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  1. this map gives a nice feel. i was worried it would be to flat but it has nice rolling hills and lakes and the scale seems closer to what real life looks like cool mobs too, rode a giant champ uni. and seems like the aggressive ratio is good for adventurous hunting. nice list of mods, has a creative feel with a bit of grinding for endgame. enjoying the setup. thank you for your efforts!
  2. April Events

    i would say that the third person camera is a core mechanic and not "content"
  3. April Events

    oh really? did you guys give up on it? how is that gonna look on a platform your about to release another product on? what happens to the people that think wo is to slow and go to check out wu only to see its no longer being supported? also that mod is not even close...
  4. April Events

    WU needs the third person update please
  5. while i do not have premium i did just throw another gold into the upkeep, i love that i can come back even a year later an find my lil piece of e-land that i can transform to my hearts content. there is a lot of story behind it and its taken a few years to expand it to such a size but i am in it for the long haul. after 6 months on inde i was dismayed from finding out that uniques did'nt respawn and i had missed out on that experience of the game, back when we all had the same model and no animations, and pristine did'nt even exist yet i would almost like to see a time laps of wurms in-game improvements like a 50's black and white to a 90's modern color montage not only how much the game has changed in the last 10 years but i would like to see time lapses of map dumps as well showing how the game is all about change and creating and growing and sort of make that connection between the development of the game and the development of the society within the game, and then being able to create the game yourself with wu and change it and see how that changes the players and creating of society within it, i don't think any other game has given us the freedom to create so much and become so immersed as Wurm. the thing that really got me hooked was being part of a new isolated island and that was pristine, being in the great rush of a fresh world is really fun, kinda got that pioneer feeling like it was really medieval times. but don't wait for a new island, join Wurm today! your going to be here for like 10 years anyways! Disclaimer if you survive the first 48 hours of game play cc is not responsible for any dreams you may start having about wurm online or you suddenly referencing your whole life to how things work in wurm, cc does not condone any wanton use of wogic or its counterparts, if your eyes start bleeding turn off your monitor and seek medical attention , do not try to use random mushrooms and herbs you found in the grass to fix your eyes.
  6. i voted a combination as i do like the #3 colors but i cannot condone putting an object with more detail behind a simple shape such as the cross, i feel this going against some sort of unspoken artistic principle it should be rose or cross there is actually a video about flag making which i feel could lend in part some guidelines for pmk flag making in general although wurm flags can definitely be more detailed than say a country flag i would like to see more options in reality and since i have the technology i did some really bad photo shopping to see what those could be like i wanted to see a purist black and also show the fixed smaller rose over top the cross and another with a faded vine as i did like the black but not the inverse on the strip as it made it even more busy than the cross over the rose alone over all you have awesome colors and good symbols but they need tweaking, and rearranging
  7. my top 2 fav maps ended up being Tamriel and Britannia, both of which probably had hundred of hours poured into the heightmap creation before being crudely imported to wurm xD i think in Taumriels case it has so much caricature to it, there is alot of areas that are somewhat unique to themselves like the deserts, marshes, mountains and volcano, which also acted as landmarks landmarks are very important you should be able to tell where you are on your map by looking around, that has been slowly ingrained in us with wurms iconic hill and peaks in Britannias case it was the sheer vastness of it , the 16k size allowed for these massive true mountains that gently sloped down ever so naturally into the rolling hills and then the beach it was a true sight to see but not entirely sustainable cost and hardware wise, maybe some day tho. i think a good flattish coast is important, a large landmass that takes up about 2/3rds of the water with a large mountain or 2 that kind of breaks up the land and provides landmarks, perhaps some interesting peninsulas and some smaller outlaying islands
  8. looking good there i briefly played around with l3dt but then spent the coin on some world machine as i wanted to achieve the same feeling lichbane had in his crazy 16k map ❤️ the one process it has was coastal erosion which made really nice flat areas along the coasts which gave it this certain beach feeling and made traveling a lot nicer around the water as well not sure if l3 has it but might look into it another brilliant thing he did was use the splat map to paint the river beds into the biomes, pure genius that lad
  9. yeah it was amazing map, 16k is how wurm should be played, i still miss it to this day.
  10. in timer fix mod i was hoping to add minPrayTimer=5 like the other settings in there for breed but i dont think its working unless it should?
  11. one thing i would like to see would be removing priest restrictions so that any character can reach a fuller endgame. that would put wealth in the hands of players as each alt is suddenly more valuable and each player has more potential its always bothered me that we have all these skills we can explore all of them but to cast spells we must give them all up, i would rather pay more premium for one character that could do more than have to play an alt to experience the whole game playing multiple alts just gets exhausting after a while there should still be different gods so the possibility to work together is still a thing and people who want to play alts can still do that, those alts will just be more enjoyable.
  12. R38 G34 B57 thats gonna start with a black dye i think then bump up the other colors with some low ql woad and cochineal
  13. awesome to see this ! will terrain textures be getting normal maps as well as specular maps for when it rains?