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  1. Seeing the familiar britannia in wurm style brings a smile on my face. The countless order vs chaos fights we fought running circles under that wall.
  2. Something akin to telepathy. For if there would be no Wurm my life would lack many great things. My thanks to Wurm for being here to type this message. In my darkest hours, the escape into Wurm was reason to stay around. Thanks to Wurm I am married with someone so far away that the odds of us meeting without Wurm would have been absolute zero. Thanks to Wurm for our daughter. Surely quite few people in Wurm has seen me in good times, bad times and very bad times. Those people are from all over the globe, all sort of different people, they also have had good, bad and very bad times. After so many years knowing these amazing people trough Wurm, I can no longer but wonder and feel sadness when some of those in real life who did not yet abandon me telling me how "online friends are not true friends". No wonder the escape into Wurm is so pleasant.
  3. Audrel, I once stumbled on bug which allowed new toons within their first 24h of "online time" to create items without the skill/5 restriction, basically making it possible to grab 99ql iron lumps and spam out 99ql horse shoes (with very low probability to succeed making a 99ql one when skill cap was 20... but was possible anyways.) So I reported it and personally refrained using it. Waited 1 year, made new toon and tested it. Bug still there. So instead of reporting it, I talk to Rolf directly. It got solved. I dont know about other people, but old garlic saccing is kinda amusing "as a problem" in comparison to something as drastic as what I found, and that drastic thing sit there for one year. And this example is not alone in my sleeve of discoveries. Just like with any complex software developmnet and limited developer time, there is certain priority delay in addressing things which tend to be sorted by their "known severity". So you see, "known" part of it is making things appear as if nothing is being fixed even though theres multiple devs working 8 hours a day on the codebase.
  4. In my line of work I am facing this issue which features should be called bugs/broken/wrong and which not. So far nothing was broken, saccing garlic was a window of opportunity. Why hurry to change mechanics everyone seem to love and hate is revolving only around biased jealousy? Also it is nice they decided to modify this particular feature and I agree with devs on the choice of how it was changed. Current feature is now our reality. It is also understandable that the change was a boost to some, and a nerf to some. Some skills need to be worked on in order to restore the productivity that was lost in nerf scenarios, but theres nothing but smiling in boost scenarios. I do respect the reality that being on the nerf side ought to cause dissatisfaction.
  5. Kind of glad I aint in the hospital you running, I would bleed out after having stitches and bandaids all over other places.
  6. That! THAT! *screams loudly and points at it* THAAAT! Also my empirical statistics based on the considerable number of "hardcore online players" I used to play with before finding Wurm... 0% of them stayed in Wurm. Only ONE actually played for like, a month or two. Majority of them barely survived few hours and 'logging off and never coming back' was common during the Tutorial. This is from the time of SmurfWurm, the green people. I heard all sort of things, one surfacing most was "lol you slide and lol no animations and lol graphics". So what has happened? ALL OF THAT HAS BEEN "FIXED!". Sadly, I am probably never able to make those players try Wurm again. Trough the years of playing I've also been privileged to observe quite many people start out and vanish. One common pattern is that players are more likely wanting to "achieve things by themselves" which means that me as an "established player with thousands or tens of thousands of every possible resource in the game and mastery in so many skills" is there only to make new players uncomfortable. They want to make their fingernails bleed in struggle of foraging around for that one pumpkin, then sow it as field which they lovingly tend until it can be harvested. This is a metaphor of "having done it all by yourself". I could just drive my cart into their little slum of 4 packed uneven tiles with wooden fence around it... and present them with supplies that would take them YEARS! To accomplish all by themselves. So I've learned not to offer anything to new players... lately not even much deeper knowledge. It is a fact that in my early days I also loved to discover things myself and feel the accomplishment of making a sickle (which I remember being very long and confusing process within my first hours of playing.) Then there are those players who stick to me like glue, asking me to make them pretty much every single thing. Or ask me how to make nail, how to make large nail, how to make ribbon. Despite me every time showing screenshot of crafting window (or in early days show the activated item and targeted item with context menu options) with red highlights and arrows. Some harshly uneducated dissecting; So if I would go and black&white the crop out of players, these two types would be the distinct ones. Type 1: Self discovery, exploration, curiosity, internally entertained. Type 2: Driven by thrill and competition, group types, externally entertained. Remaining players of both types tend to deviate in two distinct paths; Type 1: Self-sufficiency, personal empire building, maximization of everything. Type 2: PvP, community events like unique slays, rifts, hota... (Note; There is gray area in everything, also in between of these types. Some people are like "ambitypes" of these two types. Which is why I mention the distinction.) Not remaining players of both types tend to deviate in distinct reasons: Type 1: Knowledge/resource/discovery saturation. Type 2: Combat system, boredom, loneliness. So what does all this have to do with OP [Marketing thread]? Realize that if we would be running "Dads who dress as princesses" Club in this city, we would need to advertise it the way EVERY single dad should be targeted with advertising. Then accept that only a small fraction of those are curious enough to come see what it is about, and only a tiny fraction of those will become regular participants. As Retro points out in his response. Wurm is "a sandbox MMO". These days we have to call it "a true sandbox MMO" because they are calling all kind of games "sandboxes". Now some other games actually follow suit and start calling them "a true sandbox MMO" also, so we need to start calling Wurm "a real true actual sandbox MMO" and the spin goes on. See the pattern? It is beautiful point that people do not even seem to understand it. And theres that, Wurm is spearhead to show what "sandbox" as a word means, and there is (hopefully) gonna be a game which will shove the spear further and make Wurm look like themepark game. Somehow Wurm has been managing to have healthy number of players which suggests that any "marketing strategy" they have got and will have is probably as good as it is. Especially when considering putting Wurm ad on Superbowl, just imagine that. The "demographics of players" who we'd expect to stay in Wurm, and whats coming pouring out of the... whatever the super bowl is, when its spilled and poured. Issue is not how Wurm team is marketing/advertising, nor the issue in how game (or community) is treating new players. There is no Issue. Wurm is just popularity equivalent to "dads who dress as princesses" club.
  7. It is also using Coc on the item. Which is why you might find Coc gloves in my forge. Skilling on non-coc items leaves the coc bonus out of ~20% of the time so one should skill on Coc'd items. And as Retro points out, in case of making high QL item (or even planning Woa cast on them) then cast woa early on, not later on. [Point 1] Water has been a nuisance from the beginning and its almost like the bastard favorite child of smithing. [Point 2] The reason why Whetstones and Pelts "feel like bad also" is because how accumulated DMG influences the actual QL in imping success. I've even forgot how was it exactly, allways just considered it being straight out reduced from the QL of the tool... so 95ql pelt with 5dmg equals to using 90ql pelt. [Point 3] Items vary in their imping difficulty. When reaching "almost" 100 in blacksmithing and obsessively using 100ql low dmg items and 99ql hammer I consider my situation "maxed out" for what can be achieved trough simple quality tuning. So, testing to imp for example a shovel and a needle up from scratch and measure the QL when I first time fail and start with another one. Going trough like 20x items per shovel and needle, it becomes clear that first imping fails average around 75 for shovels and around 55 for needles. Ofcourse many smiths are aware how "resistant to imping" some items are in comparison to other items at very high QL. I go insane imping a file to 97 where in comparison imping shovel to 97 is "just a small task". [Point 4] When combining the points 1 to 3 it is evident that depending on which item is being imped and which one of the 5 actions is in question, there is a "treshold X" which is being put to challenge the "patience Y". So depending on the imper it vary alot where X:Y ratio breaks over to feeling annoying. [Conclusion point] In a way it is good thing that imping to 99+ql is insane amount of work due to 10 (or more) failures per success and needing ~5 successes to have "visible change in QL" (as in +0.01 requires ~50 imping actions). This way 99+ql items truly are "Epic". But in a way, if this tediousness with some items might begin as low as 80 for one who is "perfectly maxed quality smith", it feels like something is missing. Once hitting the hard wall of not being able to get more skill nor more QL, its just "duh" when... you know, "Grandmaster blacksmith" fails to make a small needle. Gumbo has a point. I agree with him. But I cannot see it working differently. Issue is not that we fail alot. Issue is that there is a point of reaching the pinnacle of productivity. Cannot get any better, and still its hard to imp things. Expectations are facing the reality and in general this is difficult to cope with for humans in all areas of life. With acceptance it is solved individually as there is no external solution to this, only endless cap-raising battle that so many MMO games has chosen as their path. Which Wurm seems to be choosing aswell. We get potions and runes to work trough to the new pinnacle and there same thing happens. My prediction is that at some point Wurm also might choose to implement a system how we can break over the 100 skill limit. Being able to go, for example 102 or 105 skill which will create the illusion of "getting better" once again. Perhaps reaching the new pinnacles becomes more and more tedious... so one does not just get to 102 skill within 5 years, but it takes 10 years. Surely would quiet the veterans who "just cant get better anymore" for a long period of time.
  8. Im just having fun... nothing serious here. New server: Banish Terrain: Volcanic Climate: Hot Wildlife: Hell creatures Size: Small (Perhaps even smaller than Cele and its cousins) An island without dirt, only rock and lava with impassable canyons and steep sides. The island itself is a creation of supervolcano that keeps bubbling in the middle. Imagine players coming with their loads of dirt or Nachos'n'Fos, with collections of sprouts to establish oasises in the barren island. Eventually this place too would be like any other server but surely it would be a bit more of a challenge to establish settlements there. (Also Hell Horses would be only available mounts in this island.) +1 list (things that dont exist but would make this place more harsh): - Dehydration increase (water bar going down faster in this server, possibly low-water causing damage as burn wounds) - Add "Banish Crystals" as a random mined item like gems which can be used in process of item bonuses. - Add "Hell Troll" which is Hell-version of normal troll to add to the list of challenging NPC mob in the island. - Add "Hell Dragon" such as red dragon which is the islands own unique that can spawn. - New tree stage; Snag. Randomly occurs on Mature tree stage and after Old and Shriveled stage. So its hard to get trees to grow big and healthy, and abandoned places turn to Snag-barren looking ones. - Grass tiles might turn to dirt tiles if not surrounded by other grass tiles. Add "Water" option to water grass tiles to prevent them turning to dirt tiles. - Wooden structures (walls) would have their decay happening even if ondeed. (promote stone structure building) - What else...?
  9. I been Dev for past approximately 20 years and me among my colleagues have allways treated our water wheels very well. By "Water wheel" I mean all the sales people, marketing people, human resources people, service desk people, ...and all the rest of the people who stand between me and "customers"/other distractions. I've been trough three different companies of varying sizes so I've been member of varying team sizes. No matter how small or big the team is, the contribution of "water wheel" has never gone unnoticed for me. Currently we often talk about this among colleagues. Sometimes in team meetings we want to voice our respect and gratitude to other departments allowing us to focus on the work we are supposed to be doing. Especially thanking the service desk a lot these days when we see the chaos of service contacts scratching the roof of "hundred per person per day" where only a tiny fraction is requiring development team help. This respect and gratitude towards the water wheels, among the developers has been so universal and so consistent that I am taking it as a fact. So I am confident in that Wurm developers also value their PR person for Wurm very highly. Not only respect and gratitude but all the needed support, even if its badmouthing stupid players in the coffee break or offer a comfortable shoulder. The "entity of customers" as an abstraction is very naive and self-centered demanding 3-year old dark monster that we as individual customers acting within this umbrella hardly realize what we are doing. This is the black dot in white paper everyone stare at. Apart from 95% of customers being satisfied, it is the unsatisfied 5% that echo loudly trough and makes for example service desk people look weary, their shoulders heavy and sighs deep. And I know they carry the burden just so I can focus on my job. So least I can do is be the one listening when they unload some of that negativity... So, even if we are organized in separate departments, when we work together with other teams or other departments, we are all on the same side.
  10. I'm not there yet, only shed some nostalgic tears.
  11. How is it off topic when it was literally pointed out in the original post?
  12. Gee reading this thread I realized I am selfish hermit. Atleast I have nothing to complain about unique fights, some public slayings happened right next to my door. My situation is purely out of my own choosing and despite the dreams about "Wurm Instance Tool" which allows me and my 15 best friends to just form a team and click a button to teleport to private instance of an island with troll king waiting its demise... I have nothing to complain about. Just like everything in Wurm, our choice matters and pretty much all options are available to everyone. When it comes to competition, then its just matter of competitiveness and name of the game is "best wins". *shrugs* So, Wurm Developers have given us all sort of tools and targets. If starting point is "this tool" or "that target" is crappy then its biased from the beginning. All functionality is >=0 value, no negative. Changes can be negative in nature, but changes do result in functionality which existence remains >=0. We wish for +1 on pretty much everything in the game, and thats a good thing. But mere idea about +1 does not make zero turn into -1.
  13. I am addicted to seeing trough the last 0.0175 of Blacksmithing to hit 100. Hit 90 around 2012. Hit 99 around 2014. Surely you must be onto something.
  14. The single above all else reason why I keep playing Wurm is the skill system which has no global cap. Not considering the exceptions. From newbies standpoint skills are like carpentry, leatherworking, etc... and you will never hit any cap which tells you "Sorry you cant go above 20 Toymaking because you used up your pool." When I had just started playing and within a week I was worried that if I would choose to become "a smith" that I wouldnt be able to master "carpentry" due to some restrictions. So I was seeking answers to this, which was hard because I wasnt believing the simple "no caps" answer. When the knowledge finally sunk into my mind, I felt so excited and happy about it that my fingers and toes were tingling. On top of that, doing big (or bigger) things take big (or bigger) amount of time. We joke about "theres mountain blocking the view from your house? flatten the mountain" because its possible, just absurdly big task. So we wont see mountains being flattened, but back in our minds we know we could if we would. (With these two things, there just isnt game like wurm. And I would need to fight hard with my mind to consider that wurm is like MUD with graphics. Although, I have no idea how much and in what directions MUD's have evolved in past 15 years. All I can think of is MUD's back in early '90. There could be no-skill-limit 1-100 percentage based skill system MUD with ability to modify the map to your will. That kind of MUD would be easier to think being "like Wurm". Also one of the things about games which are not heavily leaning on graphical side is that they might be much more complex under the hood. In Wurm we're just dreaming about minigamification of Taming skills for example, some MUD's might give players ability to raise armies of armored goats each individually trained. So heck, what is that comparison between MUD and Wurm even?)
  15. My wife made Shrimpiie Gumbo one night, I woke up to that in the night when she was laughing maniacly while adding more ingredients in it and then resulting with bursting laughter when recipe name was popping up. Shrimpalong might be as much fun.