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  1. So, trying something new. We all probably know how enchanting is like getting 20x "useful" powers per one really high one. We priests tend to just dispel them in order to start over because of the recast bonus (which is +(100-ExistingPower)/20)... meaning we enjoy the lucky casts of really high or if its first cast, we also enjoy the really low ones because if we get "double lucky" we can deliver our customers something as high as 109 power thanks to Benediction bonus of +5 power on each cast. So.. instead of dispelling I have decided to categorize the stuff I make into three categories; The real deals! which is the top list down below and consist of good items priced according to my knowledge of the market. Decent! which are items I deem valuable but I dont really expect to sell them easy. These are all costing 20c each! Discount!! which are items I deem valuable to those without enchanted items and are sold at 5c cost each! Here is the stock: Real! Deal! Price Item Metal QL E1 E2 E3 Rune1 Rune2 5s trowel iron 95 c95 w95 glimmersteel rune of Vynora; +usage speed (5%) +quality at a faster rate when being improved (5%) 3s trowel tin 89 c104 bronze rune of Libila; +gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) seryll rune of Jackal; +chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) -quality change when repairing damage (5%) 2s pickaxe iron 51 c104 gold rune of Magranon; -size (5%) -weight (5%) 2s hatchet steel 39 c103 1.5s rake iron 26 c100 60c saw iron 24 c96 1s pickaxe iron 2 c101 60c pickaxe iron 2 c95 60c pickaxe iron 2 c95 2 metal brush iron 6 c106 Decent! Item Metal QL E1 E2 E3 Rune1 Rune2 20c carving knife iron 57 c84 copper rune of The Scavenger; +chance to be successfully improved (10%) -quality change when repairing damage (10%) 20c saw iron 6 c86 20c saw iron 6 c85 20c hammer iron 72 c87 20c pickaxe iron 2 c90 20c great helm iron 2 a89 steel rune of The Scavenger; -reduce damage taken (10%) - decay taken (10%) Discount! Item Metal QL E1 E2 E3 Rune1 Rune2 5c lump iron 99 c89 5c lump iron 99 c87 5c metal brush iron 6 c86 - Raybarg
  2. I found out that QL of planters affect the harvesting timer. Woa also works on them. Even 80ql planters harvest "basically instantly" with my sloppy 65 skill in gardening. Shydow, I am curious what your harvesting timers are with planters of very low quality? And if you possibly know if harvesting gets faster with gardening skill going up? So we could potentially try to find the skill vs QL:Woa(Effective) curve for what Effective quality to aim for to make all planters "instantly" harvestable.
  3. I was afraid to look into this thread, but curiosity got the best of me. Shydow proved that I was right to be afraid.
  4. Try hard refresh on chrome. ctrl+f5. +1 on the half-floor idea. Massive storage rooms with "large shelves" dream idea.
  5. When hovering mouse over the map, the corresponding row/column letter/number should bold/highlight so it would be so much easier to spot the "S26" youre being told. Might seem like "Why? You can just look up the column, then carefully look up the row" etc... but when seeing streamers look at the map for coord annotation, its just like with myself, constantly going up/down and left/right to try to desperately keep the mouse going straight up/down and left/right, and it never really does. Ending up wanting to use the world map less because its tedious like that. Slight un-game-breaking thing to highlight the letter/number so we can more easily to see what tile on map we're on or where is the given annotation of a tile on map is.
  6. Just as came on, I was immediately summoned to a RoS cast so I had not time to send any messages regarding its time. So dont forget to land your prayer today to get the precious ML and SB.
  7. I would like to participate in Rite of Spring cast with my 100 Faith priest for the Benediction journal. So I am looking for other Vyn priests to cast it together or if such group is already established, I would look for participating to complete the journal part for participating in casting a global spell.
  8. Hardly a day has gone by in past years without Tich being mentioned. Greatly missed, rest in peace, Tich. ?
  9. Thats a long thread, TL;DR. We fix out economy in Wurm by adjusting to the current standard. Back in year 2011 when I started Wurm, it was possible to make sales on plain 70ql items with as much as (in rare cases) 1 silver per. (as dying off trend as "70ql for 1s".) Moving on to 2012+ when my skill in Blacksmithing was enough to make 70ql, the market of 70ql already kinda died out (80ql seemingly never gained traction of popularity, the new trend emerged as "90ql for 1s".) Somewhere around 2014 the trend as "90ql for 1s" appeared to be dieing off with new emerging trend of "9xql for 1s" being more dynamic starting from 91ql and moving up...) Its as much as one can do half-ashumming how it went for the context of ppl having long discussions how "new players cant cut to market". There is cross-point in which new players speed of gaining skills does match what the market demands, but this cross-point keeps climbing up all the time. (This is what they call "so they learn it takes years to get there".) But one fundamental aspect of how to look at this remains same; New players hardly every could just jump to the market, and "worth making" items were allways "up there in the pain tresholds" that only some fraction of player population manage to get there. I do remember the time when there was still market for lower quality range items with mediocre enchants, say 70ql and 70ish powers while I had already built my skills to the point of being able to massproduce those spending only a matter of "minutes" per item. But that time the stuff that really sold consistently were still at range of QL and powers that was hard and took me a matter of "hours" per item. These days its relatively hard to sell plain item even with top enchants, unless the item is one of the "spam" types. Now sold tools need to be rare (or better), be 95+ql and have 90+ enchants. After all these years, indeed, making tool like that is in matter of "hours" for me to produce. Conclusion! There is nothing to fix in Wurm Economy. Its already been fixed. Why? Because skills cap at 100. "The pain" to produce 99ql items with 99+ enchants will be great and that will NEVER change. Its now matter of "if you want to participate in endgame market of tools you must hit 100 skill etc..." How has it been fixed? The change which introduced enchant decay on all occasions (removal of the "5 second rule".) Now all tools lose QL and Enchants on usage no matter how good they are. But those explanations dont explain... Exaggerated scenario... "Old players" steer towards using those 99+ql 100 power tools as its the maximum efficiency gained from tool, dropping down from 100 power to 99 power, or QL reducing down to 98+, they want reimp, recast or replace. Then theres the "been having this rare, I want supreme" scenario aswell. As economy is "saturated" with all kinds of tools that have become "fast" to produce, the market simply shifts to value the items that still are hard to produce. We should not fight this, its simply natural.
  10. Beautiful idea. Although I would change that to consume 2 favor per 1 used by linkee but otherwise remain the same. This would mean that 100 faith priest can link to other god priests in order to provide 45 more favor for the cost of 90 favor available from the linker. This would open the the world of 120 power casts to casting priests at 75 or higher faith with a cost on top of the multigod linking. Edit: My point about "75 faith priest opening to the option of 120 power casting" means that for those oldies who have 100 faith Vyn's around wanting to start LT business, this means the Nacho/Fo/Whatever alt they would add to arsenal would "only" need to reach 75 faith.
  11. Seeing the familiar britannia in wurm style brings a smile on my face. The countless order vs chaos fights we fought running circles under that wall.
  12. Something akin to telepathy. For if there would be no Wurm my life would lack many great things. My thanks to Wurm for being here to type this message. In my darkest hours, the escape into Wurm was reason to stay around. Thanks to Wurm I am married with someone so far away that the odds of us meeting without Wurm would have been absolute zero. Thanks to Wurm for our daughter. Surely quite few people in Wurm has seen me in good times, bad times and very bad times. Those people are from all over the globe, all sort of different people, they also have had good, bad and very bad times. After so many years knowing these amazing people trough Wurm, I can no longer but wonder and feel sadness when some of those in real life who did not yet abandon me telling me how "online friends are not true friends". No wonder the escape into Wurm is so pleasant.
  13. Audrel, I once stumbled on bug which allowed new toons within their first 24h of "online time" to create items without the skill/5 restriction, basically making it possible to grab 99ql iron lumps and spam out 99ql horse shoes (with very low probability to succeed making a 99ql one when skill cap was 20... but was possible anyways.) So I reported it and personally refrained using it. Waited 1 year, made new toon and tested it. Bug still there. So instead of reporting it, I talk to Rolf directly. It got solved. I dont know about other people, but old garlic saccing is kinda amusing "as a problem" in comparison to something as drastic as what I found, and that drastic thing sit there for one year. And this example is not alone in my sleeve of discoveries. Just like with any complex software developmnet and limited developer time, there is certain priority delay in addressing things which tend to be sorted by their "known severity". So you see, "known" part of it is making things appear as if nothing is being fixed even though theres multiple devs working 8 hours a day on the codebase.
  14. In my line of work I am facing this issue which features should be called bugs/broken/wrong and which not. So far nothing was broken, saccing garlic was a window of opportunity. Why hurry to change mechanics everyone seem to love and hate is revolving only around biased jealousy? Also it is nice they decided to modify this particular feature and I agree with devs on the choice of how it was changed. Current feature is now our reality. It is also understandable that the change was a boost to some, and a nerf to some. Some skills need to be worked on in order to restore the productivity that was lost in nerf scenarios, but theres nothing but smiling in boost scenarios. I do respect the reality that being on the nerf side ought to cause dissatisfaction.
  15. Kind of glad I aint in the hospital you running, I would bleed out after having stitches and bandaids all over other places.