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  1. +1 It would be nice not to have to build a box with a door around a ladder opening just to be able to lock it off. A simple hatch door that could be locked would be sooo much better!
  2. +100 I really like this idea! Seems like a win win to me.
  3. It seems that when mounted in third person my toon is set to my starting position even if it looks to me like I'm not. To me it looks like I'm facing the front of the cart but to others I appear to be facing sideways or even backwards. I think this faulty mechanic is why archery in third person is still broken when mounted.
  4. lol Run scout run! Looks more purple to me though.
  5. Allow Knarr options window to pop up near the bow of the Knarr not just the aft section.
  6. +1 to new sounds that are more fitting to the action. Would like to hear animal sounds included with live stock and such too but only with the option to mute for those who prefer a quiet Wurm over a lively one.
  7. +1 to limiting spam, but what about new members who haven't posted yet. Where do they get their 10 likes from?
  8. +1 This would allow for more fabric types. Silk would be lovely! Also there is a distinct lack of burlap in Wurm.
  9. +1 I like the idea of nocturnal animals. I think that's a guest thing. None of the names with guest have that option.
  10. More ways for players to earn coin in-game is a definite need! "[17:22:11] <Evgesha> I really like the game but it's very hard to earn money here"
  11. [19:07:12] You hug the aged Avatar of Fo. Yup I'm a tree hugger. lol
  12. +1 to planks. I'm an archer and I still have to agree with this. Arrow shafts from archeology are kind of pointless. Specially since I have never found any bow fragments.
  13. I have to agree quality is harder to get than quantity.
  14. +1 I'm currently using an external keyboard since certain laptop keys no longer function.