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Found 29 results

  1. Shop Now in Liquidation: Check Here for Remaining Stock.
  2. all prices are negotiable! make an offer if you feel like a price is a bit off Bulk goods: Rare items: Rare Materials: Enchanted tools: Enchanted weapons/shields: Other: Delivery: Buyer pays mail expenses. Mailed from a 99 courier runed mailbox. I will deliver non-mailable goods to any freedom PVE coast accessible for a knarr except the inner coasts of Xanadu for an additional 1s 50c fee. Free delivery to any purchases of 5s or more. I have no access to a wagoneer. Crates/BSBs 10c each unless we do an exchange. Located at D24 coast, Xanadu. You can reach me with a message in game (Acrisius), a forum PM or a reply in this thread I don't take custom orders. I only sell what I currently happen to have in stock.
  3. 500 30q maple war arrows plus one rare arrow. Pickup on South coast of Xan. T22. Starting bid 1s Increments of 25c no reserve 1 hour sniper (hate those folks that wait til the end to try to take it by surprise) Ending time 7/5 at 9am Central time (US) (Approx. 3 days from now)
  4. Gwyn's fletching workshop is clearing some stock. Lot A: 1,000 creation quality (11.89) cedarwood hunting arrows Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 5s Lot B: 1,000 creation quality (14.84) cedarwood war arrows Starting Bid: 3s25c Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 5s50c Buyer collects from Xanadu Q/R24. Delivery to outer coastal Freedom locations for 50c. Free delivery if buyer spends over 5s.
  5. When I select the up arrow on my toolbelt my mind keeps thinking that I will be going up in the number of my toolbelt. For example the toolbelt is currently on 4. When I press the up arrow I expect to go to 5. But instead it goes down to 3. This can get confusing to me and it gets me every time. Is it possible to please have a invert option for selecting my toolbelt rows. This does not feel normal to me. If you go to the game settings when selecting the "Default shift drag value" the arrows to select the value feel normal to me and that's how it should be. I don't know why the in game belt is backwards. It's a little hard to explain this but i hope some understand. It's not a huge issue but it does play tricks on me.
  6. Im looking to buy at least 100 hunting arrows, preferably Ql 70+, im willing to travel coastal to pick the merchandise. Leave me a price with your location.
  7. Dear players of Wurm, I had been living in Elevation, under a deed named Silver leaf until owner of deed had abruptly left game with little to under a weeks upkeep, i log in a couple days later to find the deed disbanded aswell as a Drake Spirit killing me, i was unable to return to my corpse and am lost where to go i have bare minimum tools, and not sure of a good starting area all i really require is some tools, armour, and weapon of any description or ql, could anyone please give me any advice where i should pick myself up from this situation. -Thanks Bruz If anyone has an offer to keep me under their deed i will be more then obligated to help you with any labour, etc, etc, i can make bricks, arrows, anything you may require i am just asking for means to level up my skills.
  8. I'm looking to buy lots of hunting arrows (cedarwood), not necessarily all 2.5k at one time. I'm unsure what's an appropriate price for arrows, so even if you don't have any I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on price. -Theino
  9. 200 Cedarwood War Arrows 70ql I am unable to deliver. Pickup can be arranged on the northern coast of Exodus. I'm very flexible with pickup times. I'll fill up 2 backpacks with the 200 arrows for easy transport. Starting bid : 1s Min. Increments: 0.25s (25c) No Reserve 1 hour snipe protection
  10. Sold via buyout offer
  11. Welcome to Blazer's shop! PM for enchants! Also planning carpentry buildings(97 carp). Give a shout on forums for priceds! Alternate payments: Referal - 6s Sleeping powders - 1,5s/each Delivery fees: Items can be COD'ed, buyer pays it. Delivery free on Chaos(MR Only)/Deliverance/Exodus. 25c for Celebration/Independece. 50c for West Xanadu, 1,5s for east Xanadu. Pristine/Release is 2s. Didnt find what you need? Give me a shout and I can try to sort it out Our Friends: Ravenholm's plate smithing/smithing/enchanting - perfect plate sets to protect you or your friends!
  12. Consumables: I have quite a stock of mixed 90+-quality food and consumables: Current stocks: onions 7k; pumpkins 5k; potatoes 4k; corn 6k; garlic 4k and strawberries 1k.... cotton 2k; wemp 4k. These are available at 60 copper per 1k (i.e. 6s per mixed 10,000). Buyer collects, I do not deliver (very sorry), hence the cheaper price. We produce about 5k a week. Ships, bows and arrows: Also Caravel 12s (ready), Knarr 9s (2 days off), Cog 6s (1 week off), Corbita 3s (ready). Arrows for 1s: 200 at 52-ql or 100 at 75-ql Bows 80-ql: 20c Full set of 70-ql studded leather, plain leather or cotton armour 1s. We are located at the address below (Sandie World) or at the lakeside at 39x 34y (Sand Castle). Diddy & Sandie
  13. Selling 2k 30ql cedarwood war arrows. I'm not sure what price to put on them so if anyone has an idea, feel free to reply in this topic or PM. Located in south Exodus (x32 y47 forum map). Preferably pickup, but I might consider delivery (only in Exodus) if I feel like the price is good enough Free delivery in Exodus note: I will be moving to Xanadu in about a week or two and I'd like to sell these before that.
  14. After maple season I will chop and replant 100+ maple trees, I supose I will get many QL35+ maple logs. Maple wood is the best for arrows coz make more dmg. Any interested?
  15. Hello comrades I have 1k hunting arrows for sale the information is below, due to recent travels, deliver will not be possible at this time. Server: Xanadu Pick up Location: The Red Highlands F 23 coastal pick up available. Arrows: 1k birchwood avg QL 6.09 ( sorry haven't imped them). Price: 4 silver Please reply either here or ingame, thank you and safe travels. Redcomrade
  16. 4s per 1000 (10ql) 5s per 1000 (19ql) Will deliver anywhere on freedom if you buy all (excludes chaos). Otherwise pickup from L25 Xanadu
  17. making one more post for slate becouse surely last one was not good for administration. so we have LOTS AND LOTS of slate veins and only 3 uses of slate 1)slate roofs 2)slate floors 3)catapulting why not make slate walls/fences? they exist in real life => here or slate arrowheads? => here please stop making f. turtrles or seals or plates make some usefull stuff like beekeeping someone posted before. thanks
  18. Hi everyone, I decided to reuse the thread I started before about selling arrows when I could barely claw them together. Now I have diversified my skills a bit, and got better overall at carpentry, so the list will appear quite large! Things under "Available to order" are basically things I can do, and may have in storage but can't go on merchant, or might take anywhere from 1 day to a week to be ready. Delivery is possible for larger orders. Otherwise collection for non-merchant orders is at 32x 10y Isle of Artificers, my little island in the lake (this map I dream of the day quivers of arrows can be bundled on merchants, and bows can be sent in the mail You can contact me on Release with the character Wraithfoe. I currently have a merchant located at Blossom Market on Pristine, and Lotus Landing on Release! Available to order Fletching 41 arrows is maximum to fit in a single quiver. War Arrows or Hunting Arrows (Maple): 41x 40ql - 1s 41x 50ql - 1.75s 41x 60ql - 2.75s 41x 70ql - 6s Bowyery Any bow types in Willow: 30ql - 20c 40ql - 30c 50ql - 40c 60ql - 45c 70ql - 60c 80ql - 1.2s Core carpentry items: Mallets, spindles, fishing rods, fine fishing rods, clay shapers, spatulas, grooming brushes: 50ql - 25c 70ql - 40c 75ql - 50c 80ql - 60c 85ql - 70c 90ql - 80c 95ql - 1.5s Fine Carpentry items: Rope Tools, Signs, Fruit Presses, Buckets, Small Barrels, Small Chests: 40ql - 30c 50ql - 40c 70ql - 60c 75ql - 80c 80ql - 1.2s Pre-order The higher quality arrows are priced quite expensively because they become quite difficult - I don't expect people to buy them unless they are really serious about their hunting hehe. Imping Service For larger objects I can come visit and improve them for a small travelling fee added to normal imp costs. However, for larger objects (looms, bell towers, etc) the cost will be slightly higher due to the amount of log I use up in the process (usually around 1 log to take a loom to 70ql). Any fine carp object I can take to 80ql, normal carpentry up to 95ql. House Planning Current Status: Available to Plan I have 98 carpentry and it's been mentioned that some people would like a large house planned. My pricing for this has changed and works on a more voluntary basis - there is a minimum fee of 30c regardless of location, but I would appreciate any extra "tip" people feel would be fair. Current Carpentry Titles Mighty Fine Carpenter, Renowned Carpenter, Master Carpenter, Fine Carpenter, Carpenter, Bowmaker, Fletcher, Arrowmaker, Able Bowmaker, Harbormaster
  19. 1,000 Arrow Shafts For Sale: 2s Will Deliver Anywhere In The Old Cluster At The Following Rates: Indie: 25c Deli: 40c Exo: 60c (Weekend Shipping) Anywhere Else: 1s Pick Up At Storm's End; 43x33y: Free
  20. Arrows

    Anyone on Pristine who is selling many cheap Arrows (QL ablout 4-5)? Pls PM me
  21. -Very recently placed, in Puzzle Plaza Market: "The Fletching Stall". A trader dedicated to sate your needs of Q50 arrows at an affordable, yet not exploitive price. -For the hunter - Q50 War Arrows at 3c. but most importantly, crafted with love. On the side I take requests for arrows, by unit or quiver, up to Q50 (can imp higher, but its not worth the effort) Q30 - 1c 50i Q40 - 2c Q50 - 3c Free Delivery within the Deliverance west coast, south coast, and Green Dog area. (for purchases equivalent to 1s or higher)
  22. Starting bid: 30s Reserve: none Buyout: none Min inc: 1s Pickup from northern Deli (5y20x), containers provided. Happy bidding
  23. WTB 1.5K cedarwood or maplewood war arrows for 4.5s. (3s/1k) I'll come to your deed to pick 'em up just shoot me a message on the forums if you'd like to arrange something.
  24. Oleander is highly poisonous in real life... in Wurm it is pretty but serves no function! Why not give it one?! I propose we use oleander for poison-- and be able to use the poison on arrows. Unless removed a poison arrow would continue to slowly infect the wound. Perhaps the poison could also be applied to other weapons and applicable to the first hit the weapon deals after being poisoned -- the effect in this case might be something along the lines of increased heal time on the injury. If we wanted to be really devious ... maybe it could be possible to poison food or water sources (water source poisoning should have a limited period to it.. so as to not poison it forever... ) This might be best only implemented in PVP ... but it would at least there give a use to testing water or examining food before eating...