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  1. happened twice now, seems to be fairly random while playing
  2. About time too, let's hope this is the first of many rift reward *COUGHBRACELETSCOUGH* fixes
  3. easily repeatable, 4 dirt tiles in a square sand next to it, flattening the dirt unpacked leaves the dirt as dirt as it should, if you pack the dirt before you flatten it turns the dirt tile to sand
  4. sorry it was late and I forgot to mention this was a tile border not a tile, changed op
  5. So previously when you flattened a tile border and there was 1 dirt left it would dig into your inventory, now since the update it always requires you to drop a dirt instead
  6. I live in the uk, have around 75 mbit fibre optic and frequently (several times a day, daily, every week) get server lag ( not to be confused with latency where an action takes longer to respond than normal,) where I might be stuck in a door for 10 seconds or have my wagon driving sideways down a road where I have to stop and wait for it to turn so I can see where I'm going, or ofc the regular "refreshing" right click menu. let's be totally clear here everyone with any type of connection playing for 24 hours would at some point in their timezone experience this at least once. If you say this does not happen to you then you are either not noticing as you might spend long between actions or simply lucky to play in a timezone where these problems affect you very rarely. It's been confirmed by the devs that this is an issue so don't be so naive to say everything is fine because it never happens to you (it's like saying wars don't exist because you live in the arctic where there have never been any) The devs are however working towards fixing this so "thank you"
  7. +1 I'd love to see other skills have a higher marketable use. E.g. 50 stonecutting and you can make a marble table, how about 50 fishing and you can find a rare fish that will add 1 hour to affinity timers, something similar with baking perhaps? The problem I see on a regular basis is that people feel forced to play these set professions which ruins their game experience. Whether we like it or not a vast majority of people like to sell things from their chosen professions which is unavoidable in a RMT game. I agree that this would encourage growth in our economy and should be something worked towards.
  8. It was lagging
  9. Other than the social aspect of living in a village there is also the wide variety of skills others can provide that you might not be able to do and usually at a vastly discounted price (moreso than for alliance mates) if not totally free. In our village at least if I need something improving or creating I ask for it and likewise if others need something they will ask me, very rarely does any coin change hands. Though this is also possible from neighbours or alliance mates it's usually not as freely given (as Geode mentioned there is a usually a competitive nature between players to sell their wares.)
  10. Maybe make it a bit clearer that these changes are for epic ONLY right now.
  11. How about working on the creatures most of us are likely to see first? New creature combat isn't gonna make anyone play epic.
  12. +1 to this but an option to build on sloped tiles also is super important