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  1. Just because it sucks so much

    It also means you can't pick up things dropped, or better, accidently dropped in the ocean
  2. PC account: Darkravager

  3. WTS Rares, Moon metal, Gems

    updated list of sold items. make me an offer!
  4. Have an almost fully completed banner set, some banners here from current and past kingdoms on chaos. Start Bid: 10s/e Buyout: 45s/e
  5. Clearing out some clutter due to having to move at the end of the month. All non-mailable items can be delivered free of charge. Prefer to sell in Euro via verified paypal, but will accept silver. Will only sell the rare horse shoes as sets of 4. Empire of Mol Rehan Wagon - Make an offer(can't be made anymore) Jenn-Kellon Wagon(PMK) x 2 - Make an offer(can't be made anymore) Items:
  6. Have 2 charges of the Green Cherry and 1 charge of the Blue tome of magic. Would prefer to trade one of the green cherry charges for a tome of similar usefulness(slime or scroll). Accepting payment in euros made through a verified paypal account or ingame silver. 1 charge of the Green cherry and the Blue tome are for sale only. Green Cherry: Spell granted: Stoneskin (Attacker misses next 3 attacks) Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) Weakness: fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) Costs 500 karma to cast. Blue tome: Spell granted: Wall of Stone (Click Tile Border to create a Wall of Stone, needs to be one tile to the right or left - 400 Karma to cast) Spell granted: Wall of Ice (Click Tile Border to create a Wall of Ice, needs to be one tile to the right or left - 400 Karma to cast) Resistance: Cold 15% (Decreases cold damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Acid 10% (Increases Acid damage taken by 10%)
  7. WTS low ql gems

  8. WTS low ql gems

    Have 6116.69ql total QL of gems for sale. Would prefer to sell by the 1000QL or all at once. Price is negotiable but I'm looking to get at the very least, 1.25s per 100ql. Roughly enough gems here to go from 50 - 80 channeling.
  9. [Bug] Fix The King Robes

    Make Mclavin great again! and also stop crying every single day about this.
  10. Offsetting doors and Half Arches

    Wrong forum. lel. move to suggestions.
  11. Finally got around to decorating the inside of my house and decided I really want a wall but I can't do it because it would either cut off access completely or it would have to be a door or arch way smack bang in the middle of a tile which defeats the purpose of what I want. Drew up a photo in paint for reference, blue represents the walls, red represents the doorways/arches.
  12. Rare Knarr & some rares

    25s for the scale gloves to Glasse?
  13. WTS Great Starter Account