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  1. message me on here or comment below to discuss priceing. can also message me in game aswell
  2. Me and my Village have claimed these peeps we will be PMing you shortly Strilan
  3. Also would like to see an actual item that could be equipped to fill those shoulder and cape places in the character window sometime. haha
  4. Just have been thinking for awhile that it would sorta be cool if when you dye some of your armor and drop it and it looks like the color you dyed it if you put it on it looks like the color you dyed it instead of it looking normal again. also if we could dye plate armor any color as well as the helm and shield like we can now would also be nice
  5. for players that currently have the in game currency used now it could be automatically be converted in their inventory. or they could make it sparce and people could only be able to buy unique items with only that currency. would also be sort of cool. than with the new currency they could buy the old currency to buy the unique items as well lol
  6. +1 this is an amzaeing idea. would add more life to the game
  7. than i guess not i was just suggesting it.
  8. yes but it would not be a kingdom seeing as it would have a smaller limit of people in them if they wanted to expand than they would either have to kick members to bring in new ones or they would buy prem to take their group to the next level.
  9. Pets (or tamable creatures) should be able to be named once tamed. also specific armor for more mobs would also be cool. such as kingdom armor for bison bears etc. Just an idea. also Maybe a stable for horses would be kind of cool. you could maybe hitch the horses to a post and or in their stalls so they do not wander off or anything stupid. This could also have a permission set to take them from the stable in the manage vehicle option.
  10. alliance chat is only for kingdoms. there could be a different chat for your specific group included
  11. thank you for your opinion. But you must also consider other gamers opinions as well..
  12. obviously sense they didnt even give it a chance..