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  1. i can head over there and do that for you. will send you a pm in game.
  2. winner Xiled. thx for bidding
  3. Can deliver cross server, pm me with your desired location, and i will let you know if i can deliver to it.
  4. On inde, willing to deliver. auction ends in three days. no enchants, 30 ql, 1s increments
  5. on Inde, contact Toddly or Toddles in game, or pm Toddly in forum. Strongwall- 75c , or 100- 30ql+ door locks, or ?
  6. 1 s per tile Toddles on Inde.
  7. i cant wait to attend, sad to hear it will be your last.
  8. no one is there now, did they disband?
  9. worked for me, thx Enki
  10. hey, before you go, can i get the 6 silver for the bricks i gave you? tried to with eroing, but he is sold now. cheers.
  11. Bunp
  12. Great guy, did work for him, trustworthy. sry to see you go man.
  13. ur right, wrong place, thx and good ideas!
  14. can we make a book and pen and ink to leave messages or even parchment to write on? just wondering
  15. Why not have a hand cart for a person only, then small carts one person or one animal can pull, medium cart for one person or 1 to 2 animals to pull, large cart for 1 to 2 animals pull only. ?