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  1. We've lost Oracle :(

    Zazz, yes I've let the UK family know, also the kiwi's too. I'm still in shock, this really came out of left field for me.
  2. Last night I sent Oracle an email to check in and see how he's doing. We've been friends since before we were staff back in the beta days when he was Barakus that lived with Queenie by Newtown. I received a reply a few hours later from his step son saying Oracle was mowing his lawn Nov. 7th, came in for a rest and passed away. His son was answering his emails and asked me to let people know. I told him I would, that his dad was loved by a lot of people. Someone suggested I make a post here so people could say their goodbyes like we did when another Wurmian passed. I wanted to put in the title, Oracle is dead. R.I.P. I know he would love it and chuckle from heaven, but for those who didn't know him so well, they might think me insensitive so I thought I would save that for here. I met him in 2005 when I first started playing Wurm. I'd get an injury that was too big to heal, walk to Newtown, suicide and respawn, pick up my food and water and walk home. One day Barakus was there and he cast a heal on me. So from then on, when I walked to Newtown and sold my herbs I had gathered, I'd give him the coins, or Queenie, since I didn't have a village and didn't need money. Later on I became BL, but we still remained friends. After a while he became a GM, and I was the next GM after that, along with Inacron. Unforgiven came to me and said, "It's time", gave me my wand, bumped some skills and left. That's just the way it was back then, not a lot of hand holding. Oracle was my go to guy for that first learning part. We would go out on calls together and try to sort them out. As GM's we had sticks to work with compared to what's available now. We spent a lot of hours together, sometimes butted heads over a decision, but always worked things out. Whenever he was around I felt that things were not helter skelter, he was a man of great honor and honesty. I'm really going to miss him and am still in shock. He's the kind of person that isn't allowed to pass away. Farewell my brother, you will be sorely missed!
  3. Lucifer, find a grass tile, then with the wand go to Nature> Grow trees. I never used the Paint when I was GM, this is the way I'd grow trees on GV for the newbies. Test out what Brash_Endeavors says about the auxdata too.
  4. I first posted in the WU area, I don't see why we can't have it back there. After my post here I logged back in to take a closer look. Being GM for so many years and working with some of the graphic devs, I used to take a close look at things. I just flew up to the top of this new tower and the trap door is fake. You hover down and there is no door showing on the bottom side. Then I noticed it's only a 2 story tower when the other one was 3 stories. Also, the walls are invisible from the inside and no opening between floors so no where for the ladder to go. You look up from the bottom and see a trap door, hover up and go through it, no door on the 2nd story floor. Then there's the windows. The old towers were more detailed and correct, you could see through the windows out, but these are fake, when you fly up, there's no wall at all much less a window. I do like that the banner shows up better than the old one, but overall, this new tower is a lot lower quality and I know you guys can do better, I've seen your better. (Don't make me scream BL nerf!) lol j/k :p
  5. Thanks Gaul, I added my comment too.
  6. Change it back, pitiful creature! Libila whispers a dark and foreboding future if her kingdom is saddled with this strange tower. But seriously, this is the only tower I've known for over 10 years and when I logged on to WU, I thought, "Cool, the towers are still the same". (Until tonight) Hell, even the bear sounds are the same, please listen to your subscribers and bring back the old model, this new one looks silly when we are supposed to be fierce.
  7. I don't know a thing about modding, but I'd like to be able to alter my files to keep the old BL tower I've known for 10 years. I logged on tonight and don't know why it was changed, it looks dreadful. Sorry guys, I know you graphic devs work hard, even told Rolf what a good job you're doing, but this? Keep it in the online game if you want, but if someone can tell me how to put the old one back, that would be great. I know I altered some files on my hd to put back the old Climb, etc. to the bottom of the event window, so I'm hoping I can somehow get a copy of the old tower.
  8. I'm taking some time off for medical leave but will still be around when I can. MamaDarkness and Chulirac have offered to help me with the account creation. Please contact them if you want an account. Again, I appreciate all the help you guys put into making our Wiki. Without you, it wouldn't exist as well as it does, great job everyone!
  9. The basic account does not have upload privledges. If a user wants to upload images, they can send me a forum PM with their Wiki user name and I'll be happy to adjust them. Users should have only one account, but I won't go on a witch hunt. Well, unless there are real witches added to the game.
  10. Yes, Paradox keeps it very well up to date and we have daily back ups.
  11. While this might be nice in theory, there are thousands of things that the Wiki needs help with, and the Community Assistants and Chat Mods, already have a lot of work cut out for them. This issue that came up today doesn't happen very often. I'm inclined to continue as is and keep the Wiki player made as is most everything in Wurm.
  12. Yes, I was just alerted and blocked the account. I took a look at recent changes and saw a lot of ... work. Since you guys put so much work into this, you the players, I apologize for this misguided outburst. Please let me know of any other names that show up so I can block them too before they can ruin more work.
  13. Just a reminder, when you send me a forum PM, please list your in game name because we create accounts with the in game name, not the forum name. If you have several in game accounts, let me know which one you wish to use. If your forum name is your in game name, let me know that so we can expedite things. If you have Hotmail or Yahoo for an email account, after your Wiki account is created, check the spam folder for your email from us. Sometimes these two think we are spam so I reply with a reminder for that. Thanks for all your help, it's you the players that make our Wiki what it is and it's very much appreciated!
  14. That was a funny convo we had that day. I use my umbrella for the sun. Btw... it was in the 20's this morning, brr..