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  1. close

    Sold. close ty.
  2. The moment this game became Spells online was the day pvp died.
  3. This is the only way I'd ever consider playing again.
  4. Ayyy there's my name! How old is that screenshot @HexD? @wipeout
  5. I'd probably consider playing again if we had a new map. Chaos is old and stale, Elevation is just plain bad.
  6. close

    sold please close
  7. Have a full blue set of scale dyed pink for sale. 91 - 95ql with 83-98 Web armor on all pieces. Comes with the helmet and shoulder pads shown in the screenshot, which are a glimmersteel open helmet and dragon shoulder pads. 225e.
  8. WTS 20s - 17e

    As title states, verified paypal only.
  9. Today I started streaming from the lands of Chaos. My goal is ultimately to give the players of Wurm an insight into the Chaos server, show you around and show you all how we live. It's vastly different to freedom. Giant walls, fences, guard towers and the like! Check it out.
  10. I doubt that there will be a lot of people whom still play that remember this name. Nonetheless, I wanted to let you all know of his passing. For what has been a terrible last 2 years of people passing whom have had Wurm at their heart and soul, this one hits me the hardest. I learnt of his passing today through a friend whom no longer plays Wurm and reached out to me on Facebook. I don't know all the details yet so will update you all once I know more. For those that don't know, Wintersolstice began playing Wurm Online in Beta map 7, almost 14 years ago. A time when the graphics where near as good as they are now, the player base was tiny in comparison, but it was still the game we've grown to love over the years. Winter was a person who was extremely caring and spent a lot of his days helping out not only those in his village but also others whom were in need, whether it be friend or foe. At the forefront of this, helping out new players was what he was great at. I started playing Wurm in September 2005. I tried to learn as much of the game as I could within the confines of a deed known as Grey Town and it wasn't long before I decided to venture off on my own with my brother, Mee. We stumbled across Wintersolstices' deed one day and noticed there were some unlocked fences which we decided to help ourselves to the items inside. We loaded absolutely as much as we could into the two small carts and ran off with our newly found bounty. It had been about 45 minutes before we were stopped by this guy called Wintersolstice and he caught us red handed. Our carts loaded to the brim with items in his name among others. It was here that Winter gave us an ultimatum. He condemned us to live the rest of our Wurm lives with him, which turned out to be some of the most fun I've had in the years I have played Wurm and some of the most memorable. By the end of the very last beta map, I had been a part of his deed for almost a year, and we had made plans to make a deed called Silron Valley on the only PVP server that was accessible after the announcement that the game was going to go to 'Gold'. A year and a half had passed on this map, over this time, I'd joined multiple villages, quit two or three times and my parents had split up, I looked up to Winter as a father figure and still do. A catastrophic server failure meant that Wurm had to start over once more, in what is known as Gold 2, and the current cluster of servers, with the only surviving map from that era, known as Chaos. Again we found ourselves with Wintersolstice in the village known as Rivendell. We went through several iterations of this deed name and it was in the 3rd Rivendell that Winter learnt that he had congenital heart failure. He went in for an operation to have a pacemaker put in his heart and I had no idea what this was at the time but once he explained what it was, I knew it was serious and that at any time the unthinkable could happen. Winter tried to still log in as much as he had in the past, the various health problems that Winter had meant he would be on for weeks at a time, and off for a week, there were a few times he would disappear for months only to pop up once again and tell me he had gone back into hospital. He wasn't in good shape at all. The last time I spoke to him was over a year ago, but I didn't know it would be the last time we would ever talk. Winter called my brother and I Little dudes, we're all grown up now and I wish you had been around the last few years to spend some more time with us because we absolutely loved every moment of it and that's something I will never forget. Today is his birthday, December the 22nd. The Winter Solstice, the reason for his name. Rest in peace Tommy. I'll miss you and you'll forever have a special place in my heart.
  11. As above in title. PM Bear ingame or post here.
  12. Unable to brush off dye or put new dye over already painted armor. Unsure if other armors are affected. Not sure how to reproduce. [11:16:57] After you finish removing dye you will start removing dye again. Trying to do it on a blue drake hide armor set. This also never happened before the update, you never had to brush off paint to redye. [11:23:13] The basinet helm already has colour on it. [11:23:54] The blue drake hide sleeve already has colour on it.