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  1. im looking 5 speed bison Contact by forum PM please
  2. I want to buy 8K dirts (1s per 1K) My in game name is Arrester and live celebration server I can pick up any server (except chaos) Contact me via in game or forum PM
  3. Closed

    I'd like to order some enchanted tools 90+coc hatchet(ql doesn't matter) 90+coc pickaxe(ql doesn't matter) 80q 90+coc chisel 80q 90+coc Carving knife 80q 90+coc saw and can I order 10q 90+coc ropetool? I'm in cele and in game name is Arrester
  4. WTB Low q with CoC tools near 10q with 80+coc(also buy 90+ or higher) pickaxe * 1 ropetool * 1 chisel * 1(chisel want high q) If you want to sell Reply this topic or send forum pm
  5. Okay I order Stone Chisel,pickaxe and shovel 10q and 80+coc CoD to Arrester in cele please
  6. I looking shovel with low.q and high coc(90++) pm in forum or post this topic please