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  1. Whilst I've never played on Chaos, I had always imagined it was called Wild because of the wild goings-on, as opposed to the wild nature. But wow - if this is so then this is awesome!
  2. This is one of the best accomplishments ever in Wurm thus far!
  3. Wild sounds awesome but Chaos more so IMO, it's more fitting. Wild sounds like the name of a hunting server (as is a well-known suggestion) that has little (if any) civilization, one that's been overtaken by nature.
  4. Yes, a winter wonderland server that lasts only until the end of December, we can build but not make deeds, ride reindeer, hunt for special presents and sleigh down snowy mountains and enjoy special Christmas lights and decorations, and break christmas crackers with each other, and have Christmas events on the server.
  5. True that, especially about the slopes - still, I'm sure they could make it so that over X slope makes it get destroyed. But I'm guessing now that would be a lot of coding.
  6. Press CTRL + F and type 6. MIND BLOWN. 9669996699669966996666699966999669 9669996699669966996699669966696669 9669696699669966996666699966969669 9666666699669966996699669966999669 9966966999966669996699669966999669 Sorry guys, hope you can find the appropriate medication now. And/or asylum. For those that can't see it, use the 'highlight all' option.
  7. Zapacila is Romanian, where the minimum wage is under £1/h (under $1.60/h) - taking that into consideration she could actually earn more in Wurm than she does IRL (with more hours). After building her skills and working out a good income stream, she could (with enough effort) make an actual living in Wurm. (Speculation based on Romanian minimum wage)
  8. The rest of these pics are of my dyes. pics: note: P.S. (and sorry I know this may not be the most appropriate place for this, but the pics are here, and people are looking at them) I have 70 natural substances skill and can make any dye that you are interested in. If you want small amounts and provide the resources that I can't gather myself (high ql zinc, copper, and cochineals) then I will make you dye for free. If you want large amounts of dye, or cannot provide the resources, then I will accept a small charge for dyes! edit: contact me by messaging me on the forum or pming me in game, my character is Trisarahtops on Serenity Just wow.
  9. I know the scenario events have been talked about a lot recently in one or more topics. (Personally I don't believe the scenario events should change, or if they do, they should only be scaled down somewhat.) Either way, the biggest and most annoying issue about the scenario events is the fact that they leave frustrating and crappy stretched structures all over the place. Regardless of the action (or inaction) on the main scenario conversation that's been going on, the structures need to be destroyed by these events. They need to! I see no other suggestion about this particular glaring issue, and it needs to change, either at the same time the scenario events are changed, or well before this, even. They need to be destroyed because the force of the events (which deeply penetrates rock with incredible force) should also destroy the structures atop them. This would make make more sense, make the place look nicer (and as it should), and prevent people possibly having to destroy structures that should already have been destroyed.
  10. Don't burn out like so many before. I'm tired of seeing ruins.
  11. There is very limited information - this could perhaps benefit from it's own page. As well as providing more information, this would be very beneficial to making Wurm more appealing overall as many players know little or nothing about Demigods and the like. I don't know much about Demigods / Full player gods myself, would anybody with more knowledge please kindly take the time to update this information?