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  1. Happens often for me too and not just with carts. I'm afraid of being out hunting these days becuase I get dismounted very often. This has been going on for months now.
  2. Those screenshots look really nice! BUT... When I run the game, having most settings on max, lighting in this game looks really strange. The shadows are in the wrong places and moves around, especially around the edges, when I move, sun rays are lighting up ground or trees seemingly at random and they move around as well when I walk, even if I'm looking at the same exact spot in the world. Is this the same for everyone or something with my setup? I have tried two different graphics cards, current one is a Gefore GTX 1060, the previous one was older but rendered the game pretty much exactly the same but slower...
  3. Still very laggy sometimes, it goes up and down.
  4. I got one too reasently, I'm disappointed in how it looks. Think will have to hide it somewhere until it gets an update, it looks really out of place now with all the nice graphics in Wurm.
  5. Quite nice additions overall. A bit concerned about the new player adjustments, won't this make "noob sheds" stay in game for a much longer period of time after the players have left. How about making it a buff that you can get from an NPC in starter towns that last for 2 hours? This way at least if you want to build further out in the wild you will need to gain some skills first. The other thing I think could use some more balancing is the diety bonuses. You say it's just for flavor and quite minor. But if that means everyones favorite flavor is Magranon it doesn't really add flavor, it removes it... Not a big deal, but why not make all dieties about equal in terms of usefulness. Check the list of bonuses and make sure the usefulness is about the same, for example 10 less food and drink, that is effective at all time, very useful. 10% faster wall building, useful but only very seldom. Make all dieties have 1 or 2 static bonuses and a couple of situational bonuses.
  6. Sounds great to me. Except the subscription is still to expensive to be able to have more than one account. You should allow for more than one char per account as well.
  7. I like 3rd person as an option. It's actually more realistic in some ways. It gives you better perception of your surroundings, which more resembles your real life perception. If someone comes into your room or walks behind you, normally you can hear it or even see it in your peripheral vision, in Wurm 1st person you see only what is right in front of you. In some situations it's a bit too good though, for example if someone is sneaking up on you, maybe in RL you wouldn't have noticed. But the down side to 3rd person is that you loose some long range vision, so I think the modes complements each other quite well. Also, it's optional, so if you don't like it just don't use it. If someone else uses 3rd person, I don't see how that would break your playing experience really. Unless maybe in some rare PvP case.
  8. @Valdor, I do agree with you. But I think that the game would benefit a lot from attracting new players and getting the hooked for at least a year. The complex mechanics doesn't help with that because it takes so much time to get to the point where you can enjoy them. For the veterans it works differently of course, but I think getting 1000 new players per year that stays for at least one or two years is better than keeping 50 vets for 15 years. It get the economy going, more player interaction, more income for devs etc. @Ecrir, Xanadu lag is a lot less noticeable now that there are seldom over 100 people online but it's still more than on the other servers. It was a lot worse when there where hundreds of players online. I live in Sweden with just a few ms network latency so that is not the problem, I think if you look at the server lag graphs it's clearly visible.
  9. What is right? Amount of content and skills. The game has so much it's almost infinite, at least for new players. For veterans, ok, new content is always welcome, but new players are actually a lot more important to the game. There is plenty to do for years. It would be more beneficial to streamline, fix bugs, make existing thing more enjoyable than actually adding new stuff. Terraforming, building houses, roads. Crafting. It's all fantastic. Exploration. Can be a lot of fun and danger. Also rewarding if you find old decaying settlements. Deeds. It's great to get to own some land What is wrong? The price. Wurm is too expensive for what it is. I think 16 euro for 2 months is ok, but then I would like to have at least 3-5 characters. Add to this the cost of deeds and it get too much. I know some people say that they never have to pay with real money, but I don't believe in that, maybe if are a veteran and take account selling and such into account, but I don't do that and new players will not do that for a long time either. Combat. The PvE combat in Wurm is terrible. Extremely boring and repetitive. I never understood why nothing has happened to this aspect of the game since many years back. Minor adjustment, have been done to damage numbers etc. but nothing that really made a difference. LAG. Xanadu.. something is wrong with it. Dividing the player base. Almost everyone seems to agree on this and yet it keeps happening again and again. New servers, Epic, WU... Complex game mechanics. New game mechanics are great, but why do they have to be so complicated? For example the new cooking mechanics sounds like a great addition, until you realise you need high ql meat, fish, vegetables, tools, fires.. etc etc. It's going to take a new player several years to get the skills to do anything useful. Most people just give up is my guess, I know I have almost done so and I actually have a lot of the skills needed already. It's interesting and very thought out game mechanics, but sadly almost nobody will have the time to enjoy it.
  10. What did actually happen to it? From what I can see, it has actually gotten better as a game. So, it's rather what happened to the world around it? Or do you mean WU?
  11. I think you are right that the game was not built for having a main and a few priests, BUT that doesn't mean that the game isn't played like that. Is there anybody at all that plays freedom with a single priest account and nothing else?! My guess is that it's extremely rare. And if I'm right, the game is not played as it was intended, because it's just not any fun at all to play it like that Of course I can play my main only (I notice you said "main" here, because it goes without saying that someone's main is not a priest ), but I do have priest accounts with high skills that I don't want to use because it's too expensive to pay for them just to enchant a few things. -- For those who compare the monthly cost to coffee or beer, I hear you, but monthly cost is not the only thing that costs in Wurm, there is also the deed costs which are adding on top of that. Deeds used to be for free some years ago when traders were a good income and when there were enough people playing the game that you could actually reliably sell things you made. If you were fairly active in the game you could pay for deeds without buying silver in the shop. For me the game feels a bit too expensive for what it is currently. It has a lot of nice mechanics, the devs are doing a great job introducing new features in a way, but at the same time it's mostly just more of the same and also more and more complex systems that require more and more grinding. Also I live on Xanadu, which is a lagging quite bad most of the time, which removes the fun of exploration quite effectively. If I could make use of all my characters without having to pay 3 times as much it would make the game much more affordable while delivering it's full potential. -- Cecci, 2 chars for a year = 160 euro, that's more like 1700 sek, not 720. Selling SP is not always easy either... And yes deeds are costly.
  12. Except it takes a long time to skill up a priest. And nobody plays a priest as their only char (or very very few), so the ones who have preists now are only the ones who can afford more than one account. So, this change would just makes things more about what you do in game and less about your real life economy. I think it would potentially bring back some old players who were used to playing multiple chars but have now gotten bored because it's too expensive to play more than one.
  13. This game is most fun when you have a main character and a few priests. Currently it's way too expensive to have more than one account active though. So, a good solution would be to be able to merge several accounts into one and let us play several characters on the same account. There could be an extra fee per simultaneous login, if you want to be able to login with more than one character at a time. Alternatively you could make it possible to link accounts so you could get a discount on extra accounts, but this might be too easily abused...
  14. Looks like the new renderer fixed the lighting problems I've had for many months. It's not perfect though, shadows flicker when walking. It's a step in the right direction...
  15. Yes, I know that but it has been like that for a very long time now. I can't really enjoy the new graphics features as long as this isn't fixed first... I really like the new additions, but adding new things when the lighting engine doesn't even work is a bit strange.
  16. I still have big problems with the lighting in Wurm with the "new" client. I have tested on two machines and both have the same problems. There are glitches when walking around, surfaces lights up or darkens as I walk or change the view angle. Especially sunsets are problematic, if I look at a house wall or sloped ground just turning my character slightly back and fort I can get the surface to go from fully lit by the sun to completely dark. Walking around in sunsets looks weird because surfaces light up and goes dark seemingly random. I think somehow the dynamic lighting works well in some angles but breaks in other angles, so the sun rays are ignored or displayed depending on where you are standing. It's a bit hard to explain this in words.. but I can't believe I'm alone in having these problems? They almost make want the old client back, because it's super annoying. I have a Gefore GTX 770, is that too old for Wurm now?
  17. Wurm is too expensive. It used to be too cheap back in the days when you could make in game money like crazy with traders and monthly cost was half (or less for me considering current Swedish krona value), but now it's too expensive. I don't have fun in the game anymore because I was used to be able to afford 3 accounts and a few deeds easily and now it's painful just having one account. I love all my chars but I can only afford to play one of them. It's never fun to loose something that you once had... What I would like is to be able to link several accounts to the same subscription and pay only one monthly fee to be able to play them all, but just one at a time. To be able to play several parallel I would be fine with paying multiple monthly fees.
  18. Defenitly needs fixing. Lag has been on unacceptable levels pretty much from day one of Xanadu. It has been worse than usual the last weeks, but it goes up and down a bit, some evenings it's just annoying and some evenings it's unplayable. I'm on 100/100 mbit fiber connection and have no issues with other services.
  19. I will do more testing of enchant decay and post any findings... On a side note, one idea to make the randomness less visible is to add one more decimal to the enchant value so it only looses 0.1 each time (with proportionally higher rate of course.)
  20. Yup, agree to that Jaz. It just smells fishy this patch
  21. Ok, I did 40 min farming with a 70 CoC rake just now and it lost 3 points down to 67. I've used that rake for weeks before that and it didn't loose any... Is this really intentional? It will need re-enchanting every 3-4 hours of skilling!? Pretty huge nerf! You can't just go change something like this without thinking about the consequences. It could maybe be more ok if you would make enchanting easier and with less risk at the same time. This is big nerf to skill increase speed in a game that is already slower than any other. Doesn't make sense...
  22. Ok, so we are now using unstable as default ... not a nice move from the devs lol The rendering in the new client has potential, it does look good as long as you don't move around and see all the hundreds of glitches...