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  1. I think what I need is someone who I can trust to follow all the early access / alpha / beta status games, summarise when they bring out major changes, and give them a new rating each time. That way I wouldn't have to check each one occasionally to see if it's in a state I'm willing to try it
  2. As a counterpoint, if you go check on your own lamps and find they have lots of damage so need repairing, it's going to be even more annoying if you have to get them re-blessed as well.
  3. Sometimes, people just need a project to work on. I decided to make a simple path up a mountain, and now that it's done anyone is welcome to come enjoy the views. In the end, a few bridges were required, like the 5 in this unhelpful screenshot: I quite liked the sights from the top, and wanted it to be easier to get up there. Don't open the next spoiler if you just wanna come and see for yourself! I'm not really sure how my neighbour and ally feels about the route since they are somewhat overlooked... ... but I did die a few times to make it happen so I think it's fair... If you want to visit, here's an expertly-drawn map showing the route up. It's really incredible how much time and effort went into the diagram, all things considered: I've left a container up at the top, with the idea of getting people to bring along some pieces of papyrus with philosophical thoughts to add to the collection. I've started it off with a piece about apathy, which will be ironic if nobody bothers to join in. p.s. I've discovered there's 1 spot where you can jump off the top and totally stick the landing in the Trigorn Tarn. It's a great base jump!
  4. If it's as Retro says and the slopes are no more than 20, then surely this is in fact a solution to the long-standing complaint that old deed sites remain unnaturally flat forever? Surely we can't have it both ways... (or maybe it's different people complaining in each direction).
  5. My personal opinion is that Wurm fills a niche between MUD and MMO. Perhaps Wurm could move more towards the MMO side without losing the MUD-like fans, but I'm happy playing a niche game as long as it's not losing money or anything.
  6. I think it's going to be problematic that we can't eat food when we're full. All my nutritional stats (carb etc) are at 0% but food is at 97%. I have to wait a long time just to find out what stats different foods give. [16:51:31] You are so full, you cannot possibly eat anything else.
  7. Is it possible to make opening the cookbook not be an "action" which needs to wait for other things to finish?
  8. When I was editing (paint.net, not even photoshop ) more time was spent dealing with names than deed markers, because the (often long) names need to not overlap other features + make sense in their positioning, something that isn't straightforward for a simple program to determine and was tricky for me in particularly crowded areas. That said, it only took like 5-10mins every week or two to keep inde up to date, so it's not much effort. I guess this would be more of a "spend some time now, and save a lot of time in the long run" type thing anyway.
  9. I'll probably be there at least for a bit, doing carp/bowyery/fletching/fine carp and ideally toymaking since that's my next grind.
  10. Is anyone playing this currently? I want someone to persuade me to get it
  11. I feel like people should put a little timer in the corner of these videos, showing how long the video is in real time (i.e. if each photo was 0.1s and the timer was 3s, then that 4:25 video counts up to 2hrs 12mins 30s I think)
  12. I also prefer a non-impalong festival. Boat races, horse races, foot races, archery, sparring, treasure hunts, navigation challenges, hide and seek...
  13. Same again with 4.00-ff3d40d. 28 mins in, maximised and just stood mining.