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  1. This is a valid point. Foraging and botanizing have often been dismissed as pointless "wastes of time" tasks. This would definitely make these skills even less desirable. I personally am an avid forager/botanizer and enjoy finding all the ingredients I need for any recipe and even certain dyes using these skills, but I do get how those not willing to take the time to forage want to be able to plant items instead. So I am a bit torn on this one. Perhaps there is a way to make foraging more worth while in other ways? I just would really hate to see these skills nerfed!
  2. +1 I really like the these ideas! The ability for players to be able to buy a portion of food or drink in game from their immediate location is long overdue in Wurm. It would really make setting up a Tavern, a B&B or a Mead Hall worth while!
  3. It would be nice if randomly spawned rocks did not occur on deed. As the OP has pointed out they often do pop up in a bad spot.