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  1. +1 If it hasn't been mentioned before it definitely should have been. Eliminating needless scrolling is always getting an up vote from me.
  2. Considering I have a over a dozen skills in the 80-90 range and 136 titles I'd have to say I do not have an issue with skill grinding. Including skills many others refuse to grind because they find them pointless. Which is there choice and unlike some I will not childishly berate and mock them for it. At any rate the issue here in Not the grind as you in your opinion insist it's the uselessness of the particular grind on PVE and the resulting multitude of useless items it would generate. Which has already been explained in this thread. As for scale of issues, no it's not up there with many other issues but even the little ones can have an effect on improving game play. And that is the point after all. Plus they are often much easier for the devs to quickly implement. As for your childish mocking well, that pretty much speaks for itself.
  3. Frogs

    I've always thought the pigs(Wild Boars In particular) and mountain lions were too small as well. And wildcats are definitely bigger than the average house cat in RL so yeah that one is out of whack. Goblins I'm ok with but a minor scaling up wouldn't hurt. I get the oversized giant spiders though as they fit into the creatures of myth and lore category which is where I would imagine our fighting frogs would fall as well. Otherwise they would be impossible to find at normal scale even if they hopped extremely high. Maybe scale them slightly smaller than the turtles? And I have to say though I actually got a kick out of the champ cave bug being bigger then my horse. lol
  4. I think this is the main issue here. When a game is advertised as "free to play" then that is what's expected. Most new players cruise along until they realize they need to pay premium at least once to go any further and continue to pay if they really want to get good. Many just quit at this point. And yes you can forage like mad and sell bulk items to earn in game coins to pay that premium but most new players don't know that. In fact "How do you earn coin/money here?" is the number one question I get asked. They are often under the impression that they can make stuff and sell it to the in game traders/merchants for coins like most other games, not that they need to sell to other players via trade chat or the forums. This does not appeal to most players, certainly not ones who already have it in their head that it said it was "free to play", only to find that they now have to spam mats then beg and barter with other players just to scrape up enough coins to pay to play. And then they realize they will have to continue to do so as long they want to stay premium on in game coins. It's at this point that even more of them quit. A change in the advertising could go a long way to clarifying this. They may not be so ready to just quit if they know upfront what they are in for. And it could also stop wasting the time of those who truly cannot afford it so they can move on to games that they can actually play for free. I'm not saying I wouldn't want it to be easier to play for free in Wurm, in fact I would be overjoyed by that since more people would be able to play, but then I also live in reality and know better.
  5. Frogs

    Beautiful but deadly! "These frogs contain enough poison to cause harm or death in humans." Treehugger.com And I even love the color. lol
  6. Frogs

    +1 Another creature we hear and can't see. Free the frogs! (And the ducks!)
  7. Many people do, myself included. A game should be an enjoyment and/or a distraction not an added frustration. Who wants to pay to be annoyed and frustrated? I can say in this economy no one in there right mind wants to play a game that forces them to pay and pay and pay to get anywhere. This is already one of the things that drives new players away when they hit the non premium skill ceiling on a "Free to play" game. And No many of us do Not want to spam alts. I don't even have a priest alt because it's far less immersive to have to switch between toons all the time. And honestly many of us are lucky to have the time to play one toon let alone dozens. In my opinion spamming alts and throwing silver at it is not harder work. It's not even playing a game anymore it's simply buying the win. There is no even playing field there. It's like playing Monopoly with a player that gives themself all the money at the start then wonders why no one else wants to play.
  8. +1 for option 2. Look should be under equipment.
  9. Yeah that's not even close to worth the time and work put in. I could make the same ql sword myself and out of a better ql metal in one night. And I certainly wouldn't say the skin makes it worth it. And 1 sleep bonus? Really? Wow why bother.
  10. I literally put my name on my buildings. lol I mean why not? It does make you wonder. When our nearest neighbor left we had no problem waiting for the decay to do it's thing before we utilized the space. In fact we even waited a while after it was all gone just to be sure since he had a habit of taking long breaks from wurm.
  11. My magic cart is up to it's old tricks again.
  12. I must be spoiled by the expanse of Xanandu but are there no building free spots to plop a deed on anymore?