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  1. i think better regen is the answer rather than fixed area tbh
  2. I searched for this very item and was a bit disappointed to see it didn't gain much traction but will use this thread instead of a new one as this is a real annoyance. The area around my deed on release got converted to large swathes of bushes over the course of several rifts when it used to be a nice pine/birch woodland. I spent a while clearing the area and replanting, it took ages and I don't know if I have the time to keep on top of it as new rifts just punch new large wholes in the trees that get taken over by the bushes that remained. Something to help the recolonisation of trees would be welcome for sure rather than changing the landscape. EDIT: not sure fixed site is the answer but some way of going back to previous landscape would be nice rather than bush monoculture
  3. The old rift house (ThRift Store) is within the rift boundary, in case of random wurm things happening Panda and I have quickly put up a back up one (RETREAT!)
  4. Will try to turn up. May bring Fo too.
  5. CoD to bodgemonkey please, many thanks.
  6. If this is still available please CoD to Bodgemonkey
  7. Hey man, if you are still interested in a smoke of sol I am in possession of two charges. You can have one of them for 275s if you would like as it was the bid before your highest in this auction - 


    If it makes any difference or you want to confirm (or i am not available) you can contact Rollypolly who i am selling one on behalf of.

  8. Statuette of Fo - 5s CoD to Bodgemonkey plz
  9. Could you CoC this to Bodgemonkey, many thanks.
  10. Bodgemonkey fighting Yamuliss casting LoF.