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  1. +1 You always come up with the cleverest ideas!
  2. +1 The current sign choices are very limited. I personally would love a broader range to choose from.
  3. No idea what other hoops I need to jump through here to fix this glitch? Anything that's going cost money is out of the question so I guess I'm stuck with this irritating issue? Hardly seems right.
  4. +1 My mayor leaves all the animal breeding, taming, branding, grooming etc up to me and I can't name a single one. He would most certainly give me perms to do so if he was able to. It would definitely help me out with keeping track of which first gen animals I've bred together.
  5. +1 In my experience the launcher has had the server highlighted as green for up when it was in fact down many times.
  6. +1 I barely ever use the emotes because of the time it takes to find the one I want especially with the lag issues on Xan.
  7. +1 Thatching really does need a better purpose. And yes to the lobster!