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  1. This sounds like the best solution to me. It would allow those who like the trait to keep it and those who dislike it to remove it. Win win.
  2. For some players it does crash a lot.
  3. +1 We have the animals stuck on bridge issue too and if they die on them good luck picking them up if the coding decides it's not on the same bridge for some reason, even when you are literally standing on top of the corpse.
  4. +1 I have friends on other servers that I would love to send bulk mats to without having to waste a day or two sailing back and forth.
  5. +1 It would definitely add to the immersion and has been asked for before.
  6. I have a ton of unicorn horns and gems that this idea would lend to utilizing and I would love grinding my jewelry smithing skill on this. Plus I don't have a Fo priest so a wand of curing would be ideal.
  7. +1 My friend has been running into a lot of issues with his alt who has full perms to his deed but is the mayor of a second deed which is resulting in annoying restrictions for his alt and limiting his ability to fully use that alt on his first deed.
  8. I had a map that showed the X off the road a few tiles north into a wooded area and found the treasure only after digging for it on the actual road.
  9. I couldn't even imagine being a new player and getting a map like the one I posted. Particularly if they are not in or even aware of the forums. Even older players for that matter who are on the forums but missed posts are left in the dark. I've been playing since 2017 and never saw the video Eckin is referencing.
  10. I've had several maps leading to mountaintops including one I'm carrying now. Show me the lovely highway that leads to that! Not that I expected one but I assure you not all of Xan has highway access.
  11. + 1 Chimneys have been asked for several times and I would love see them implemented. It really is a bad mechanic to have the smoke from a furnace billowing into the floor above and the top of a forge jutting halfway into the next level is just ick.
  12. +1 Personally I love to see the title combinations people come up with. It speaks a lot to their toon's character and to the players character for that matter. I can only see more options to customize these as beneficial to the player base. As Eckin stated it does add a bit of immersive fun. Something wurm direly needs. I honestly don't see a negative. As for longer titles as Madnath pointed out it's still the same titles just in a new player chosen order so I don't see how this would lengthen the titles but I do see it producing more amusing ones.