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  1. +1 Liked the idea before and still like it now.
  2. +1 As someone who has a directionally challenged friend in Wurm this would be a great help. As it is I am often spending a good deal of my time guiding them from one location to another. A compass is of no use to an individual who is severely dyslexic and for those that would argue to use the catseyes...there are no catseyes in the middle of the wood, on steep mountain tops or in the lakes and seas! For those who don't want it simply make it easy to toggle off. Problem solved.
  3. +1 All good ideas but I have to gave an extra +1each for #'s 1,2,4,9 and 12 plus an extra +100 each for #'s 5 and 13! Actually make that +100000 for #13!
  4. Looking at the parents of my animals I noticed the mother of one was listed as it's father and on another horse the father was listed as it's mother. Makes me wonder what other errors there are and how badly they will effect my breeding?
  5. +1 Yes! To many sub slots for one animal! One and done would be so nice!
  6. This is what I was expecting: medieval haystack - Bing images.
  7. If a mayor was foolish enough to give 30 people perms to rename then that's still on the mayor!
  8. +1 This has been an issue for quite a while and really does need to be addressed.
  9. +1 It would be lovely to have snow capped mountain vistas.