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  1. It's definitely an ongoing problem. Happens to me at least two or three times a week! And yes it problematic to normal game play! I've had to avoid steep inclines and server crossings to avoid deadly consequences of getting tossed out of the vehicle in a bad spot!
  2. +1 I've always thought they should have the option for one handed wielding.
  3. Love the imagery on this one! Definite +1 for this!
  4. Yes I do and also by choice as objects appear to sink into the floors but not the paved tiles. But still the tiles are inside the building not outside. Though I would be tempted to put in floors instead if they could be painted.
  5. +1 Waiting on strong walling and meditating are generally my afk moments. The meditation time makes sense but yes I agree that strong walling should be influenced by skill levels.
  6. Reeds and grass could be used even possibly twigs.
  7. I was thinking it would be nice if we could use pottery skill to make lovely mosaic floors. Maybe have a few simple patterns to chose from like a diamond or a swirl or maybe a wavy one and possibly add the ability to chose two or three colors to paint the patterns with?
  8. +1 to both floor and roof painting. I've been dying to turn my slate roof blue. Also would like to have a winter with no snow on my kitchen floor. No idea why but sandstone slabs inside are still glitched in that regard.
  9. In my experience lag has been the cause of many of these issues. During lag spikes the server tends to lose track of where you are and thus does not acknowledge that you are standing at the door for it to open. I should add that as of yet waiting it out until the server catches up seems to be the only solution.