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  1. In a year...

    It was an external little widget that made your GPU spin lots. I found the widget here on the forums actually. Else I wouldn't have much reason to tell you all thanks.
  2. In a year...

    Alright so about this time last year I started playing Wurm again after returning from the Afghanistan. Not much fun there, stay home. Anyhow I got back and apparently you could download some thingy to mine coins (in wurm) and make your video card spin all night and come back with a few more copper than when you had logged out. Someone on these very forums stated that you could do better if you just mined bitcoins and then sold them to $ and then bought silver - I never did that but the gears of brain began turning. Now I consider myself a smart fellow - so I bought 2 computers each with 4 7950s in them and set them to mining these bitcoin things. I made about 40 bucks a day for a few days and then less and less until about I dunno June when it dropped below the margin for how much power I was pulling to generate them. The age of GPU mining bitcoins was over. Very sad. But wait - there is more. I found out what was killing the GPU miner were somethings called ASICs. So I invested in some. Heavily. Through a particular Swedish company - who delivered and I got my 4 Jupiters in December. Since then I have ROI'd and then about 30% more. The point? For years I have played games - never have the panned out anything productive for me - just a time sink with entertainment. This past year though I have been catapulted to being capable of producing 2 Terahash of mining capability. If you want to know what that equates to - google it. I have Wurm Online to thank for this - in part. So I want to thank all of you for being around and making the game playable and fun for without me being here I would not have seen - to be able to know - to invest - to be as I am now. No I am not buying an island and quitting the game. Just be aware when opportunity comes it might just look like work. All in year with you guys!!
  3. Horseback riding takes a certain amount of stamina. The most I recall is the strain of just controlling the ornery beast to keep it from eating everything on the trail. It did not reduce my stamina in any meaningful way. However in Wurm stamina drains swiftly while riding, just as fast it would were it you (and not the horse) running. This is not natural and not realistic. The horse might grow tired, certainly, but they do not tire as men tire or at the same rate. It would seem more apparent that when horses were added the code was simply not altered in any way to prevent stamina loss as though a player had been running. Sailing does take a smaller amount of stamina. I have sailed and while handling lines and tacking all while attempting to get in what is almost always every other direction other than the wind is blowing to - it is not as draining as say - running. As it is in Wurm. People have told me that, again, this is a feature - not a bug. I believe that it boats where just added, as horses were - without any thought to reducing stamina loss/distance traveled - either the coder did not care or did not know that horseback riding and sailing are generally less strenuous activities than running 9kmh in platemail. The fix is simple - dig down in that spaghetti code of travel for boats and horses and add a coefficient for them. They can still drain stamina, but the should not drain anywhere near the amount they do. This is not a feature request this is a bug report. There is no way in any universe that so closely resembles are own that such a glaring incredulity could have been overlooked. There are many instances were fantasy can be invoked to bring about a greater level of game and a lesser degree of realism, but when it is in contravention to known strenous levels it begins to smack of 'fantasy as a crutch'. TL;DR Boats and horses should not use the vast amounts of stamina they currently do. It is a bug.
  4. I am confused if you convert from BL to say MR it doesn't seem like you can get higher than -1 alignment. It is stuck there for me. Is that a bug or as intended?
  5. This is still happening. I suppose I will just store logs until it gets addressed.
  6. I emailed Rolf of this exact problem. While his communications will remain private he intoned that no drastic shift in JK rules were in the works. JKs boon, and now its curse, is peace and tranquility (at any cost). The solution, I was told, make your deed area larger. Other kingdoms do not have THIS problem they have other problems, but none of them will drive them from the server they are on should they choose to fight and kill for whatever it is irks them. We do not have civil court so your neighbor can piss on your lawn all day, no law enforcement to stop him. If you go out and stop him - you turn into a criminal. Are you at fault or is it the lack of law enforcement that is to blame? Philosophy aside it just becomes - not fun. How can I even attempt to run a village under these arbitrary rules. We have about 30 people in blutopia and that pulls ire and griefers. Blutopia never was intended to be a normal village - it was a collection point more than a - do what I say - operation. Blutopia has taken measures to prevents this from ruining our gameplay.
  7. The same one has haunted me for 24 hours. Are they playing man coverage?
  8. If they are going to be as powerful as dragons they should look more formidable. SB and outlying areas are littered with the bodies of mainly new players - maybe this is what intention was? Wurm Online it seems is Wurm Online's worst enemy when it comes to just chewing the stuffing out of new players. New players need more - top cover or incentive or protection; they have very little control over world events and the most to lose. It is sad to put players were their only course of action is to log out an wait for danger to subside.
  9. There was/is 3 of them. They do not beat doors. Seemed somewhat stout in combat - maybe like 3 tower guards worth of killing in one. Speed of spider. Able to swim. Incredible aggro range. Very deadly. Reported to act like dragons.
  10. A button to disable crickets would be the nice and may or may not be in the works. More customization = more fun. Look at motorcycles!
  11. Bird tweet noise was supposed to be a marker of crop growth somewhere in local. Crickets screeching noise is a marker for me wanting to tear off my headset and toss it under a truck.
  12. Horton might be the best, but only if he doesn't use Who to help him (or MR) ever and no one will ever know if or when he ever has done so. The Human factor is far to complex to give someone. 1) Leadership of a kingdom they have vested interest in 2) A GM or CM account they could use to benefit the kingdom So Horton might be a honest fellow and a straight shooter. I do not know but he has the capability to use certain tools no other kingdom leader has access to. It is like playing chess against yourself and favoring neither side. Or concealing your superpowers to play football with normal kids. Draw your own analogy.
  13. Minecraft is still small enough that it does eat people from Wurm. When Notch gets the survival mode on multiplayer though =) - I can play two games at once though.
  14. You can get quests assigned to you in Wurm if you want - just join a village - they usually have quests for you. Beauty is in Wurm people make the quests and once they are finished they are done for good.