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  1. +1 This happened to me and I was not amused as I was low on funds and trying to preme in-game so every copper counted.
  2. Yes! I have no alts so this would definitely help me out.
  3. Would they then be titled "Dung Beans" Or "E Coli Beans"?
  4. Looking at my empty feasting tables has prompted me to bump this. Didn't see anything in the updates for it. Please let me properly feed my visiting guests from a table as intended.
  5. +1 to anything that makes it easier and more organized.
  6. I agree Fireplace mantles should hold decorations without fire Damage.
  7. +1 I agree. If you can open it you should be able to add and remove from it. And the "you are not allowed to do that'" message is a bit confusing. I keep wondering who is denying the allowance of the action not what.
  8. All I know is my mules look like they have the mange. lol So I'm not breeding more until things improve. And yes they typically are larger than donkeys irl.
  9. +1 loving the ideas particularly the wreath that gives ivy an actual use. lol Would love to see holly trees and wreaths in wurm too.
  10. Could be an upgrade to the doll giving a better skill gain for fighting an armored foe since it is armor and pumpkins are squishy.
  11. +1 The more character customization options the better. Whatever they may be. No one wants to look like a carbon copy of everyone else. Players just want more options.
  12. Bumping this. Lost yet another Goblin corpse to the mountainside. Killed it with a two hand sword no arrows but it completely vanished under the surface on a 40ish slope. Not even a toe to target. Couldn't get above it to make it fall downhill instead of up which sometimes works.