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  1. Great to see common sense prevailed. Bring on the update!
  2. So as mentioned, will meditating be 1:1 and will fighting(and its substats) be 1:1?
  3. I used some valrei items on my chaos character on epic to finish my personal goals. One of those is the dreaded Red cherry. Am I now screwed when I bring this character over to Epic? I used the item on the account under the assumption that I would never be able to bring it over with its skills.
  4. @Chakron Ok so it appears to work with some dumps and not others, I can do it with the account Net and Outji but not Daddepic.
  5. @Chakron Hey, your epic curve button isn't working. PLS FIX SO I CAN DROOL OVER DADDS SKILLS.
  6. I'm hyped as f... that they're doing this but with all the kingdom infrastructure already on Elevation its going to make it hard for people to come in. Allowing deeds right on the edge of HOTA has always been a dumb idea and I'd prefer that a no build zone be put around it so people can't lock it down as they already do now. New map 100%
  7. Add Widnes to the list, 97 Channeling Vynora.
  8. @PinchiIt's best to PM one of us, we don't check this forum post at all and if you had pmed us you would have had it within the hour. If you still want it send me a pm. Happy to have delivered them to you. Enjoy!
  9. Fantastic knapsack 7s to Xsamuraizx please?
  10. Oh yes. It is a vyn follower.
  11. Sold.
  12. Through sheer luck, The Crusaders have managed to get the VERY FIRST Hunt of the Ancients statue that was recently added to the rotation in the last update. Since us simple Chaos folk have no need for such decorative items, You can be the first to own it on your deed on whichever server(Within the Freedom cluster) you choose. The color of this statue is Red. Start Bid: 50s Hidden Reserve No Buyout Sniper protection of 2 hours. 1s Minimum Bid Increments.
  13. Hi Diaorui, You can register on and post an application in our application section.
  14. Within a few days time The Crusaders plan to set up a merchant at the most frequented market on Xanadu, Glasshollow Market. This post will be updated once the merchants have been placed. If you have questions please don't hestitate to pm @Rudie, @Mclavin or @Egard We plan to place 2 Merchants, one with HOTA Statues and one with Kingdom merchandise(Flags and Banners). Tents will not be sold from this location and instead will be mailed directly from Chaos without a lock. Wagons will be made on Chaos and delivered to a coastal location for free unless it is Xanadu at which a cost of 1 Silver will be applied to your final order. Flags, Tall Banners and Banners can be made on demand and can be delivered to you if you buy a Wagon. No discounts will apply to any order. Statues prices will be as follows: Dragon - 28s Lady - 18s Stag - 10s Everything else will be 5s Flags - 1s each Tall Banners - 1.75s each Banners - 1s each Military Tent - 5s Wagon - 11s