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  1. Yes, the reasons why, are black and white. HAH. GET IT.
  2. @Retrograde @Darklords If items don't cross, does this mean if a player spawns in pve then goes to pvp, they will lose their starter items. Second, will we be able to be libila faith on the pve server? If not, this will put any potential libila players at a disadvantage in prayers until a pvp server is opened.
  3. @GriffithI have used that in the past but wanted to give this ago because of the ability to paint biomes. I'm hoping it's something that can be changed because there's a section in the original post that says that Dirt also erodes, and at some places piles up to mounds, which is what it seems to be doing, but changing min erode and max erode slope doesn't seem to have any effect at all.
  4. No matter what settings I use, I end up with terrain like this on and around mountains. Slopes of 120 and 109 should not be happening when dirt is dropped, why is it doing this? I have the following dirt drop and erosion settings. #How much dirt to drop per tile on the map dirtDropCount=60 #Maximum rock slope for adding dirt maxDirtSlope=40 #Maximum diagonal rock slope for adding dirt maxDirtDiagSlope=56 #How many times to pass over the map erosionIterations=30 #Only erode above this slope erosionMinSlope=1 #Only erode below this slope erosionMaxSlope=4000 #How much dirt is dropped on each iteration erosionMaxSediment=100 #How much fracturing is added after erosion erosionFracture=20
  5. Definitely before my start time of august 2006.
  6. That would imply I've actually played the game for the last 18 months. That's the problem, you shouldn't need scale or drake to fight. The only people that ever used to fight in scale or drake were the champions and high body accounts before all the SOTG crap and tomes were added, the game was much simpler and a lot more fun then.
  7. They used to. All this dumb stuff they added/changed ruined the game.
  8. I feel halving damage would go a long way to fixing pvp. Gone are the days someone could take 10 - 15 hits pre sotg. Now you're lucky if you take 3 or 4.
  9. Hey guys is it 1 month until this supposed Steam release? Thinking about making a freedom village, anyone wanna join?
  10. close

    Sold. close ty.
  11. The moment this game became Spells online was the day pvp died.
  12. This is the only way I'd ever consider playing again.