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  1. bump, still crashing, no reply
  2. that's my mem usage post 3 client crash all exact same settings
  3. new update, as suspected while playing other game wurm crashed and caused the other game to crash, thankfully the other game returned a crash report which I forgot to save but summarised said that directx crashed due to the hardware being removed. So as I strongly suspected it seems to be to do with the rx480 driver and dx12 on win 10 having some problems with wurm, likely openGL
  4. Just crashed again, was in a different game on my main screen and wurm was on my other screen. Game crashed as soon as I clicked wurm to set it as the focus window. High end settings, fullscreen windowed mode
  5. I cleaned up my keybindings file and after generating a new default one it seems to be in a much cleaner state than before (updated this last thurs perhaps?) Still very irritating to get error messages when trying to add a new keybind in the settings with a key that is already bound, can't you just overwrite it? Most of my current wurm time is spent in my village which you could say is a high item density area yes. Several villagers and it's been around for over 3 years so a fair amount of decoration/animals. I'm also considering reverting back to Win7 if this continues as essentially I cannot play any other games while wurm is open as it crashes those too when wurm dies. (No other games crash when playing without wurm, even several games running at the same time) The memory usage to me doesn't seem to be a huge issue I have more than enough even with the clients using 4gb each unless that is too much for the game to handle.
  6. Actually we both said sand is made from rock not containing it, any form of rock (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) can make sand but as belgrim says it takes a huge amount of time naturally
  7. +1 something that could also be used on a slope so if you mess up a ceiling in a mine on a slope you don't have to flatten, build house, mine, destroy house, use concrete then repeat on next tile
  8. Great idea, I also hate having hard to obtain or labour intensive items just rotting away into dust because they are locked. Item's shouldn't be able to be kept safe forever if you're not actively playing the game. If you want to keep your locked boats or wagons safe, leave them with a friend or pay for upkeep on a deed. Let others find use in what you no longer want, need or use.
  9. Good idea +1 I used to plant signs in my crate piles to see what was there and how many. With the addition of crate racks there are no need for the signs to count the crates but some form of visual sign would be nice for labelling
  10. plus ten thousand, this is so bloody annoying.
  11. All sand in life is made at least partly from rock, sandstone is sand condensed into rock so that's not true. Would be a good use for excess rock shards, I personally hate huge terraformed digging pits that mar our servers and make areas impassable without climbing, especially annoying if you're a noob running from a wolf.
  12. 16.9.2 still crashing, uninstalled previous driver using display driver uninstaller (DDU)
  13. Could it be related to win 10 using dx12 for opengl?
  14. I thought I had
  15. Reverted to amd driver 16.9.2 over a year old and same problem