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Found 33 results

  1. Buyout 1.5 euro thanks
  2. account sold please close .
  3. Thanks. give me honest pc. may sell may not
  4. sold
  5. Hi. I'm currently looking into buying an account for myself. ---Here is a list of things i am looking to find in that account : Ok thats a long list of dema
  6. Heyo Looking to buy an sotg account. Ill take a look at all account as long as it has sotg (70) meditation. Post me skilldump name and price and we may agree on something.
  7. WTS Chasone - - Offers over 500E only WTS Movu - - Offers over 200E only Selling them naked on Exodus (Giants Causeway). No ship. Neither account is a priest. Both SoTG on Insanity path. PM me with your offers. Cheers Kil
  8. As the title says I am looking to purchase a high end PvP ready toon. Minimum requirements are as follows: 70+ Meditation - Preferrably already full SoTG 50+ Body Stats (Or close to it) 50+ Archery 70+ Fight Skill with decent combat stats (Weapon skills/fighting stance ect) Atleast 70+ in most gathering skills (Mining/Woodcutting/Digging) Note: The above requirements are not NEEDED but preferred! Please PM me with a skill dump, Name of the toon and a price range! -Cheers -=Jakeii=-
  9. PC character: Lmonkey SOLD Sme Priest - 100 Faith, 70 Channeling Path of Insanity. Level 12 ([00:49:14] Meditating increased by 0.0227 to 80.0032 - couldn't update Niarja twice in a day) Premium: [09:07:02] You have premium time until 18 May 2017 06:35:30 GMT No items. No silver. Delivery to any coastal Freedom area. Just wondering what my character is worth. I'm thinking of taking a break. Just thought I'd weigh selling the character. Happy to answer any questions. Why are the skills the way they are? (paraphrasing) - Was a Freedom crafting character - became a PVP healer - currently working on fight skills
  10. Please send any skill dumps to me via PM. Any purchase will be via verified Paypal. I will be able to supply good references to verify my trustworthiness. Cold
  11. Hey Pm me dumps, i may be interested in all kinds of account as long as it is sotg. or like very close. FS, wep skills body etc is a +
  12. After long consideration I made my decision to finally sell my account after years of playing: "You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 4 of the Snake's starfall, 980. That's 3281 days, 22 hours and 11 minutes ago." Bloodmaster is a solid crafter account for people who would want it on a pve server with quite a lot of good useful skills and a great base for other skills you may wish to skill up. Also note that the developer team has offered a path change for the players on the path of insanity meditation path, hence also in future you will be able to change to any path you wish including path of knowledge which would make it a superb crafting account. For the pvp players/person looking to get into pvp, it is SoTG, has good fighting skills (fs, weapon skills, shield skill etc.) and stats. I may not be sharing them fully but if I feel like sharing them with someone who I feel is genuinely going to buy the account/makes an offer then I would be open to doing so. Skills: I am looking for take offers for the account, just drop me a message and I will be in touch as soon as I can to answer any questions or such you may want to know before making an offer.
  13. [SOLD]

    Account sold, gratz to the new owner!
  14. Selling off this SoTG started fighter account Name is Afusion Follower of Nathan 20 faith (Planned to nathan priest it) Premium until June PRICE; 200 Euros Comes fully loaded and rocked and ready to go. With a full package of tools and a badass arsenal of weapons Has 2 affins- Body Strength and Digging. I am looking for fair offers for the full package, I am not in a hurry to sell, so let me know what you think. Here is the skills Skills dumped at Apr 16, 2016-----Skills: 0.0 Religion: 7.1249833 Prayer: 14.842699 Channeling: 8.368914 Preaching: 2.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Healing: 7.04301 First aid: 17.078588 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0575093 Archery: 40.35446 Short bow: 23.126438 Medium bow: 14.275053 Long bow: 25.957062 Thievery: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 War machines: 1.0 Catapults: 1.0 Trebuchets: 1.0 Turrets: 1.0 Ballistae: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Prospecting: 5.921109 Coal-making: 1.0 Milling: 1.0 Tracking: 4.043973 Paving: 11.926649 Climbing: 4.542986 Thatching: 2.4158568 Firemaking: 6.2921104 Pottery: 1.466684 Mining: 73.9749 Digging: 90.63219 * Ropemaking: 2.09651 Smithing: 15.248289 Blacksmithing: 40.04682 Locksmithing: 11.565492 Jewelry smithing: 1.0 Metallurgy: 1.0 Weapon smithing: 2.826526 Blades smithing: 1.0 Weapon heads smithing: 7.7378874 Armour smithing: 1.0 Shield smithing: 1.0 Chain armour smithing: 1.0 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 Tailoring: 17.205866 Cloth tailoring: 52.062138 Leatherworking: 1.8844047 Masonry: 28.502264 Stone cutting: 18.819794 Cooking: 16.422682 Hot food cooking: 35.938606 Baking: 1.0 Dairy food making: 15.073269 Butchering: 13.51924 Beverages: 13.26996 Nature: 42.759804 Fishing: 36.341476 Gardening: 20.496859 Foraging: 18.263107 Botanizing: 18.199108 Animal taming: 11.924145 Forestry: 29.175741 Farming: 73.148224 Milking: 7.3067746 Meditating: 70.13411 Animal husbandry: 45.72725 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Toys: 1.1099933 Yoyo: 1.0 Puppeteering: 1.723381 Fighting: 75.484116 Defensive fighting: 41.410496 Normal fighting: 52.403168 Weaponless fighting: 21.14408 Aggressive fighting: 15.5725765 Shield bashing: 18.678858 Taunting: 1.5234318 Miscellaneous items: 60.18109 Shovel: 75.06192 Rake: 57.91266 Saw: 9.401579 Pickaxe: 77.184784 Repairing: 28.676296 Sickle: 24.996912 Scythe: 4.061776 Hammer: 31.08134 Stone chisel: 7.6803055 Alchemy: 1.2678124 Natural substances: 2.5230865 Shields: 44.5147 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 60.06615 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large wooden shield: 12.8085375 Axes: 47.51793 Hatchet: 53.650124 Small Axe: 12.482993 Large axe: 59.657578 Huge axe: 43.658436 Swords: 14.293448 Longsword: 37.17718 Shortsword: 1.0 Two handed sword: 1.0 Knives: 15.286723 Carving knife: 34.08723 Butchering knife: 14.373357 Woodcutting: 63.795235 Mauls: 7.0509458 Medium maul: 6.2920156 Small maul: 14.487796 Large maul: 1.476961 Carpentry: 45.718864 Bowyery: 1.0 Fletching: 57.62969 Fine carpentry: 5.650704 Toy making: 1.0 Ship building: 1.0Characteristics: 0.0 Mind: 28.118372 Mind logic: 32.022774 Mind speed: 22.89843 Soul: 24.46381 Soul depth: 24.969341 Soul strength: 25.58606 Body: 34.698467 Body strength: 33.299583 * Body stamina: 29.827759 Body control: 24.5651Religion: 0.0 Faith: 19.0 Favor: 19.0 Alignment: -1.0 and here is the gear......
  15. SOTG too if possible ( Not a requirement though )
  16. Numerous topics been posted about SOTG, but no solutions to it. As we all probably know already, SOTG is the most OP thing in this game. Unbalanced and game breaking and overpowered. This ability only makes the gap bigger between new players and old players. We don’t need that. I remember a long time ago, 5-6 years ago when one of the power path abilities was to spawn lava. Could spawn it everywhere without time limit. People went bonkers about that and complained. It got changed to only work in magranon and inside kingdom domain and could only be casted once every 24th hour. Hmm where are those people now, or has been for the all the years SOTG been in game? I can’t see them, can you? SOTG needs to be either removed or at least make these changes to balance the game. * SOTG can only be used if you have a shield equipped "sounds logical, as SOTG is a damage reduction ability". * SOTG can only be used every 24th hour * SOTG only lasts 10 minutes when used. * SOTG makes you move slower "logical as well, you put on some extra armor, you should be slower". When I first started to play this game in beta everything was somewhat balanced and fine, and FUN. Now it became something else and sadly it continues on that road.
  17. Not selling now since market is meh. Just looking for PC. Might sell if offer is right. Skills Religion: 13.863852 Prayer: 28.69629 Channeling: 1 Preaching: 1 Exorcism: 1 Artifacts: 1 Hammers: 1 Warhammer: 1 Healing: 30.28374 First aid: 45.785156 Clubs: 1.7909998 Huge club: 1 Archery: 41.58565 Short bow: 34.165802 Medium bow: 1 Long bow: 4.500573 Thievery: 1.2134516 Stealing: 1 Lock picking: 1.3563716* Traps: 1 War machines: 6.102097 Catapults: 9.517528 Trebuchets: 3.2379262 Turrets: 1 Ballistae: 1 Polearms: 1 Staff: 1 Long spear: 1 Halberd: 1 Prospecting: 34.866936 Coal-making: 31.253716 Milling: 1 Tracking: 20.21971 Paving: 14.000283 Climbing: 18.809488 Thatching: 5.608701 Firemaking: 27.660652 Pottery: 7.2658596 Mining: 99.43422 Digging: 81.47735 Ropemaking: 11.091658 Smithing: 93.10094 Blacksmithing: 99.833626 Locksmithing: 82.78242 Jewelry smithing: 77.75325 Metallurgy: 51.642693 Weapon smithing: 80.4764* Blades smithing: 60.078003 Weapon heads smithing: 35.486893 Armour smithing: 54.026043 Shield smithing: 86.66266 Chain armour smithing: 71.21644 Plate armour smithing: 92.1373 Tailoring: 26.718498 Cloth tailoring: 52.226948 Leatherworking: 87.7173 Masonry: 69.41204 Stone cutting: 70.37674 Cooking: 9.936432 Hot food cooking: 10.283396 Baking: 1 Dairy food making: 1 Butchering: 23.970898 Beverages: 1.5787681 Nature: 40.555637 Fishing: 1 Gardening: 6.849642 Foraging: 13.111792 Botanizing: 15.119102 Animal taming: 62.63512 Forestry: 8.188958 Farming: 18.27152 Milking: 1 Meditating: 71.57827 Animal husbandry: 13.115398 Papyrusmaking: 1 Toys: 1.3046292 Yoyo: 1 Puppeteering: 3.8920405 Fighting: 99.950584 Defensive fighting: 80.13695 Normal fighting: 80.068275 Weaponless fighting: 16.05259 Aggressive fighting: 76.84542 Shield bashing: 13.731789 Taunting: 3.9743617 Miscellaneous items: 87.20446 Shovel: 65.322044 Rake: 12.37771 Saw: 13.293021 Pickaxe: 99.76344 Repairing: 74.323 Sickle: 6.693094 Scythe: 1 Hammer: 95.33153 Stone chisel: 43.93659 Alchemy: 5.3597364 Natural substances: 12.29825 Shields: 61.634186 Medium metal shield: 20.112383 Small wooden shield: 1 Small metal shield: 9.159646 Large metal shield: 83.8972 Medium wooden shield: 4.0703797 Large wooden shield: 9.802553 Axes: 42.526707 Hatchet: 50.622356 Small Axe: 14.245012 Large axe: 34.945305 Huge axe: 1.9935035 Swords: 32.38205 Longsword: 65.606094 Shortsword: 5.9614935* Two handed sword: 2.4811602 Knives: 26.517178 Carving knife: 55.051968 Butchering knife: 28.159231 Woodcutting: 70.110016 Mauls: 8.366231 Medium maul: 13.202315 Small maul: 13.346309 Large maul: 6.355101 Carpentry: 67.4302 Bowyery: 44.567017 Fletching: 52.47199 Fine carpentry: 39.65148 Toy making: 8.102284 Ship building: 20.357307Characteristics Mind: 52.891434 Mind logic: 56.99604 Mind speed: 43.53814 Soul: 40.276638 Soul depth: 25.707214 Soul strength: 48.761894 Body: 66.77842 Body strength: 61.414047 Body stamina: 50.320194* Body control: 47.83485***Religion Faith: 29.95 Favor: 29.95 Alignment: 99.599Miscellaneous Affinities: 7
  18. sold

  19. Hello I am looking to buy a PvP toon. I would like it to have 70 med Insanity path or something close to it. if you have an account with 70 med skill but another path i am still interested. Decent body stats and fight skills are also a plus. post your skill dumps or pm me. I am also willing to pay extra for items that could come with the toon like drake sets nice shiny weapons. thanks all now lets get these posts rollin'. ; )
  20. As the title says, because we all know if SOTG is nerfed we won't continue playing a game whose development staff listens to lazy players who think it's too hard to get or can't get enough friends together (in an MMO lol) to counteract enemy SOTG.
  21. This is a idea to rework the entire meditation system, not just nurf or buff some paths. Let me know what you think or what things that should be changed. The paths bonuses (descriptions below) Level Path of Knowledge Path of Insanity Path of Power Path of Love Path of Hate 4 Get info (Level 1+2+3) Increase Skill gain (7%) Clean Wound Reduce damage taken (5%) Trap Immunity Increase stamina (7%) Refresh Increase Healing (5%) Increased Structure Damage Increase damage done(5%) 6 Connect Fill Erupt and Freeze Enchant Fear (active) 7 Increase Skill gain (15%) Reduce damage taken (10%) Increase stamina (15%) Increase Healing (10%) Increase Damage done(10%) 8 Sprint (active) Random Teleport Spell Immunity (active) Love Effect (active) Berzerker (active) 10 Enlighten level 1 (Sprint + Favor Regeneration) Enlighten level 1 (Reduce Damage Taken) Enlighten level 1 (Increase stamina + Refresh) Enlighten level 1 (Increase Healing) Enlighten level 1 (Increase Damage) 11 Recall Home Increase Skill gain (25%) Recall Home Reduce damage taken (15%) Recall Home Increase stamina (25%) Recall Home Increase Healing (15%) Recall Home Increase Damage done(15%) 12 Enlighten level 2 (Sprint + Favor Regeneration) Enlighten level 2 (Reduce Damage Taken) Enlighten level 2 (Increase stamina + Refresh) Enlighten level 2 (Increase Healing) Enlighten level 2 (Increase Damage) 13 Final Breath Final Breath Final Breath Final Breath Final Breath Path of Insanity: Max damage reduction (level 11 with enlighten level 2) is 22% Path of Power: Max increased stamina (level 11 with enlighten level 2) 35% Path of Love: Max increased healing (level 11 with enlighten level 2) 22% Path of Hate: Max increased damage (level 11 with enlighten level 2) 22% Increased healing would also need to work for life steal weapons or just give life steal regardless of what enchant the weapon has. Love Effect: Same thing as the old Love Effect but lasts for 10 minutes Spell Immunity (active): Give the player spell immunity for 5 minutes Connect: Allows a player to connect with a animal. This will tame it with loyal status. Cooldown: 12 hours Berzerker: Gives a player player far walker effect for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 12 hours Sprint: Gives the target frantic charge effect for 10 minutes. This can be used on animals, other players and the caster. Cool down: 12 hours Enlighten: This will give given allied players in the area a temporary buff according to their path. This stacks with the a permeate buffs however the level 1 and 2 spells do not stack, the newer buff will replace the older one. Enlighten from different paths will stack. Once a player reaches level 2 they will not be able to case the level 1 spell. Level 1: Range: 3 Tiles Buff timer: 5 minutes (Path of knowledge sprint is only 15 seconds) Cool down: 24 hours Path of Knowledge: Favor Regeneration: Increase passive favor regeneration to 150 per 60 seconds (lasts 5 minutes for a total of 750 favor). Sprint: Far walker effect for 15 seconds (similar to shrine of the rush) Path of Insanity: Reduced Damage: Reduces damage taken by 5% Path of Power: Increased Stamina: Increases stamina by 10% Refresh: Restores stamina Path of Love: Increased Healing: Increases healing by 5% Path of Hate: Increased Damage: Increases damage done by 5% Level 2: Range: 5 Tiles Buff timer: 10 minutes (Path of knowledge sprint is only 30 seconds) Cool down: 24 hours Path of Knowledge: Favor Regeneration: Increase passive favor regeneration to 300 per 60 seconds (lasts 5 minutes for a total of 1500 favor). Sprint: Far walker effect for 25 seconds (similar to shrine of the rush) Path of Insanity: Reduced Damage: Reduces damage taken by 7% Path of Power: Increased Stamina: Increases stamina by 15% Refresh: Restores stamina Path of Love: Increased Healing: Increases healing by 7% Path of Hate: Increased Damage: Increases damage done by 7% Reasons for the changes: All of nothing bonuses The current is set up in a way that makes the high level spells ridiculously strong with no in between. What this system tries to do is to make it so the bonuses are spread out more. So in the beginning you have a small bonus that increases as you increase in level Single player bonuses are too strong The bonuses are all based around one play getting a really strong buff What this tries to do is reduce the single player buff but provide a temporary buff for you and your team. There is no other choice but SOTG The most useful effect in the current game is SOTG. Frankly, its game breaking in comparison to other effects The idea is to encourage other paths by make them more useful in pvp and provide benefits for a group of players with multiple paths. With enlighten, the more people on different paths the more buffs a group will have. More useful spells were added to path of knowledge because get info is useless. A vyn priest can cast reveal creature for 30 favor and you can ask just ask people what affinities they have or what their food level is at. Let me know what you think
  22. As per the title pm me either on forums or in game(same name).