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  1. Something to be said for loyalty.
  2. .

    Thanks for reply , got what was needed in pm's. Cheers
  3. Great stuff , Thanks again for all the work you guys put into this very unique game.
  4. Here is the point though, you can see from many threads in regards to " PVP " that people have either a genuine invested interest in pvp'ing in Wurm and or just curious about and might would go pvp. This is the thing, if you give the pvp'ers more of a reason to live / play on Chaos. The leaders / PMK will recruit / or try to recruit , guide them , show them out right teach them. PvP is not a solo thing it should be imo , in a open world pvp game , a team based play style. My only hope is that for the people who want to pvp and the people curious about pvp in Wurm don't give up just yet maybe the Dev's will come up with a good reason to live / play on Chaos. edit: like Roccaandil's idea.
  5. Agreed , we need more positive things to say not hard facts or numbers.
  6. Forum bashing is all the " pvpers " have to do now a days. Just look at the forum post vs number of Average players logged into Chaos. Now tell me anyone see anything wrong here ? lol Give them a reason to pvp risk vs reward is a thing.
  7. I know people enjoy making up numbers / facts to try and prove a point , but here for anyone that would care too look at the Chaos numbers for the past year! yes the last year Avg player count on Wild for the past year is 22 players Now them sir are hard facts. Not some made up number. http://
  8. Checks Chaos player count past two months. Yeap nothing wrong here move along please. Give people a reason to go pvp / live play on Chaos. The pvp'ers need some serious Love by the Dev's.
  9. There are a lot of reason why no one leaves their deeds / why most of chaos is empty and everyone on on freedom grinding skills. There is zero reason for anyone to play on Chaos. I do agree the pvp'ers need some serious love from the Dev's. A reason to live / play / fight on Chaos. Atm it's just so broken. No reason for anyone to want to live / play or fight on Chaos.
  10. Ok fair enough , said player has a kingdom. All of chaos rage forums to wipe said kingdom ? You farm alts You can't stay and play on Chaos ? Seems like a good way to bring pvp'ers together to fight for something. Rid Chaos of the farmers... But guess that would mean going to Chaos and pvp. Checking Wild over the last 3-4 weeks and only a few times have I ever seen more than 25 people online. Just seems like a place a few people farm items to sell on freedom more than a pvp , kingdom building battle over land resources. Just seems like a miss opportunity to have a war or something.
  11. The thing I find funny is that all this could have been dealt with by the pvp community themselves. And now we pve'ers get an added benefit , maybe. So a big ole Thank you for the changes. Too soon to talking about people Farming likes on forums using Alts ? No one would ever do that right ? lol
  12. LOL at this Thread , if Wild had as much action as the forums . Tabs would be blowing up all night / day