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  1. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

  2. wtb Metallic Liquids

    3s each,, cod Tayne No need for Authorization, just cod them
  3. Fair game play hits a new low

    Was this something that could have been avoided with reinforcing the cave walls?
  4. PC Vyn Priest

    I was seriously considering selling this priest but the offers and the PC on him are lower than I expected. I have put sooo much time and money on gem purchases that it just isnt worth selling him. This is no fault of anyone, its just too easy to level a priest now with the changes over the last couple years.
  5. PC Vyn Priest

  6. PC Vyn Priest
  7. 2 things I need!

    1.) A dog bowl 2.) A recipe for Kibble to put in bowl That is all
  8. Building Plans

    On freedom servers it would be nice if once you hit 90 carp/mason there were no limits on the size of building plans on your own deed. Building height limits would remain the same. I emphasize on the planners deed. We wouldnt want 200 tile buildings started all over the wilds.
  9. Closed, purchased

  10. Closed, purchased

    Paypal verified PM me here or in game on Tayne
  11. CoC Enchants Degrading Rapidly?

    I agree and was wondering the same thing.
  12. Closed, purchased

  13. When you get invited to a deed, it will ask you if you want to teleport there. You just need to be on that server.
  14. Supreme Spear Fishing!

    Auctioning 1 Supreme Spear, blank, 8ql Starting bid: 8s (Silver Only) Bid Increment: 50c No Reserve No Snipe protection
  15. Blanks, any QL PM with best price