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  1. @RetrogradeI sent the info as a pm to samool I just added you to the convo so you can see that if that's how it works? I appreciate you might not be a tech guy or know what is causing the problem but giving me the standard tech support spiel is pretty lame especially considering the amount of info posted into that thread would indicate it's not a simple turn it off and turn it back on again problem. Short of some hardware incompatibility with this software my hardware is running fine with everything else and is FAR above the required to be able to run the game at max settings
  2. Since encountering this bug I've let my 40 or so months of consecutive premium slip and I've logged in once since xmas to pay upkeep. I've not had a response in that thread since sept 30th despite pming the staff member who was dealing with it with no reply and directing threads @ their forum names
  3. I've actually had a ton of cat's eyes made at home and since I first actually laid some down I haven't even touched the highway. Unless we can get some kinda workaround for it I doubt I will. If I lay them now and it gets changed I'm not gonna re-make and re-lay them all again so I wanna make sure it's right before it gets done the first time.
  4. Though that might also potentially work it would also lead to us making twice the amount of cat's eyes, which if you consider all of the time required to make and lay these in the first place, it's not fun.
  5. Hope that oak tree is still there, I planted that almost 5 years ago
  6. @RetrogradeThe problem with this statement Retro, was that prior to the very recent arch sections allowing a 2 tile wide doorway, 3 tile wide highways were the only option for anyone wishing to connect though a building without half the road running into a flat wall. Ergo more than half of the highways (number pulled out of my head) in existence are already 3 wide and the buildings that connect to them are designed so. It seems poor design planning that this new system only really incorporates 2 lane roads with 3 lanes looking terrible. On most of the old servers even there is no hope for newer highways to follow the 2 tile design (if not already) as most if not all of the infrastructure is already in place. Unless of course someone decides to go back and literally remove a tile from the edge of all the highways. I'm not asking that the tile coordinate be re-located to the centre of the tile but merely that we get an option to plant a cat's eye in the centre of one and that the highway system can recognise this and link it as normal. It's really the only option I can see where both 2 lane and 3 lane highways can co-exist equally and look equally good. If you have a 2 lane highway plant on the tile corners as usual, if you have a 3 lane plant in the centre of the centre tile. That would also match up with cat's eye placement for 3 lane diagonal roads also, both if you planted in the corner for diagonals or centrally to avoid the close placement on corners.
  7. How about being able to plant cat's eyes on a straight 3 lane highway in the centre of a tile?(Similar to how we can plant objects and decorations in the tile centre) That would resolve this stupid issue of having it look like the road is offset. I CANNOT stand having cat's eyes down one side of a 3 lane highway it drives my ocd INSANE! Frankly after building a highway or two myself I'm not gonna make it look like junk so the odd person can use a wagoner faster. Seems like the issue is with design not with the folks who did the work to both make the highway and the cat's eyes and also lay them down. How about fixing that before forcing us to lay them in a specific manner?
  8. both bs oils and the 6 rat pelts (100ql) to fraeya please
  9. Location doesn't seem to matter to me, just crashed again with 2 clients running about 300 tiles from any existing deed working on archaeology
  10. Still happening... still no reply@Samool Been 3 weeks since last reply now
  11. Face shots will now take head armour as the armour value. yayaya! Had enough face shots fighting trolls in my cavalier helm for the silly halloween gear, lead to some pretty hairy moments vs champ trolls Changes to movement speed modifiers from wearing armour: Plate armour should be slightly faster when worn now. Lowered the movement speed reduction from all helms. Glimmersteel and Seryll armours now have a 10% movement speed bonus. Adamantine armours now have a 5% movement speed bonus. Can we get this on freedom too? Telling a new player who wants to buy some plate to fight in that it's gonna be too slow with his 20 body strength and he's better off in chain or leather isn't so cool
  12. bump, still crashing, no reply
  13. that's my mem usage post 3 client crash all exact same settings
  14. new update, as suspected while playing other game wurm crashed and caused the other game to crash, thankfully the other game returned a crash report which I forgot to save but summarised said that directx crashed due to the hardware being removed. So as I strongly suspected it seems to be to do with the rx480 driver and dx12 on win 10 having some problems with wurm, likely openGL
  15. Just crashed again, was in a different game on my main screen and wurm was on my other screen. Game crashed as soon as I clicked wurm to set it as the focus window. High end settings, fullscreen windowed mode