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Found 8 results

  1. D.A.R.G.O.N. Furniture And Fine Carp imps Dashingly Awesome Really Great One of a Kind Nifty Furniture!! Fine carpentry IMP and new items D.A.R.G.O.N Furniture is located at L13 on Independence. Here you can get finely crafted hand made furniture, carts, wagons, rope tools, spinning wheels, and looms. If its fine carp D.A.R.G.O.N has you covered!,1970 Rope Tool imps WAGON/Cart Furniture QL Cost imping New IMPing New furniture prices based 90 75c 1s 5s 75c on number of items and 91 1s 1.5s 6.5 s 1s actions to create 92 1.5s 2s 7s 1.5s 93 2s 2.5s 7.5 s 2s 94 2.5s 3s 8s 2.5s 95 3s 4s 9s 3s 96 3.5s 5s 10s 3.5s 97 4s 6s 11s 4s 98 4.5s 7s 12s 4.5s Contact Chaoshaze by replying here or /tell Chaoshaze in game! Happy Wurming!!!
  2. Are you tired of using weapons that only chop your opponents head, half way off? Maybe your mother-in-law is coming for a visit and you'd like to welcome her, in proper fashion. Or perhaps you'd like to upgrade that short sword to a massive two-hander, and impress that certain lady. *wink* If you answered YES to any of those statements, then this is the place for you ! Current stock and prices Updated June 18th Chanted Weapons out of stock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tool + Weapon Imps 90ql for 50c... 91ql for 1s... 92ql for 1.5s... 93ql for 2s... 94ql for 2.5s... 95ql for 3s... 96ql for 4s... 97ql for 5s All (non moon) Metals CoD charges extra ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iron or Wooden Shield Imps 85ql for 50c... 90ql for 75c... 91ql for 1s - 92QL for 1.5s - 93ql for 2s - 94ql for 2.5s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Imping Services PAS up to 92QL (Scale to 95ql) - JS up to 94QL Fine Carpentry Imps - All items - 85ql for 50c... 90ql for 1s... 91ql for 1.5s... 92ql for 2s
  3. hello ! I have quite a few weapons instock from 1 to 2 handed all 70ql or higher. any weapons can be ordered from iron to steel . enchants also available monster/animal demises - nimble - coc - woa - and more I have the cheapest prices around I can gurantee that imps are cheaper then buying a brand new enchanted / blank weapon. (I have a limited stock of Life transfer weapons. gettem while you can! ) Message Guthansthewretched or karilthetainted ingame im on either one or the other nearly 24/7 . if im offline then im sleeping
  4. Ok fine. We can make this a suggestion and move it. I suggest we kill the frick'n imps ? If that is not an option, my plans b & c are to give us a 'cancel notifications' button for unwanted imp notifications in our brainzes at the mail box… or special noise canceling ear plugs that only silences mail we already acknowledged. Best yet, I guess, is an 'acknowledged' toggle button for returned mail in our mail box. Once acknowledged, no more imps in our ears every time we log on, or server reset, or whichever. Now, I'll need to attend to these voices I'm still hearing in my head. Thanks your time ? [original post below] *Takes high QL stone chisels to his ears* Please.. for the love of god... please fix broke mail system. I sent a friend some paper, thought it would cost him 1 iron. Turns out frick'n mail system charges a copper for a frick'n piece of paper. So he rejected that deal. So now it comes back to me.. BAM … these imps in my frick'n ears, and I cant get them to stop. I go check my mail, try to 'REJECT REJECT REJECT' but no luck... (ok now, for some insane reason, my images are not auto expanding. sorry. I got no idea why my image link is not expanding today... today of all frick'n days just exactly when the frick'n imps decide to get into my head, no way to get the voices to stop... omgodddddd…… Image expanded nicely (thanks CA Help ? ) finally) Why can't I cancel this. I want the imps dead. Thank you for your time, TeeeBOMB
  5. Major WIP, please be patience as I build inventory and stock. Thank you! Relevant Skills: Individual piece prices for imping coming soon (Will still do single items on sets). Milk (Cow, Sheep, Bison): Beer, Wine, Spirits: Nails, Fence Bars, Ribbons, Chain Links, Wooden Beams, Support Beams, Mixed Grass: Dirt, Sand, Tar, Clay: Bricks, Concrete, Mortar, Slabs, Shingles: Containers: Imping and Creation Services: (Current materials available imping are Iron at the moment, working on getting more metals on hand, still ask and I may have some(pricing may vary on metal type)) PM Quelon in game or post below!
  6. Blacksmithing & Shield smithing service Blacksmithing imps: (anvils 2x more price) 70ql - 10c 80ql - 30c 90ql - 80c 91ql - 1.50s 92ql - 1.8s 93ql - 2s 94ql - 2.5s 95ql - 3s Shield smithing imps: 70ql - 20c better ql SOON im working on it RARE: Rare needle x2 (offer) ALSO IF SOMEONE DONT HAVE MONEY CAN PAY WITH Drake hide- 0.40c for 0.01 Dragon scale- 0.60c for 0.01 sleep powder -1s If you have any question ask me here or /t Spyte ingame
  7. Tool Creation(Large Anvils 1.5x more than listed price) QL Blacksmithing Chain Smithing(Iron, set) Jewellery Smithing Shield Smithing Carpentry Fine Carpentry 50 10c 50c 20c 10c 10c 10c 60 20c 75c 30c 20c 70 30c 1s 30c 80 50c 50c 90 1s 92 2s Improvement is the difference of current QL and desired QL. (80 to 90 imp is 1s-50c=50c) Below 50QL is valued at creation price. Lighting(All iron, PM for other materials and prices) QL Lamp Torch Lamps Imperial Lamps Lanterns 30 5c 5c 8c 73QL - 40c 40 10c 10c 15c 82QL - 75c 50 15c 15c 23c 91QL - 1.25s 60 20c 20c 30c 70 30c 30c 45c Lamps can be dyed for an additional 2c each. Lantern costs include dye of choice. Free delivery for orders over 1s value. Bulk discounts available. Enchanted Wares 90QL Whetstone 4.5 Damage 77CoC - 40c 84QL Rake 84CoC - 70c 90QL Axe AD Nim73 FB88 CoC95 MS68 - 4s 93QL Rare Oak Mallet 102 BotD - 12s 90QL Rare Iron Pickaxe 90WoA 85CoC - 9s 90QL Iron Pickaxe 97WoA - 3.75s 90QL Iron Pickaxe 94WoA - 3.5s 91QL Iron Pickaxe 100WoA - 4s If you need me, post here or send me a PM.
  8. I know that currently you can make a staircase but honestly what is the point of it if you cannot use it? it would be sooo cool if we could be able to create these staircases and actually use them for something.. JUST SAYING XD