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  1. Ordered a very nice 93ql pick added woa, very timely service. Second order of a 90QL chisel came out with a 97 woa, again very timely service. Highly reccomend.
  2. Looks like Urban is the buyer/winner. Congrats. Will be sending you a message on here.
  3. [13:50:10] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of poor quality. It is made from oakenwood. You will want to polish the wagon with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 31.974607, Dam: 0.0. Current Location is near Linton L-11 on Xanadu Starting bid 10s Reserve: Yes Bid increments 1s Sniper protection 1 hour Delivery Free to Xanadu coast/shoreline only. Or you may pick up. Buyer must be present at agreed pickup or delivery time. After 2nd agreed upon appointment missed buy purchaser, the rare wagon goes back up for re-auction
  4. All items, sleep powders and knarr, still for sale.
  5. Hello. Thrundar here (one R in game) Interested in work. Pm me in game, Xanadu. Located at L-12 (Near Linton) Also own a Knarr. Some of my skills Woodcutting: 63.17618 Carpentry: 77.05503 Fine carpentry: 43.735123 Ship building: 45.64266 Nature: 47.35922 Gardening: 38.687374 Farming: 60.20179 Forestry: 38.112003 Fighting: 71.73415 Digging: 72.497604 Mining: 58.544678 Blacksmithing: 55.669506 Masonry: 46.655354 Stone cutting: 25.45474 I enjoy clearing forests and replanting them. Digging, I do okay. Flatraising, not so much. For a side note, I can do Ropemaking: 29.649508 Cloth tailoring: 33.222298 For sails, ropes for ship parts, for a small fee of course.
  6. 3 sleep powders 1s each Asking 12s for knarr PM Thrundar in game Location: Xanadu, North of Linton
  7. Prompt courteous service from a nice player!
  8. Selling off horses near the J12 block. Younger than Venerable. Bred females 2s 50c per Non bred females 2s per Males 1s per These are wild no trait horses. Venerable horses available for half price listed above. Life span NOT guaranteed. PM Thrundar in game or PM here, for more information to either pick up, or delivery is available (50c tip appreciated) for West central, Northwest, Southwest Xanadu. Please keep in mind the large amount of distances involved with Xanadu.
  9. So easy to spend others money for them isn't it? Last I knew disbanding was a Loss of coin still. IMO deed trashing uniques should not even happen. By all means have uniques if you must, just not at a loss of coin on a deed where there we should somewhat safe.
  10. I tried surfeasy and it didn't work for me. However, I did set up a VPN on my windows XP machine and was able to get the game running. However it IS a bit more laggy and minimally playable. Thanks for your posts on this VPN idea Nacho, as at least I can now play. Is Wurm still deserving of of my cash after all this? That is THE question. Why did no wurm staff mention using a VPN or look into this connection problem beyond what little MaxC did on one day? Seriously Wurm.....You want more players on another and larger server in addition to the exisiting servers? Why not take care of your existing LONG TERM customers better and your current bugs and disconnect issues before you take on even more you can't or won't help? sigh
  11. How does this Java topic have to do with or wurmpedia not loading?
  12. Still the same for me. Not getting in,on, or anything now. Only thing loading now is forum. If wurm staff came on this thread with suggestions, I would possibly have a heart attack. This here is just barking into the wind at this point. woof