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  1. This was indeed sad news. As an enemy there was always the heated debates, mud slinging, and banter but it was only in game - beyond that we had alot in common when it came to interest and topics. Sadly i regret not being able to finish my last conversation with him as i was out for a while myself..... RIP
  2. Gone but not forgotten
  3. Drop 10 keys in small chest of random loot around the map that open the treasure hunt loot then say good luck = best idea
  4. corngratulations for kill dxvinpl

  5. Good Day Today my son, his royal highness Matthew, is turning 3 years old. For those that are new and not familiar I would like to introduce you to my pride and joy. Please take a moment to wish him a happy birthday p.s.: We set up a 529 plan which can be donated to for those willing: http://i60.tinypic.com/jkys90.png Also can do paypal - MichaelHorton143@yahoo.com
  6. Seems this issue is still on going strong. How about we stop the assumptions and we simply ask the source and not a biased pm to Rolf to get something nerfed like the Hammer of Mag. This is a good discussion but it being severely biased, hate-filled, misinformed montage of kingdom slander and uneducated assumptions filled with rumors and false information to further justification of removing advantages. So I will ask Rolf to make an official comment here so this can be resolved and we move on and actually fight in game instead of forum-warriors
  7. I dunno - I love my Volcano Haulmak - We even made a Mol Rehan geological survey center at the East peak. I even started sanding it for a better view and might make a nice little cottage on the southern ridge so i can see HoM in the distance. I understand that every enemy kingdom sees it as an unfair advantage. It was never about the map damage its just about the moon metals and how Mol Rehan controls them. I do feel for you. The rods were unusable in the freedom cluster because there was no influence gap and its a non-pvp server - but they were used on Chaos cause there is gaps on influence and can be fought over. Sure the area is controlled by one kingdom does not mean they can hold onto the land forever. Recruit and attempt to take them from Mol Rehan
  8. The server is 16,777,216 tiles on chaos The volcanoes take up roughly 2874 tiles each so that is roughly 5654 tiles that are not in your domain, area, or territory. They are basically scenic areas that are within Mol Rehan kingdoms 'area of influence.' That is roughly 0.03% of the server that these Volcano's occupy and if you feel horribly offended by their location or creation then please avoid the area or lands. By your definition any area that disrupts natural landscape is an offense as the only valid judgment then alot of cities occupy more land than either volcano or the combined area. The Capital city of House of Mol-Rehan is 40,401 tiles and what is the current size of each capital? Should we limit players or kingdoms to a limited number of tiles they can change? If i wanted to I can created a "TRUE" Volcano that is twice the size than both of these with enough dirt and some Power paths to get the Lava flow. Should that be deemed illegal cause you feel it threatens your existence on chaos?