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  1. I found my first day very disappointing and was debating if I really wanted to give this game a go. As a new player on Exodus 7 years ago, I felt there was no way to leave the starter town without being killed by something or getting lost without the benefit of an in-game map to find my stuff after being killed. When you accumulate meager possessions and then lose them within an hour of leaving town, you start to reevaluate your life, lol! I've played other games that at least give you a fighting chance to get started. If the grind of the game doesn't get you, striking out on your own may ruin your experience. If it wasn't for a chap named Lawrum that found me frustrated in the starter town trying to build a small cart, I am positive I would have passed this game up. I still have the large cart he built for me. (7 years ago!) He got me setup in a nice area near their alliance and several other folks nearby helped with the learning curve and mob clearing. The bottom line of this is, I have never felt that the new player experience is possible without a community in your first days. Unless you get very lucky one day and logged on to an area that had its mobs cleared and found a quiet spot to setup shop, the environment will kill you. New player buff or not. I could not see how I would have continued as a new player without help from other player(s). I'm forever grateful for that. I have since paid it forward with other new players I have encountered in Wurm and WU servers. Some have stayed with the game and were grateful for the help. It doesn't always work but at least it saved a few players from leaving the game.
  2. That's quite an adventure! I've always wondered what it would be like traveling down through all the locks. I'll be sure to look for your posts on Instagram. Ottawa isn't very far from me so I know how cold its getting. Stay warm out there!
  3. I picked up four horses a couple of days ago, love the shop design! Since you were not online I wanted to be sure I said "Thank you!" officially.
  4. Thanks again for the Journals and the imping service on my rare studded cap! Excellent work!
  5. Can I order two Runes? 5% increased size, 5% vehicle speed (any item), zinc Highest ql, COD to Weatherwax when you can. Thanks!
  6. Stay with me here… I will state up front that I personally do not care for PVP, I don’t like what it does to me personally and as a rule I do not PVP in any game anymore. That’s not to say that I do not care about PVP. It’s a key mechanic of this game and everyone likes to draw that line in the sand. (Full Disclosure: I gave up PVP in all forms when I left Eve Online and do not wish to relive that stress and paranoia anymore.) I will not offer any opinions of who is right or who is wrong, but I will say that people must respect everyone's personal choices and figure out a way to do more battle in game rather than a forum. What I do want to see is this game continue to grow and thrive no matter where in the WO universe you wish to reside. You must realize that the 2 "sides" are codependent on each other. All anyone wants to do is continue to fuel division. I hear enough of divisive crap on a daily basis from the news media. I have read and heard so many good suggestions on how to change/enhance game mechanics, but they are scattered all over the place. I never see a clear and concise way of communicating these ideas without the post getting off topic. Keeping track of what’s going on in this forum is like drinking from a fire hose. Has anyone considered Player Advisory Boards? Has there ever been a structured method of providing player input in a “forum” (not this forum) that includes volunteer players and WO staff? These forum posts that turn into full scale feuds have got to be demoralizing to the staff and when I see proposed changes that are met with pitchforks and torches…there’s a problem. Lets also not forget that there is a 3rd "side" to this game that exists in that misty haze between PVE and PVP, Priests. (You're welcome @Etherdrifter) They have a niche all by themselves and could use a "Ministry of Magic" to help shape the future of magic users. Get them together in a "room" and effect positive change and I may consider priesting my main
  7. The low quality large nails was the culprit, thanks again Retro!
  8. Thanks Retro, I will check the components. I assumed it was related to skill level but never assume in Wurm
  9. Great addition but I do not think the above is quite right. I have 57.33 FC skill and can only make the "rack for empty bsb". Bulk Container Unit is red.
  10. @MrGARY thank you for putting into words the nagging feeling that Wurm gives me. I love this stupid game but its too hard to take a decent break or even go away for vacation for a week without thinking of all the chores that will be waiting. When we come home from vacation, there are plenty of chores to do irl like cut the grass, laundry, etc. I shouldn't have to log on to Wurm and do the same in a virtual environment. Its hard to walk away from something that you have devoted so much time and funds into making that brings you joy. I feel as though I cannot leave this game without disappointment. I know its not fair to compare Wurm to other games, however, other games handle the "breaks" much better. On some mobile games, there are options to enter "vacation modes" where your game is put into stasis. In Wurm, I also can not rely on storing certain items in inventory without risk of decay. Give me an option, perhaps once or twice a year, to put my deed into "vacation mode". No deed upkeep is lost, no deed decay, no tree growth and animals remain healthy. Vacation mode ends when I log back on. Perhaps limiting it to 30 days maximum with minimum 90 days between breaks otherwise I can see some ways to abuse this. Give me a bloody chance to walk away from this game when I need to. If I stay away too long, like many players, I may not want to log on and "start over" again after everything I built, owned or otherwise is gone. The game gives me no choice but to maintain and pay if I want to have a long term experience with a healthy balance of life away from the game. I cant see someone like myself returning after a year absence.
  11. You could take that a step further and have a random "Den Mother" spawn as you bash the lair. Something along the lines of a Champion with a bit of extra health but not inst-wipe the party doing the bashing. Might be fun for new players clearing a den for their deed to see a bit of "excitement" with some help from the locals in their vicinity. No unique loot, do not want this to become another unique hunt. No Champ title on the den mother, again, becomes another unique hunt. Maybe a title for the bashers...Brood Warrior or something along those lines. Increase spawn rate of mobs while are trying to knock down their home after all...
  12. Just got them, thanks!
  13. I would like one of the Files, Whetstones, Hatchet and Saw please. COD to Weatherwax
  14. I agree, no need to stockpile food. I dont think the mechanic was broken in any way and since we are used to the food decay...leave it alone. Now that deed decay mechanics have shifted in our favor slightly we have more time to experiment and cook different foods. The Picnic Basket is "okay" food decay seems normal inside barrels stored on carts/wagons. Food items on Merchants...not really needed imo but keep trying. Glasshollow doesn't need to turn into Wal-Mart just yet. The new cooking update is encouraging more skill use (pottery, papyrus, etc) and thus more variety and challenges for folks (dare I say, interest in playing again?). Cooking should remain more "personal" rather than commercial.