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  1. Britannia Reborn - PvE, 16k

    yeah it was amazing map, 16k is how wurm should be played, i still miss it to this day.
  2. in timer fix mod i was hoping to add minPrayTimer=5 like the other settings in there for breed but i dont think its working unless it should?
  3. one thing i would like to see would be removing priest restrictions so that any character can reach a fuller endgame. that would put wealth in the hands of players as each alt is suddenly more valuable and each player has more potential its always bothered me that we have all these skills we can explore all of them but to cast spells we must give them all up, i would rather pay more premium for one character that could do more than have to play an alt to experience the whole game playing multiple alts just gets exhausting after a while there should still be different gods so the possibility to work together is still a thing and people who want to play alts can still do that, those alts will just be more enjoyable.
  4. R38 G34 B57 thats gonna start with a black dye i think then bump up the other colors with some low ql woad and cochineal
  5. Valrei International. 057

    awesome to see this ! will terrain textures be getting normal maps as well as specular maps for when it rains?
  6. Wurm fashion collection spring 2018

    the green samurai (as soon as we get katanas ofc)
  7. same thing here, mouse pointer becomes unresponsive as client loads
  8. i should really finish that market now xD
  9. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    im running it fine scratch that, thought this was tax config for some reason
  10. model names use all lower case if you do it on a player now its like #changemodel red_dragon Name 3600 where the first letter of name is upper case and then the time also i can confirm the arrow is awesome
  11. whoa awesome! wonders if i can trick people with a moving arrow in the ground..... can we change players easier now?
  12. would also like the wider oriel for all wall versions =)
  13. Citadel - Servers down?

    well it must have been related, as i put it back up 2 days later without changing anything and it works fine. although besides hardware failures its been fairly good to me i am still considering a change
  14. Citadel - Servers down?

    dunno if its related but last night i was having prob with mine just randomly, new players would log into an ocean and some old players too, but my gm would log in fine. i suspected it was citadel hardware cause it was out of no where and quite random, gonna spend today trying to find out tho x)