updates? Forges: At least 3 times in the past few years. Appearance change did not enhance function for the player. Guard towers: Appearance changed 2 times at least, and now a 3rd change coming. Why? Appearance change did not enhance function for player. Other Eye candy: How many changes do spiders, crocs, trolls etc need? Appearance change did not enhance function or enjoyement for player/customer. More trees, great, no new uses other than walnuts, and those give no enhanced or new function to players do they? Food? I get food from my crops and cooked meat/fish. Updates that have no use or funtion other than changing appearance. Sigh. Now we are going to be getting some "prettier" ships. Are they going to sail faster, hold more? Do the new ships add more function to the game? Bridges! How long have bridges been on the distant horizon? Years, if I recall correctly. What updates and additions have players asked for, for years, and yet time and resources are spent on more eye candy? Sure, we got multistory buildings, looks good, and they seem to have added some usefulness to the game. Planting BSB's seems to have helped usefulness. Here's a thought. Add some more usefulness to the game. More swimming animals. Stop putting limits on livestock and breeding, find a way for those who enjoy breeding and having livestock to have more. Or are you too busy redesigning the 4th, 5th 6th generation of Guard tower artwork? (Why are there animal spawns on impossible to climb rock cliffs? There's a waste of bandwidth/space. Every critter has mountain goat like capabilities on wurm.) Make a new weapon! How about Ballistas? How about Ships equiped with One or more ballista's? Or Wagons with a Ballista...etc. Hitch horses to catapalts or ballista... How about releasing something when it's ready, such as wagons, instead of waiting to release a HUGE update, which most assuredly will result in crashes and down time going on past performances. Smaller releases might make it easier to track down problems when they occur. When having a Q and A session (sadly,only once per year), how about better answers instead of dodging, or maybe's, or the one word we can all count on, "soon". Soon is half an eternity on wurm it seems. Giving a reasonable ballpark date of a month or six months or so would be nice. Example: Question: When is X going to be released? Answer: X is ready to to be released, but we want to wait and release X along with Y and Z. We expect Y and Z to be ready in about 30 to 60 days depending on complications. Someone suggested in game a non aggro server. I think that is a great idea. Would be a good server for new players to skill up on. Then they could sail to aggro servers when they feel they are ready. A similar idea was posted here. Titles or achievements. Rewards! How about instead of a useless graphic that you can do nothing with. The player gets something useful! Example: Say a player hits 50 blacksmithing. They get a very nice tool, such as an anvil, or pelt, high QL (99-100) as a useful reward? Those are my thoughts, ideas, and questions. I FULLY expect much of this post to be flamed, trolled, shilled, or just a lot of bad mannered replies. But, I felt like putting this out there. I'm sure many have the same thoughts as I've written here. Now it's out there. Take it or leave it. (PS, I really don't care if some or all of this has been mentioned a million times before, if so, make this a million and one. If some of this has been mentioned a lot of times before and nothing has changed or improved for the better, then this million and one mention needed to be done. Until "they" get it.) T
  23. I was wondering if yall eve thought of adding instruments to wurm, it seems like a good idea there could be lutes, flutes, drums, violins, pianos, ext. you could use your keyboard to play the instruments and there could be a skill called bard and sub skills for it for each instrument you have played idk just a thought : )
  24. Hello everyone, First at all i want to give my respects to the developers of Wurm . Being a programmer myself i know Java is a pain in the *** in performance, but from what i can see u took good effort to keep a good balance between good graphics, performance, gameplay mechanics and AI. I know that developing a big project like this can make it hard to add new things and some may ,even if the idea is good, be too hard to implement since u would have to change a hell lot of code for a minimal gameplay plus. Since i dont know how u implemented everything i cant say what is possible to implement easily and what might need a huge ammount of effort ,so I will just list (and edit if i find more) everything I would love to have in the game. For that I will list them in Categories so its easier to read (or scrolled over ). Animals: Chickens: Chickens in RL eat seeds and worms, so it would be cool if chickens would eat for them self if they are on a tile wich has some plants grown on it wich give seeds. These plants would be destroyed after a couple of days leaving a dirt tile ,since the chickens ate all plants. Another cool thing would be that spilling water on a dirt tile would make it a moister dirt tile wich will affect the chickens to be able to eat worms. The Tile may just stay moist for one wurmday. The same effect may would be there if it rains. This way chicken might be a good food suply and can be farmed more efficient - for reducing big laggs cause of massive chicken farms , chicken might die very fast ( fast aging curve) Worms: As mentioned before I would like chickens to be able to eat worms from moist grounds. But worms could have an other use as well ... if u dig on a moist dirt tile u have a chance (maybe 10%) of getting a worm wich ,if attached to a fishing rod could give it a greater chance on fishing bigger fish. Worms would decay very fast unless u put them in a barrel with dirt and some water in it. Birds: To improve the use of bows it would be cool if u could try to shoot birds , some birds (bigger ones) will however attack u and may even be as strong as a troll - but will give a significant bigger amount of meat. Lowlifes: For easier gain in fighting skill for newbees and for more atmosphere it would be cool to have lowlifes wich will give a tiny ammount of skill gain (0.00001 on skill lvl 20?!) if killed. such lowlifes could be easily killed with one blow and do close to non dmg. lowlifes could be small mice (bricksize and easy to oversee) and might be more likly to spawn at farms and mines Building: Cavehouses: I know it has been widly asked and I like the idea as well of being able to build a house or at least some walls in mines - though i saw that the mine system is completly diffrent to the outer world system since u dont have tile borders there so this might be one of the things wich are too much to change. Multi-Floor-Housing-Bugs: I gladly see the Multi-Floor-Housing update working just fine but some things may have to be changed - for example should a camin of an oven or forge go until the roof, or if no roof exists to the uppest floor. Food Storage bins have feet going through the tile and showing in the lower floor , the feet may have to be shortend or ajusted weather they are in a house or not (small ones for a house , long ones outside). Other thing with multistorage housing what would be cool if u could build a shiphouse so: have the middle 3 tiles lower and a building arround it in an u shape with a roof going all over the thing. Decoration: Though many pvp-players may curse me now , I like everything to look very nice and good, this way i would love to have some possibilities to decorate a room a bit more . For that reason i made a list of some decorational items wich would be cool: Sword and shield wall pampet Paintings (maybe of player char in the moment of creation or uploaded ones) Mirrows Wardrobe (maybe more than one model) Bookshelfs (wall-high and halfwall high as a containers for books and scrolls wich are player written and have to be crafted with paper and leather - uses bookmaking-skill wich is a subskill of leatherwork, scrolls may even have a onetime magical effect?!) Wooden benches old looking couches?! Plantpots - u could plant some flowers and bushes in them (diffrent sizes) !!! Beer-Barrel (of cause filled with beer - im german and i need beer ^^) !!! <- very important! ... (the more the better ^^) Walls: I love the arched walls but i can barly use them in one of the upper floor since i risk falling so it would be cool to have the ability to build a fence in a arched wall or have a fenced arched wall (what ever is easier to implement ^^). And somehow normal doors will make a roof even if they are covered in a walkthrou - this should be removed. Bridges: For making some areas pasable for carts and boats it would be cool to be able to build bridges. The size may vary on the height and the carpentry/masory skill. they could be between 2 buildings, created in the upperfloor, wich will bring me to the next point: Stairs: I know its planed but want to post it anyway the ladders are ok but stairs would look far better , stairs should be 2 versions of them : straight stairs wich will be used just like terrain (so u can go on them without clicking them) and will cover 2 tiles (not walkthrough) spindle stairs wich will just take one tile but will need u to click on them (similar to ladders but better look) Statues: Statues should be able to be mirrowed - so have 2 dogs look the same direction for instance Boatdocks: I dont like the drop-dirt-boat-docks so much and would rather have wooden and stone ones build with pilars. they may be planed just like a house (or exactly the same giving the opotunity to build a house on top) and may need more materials if build in deeper areas and may even need u to be on a boat Housepillars: Similar to boatdocks it would be nice to be able to build houses on pillars having small stairs going on top of them , pilars may be build on uneven grounds making it possible to build a house on a cliff wich will hang over a bit. maybe the ql of the pillars and the material used manage how much u can build on top so u might not be able to build a stone house on wooden pillars and maybe the maximum height is lowerd to a certain amount u can go up in the house u build on top. Diagonal building: I know this might be too much to ask since its very diffrent to the way wurm is build now but it would be cool to build walls diagonal as well making it posible to build a "round" tower or a circle of houses. Containers: I like to sort my ... everything ... so i need containers even though we already have a lot of containers it would be cool to have more models and more containers wich will stop decay (like bsb) Skills and Mechanics: Fishing Baits: Like mentioned before Fishing Baits would be cool to increase successchance and fishweight , other than worms ,wich i introduced before it would be possible to use small fish or even some vegetables (who likes that stinky vitamin stuff anyway? XD ). Bookwriting: Also mentioned before I would love to have books ingame and make them aswell, this will increase RP-Mechanics of the hole game. Other than that it might be able to implement scrolls wich may have a magical effect like replenishing stamina/food/water or do some attackspells on enemies (one time use?) it might be able to do a other subskill called cartographics wich makes it able to draw maps ingame and use them . A higher skill in it makes the map more accurate and the ql of the map decided what size it will be. Cartographics: Look one above Scrollmaking: Look two above Door-/Pen-/Roomrenting: As for now making an Inn has just a low use since people might use ur oven but not pai for sleeping, if u could rent a room to someone this would change , the door would be unlocked for that person for eg 1 day afterwards he will be kicked out of the room. If u examin the door u will see what tools are in them eg. oven and forge or floorloom or whatever and what ql and dmg it has - this will give the costumer the oportunity to decide weather he wants to rent the room or not knowing what is in the room. same thing would be needed for pens since u might want to lock ur horse away or the horses u just found and lead with a rope without risk of loosing them when u come back. This will make an Inn far more intresting for people wandering arround. Merchants: Merchants should be able to buy certain (Player managed) Items for a certain price or just in exchange for items the player is selling. and Merchants should be able to be placed anywhere so u could have a merchant placed in ur inn selling food and drinks and asking for pelts and meat (for instance) Trader: It would be nice to be able to toggle weather people from another deed can sell items to a trader or just buy items from him (if the trader is on deed) this will make a trader a nice little income opportunity and might make them even more popular (so more people will buy traders => more coins are bought => more profits for u ) Big Items to cart: Since it is a pain in the ... back ... to push a statue or a camin or similar to a further distance it would be nice to be able to load big objects directly in ur cart or boat - depending on the size u might be able to put 1 statue in a small cart or 3 in a big cart , or a small or even big cart in a ship so u dont have to build a new cart everytime if u want to trade goods. or u could put a rowing boat in a cart and a sailing boat in a big cart making it possible for people living landinvards to build their boat at home and drag it to water. In combination with that it would be nice to be able to drop all items in the cart directly to ground or unload directly into a container and to load a pile directly in the cart. Digging: I would like dirt to pile on ground while digging so digging can be done more efficiently Pets: Since i like pets i would like to have more than one - might depend on taming skill how many u can have or maybe if u would be able to tame a pet fully loyal with ur taming skill now , it would be halfed with a second pet and third with a third one and so on , so u might be able to tame 4 dogs fully loyal but just 1 dragon (for instance) Greater changes: Since the Freedom-cluster is pretty well filled how about having an other server added? I would have 3 Typs of servers in mind: Sandbox-Island: people build strange houses to try out what is possible why not making an little island wich has no deeds but plenty of room (flatish island) to build and test what ever structures u might want to build one day or just to train a bit the island could be pve with a resettimer of one month so there will allways be room to build more next time Epic-Style-Server: Why not add another server with the same laws like epic servers but the same skillsystem like freedom-cluster ? this way people could decide later wether or not they want to go real brutal pvp with no skillloss by using an epic portal (dont want to start all over again) normal Freedom-Server: an other freedom server style for more room for more people I know prisine has just been released but we cant go there and have new lands to go I want to be one of the first to settle on some island as well and as mentioned before I dont like starting all wover again ^^ Thats all changes i would love to see (and play ^^) for now (At least the ones i know now ^^). i will ofcause update this list if i know more or if something has been implemented I know it is a lot on this list , and nothing wich can be done overnight or maybe some things will never be able to be implemented cause of too much work for little effect or some might be tried out but will be bad afterall since u will never know how game-mechanics feel if u dont try ^^ After all im not planing to stop playing any time soon so u have alot of time and wurm teaches patients and so i will be Thank u guys for this great game, have fun debugging Greetings, Phyko PS: Of cause I am open to all discussions related to my suggestions with anyone who wants too I know that many of these might Suggestions might have been suggested by others as well - thought if i'd post all I'd like there should be some new stuff as well ^^ if u find any misspelling please forgive me since im not native english and its ... 4 am over here XD
  25. I had a idea regarding the statues. why not apply statues of the base models for all the creatures in game, from the normal dog to raging hell horse rearing up into the air. or even base posing like attacking pose, standing pose, sitting pose, dead pose, simple to do, and even to change then add. I would like to a large altar add to the game, made from wood or stone. where the god in question is standing, withing a animal, creature or thing of there creation, with a big-ish altar by there feet. maybe even a platform with it for them to stand on? P.S. By the way is anyone knows the graphic program what is used to make models for the game let me know, please I would like to try and help out with making these and other like this.