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  1. @Ostentatio Since you're changing how sacrificing works, please look into prayer skill too?
  2. On Things Current

    @Ostentatio Might be a good idea to make use of the test server for favor changes, or any change really. Every single game I have played lately uses a public test server(or PTB) for players to test changes and give feedback. IMO, the wurm team doesn't use it enough. Make use of your loyal player base! It has awesome ideas and you need to use it.
  3. Keep being told we'll have something for you all soon, started asking that question 3-4 weeks ago. Update when?
  4. Start Bid: 8s. Buyout: 20s. Sniper protection: 30 Minutes. No Private Bids. 50c Increments
  5. 5s. Let me know if you have one.
  6. I'm glad it's being addressed but we're coming up on 2 months since launch, over a month since the last valrei international. One would think an influx of new/returning players would mean the dev team would be more interactive with updating their player base with what's going on behind the scenes. Here's what were working on, yes we are aware of these issues and we are working on fixing it rather than players sifting through current posts where you've stated issues being addressed for the last 3-4 weeks.
  7. Start Bid: 10s Buyout: 25s 1 Hour Sniper Protection. Buyer to pick up from L8 Asgard on Cadence(Coastal location). Can be completed and imped to 71ql free of charge if buyer wishes.
  8. Start Bid: 15s. Buyout: None. Sniper protection: 1 Hour. No Private Bids. 1s Increments
  9. Would like to buy the liquid required for all 3 of these. Paying 5s per tile plus mail costs.
  10. NFI timeline

    Your player base has been asking for these things since launch so are there conversations taking place? Any news on the roadmap?