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  1. Best crops on NFI.
  2. Yeah it seems silly that we have 3 different pvp communities. Consolidation is something that has needed to happen for a long time. Will be good for the game in the long and short term.
  3. Thanks Baeo, I'm aware, but it's also for the history of the axe.
  4. Wondering if there are any of the axes impable with carpentry tools around. They were received at the start of Gold 2 and I'm looking to get one to grind my weaponsmithing.
  5. @Zerobyte @Ashlynne
  6. I re-premmed 4 toons yesterday and all are able to receive stockings and gifts from them now also.
  7. Good to see you still frequent these parts. I remember that you were one of the few I died to when they first opened the home server to wild server raiders. Fun times. If I still had my old char my portal time would be similar, if not the same. Started getting grey irl, but definitely grey in Wurm. 17 years and counting.
  8. addy and glimmer small mauls to Vorlox please. Thank you.
  9. As someone who has no interest in Archaeology, this would be nice.
  10. And split the pvp community even more?
  11. Have an addy sickle I'd like imped. Let me know when I can mail to you, ign Artvark or Vorlox. Thanks [20:08:35] You can not mail that far.
  12. I can confirm I have had sermons not give any negative alignment to my lib priest on multiple occasions.