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  1. I will be there, i guess.
  2. Just tell me where you want to drop your deed exactly, i will get down the mountain and move Depends', altalt's, Atndybeach's and my boats whenever they add me to their ship driving right. Also i hope you don't deed the clay (or at least allow digging).
  3. Sign me up so i can win another dragon gland.
  4. Allowing people to change the color of one armor pieces using a small amount of hide/scales would be nice.
  5. Yep it doesn't crash now! Too bad Xanadu went down.
  6. Same, normal client works, unstable crashes on start. <Null> is the reason given. And my version of Java 8 is up to date.
  7. Yeah but do you gain food (nahjo cheese) when you stay on it?
  8. It was a totally man made tower (it was made by Senorburro), it's south of "Northern Light" (directional glows) and "no boat required" means it's surrounded by water but you can swim to it.
  9. Did you used the community map or the recent dump map? It's pretty obvious which island got the giant sandy tower if you use the more recent dump map.
  10. So i logged in today and realized i was getting super low fps for no reason (7-11 versus 60 on average normally). Then i started moving and i was moving through the tile super fast to the point i was getting constant message that the server couldn't keep up with my position (the speed showed up as 15.6km/h but i was moving 2-3 tiles per seconds). So i just relaunched the client and the problem was fixed. I have been playing this game for years It's the first time i get this kind of behavior with the client. Is it a new bug?