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  1. Yep, southwest of Puzzle Plaza Market, northwest of Shark Lake.
  2. Nevermind!

    -Edit- Upon further review, I have concluded that my memory sucks lol... Sorry!
  3. Same issue here. I am not using the pretty tree setting. The trees disappear if you are close enough to them. It's as if you have the pretty tree setting enabled, but rather than the game rendering the pretty tree skins for the trees that are near you, they are just invisible.
  4. Damn shame. Our exchanges were always pleasant back in the day. Rest in peace bud.
  5. pfft simma down postman
  6. Very limited experience here, but I've attempted to ride a horse onto 2 different bridges which resulted in getting knocked off and stuck and having to reconnect both times. Not a huge fan yet.
  7. In a year...

    Thanks for serving!
  8. Darkfall: Unholy Wars comes out November 20th. (supposedly). If you bought the original Darkfall, the new game will be free (other than the monthly sub). Much more newb-friendly with a lot less grind than the original release. Plus a ton of other changes. Aventurine is terrible at marketing, which is why most of you probably aren't familiar with the game. Either way, I encourage anyone who may enjoy a full-loot, FPS-style, PvP-oriented MMO with a high skill ceiling, to try it out.
  9. I was just thinking the other day... Wurm would be so much better if it only had 2 servers (wild and freedom). I'm not surprised by this decision though. Last ditch attempt at attracting new subs before pulling the plug?
  10. Grats to you, sir. Glad all is well with mom and baby.
  11. I seem to gain defensive skill quite fast. I've tried shield training on horses, and normal PVE hunting with the same result. How are you testing, Febur?
  12. I do agree people gaining fast overall needs to be looked at, but disagree ENTIRELY that weapon sub skill needs to be increased, it's already one of the fastest skills in the game (..when working properly, don't know about recent update) You shouldn't be fearing too much about people being able to catch up to your overall weapon skills. Remember, overall weapon skills moved almost in line with a single weapon sub skill pre-ff. So it wouldn't hurt, if they are actually adjusted a bit, even though its late. Gavin, weapon sub-skill gain is almost nonexistent now. I think it must be bugged as it is, and needs to be fixed.
  13. I use large metal shield + either longsword, medium maul, or small maul. I've been messing with the different stances since the fight system changes, and found I block a ton in defensive mode (even with low defensive sub skill), while my hits are weak (which seems about right). I still block a lot in normal mode, but definitely get hit much more often than defensive... I also hit much harder in normal mode (this seems pretty balanced as well). Dual-wielding aggressive mode seemed kinda weird.. admittedly I've only killed a couple mobs with agg mode, but I didn't really seem to get hit as much as I expected, and just mowed down the mob very quickly. Will have to test it a bit more. The thing that seems bugged to me (and annoying) is weapon subskill. I've gained nearly no subskill, yet the parent skill seems to rise regularly. I'm sure this has been pointed out by others, but tbh I havn't really read any of the feedback threads. I'll mess around with it more tonight.
  14. Sorry for the no-show, Sklo. Something came up irl and I wouldn't have been able to stay long. Looks like everyone had fun and enjoyed the event. I hope to attend one in the future. Thanks for hosting, Sklo!
  15. Porcupine Tree - Hate Song PT may be the best band you've never heard of, and Gavin Harrison is undoubtedly one of the best drummers in music atm.
  16. [close]

    It would probably be a good idea to mention the tournament on Freedom Chat every once in a while for those who may not check these forums often.
  17. [close]

    I'll sign up for class 1, but I won't know if I can attend until I know a time and date.
  18. Mind, Soul, 2x Archery, Leatherworking, Rake, Forestry, Pottery, Hatchet. Think that's it off the top of my head.
  19. arranged fights?

    I'm usually always willing to duel if you see me around. Hit me up. Hmm, a wurm pvp tournament would be pretty cool imo. There are pvp tournaments on Darkfall Online frequently and are very popular. Many things to consider when thinking about running a tournament. Things like format. Will it be single elimination, or best of 3 or 5? Also having different weight classes for all fighting levels is nice so anyone can participate. Armor and/or weapon caps. A weapon cap wouldn't be needed for a wurm tourny imo, but definitely armor. For example, having chain for the armor cap would mean the fights would be more about player skill, rather than who has the rare armor. It would also mean the fights wouldn't last nearly as long, which I think would be very important for a wurm tournament. Fights between top-end pvp characters can take AGES, and tournaments need to keep rolling so they don't tale a ridiculous amount of time to run. Anyway, just a few of the things to consider.
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    Hell yea. Dimebag was a beast. RIP bro. +1 for Pantera.