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  1. I have mine running and have for about a week. My comp sits idle a lot of the day when I am at work or asleep, so it doesn't impact me much to let it run a bit more electric. Who knows, maybe it will help.
  2. I don't have any words strong enough to express everything that I feel right now. Too many memories all jumbled at the moment... Tich has always been one of the driving forces in this game to me...as far back as old JK-H when she lived nearby. there were towering mountains of dirt... the first ships that she made in a little landlocked lake there. the road networks we built together at the start of the freedom cluster on indy, the work (oh so much work) she put in as a GM when I first joined the staff as a mere CA and over the years since, to her eventual elevation to a dev, and the many systems she created for us as a community. Bridges, the road system, permissions... and a huge amount of work behind the scenes to make the jobs of the staff easier. May you always bask in the light tich... farewell.
  3. We separated PvP and Freedom for quite some time after Indy first opened... Wild (chaos) had such a low population after a few years that it was all but impossible to even find another player to fight there. So, they connected it to freedom... and now we are back to the same problem that caused rolf to add home server raiding and lead to the circumstances that created the freedom cluster in the first place... PvP loot is being stored in complete safety on a PvE server Not sure what (if any) the solution could be... just finding it interesting that we have once again come full circle... many of wurm's problems go this way... the solution to problem A causes problem B, and the solution to problem B ends up recreating problem A....
  4. Actually the AoC came from quite a bit before the raiding, as the only reason my group HAD a deed at the time that raiding was activated was because we had needed to place one in order to cover our various houses and farms WITH an AoC to prevent others from preventing us from working. It was at least 3-4 months older than the raiding incident, and probably a lot more than that. The paranoia definitely came from around that point however, but a lot of the PvE/PvP disconnect existed long before the raiding. There were and are issues with having a place that you can escape to and be completely safe from retribution, which is what rolf was trying to fix when he added the HS raiding in.
  5. I don't recall if it was an official poll, or just a thread with more people saying start over than stay, but i definitely recall the discussion and the consensus. (tho by that point i was more than a bit mad because we burned 8 sculpting wands hammering through a chunk of rock layer on pacers mountain to expedite construction of a new fortress city for my villagers to use as a secure base in the weeks while it looked like the changes were going to be permanent. I never did get those charges back) I don't remember if the pvp changes were reverted or not, I do know that there were GM rules against some of the stuff, boat theft comes to mind, for the last few months as the new server was set up and people were preparing for the move.
  6. Pacer was stealthed in a mine you logged out in for ... about 7 hours... waiting for you. lol I had to bring him water like 3 times. It was right next to my deed at the time. ---- IMO it was probably the absolute worst decision rolf ever made. We lost around 1/3 of the playerbase in 3 days iirc, at least 4 or 5 staff members quit, I was a CM at the time and I just about did as well. The deeds on the far west coast were destroyed... some of them long before the people who owned them even knew the change had been made. I happened to be on that day and kicked our deed up to heavy guards and we were fairly far east anyhow, so we didn't get too much hassle. Our off deed areas were all fairly solidly fenced in as well. The worst part was the fact that we had absolutely no real warning... people lost hundreds of hours worth of work, some of it was just destroyed maliciously, places torn apart for absolutely no reason at all, there wasn't even loot, and the tokens were not behind any sort of walls, but decorative trees and orchards were cut, roads destroyed, landscaping (not dirt walls, but simple terraces) dug out and fields ripped apart. The part that was the most annoying to me was people standing on the hill over newtown (the start town)... a completely open plan, no walls, not even many buildings to hide in... shooting players with a bow and a spyglass from beyond sight as they spawned at the token... for some of the players it was the first (and last) time they logged in. Even after rolf decided to remove the raiding ability the damage was done. A lot of people had been forced to make very hasty (and ugly) changes to deeds in order to get walls up for some sort of defenses, and a poll on the forums came back with the decision to remove the old homeservers and start fresh on the freedom isles, so for a few months there was nothing going on at all on the pve servers because we knew everything was going to poof but indy was not ready yet. I will say that moving day was actually pretty awesome tho... a few hundred boats crossing the server border in a massive exodus lasting only a day or two. (there was a week to move iirc, but most people got across within the first 48 hrs)
  7. Silver options are limited when you have low active prem time. Prem options are limited when you have high active prem time. both of these are basically business decisions for the company iirc. Limiting silver sales to accounts that have longer active prem time, verified paypals, and are long time customers helps to slow down certain fraud activities such as chargebacks and payment reversals, and by limiting additional premium purchases when players have high amounts of prem it means that players are unable to buy really far ahead, which probably has some connection to potentially losing money in the event prices go up in the future.
  8. RIP Duce, You will be missed. I don't think I have anything to add beyond what has already been said in this thread.
  9. Yes Kasumi, The event will be able to be started for at least a couple of days, probably a week.
  10. well, since there is so much support for massive waves of monsters, I'll go ahead and add them.... but only if the character stepping on the trigger is odynn. Lol Updated OP with some minor details.
  11. OK, I am thinking this will be run at 6PM UTC on Saturday the 21st. I am not yet sure what sort of prize distribution we will be using for this one, Still discussing that with enki, but everyone who completes it will of course get an oddball item just for participating.
  12. Now running, examine the sign cleverly and originally named "May Hunt Event - Examine me to begin" located just across from the token at the howel to begin. The event is a scavenger hunt, you will have to find items and present them in order to progress. -note- nothing used in this event will be taken from your inventory, you simply have to have the item active when presenting it at the trigger points. Regarding prizes: Due to the.... Impromptu... nature of this event* and the way I have set it up there will not be prizes based on how fast you complete it. Instead I am going to try a slightly larger participation reward and see how that goes. There is an Achievement specifically for this hunt for those who like to collect such things. I'm hoping that without the timed prizes there will be a more relaxed feel to this one as well. It will be possible to do a bit at a time if desired and then return to it later. -*(It has been hectic in GM land, Enki had not had a chance to even begin setting up anything and I didn't know if I would have time available until the day before I started this thread) OK, I am thinking this will be run at 6PM UTC on Saturday the 21st. I am not yet sure what sort of prize distribution we will be using for this one, Still discussing that with enki, but everyone who completes it will of course get an oddball item just for participating. I have a bit of time again, not a lot mind you, but enough to put together a small hunt event for this month and let enki take a break. The event will take place on Indy, and start in the howl, Players will need to gather there in order to begin. I'm keeping the details of this one quiet, but I did learn from enki's horse race that spawning waves of mobs during the event is probably a bad idea, so we won't be doing that. The event will run on either the 21st or 22nd as that is the weekend I have off - with a specific date/time to be announced (hopefully) by monday the 16th. Stay tuned for further details.
  13. Only thing I can see being an issue with this is the ability to chain mine entrances together and create an impassible barrier by making a long wide entrance at the base of a dirt wall so there would have to be some limit to the number of connected entrances.. other than that, wider or taller openings would be great. (as for the down slope, its possible to fix, mine in, then mine up, mine flat, collapse the entrance with strongwall or an orb, and mine OUT from inside., tho the option to just tunnel in level would be very nice)