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  1. please send to Joedirttwo digging and blacksmith
  2. send me all the potions of woodcutting and all the ointment of stonecutting Toddly
  3. just a thought. a craftable that uses stamina like the level option with digging. have mats in inventory, activate appropriate tool, click on craftable and select the action. I am sure there is more to consider, just a thought that I have not entertained for much time.
  4. just bought 4 hellies, didnt have cages, so Platyna made them for me, price was great! excellent service! will recommend!
  5. Sold

    Rare Strange Bone 49.69QL [14:20:32] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. first 17s takes it. Thank you.