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Found 2 results

  1. Please fix the lag on xanadu

    As title, the lag on xanadu has been apparent since it's first opening almost 3 years ago. This affects sleep bonus, farming grow times, harvest season times, favour regeneration, rare windows and probably many more things I'm not mentioning or forgetting. For the past 2 months at least the server has been plagued by restarts, crashes and daily lag, most of it not too much of a problem but at least once a day the server suffers debilitating lag (not the daily backup which is another matter) If this was service provided by an ISP for example I'd be on the phone at the first sign of trouble as we did long ago: However the problem is still not fixed, I and I'm sure the entire other population on xanadu would love to know a few key things. Are you going to fix it soon? Are you going to upgrade the obviously suffering server hardware? Are you going to fix it at all? @Retrograde @Budda I'm sure you've lost players from this and I know we've lost villagers and friends who have left for other servers. Also, creature spawns, yeah still not fixed either... Aside from those and many other issues, good job! P.s. "We're working on other things right now but it's on the list" isn't gonna cut it after this long.
  2. Comes with: off deed trader 7 buildings 1 large 4 x 11 barn rare spirit temple 20 to 30 horses, few of them 7 and 8 trait 10 to 15 bison few cows (1 is a 5 speed I won at the impalong) 30ish deer (7 champs, few greenish, scared,fierce) champ wolf tar on deed clay about 10 tiles off deed tons of iron veins close to 40 bsb's with stuff in them few fsb's with lots of stuff in them Lots of enchanted grass 89.7ql forge tons of trees and tons of open area water on north and west side nice quiet area but still close to greendog access to the ocean through tunnels leaving most my stuff behind, so there are tons of tools weapons (some have enchants) room for at least 2 towers on deed and 2 like 5 tiles off deed Starting bid: 20s Reserve: no Buyout: 40s Minimum increment 1s Sniper Protection: yes Location: deliverance 30x 20y