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  1. Hi there, mail it through to Artvark and i'll get that imped for you.
  2. Bump. Still offering imps and casts but not as active as I was due to a new job.
  3. It's always upsetting to see a Wurmian pass. I'd seen Lagston on the forums for a number of years but had never crossed paths with him ingame or had the chance to chat. To those Wurmians that had the opportunity to spend time with him, my condolences go to you, his family and friends. May he forever rest on Haven.
  4. I just started a new job and I'll be working a lot for the foreseeable future so if someone is up for hosting this I'd be happy to try to help as much as I can.
  5. I think MOIs in general need a rework, not just maps. I guess this is the wrong thread for that though. Anyway, I got a supreme and a rare horse shoe in the space of 24 hours RL time imping. Since then, I have ground out 70 - 90 in several skills, gotten about 15 successsful imps with MOIs and not a single one went rare, that was almost 4 weeks ago now.
  6. Personally my biggest issue with not returning to SFI when I came back and going to NFI was new lands. Xanadu is really the only server that you can go to and find a completely untouched spot for hundreds of tiles in any direction, but the server is so big that traveling on it can be a chore unless you have the best horse gear/horse/boat or a lot of time.
  7. Paying well. PM me if you have one.
  8. Some helmets and masks cannot show models at the same time. The plumed helm of the hunt and the executioner hood skin for the studded leather cap are two examples of this.
  9. I'm considering creating and hosting a Christmas Imaplong on Harmony this year. The event would run from the 22nd of December until the 29th of December. At current this is just an idea and I have no concrete plans set, however I am looking at creating an entirely underground deed at a coastal location that is yet to be decided upon.
  10. Paying extremely well. PM Vorlox or Artvark ingame(or forum pm me)
  11. Your idea!? [21:51:48] <Vorlox> tbh I just want monthly skins. lol. [21:52:20] <Madnath> old monthly skin tokens added to treasure loot Yes. More loot variety would be awesome for chests. Even weapon/tool/armor fragments in various metal types would be cool.