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  1. What determines the growth cycles? I've noticed even when planting multiple of same crop, they don't all grow at the same pace even though they're planted within seconds of each other?
  2. What do you mea nby seed ql+farming skill = plant seed? Do you mean that the higher your ql of seed and farming skill the quicker they grow?
  3. Thanks guys I'll see about imping a lot of forges and ovens in a boat. I'm building as I can. Main issue with that is needing space, I like the idea of soliciting building services.
  4. Hey there would like to buy the highest ql silver longsword you can provide, please CoD to Aywren
  5. Seems awfully like insider trading? xD Isn't the whole point of making a for sale post or auction, so that people can comment/respond on it?
  6. Please remove all items on Mark store that can be purchased from traders.... just please I had no idea that I could buy the majority of the stuff on there for a fraction of the cost. It cost 1 silver per 20 marks, a LMC is worth 2100 silver by this measure... why in the world would have I payed this knowing I could get for 40 silver?!?!? FOR REAL?!?!? FIX IT PLEASE.
  7. I'm concerned with the phraseology densely packed, are we talking about the whole map or just the water areas? I think the messaging should be clarified because I know for certain that there are massive areas on melody that have no been touched. I get it that people are looking for coastal areas and that's fine. In general I'm not apposed to a new island that serves that purpose. Just wished things were crystal clear as far as the motives go.
  8. That's really cool, can you disclose total percentage of land take by deeds?
  9. This is interesting, curious, can you guys see like a "hot map" of where deeds are? I know people are complaining about finding coastal areas to settle, I'm just curious to see how vastly spread out people are.
  10. I disagree with new server, bad idea for the long term of the game. I'd say it would be a good idea if we suddenly had an influx of 500 new players.