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  1. A little bird told me , what makes you think this will be on PVP servers. So guessing it will not be.
  2. You been in your mine again for to long?
  3. Question? Whos catapult was it? If not yours would there not be a name on it ? Did anyone see strange name in area? If i see someone i dont know i try to track them down , to see what there doing. Most dont last long in area. I wish you best of luck and hope a GM gets back to you and us on what happened.
  4. The ships are in village and perimeter . As for the gods , aka Lord Rolf , he may not even know. haha. I will just leave them there and let them decay slowly over time and watch the stuff inside do the same.
  5. Thats the link i seen also. The items are ships and large carts. Taking 500 days for a 40 ql ship row boat to hit 50 damage is crazy.. Thats last time the owner loged on.
  6. Trying to figure out how decay works now a days. I have been reading the WIKI and it seems vague to me , it gives a a formula on decay but not on what it works , deed none deed. Thing is i have bunch of carts and ships on and off deed left over by old owners and players who left them behind. Now i have my carts and ships also. Say all items are 25 QL cherry , some are on deed in village others in perimeter and some land of Wurm. I find that my items take decay/damage yet the abandoned stuff is not taking any , and players have not been on from 6 months to 2 years. No one is repairing them , some have damage from not much , but in pass month none of other players items have taken any more damage. Was there not a patch added that if said owner has not been on in so many days or months , stuff should decay? I deeded a piece of land had buildings wood and stone 45 ql , it was at 50 damage , i perimetered over them for faster decay , it took over 3 weeks for them to demolish. I am wondering if decay is working properly towards ships and large carts on and off deed? Thanks for any replys..
  7. I find that a characters name will also screw up PayPal. Took me over a year to get it fixed because my characters name was coming back as illegal country to deal with. Go figure.
  8. Like Odynn said no more penning , did Rolf not say they were going to make it that uniques could bash there way out? Its a Freeken boss mob , penning it should not be possible unless druged . So our friend has no worries about cost.
  9. You should be able to stand behind it and rotate left or right insted of drag to aim . I dont know how many times i had to drag this a dozen time to get proper angle for some fencing or walls. In older times they had a large pole that they would use to shimy the ass end over to aim.
  10. Repair and drag should not even be on the bar . They do need a turn catapult left or right for aiming icon insted.
  11. They should be considered lesser gods , have spell like summon basket of fruit or vegies , random type. Mind wipe , lets you have anty agro buff for awhile. Blink , lets you tele short random distance , you get my point , nothing major or game braking .