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  1. we get a new boat but you take our discount away? I love a lot of the new ideas you guys come up with but not so happy with this one. Please dont take our discount for having a trader.
  2. With the neat items we get like the bunny ears or demon helms ect it would be nice if we could carve a mannequin head that we could post on a table or shelf and put the helms/ masks on for display.
  3. Start,2008 End,2036 South turn,2008 east turn,2035 thank you very much
  4. Start,2002 End,2033 Hope that is what ya need. Thank you again.
  5. There is a new bridge crossing connected to hwy from Montrose at K-14 that crosses over to L-15 call Shepherd's Pass. Please Add this Bridge to the map when you have time. Thank you. We love the map
  6. Sounds like some exciting changes. I am really looking forward to the skins and the decoration items. What am I saying? all the ideas sounds great! Thanks for all you do guys!
  7. Hi Jaquari,

    I hear you own the Public Arboretum. I live across the inner sea and have started building a bridge to connect to the hwy on your side. I see you access road and will not disturb it or your deed in anyway. I just wanted to let you know I will not block your access to the clay pit nor the hwy.  I just didnt want you to see it and be bothered thinking I was going to block you in anyway. I hope this is all good. Please have a awesome day.

  8. It would be fun if we could put a snow lantern in the snowball slot in a larder so when you open the larder it lights up. Not super useful but fun.