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  1. Good for you Booskii, always nice to see the older players help out the new ones. I will miss this event due to rl but hope to attend one in the future. +1
  2. [08:08:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  3. WTS: 53 ql Rare Iron pickaxe. No enchants. Asking 7 silver. buyer pays COD from Xanadu. Thank you and have a fine day. Reply either in a PM or ingame.
  4. Is there an issue with the servers Wurm uses? I have played a few other MMOs, planetside 2, Eve online, GTA 5, even UO and I have never had a server that has as many issue as Wurm ( especially the Xanadu server) seems to have, I don't recall it being thisbad a year ago. Had there been an overall increase in the player count, or something else to point to as the cause, or are the servers just not up to the task?
  5. Greetings fellow Wurmians, I just felt like post about an experience I had last night that reminded me of why I love the wurm community. I live in the NE of Xanadu, and hardly ever see anyone in local, the combination of low population, high mob spawns, and an incomplete road network keeps the foot traffic very low. So imagine my surprise when I log in and see a player in local. Not having much going on and always willing to strike up a conversation I ask him how his day was. The tale was like many such, a new player, he had placed his tent somewhere on the coast and gone exploring. He was lost, hungry, and in danger of the hellhounds on the mountains above. On his own and with my explanation of where my deed was located he found his way, swimming the last bit as the road is incomplete. When he arrived, I fed him, gave him some cotton for his wounds, a few fishing poles and lines for food, and an extra rowboat I had laying around. I haven't seen someone that happy in game in a long time. He was truly grateful and regretted he had nothing to trade in return. This reminded my of my own first days in wurm, being killed three times trying to reach a friends deed to start my wurm life. Low nutrition, low food, and no skills, or decent equipment life was hard. However I was lucky in that I found some awesome people on my travels that went out of their way to help me. Giving me food and equipment that must have been useless to them but to me was a gift beyond compare. I hope that new player I was able to help stays. Even if he doesn't maybe I made a slight impression on him and others had made on me. The community of Wurm Online is the best I have ever found in an MMO. We just help each other out. So here is a shout out to all the players that go out of their way to assist new players, keep being awesome and keep paying it forward.
  6. I would just like to strongly recommend this seller. I contacted him yesterday wanting to place an order for a 92 ql 2 handed sword with an 80+ coc. He replied to request within ten minutes, we worked out the details of what I wanted in another ten, and within 12 hours I had my new sword. I will be repeating my business with this seller in the future. Thanks again Gumbo!
  7. Hello comrades I have 1k hunting arrows for sale the information is below, due to recent travels, deliver will not be possible at this time. Server: Xanadu Pick up Location: The Red Highlands F 23 coastal pick up available. Arrows: 1k birchwood avg QL 6.09 ( sorry haven't imped them). Price: 4 silver Please reply either here or ingame, thank you and safe travels. Redcomrade
  8. Xanadu Map

    The Red Highlands Thank you and keep up the good work.
  9. Greeting fellow Wurmians, I am currently in the process of moving server which means I seem to have found myself with an overabundance of ships on my hands. This is great new! For you. I am currently located on independence at 17x 14y Cedar Hill for those that know the area. All the following ships are located in Samling Fjord and are ready for pickup. 1- Small sailboat, Cedar, 32 QL - 1 S ( sold ) 1- Corbita, Cedar, 30 ql ( with 60 rafts!) 3.5 S ( sold) 1- Corbita, Cedar, 30 ql 2.2 S ( sold) 1- Cog, Cedar, 30 ql 5 S ( sold) The prices listed are just a baseline I would rather see these ships used than left to rot, send me a message here or a PM in game. The worse I can say is no right? Take care out there. Red
  10. Quick and polite response to purchase request. Fast delivery, and a good price +1 would recommend this seller!
  11. Compass, Brass (61.98ql) please, and thank you.
  12. Greetings Wurm!, I have 2k mortar for sale on the independence server. I may be able to make a delivery if necessary ( Indy only please) The goods: 2,000 mortar The location: Goods can be picked up at 17x 14y cedar hill ( or delivered to sea side for a small fee, again Indy only) The price: Asking 6s for the lot or 3s per 1k. Thank you in advance for your time and have a good day. Redcomrade
  13. Inde Ko.

    Its the weekend, of course indy is down. Sigh.
  14. Good day Wurmians! I am currently selling 1k of brick and mortar. Now I will be honest, this is my first bulk sale attempt so I may be a little off with my pricing if I am please correct me. My goods are available for pick up on the indy server at Cedar Hill ( 17x-14y) you can pull your ship right up to shore and load up. If you would prefer delivery I am afraid I can only deliver on independence server and only by sea to the coast ( extra cost for delivery depending on distance 50 c- 1.5S) The Goods: 1k Bricks- 2s 1k Mortar-3s Location: Indy server 17x-14y ( Cedar Hill ) Thank you for looking and have a fine day
  15. Could you please add a deed mark to the map? The location in17x-14y and the deed name is Cedar Hill. It is located on the coast almost exactly in the center of the tile. My apologizes for the lack of a picture.