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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Everyone! You join us this week under the premise of a new title and a little bit of a theme. Firstly, we've decided to change the format of the title to just be News, the number of the post and some information about what's inside. That way, you know what's in every news post and they'll also be easier to keep track of, especially now that the Weekly Update titles have gone on for over a year and some have the same number. Secondly, as we discussed last week, dev focus for the next few months will be on bugs and small updates. We came up with a theory that if a news header is worth doing, then it's probably worth over-doing... The B Word Hmm... Boats? Bridges?! Bugs! Starting from this week, we'll also be including all of the week's patch notes in the weekly news, which ought to help you keep on top of them. In un-noted news, devs have also began work on a server management tool to generally help with maintenance. Fixes that apply to all servers will be in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green, which will make it easier to work out what applies to you. 1/6/15: Changed display of received mail items, so can look in containers Fix so cannot charm animals when you are not allowed to tame them Merchants no longer may be threatened from another floor level Attempted fix for mycelium spreading to lawns Relaxed the checks for structures blocking tunnelling Allow fungus spell to work on lawn Fix for deity loss due to alignment changes A bug with faithful setting on spells was fixed 2/6/15: Fix so ballista darts do damage Creatures may now be blocked by doors when entering from bridges War machines now work a bit better against bridges but still needs tweaking 4/6/15: Removed enchant decay on weapons due to extreme rarity but overwhelming impopularity. Humid drizzle should now properly save the disease state when used so that it doesn’t reset on server restarts. Added marble planters as craftables. Should function in the same way as flowerpots. Possible fix for minedoors not opening for enemies trying to enter shortly after passing. Skillgain for battle camp guards were brought in line with kingdom guards. Fixed so water doesn’t get the rarity when tempering and improving. Fixed so you now can select a player when hovering over their face mask or ring. Fixed bug in skill tracker where the “show progress to next skill†button is always unchecked by default. Fixed for client crashing with out of bounds. Permissions We have a few news updates on the permissions changes that Tich is currently working on. In the long term, Tich will be working on new permissions options for *deep breath*: settlement roles, buildings, ships, wagons, carts, gates, mine doors, house doors (likely to be last due to complexity) and (potentially) animals. It's a comprehensive set of updates that will give far greater control over your possessions. This week, Tich has a preview of the new settlement roles window to share. Existing options are combined with an easier to use UI and a number of useful new permissions, such as "harvest fields," "modify buildings" and "mine iron veins." As with the old system, permissions are configurable for every role, allowing a huge number of possibilities - ranging from only allowing skilled farmers to harvest fields while letting newer players tend them for skill, to allowing the modification of buildings without allowing a citizen to build new buildings. We expect the new permissions features to come out over the next few months, either steadily or in groups. There are still a number of problems to solve, including more difficult tasks like how to get boat permissions to co-operate with changing servers - but it looks like it'll all be well worth the wait! New Clothing Items We also have some new clothing items to share this week. Wox has been hard at work on some new shirts for the fashionable Wurmian! They may be liable to changes before release and will be a part of a wider range of new clothing items. Serendipity Bridge, Deliverance Building new bridges around previously bridge-less servers seems to be making for a few big community projects, and so we're going to get into a habit of featuring a bridge every week for a little while. Serendipity bridge on Deliverance connects the Serendipity Peninsula with the Deliverance mainland. The main segment is a staggering 36 tiles long, just two off of the maximum. Has anyone built a single bridge that's longer yet, and who has the longest of each material type? Credits go to the Deli community and Yaga for the organisation. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Lastly, it's time for our favourite weekly screenshot and is bridge-related too, and this week's is courtesy of Journeya. We really liked their creative use of bridges as roofs and archways, which isn't a way that we expected to see them used! More pictures of the building are here, including its roof made from bridge which is also worth a look. That concludes the 67th Weekly News of Wurm Online. 67, 'ey? How time flies when you're having fun. Happy Wurming!
  2. Hey all! As you may have already heard this week, we dropped some very big news about the future of Wurm. On October 21st, we'll be releasing Wurm Unlimited, a standalone version of the game that will allow you to play in a singleplayer world and host your own servers. The objective with Unlimited is to bring Wurm to a wider audience. By releasing it on Steam and with the help of a professional publisher, it'll bring Wurm to lots of of new people, who will be able to enjoy Wurm in a new and more accessible way. The Adventure mode, for instance, will allow players to explore a single-player sandbox world as a totally new experience - that we hope to be more accessible to more people. Scripted game worlds are fantastic ways to introduce complicated games more gradually, allowing Unlimited to help reduce the steepness of Wurm's learning curve. As for the future of the existing Online servers, they're very much here to stay! The function of the servers will change, from being the game to simply being officially hosted Wurm servers - complementing the many servers we expect Unlimited users to host themselves. We will not shut down any Online servers unless unless they're virtually dead for a long period of time, so there's nothing for existing players to worry about; especially since the increased revenue from Unlimited will hopefully allow us to put more towards developing the game on a whole (we'll roll out updates to both Unlimited and Online,) and as new players complete the single-player Unlimited experience and look for a multiplayer experience so they can keep playing Wurm, the Online servers will be incentivised as something to progress towards. We'd be very surprised if Unlimited doesn't benefit the Online servers in a variety of ways. Lastly, all of us here on the staff team - be we volunteers or paid devs - want to emphasise that we're here for you, the players. We know that this is a huge new thing for Wurm that has divided community opinion; but we feel that the strong business case of Unlimited will greatly benefit the game in the long run, and will allow us to further expand the Wurm franchise to new and exciting things. I'd compare it to when the game went 'gold' back in 2006, going from being free to having a paid premium service. Without those first steps, we'd never have been able to hire paid developers and Wurm would never be remotely close to where it is today. Almost a decade after Gold, Wurm is going Unlimited. We hope you join us for the ride! Scheduled Maintenance Just a quick note to say that our hosting provider has informed us that there will be some interruptions to the servers between September 23rd at 11pm and going through the night until September 24th at 5am for routine server maintenance (all times CEST aka GMT+2.) The maintenance is unlikely to take up all all of that time, and we'll update you if we hear anything new. The Week In Patch Notes Patch notes time! Lots of general fixes and changes this week, including the addition of a way to align your player's view with your mounts (it's toggled off by default, but if you want to give it a try, you can find it under Settings > Game > Rotate player together with mount.) 15/09/15:Fix for trusted friends being able to loot your corpse.Trade channel improvements. Added a colour to indicate if message is from current server.Trade channel improvements. Added a colour to show the message has your name in it.Trade channel improvements. Added server to message.Fix for Village and Alliance text being wrong way round in profile.Trade channel improvements. Added @<name> which can be used to replay to the specified person. Only shows for them.Fix for trade channel reshowing when switched off (due to x-server trade messaged).Added option in profile so can switch off getting start messages in chats.Made wand of the seas create half the size islands in order to increase usability.Added clause about attending the game when using keybinds in the game rules found at http://forum.wurmonl...123-wurm-rules/Made the same server trade messages a lighter blue.Added server abbreviations for all trade messages.Fix so the strength check for digging on roads is performed at start of dig action.Fixed bug where we got more of same entity on the valrei map when reconnecting.Moved character name to display before game title instead of after.Added containers position remembering after logouts and for different resolutions.Fixed wrong size of Valrei map.Changed display default settings to make game start in fullscreen for new players.Changed wounds sorting to make bandaged wounds go to the bottom of the list.Added height display on hover when mallet or hammer is activated.Added possibility to align player rotation with mount rotation (toggled off by default).Changed border around items in character window to change color at any damage. DeedPlanner Updates Warlander sent us a couple of new pictures of his progress with implementing bridges into DeedPlanner. It looks great! Permissions We forgot to include it last week (oops) but Tich made a post about door permissions. She also made one about animal permissions this week. Your feedback in both would be appreciated! Wiki Accounts Marni has further clarified and improved the system for Wurmpedia accounts. Standard accounts can edit player and settlement pages, of which anyone may apply; and Editor accounts can edit almost all pages on the wiki (other than protected ones like the main page) and are available to people interested in contributing to the wiki who can be trusted. You can find out more here. Screenshot of the Week Finishing off, this weeks' screenshot was taken by Jberg of a stable design by Cita, built by Jberg, Cita, Crystallee and Drsatan. It's amazing to see people continue to innovate with new ways to implement bridges into deed designs. That concludes this week's news! Devs have been working on both Wurm Online and Unlimited for the past few weeks, and that format will continue until release. Watch this space for exclusive previews of the upcoming game! We're thinking about doing a number of special things, including hosting a Twitch stream Q&A while playing through the game once we get nearer to release day - would you watch it?
  3. Hey all! It's news time once more! But before we begin... I have to tell you about a little investigation I conducted. Every week, developers are sent an e-mail asking them if they've got anything to share with players for the week. Normally, almost all devs e-mail back with a week's hard work and things to show off... but for over a month now, certain devs haven't said anything at all! I'm a volunteer not based in the Motala office, so I can't walk over to their computer and look over their shoulder to figure out what they're up to. Are they wasting time with confused verbs and playing Wurm at work instead of developing Wurm at work, or is there something secret going on? I had to talk to a contact on the inside. The contact couldn't say much, but apprently, a few devs have been working on "something big" for a few weeks now already. We don't know what it is, or why they're working on it... will Code Club AB soon become a political party in Sweden? Or, back in-game, is Wurm finally going to get the rainbow-coloured unicorns it has needed so desperately for years? All we know is that they're busy, and might have some information to share within the next few weeks! A while ago, we mentioned that we'd focus on bigger features come fall. Well, the leaves are falling; we're now in a bit of a transition phase between a summer of little things and the coming months which will focus on bigger stuff. Keep an eye out for news posts, we'll be elaborating on our next big plans for the game! But don't forget that bugfixing never really ends too, and things like client engine upgrades that we're currently working on (and haven't discussed much) ought to help to improve things further. The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes and additions this week, the most notable of which is the new trade chat. The dedicated trade chat window ought to help clear up other channels while also enhancing trade. 07/09/15 Fighting creatures on another floor level is now blocked inside structures and on bridges due to a blocking glitch which occurred in certain circumstances.The time stamp which was set when dechamping that blocked changing religion was removed.08/09/15Fix so Rams can breed.Added Trade tab.Added kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added global kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added Corpse Loot options to profile. New Scale and Drake Sets Hit the Catwalk The new dragon armour variants were recently spotted at an exclusive fashion show on the test server. Although they're already in-game, we haven't shown you what they look like until now - thanks to Saroman for making these pictures for us! The new sets look awesome. DeedPlanner Although it's a community project, we'd like to start featuring more on Warlander's DeedPlanner tool. As far as I know, it's intended that it'll remain as an open-source community project; and development on the tool has recently been ramped up (bridge reference not intended) ahead of the release of the in-game village plan viewer & exporter, and to also add bridges to the tool. Last week, Warlander told me that bridges would take "quite a while" to add to DeedPlanner. Look below, and tell me if you agree that he was lying! You can find out more about DeedPlanner here. Planning a bridge: The bridge displayed in the program: Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Huntar. A perfectly timed rainbow complements the quaint deed in the picture. That concludes this week's news! It was a little shorter than normal, and future news posts probably will be until we do a bumper issue on the big stuff devs will be working on for the months to come.
  4. Hey Everyone! This week, devs have continued working on a variety of things. There's less to show this week as most of it was behind the scenes, including some code cleanup and management improvements to the server code, and we hence didn't roll out any client patches this week. Before you read this week's first article, we also have to warn you that this weeks' news may spontaneously combust and/or be quite warm. New Dragon & Drake Types In light of the success of semi-recent changes to unique spawning (meaning that new uniques spawn on all servers at regular intervals, with reduced drops) we've decided to expand the functionality of dragons and drakes. There will be a red, black, white, green and a new blue version of both drakes and dragons, each with their own drake or scale type of armour material drop. It'll be quite the challenge at first to make one of the new armour sets with how small the drops are, but we hope it'll be one that adds both more variety to armour and more late-game things to try and do. Steel Items Looks This week, the art team have also been working on giving steel items and armour their own look. The darker tint in the screenshot below shows what we're going for, and will eventually end up on most steel items ranging from horse armour to plate armour, differentiating the stronger metal from its iron counterpart. Village Planner Progress Last week we told you about the new village plan export system that we're working on, that will allow you to export a plan of a deed to a 3rd party planning program like Warlander's Deed Planner 2. It's looking good, and below is a picture of a Wurmian hillside that was successfully exported from the game to the program, with 3D terrain and trees! Eventually, it will even export all floors and design features of buildings. Permissions Tich is still working away on her permissions overhaul, and this week asked for feedback on the permissions associated with vehicles. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot is of Devily's Wyvern Castle. We love its design and how it's nestled away in a secret-looking valley! That concludes this week's news. I would stay to chat, but I'm really worried that the new blue dragon is going to take advantage of what's a very rare summer's day here in the UK and swoop from the sky with its camoflage to steal my cheese. No chance! *scurries away to hide all the cheddar*
  5. Hey all! This week we've got more encouraging progress updates on the in-game Village Plan Viewer tool, which will allow you to both view a plan of your deed from in-game and export a plan to the 3rd party DeedPlanner program. Other than that, most of this week's other work was either behind the scenes again or stuff you've already seen, like the new dragons that went live on Monday. Rawr! The Week in Patch Notes The most significant patch this week was the implementation of the new types of dragon and hatchling. We also increased the loot dropped by them and implemented a 'pool' system to try and make scale/drake piece distribution fairer. We may tweak unique drops further at a later date depending on feedback - keep it coming! 31/8/15Fix for some creatures not moving in to attack properlyFixed an issue where some merchant contracts could not be moved between servers 2/9/15Dragon scale and hide loot amounts were increased on non-pvp servers.There is now a pool for distributing dragon scale and hide pieces reserved for the more enabled characters with higher fight skill or characteristics and priests. Other players will still receive from the smaller pool and all players will receive blood as usual.Unique meat is now protected from butchering.Uniques should now bash mine doors more properly (was a bug).A bug with Mine Door permissions remaining after destruction was fixed. 3/9/15More work on tower guards to make them more responsive towards conquering.Miscommunication led to Chaos being excluded from the increased loot yesterday. Fixed. Village Plan View More work has gone towards the new village planning view this week, and barely an hour ago at the time of posting, Warlander successfully exported a deed to the 3rd party DeedPlanner program - which now includes details like buildings and fences! The only thing missing now is bridges, which aren't currently a feature in DeedPlanner anyway so can't be exported to. Bridges may not make it to the release version of the plan viewer, since it'd require quite a bit of work to DeedPlanner first to even make them viewable in a useful way in an export. Spot the difference? In addition, more work has gone into the in-game viewer from Tich, like an overlay to show which tiles are underwater and a tooltip on mouseover to show what each type of tile is. Permissions Tich also continued to work on the new permissions system this week. Below are examples of the proposed new building and deed permissions screens, and you can click here to give feedback on her proposed improvements to the deed permissions system. Tich sure wasn't lying when she said she wanted to "completely overhaul the game's entire permissions system" a few months ago... keep up the good work! Bandage Display Lastly for dev news is a small change to the way that wounds will be displayed. Bandaged wounds will be shown last! Which ought to help in stressful situations when you have to heal after you get attacked by that pesky aged troll. Screeenshot of the Week This week's screenshot was taken by Keenan, of a little project by Jakerivers, Whiterose and Rodney at Azkaban on Chaos. Apparently, "build a bridge between your two houses and put a pub on it" was a joke at first, but then they made it into reality! It's certainly the most... alcoholic example of what you can do with bridges we've seen! That concludes this week's news. Are you looking forward to the village planner? I am!
  6. Hey Everyone! It's news time again! You may have already noticed a change of title under my name, and that's because earlier this week Wossoo stepped down as Public Relations Officer (PRO). Wossoo stepped in a few months to cover the position at short notice, and I'm sure you'll agree that he did a great job of keeping everything ticking! He's currently too busy with his real-life PR job, but will remain on the team as a Public Relations Assistant so we won't lose his know-how. I've been heavily involved in Wurm's PR for a few months now as the Deputy PRO, and so you shouldn't notice any change in quality on your end with things like the weekly news. Without further ado, here's a bumper crop of more small improvements, many of which you actually haven't heard anything about before... The Week in Patch Notes This week, the stable client went Java 8! You can find a full changelog below of the things that Java 8 allows us to bring to Wurm, along with many more improvements in the future that will be facilitated by the new coding options. In addition, we unfortunately made a databse error with the premium awards system, meaning that we can't retro-fix the system entirely as we had intended to. We decided to continue to work on other things, as it would take up too much time to solve the error. Only a small number of people should be affected; you can find out more here. 19/08/15:The game client now requires java 8, which is the latest available version from Download and install unless you have already.There is now an ingame map of Valrei, the home of the gods (and a keybind for it).Fix for shearing sheep.Fix to make failing to make cheese consistent (should reduce the weight in all three cases)A reason for not being able to remove walls considered to be supporting floors was fixed.Fixed bug related to auto-selection of items in creation window.Added possibility to repair stationary tools in creation window.Added total weight value display on weight icon hover.Added weight thresholds calculator on weight icon hover (100%, 75%, 25% speed and max weight).Added inventory windows positions remembering.Made wall collisions longer and wider so cant see through the corners now.Fixed the hide Inactive Friends setting.Added functionality to make private messages make a plonk sound and added an option to enable/disable it (disabled by default).Selecting multiple items in an inventory container window will now show how many items you have selected.Added a ‘DROP_AS_PILE’ key bind and have it appear in the keybindings tab in the client.Reordering the the escape menu, added a new button Hud Settings and move a lot of hud windows toggles to Hud settings.On main menu bar buttons removed all underscores and made the text lower case except the first letter.Added word selection in text fields on double-click.Added key binds for ‘WINCH’, ‘WINCH5′, ‘WINCH10′, ‘UNWIND’, ‘LOAD’,’UNLOAD’,’FIRE’ for war machines.Fixed polish keyboard layout “select all†shortcut bug when typing letter “ąâ€.Added character name display on game title bar.Added wounds sorting in character window.Added visible damage in equipment slots in character window.Fixed windows height caching for minimized windows.Added remembering of windows state (minimized).Added keybind for toggle hud settings.20/08/15: Some collision issues were fixed which should affect creatures pathing and players teleporting.Removed scenario karma bonus when moving a deity on Valrei.Removed negative reputation restriction for joining HOTS villages.Below surface creatures are now more properly counted towards village ratio.Fixed so sheep and bison are able to be milked.Fix for bridge decay. New Launcher UI Warlander, Saroman and Budda, not satisfied with the client's looks, have been working on a new UI for the launcher. It will use the same style as the website while being an overall improvement to the launcher's looks, which haven't changed in many years. There's a sneak preview below, though we expect any changes to the launcher's appearance to be a while away yet: Village Plan View & Export Ever wanted to have a plan of your deed but don't have the time to make one? Do you ever want to know what your deed looks like without leaving your house? Well there's soon going to be an in-game solution! It's in early stages of development like the visual improvements above, but the village plan view will allow you to see a 2D plan of your deed from in the game. What's maybe even better is that you'll be able to export a plan of your deed (including things like relative terrain heights) in a file format readable by software like Warlander's widely popular Deed Planner - so it'll be easier than ever to have and play around with a virtual plan of your deed before you make anything solid (well, solid in virtual space that is.) I Take My Hat Off to You Last week, we showed you some new graphics for the mighty goblin leader, including a stylish feather hat. This week, we've developed making them wearable! The Crown of the Troll King and the Goblin War Bonnet will be dropped when said uniques are slain, ready for use on your own head as a trophy or style icon. They'll be added to the game imminently! Permissions Lastly this week for developer news, Tich continues to ask for more feedback on her permissions improvements currently in development, this week for the village permissions window. Your feedback would be appreciated! Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Hauler, of his massive deed Salodurum on Independence. Apparently, it took a whole 3 years to build in its entirety! The one picture below of seating outside his Inn was our favourite but doesn't do the entire deed justice - you can look at more pictures of the deed here. So that concludes this week's news! *puts on a fancy new goblin hat*
  7. Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another week of News. We've continued with bugfixes and general development this week, and also have some art to show off too. Last week, we asked you informally what kind of things you'd like to see us work on once we put dev time towards big new features come Fall. There were lots of suggestions, and it just goes to show how hard a job we'll have of picking what to work on for the next big features for Wurm! Exciting times are ahead, as ever. In addition, please take special note of the 4 hour downtime notice for next Tuesday below. Downtime Planned for the 18th August Next Tuesday, we will be taking the servers down for 4 hours to maintain server hardware. The downtime is planned for 10am to 2pm CEST (4am to 8am EST for those in the U.S.), so we hope that the replacement of the hamster's wheel some server components will affect as few people as possible. Keep an eye on the forums, our Twitter and our Facebook for live updates on the day. The Week in Patch Notes Below are all the patch notes from this week's updates. Users of the unstable client will have noticed a large number of new usability changes - ranging from container windows that remember their size and position when re-opened, to new keybinds like DROP_AS_PILE - which we will roll out to the stable client once we're certain of their stability. The new updates require Java 8 to run the unstable (and soon, stable) client. Also of special note are the fixes to the premium re-imbursement system this week. It should now function better, and will give monthly rewards of increasing value to players who remain premium for a number of consecutive months. 10/08/15Added Black Sheep / Rams / Lambs.Can Milk (female) sheep now – and make feta cheese from that.Can Milk (female) Bison now – and make Buffalo cheese from that. 11/08/15We have been looking at retroactively fixing the premium time awards and these should start ticking in during the next day or two. You need to be off the Golden Valley server for it to work. Rewarding will be a bit off but in general you will receive a bit too much. Also you need to still be premium for the code to detect the missing awards.The Unstable client now uses Java 8, so if you want to use it please update to the latest Java version at If this works well the standard game client will soon be using Java 8 as well, so it’s a good idea to update anyways. The unstable client can be downloaded at (You can find more details on the improvements in the thread here.)Some issues with bridges and gates were fixed.One reason for creatures moving through walls was found and fixed.Fix to reduce bridge decay. Should not take any decay for a week after its been used.Changed the QL levels between different bell sounds, as some sounds were not being played at all. Goblin Leader Model What's royalty without a crown to wear? This week, Saroman worked towards solving identity issues of Goblin Leaders across all servers by kitting them out with a new hat, shoulder pads and leather trousers. Can We Have Permission To Permission Your Permissions? Permissions? Permissions! Tich continues to outdo herself with her total overhaul of the game's permission systems, and this week asked for feedback on the permissions of buildings. Your input would be greatly appreciated! Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Kristof on Celebration, of the "Cathedral of the Gods." It looks huge and is very nicely furnished, well done! If you give us permission to, then we'll conclude this week's News. But what's that I hear you say... you want the News to be never-ending? But but but, even the PR team have to sleep occasionally! :c
  8. Hey Everyone! After a few weeks' break, we're now back with regular news posts. It's still a bit of a quiet week this week, but we have some news to share to get everything going again. The devs have also spent some time this week at Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The devs have been every year now for a while, and it's a great way to kick off a new season of development - as well as some industry networking and meeting up with a few other members of the dev team who don't work in the Motala office. The plan for the next few weeks of development is to continue with bugfixes and small changes. As we've mentioned before, we'll start to look into the next "big feature" for Wurm in the fall. Expect to hear more on that in the coming weeks/months! The Month in Patch Notes In keeping with recent tradition, here's a roundup of all the recent patch notes posted to the client during the dev summer break. This is everything since News #69, so it's a pretty big list! Most notably is that upcoming game features will require an update to Java 8. If you don't already have it (it's been around for a while now) then you're crazy! But you can download it here anyway (of which we strongly recommend downloading and using 64-bit Java if you have a 64-bit system, since it will make Wurm use your computer's resources better than 32-bit.) 25/6/15It should now be possible to lead creatures and drive/ride from bridges high up into houses.Fix for teleporting when moving out from floors onto steep tiles.Added in ability to see who planted an item (using examine).Fix so items and creatures that were on bridge when it was destroyed, loose their link to the bridge.Made wall collisions wider, to remove the see through feature.If there is only one possible item to craft, it is auto-selected in crafting window by default (like sand+clay).Non-premiums gives less to no skill in pvp due to some exploitability.Chaos server: In order to deal with alt problems, non-premiums can only respawn in permanent cities and pmk capitals until a better solution can be coded.You can now drop dirt under bridges (with restrictions). 26/6/15Added possibility to repair tools directly in crafting window.Tripled the ondeed creature ratio on pvp servers.Foals now age a lot faster on pvp servers.Reduced the breed wait timers on pvp servers.The Rod of Eruption has been replaced with a Tome of Incineration since use of the rod was considered undesirable.Fixed some issues with loading things onto boats.Fixed an issue with grass height and flower data. 30/6/15Fix for being kicked as passengerFix for creatures escaping pensFix for pmk non-prem spawning on Chaos 15/7/15We are adding features in the game client which requires Java 8 within the overseeable future, so please get the latest version of Java at as soon as possible:)A bug with mine doors was fixed 21/7/15Updated title for 90 NS as the old one was not very good.Added rarity to the items text (and hover text) in mail receive screen.Tower guards should now be more responsive when spawning.Corrected some size values for seals that resulted in a larger yield of hides then intended. Should now yield 2x 6kg hides instead of 2x 15kg that it did before.The fungus spell should no longer be able to spread mycelium to cobblestone tiles, and possibly other unintended types as well.The valentine flowers should no longer turn into a marble planter when decaying.Bracers should no longer hide shields when equipped, and will for the time being not be visible at all (the bracers not the shields).Fixed an issue where the examine message for soup would disappear when splitting the soup into new containers.Changed it so that Bulk storage bins no longer delete partial items when removing items from it.Examining a timber framed door under construction should now show the materials needed to finish it.Plain stone doors should now properly be shown as options when the house you are building requires a door and won’t let you build anything else.Fixed an old bug where it wasn’t allowed to build upper floors on deed perimeter north and west of a deed when the structure was just outside of the deeds perimeter.A rope is now part of the newbie toolset. 27/7/15Re-sized the oven’s internal container volume so that cauldrons may fit inside of it.Fix so mycelium will revert back to normal including grass, trees, bushes and lawns on non-pvp servers.Added crude axe.Adjusted volumes for shingles. Also made slate shingles slightly less dense.Tower guards should be more responsive to enemies during conquering. 3/8/15Crude Axe Head added.Crude Shaft added.Larger boats should now be easier to load from a few tiles away (cog, knarr, corbita, caravel).A range check bug resulting in too short distance allowed when unloading crates from ships was fixed.(Bulk storage) “As many as I can carry†should now leave behind partial items that can’t be combined once taken out.(Fighting) Special moves should no longer show the activated item.Fix so gates are correctly unlocked when a deed disbands.Change so attaching a lock to an item only checks if you have a key if you are on a PvE server. Permissions Improvements Tich is still hard at work on her huge improvements to the game's permissions systems. She is already working on new code, but is also looking for feedback on proposed changes to both gates and mine doors - we'd love to hear your feedback in both threads! Inevitably there will be more threads to come too - we'll post them in the weekly news as and when they appear. Rams, Lambs & Black Sheep This week, Saroman has been living up to Valdor's dev team fanfiction by working on new models to add some variety to sheep to celebrate Gamescom 2015. Disclaimer: that's probably not the actual reason why he made them, but we'll happily condone belief in it anyway. Coming to a field near you soon! Screenshot of the Week This weeks' screenshot is of a very happy lava fiend taken by Xallo, posing with its arm around a fellow Wurmian. How nice! Who knew that aggressive, fire-breathing mobs could be so photogenic. That concludes this week's news. We're sure that it's going to be a big point of discussion - but to get the ball rolling, what big new feature would you most want to see added to Wurm? Happy Wurming!
  9. Hey Everyone! This week has seen more of the same from devs, with a continued focus on bugfixes and small additions. But Wossoo, what are these Fancy Pants that you talk of? Well you'll just have to keep reading! We also welcome Warlander to the team as a volunteer client developer. His focus will probably be on GUI improvements. The Week in Patch Notes The bug crusade has continued, and below is a roundup of the week's patch notes in full. Fixes that apply to all servers are in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green. 8/6/15:Fix so chopping a tree down leaves the grass (or mycelium) at same length (except lawn goes to short grass/mycelium).Fix for fsb and bsb becoming unplanted over server resets.Fix so can’t dig at the end of bridges.Fix so the max ql of floors and bridge parts is not restricted to 80.In order to prevent various annoying situations, siege shields (and unfinished ones) are now notake and must be created where they are supposed to be used.Turrets should now properly revert to unenchanted ones if dispelled.Removed false disease status which occurred in certain situations.Fix for fatigue going into the negative and blocking certain actions while mounted.Bulk container double turn menus removed.Scissors now take proper damage when shearing.Fix for floor/roof damage using certain tools.Blocked removing bulk items into tents due to certain exploitability.Harvesting now properly using 100 item inventory limitation.Exiting through a door with enemies players in local should now unlock it as well as when entering.Removed possibility to change creator by dealing damage to items.You can no longer tame creatures led by another player or hitched to a vehicle.Hens and chickens no longer autofollow due to disease issues.Summoned skeletons and wraiths should no longer attack same kingdom but other kingdom players.Made it so newbie tents can’t be put into containers due to exploitability.10/6/15: A few bugs that may have prevented Nathan from ascending were found, and he was ascended manually since Fo won this scenario.Powers and vitality for deities on Valrei are now recalculated when receiving immortality. The calculated attack and vitality values generated that are higher than 6 will start at 6 and add 0.1 per full point above 6. So a value of 11 will result in 6.5. This will balance the playing field better. Existing deities have had their values recalculated according to this algorithm. More New Clothing Following on from his new line of shirts released last week, Wox has continued working on Wurm's fashion range, with 3 new designs of pant. You can catch some sneak previews below - it's beginning to look like Wurm will have a pretty expansive range of clothing once he's done! Wox's next fashion venture could go anywhere... although a contact on the inside has informed us that he is currently designing new shoulder pads (pauldrons,) an optional armour slot made possible a while ago but not looked into until now. They're intended to be decoration-only. Marble Statues Continuing the trend of new art assets, we can confirm this week that we'll be releasing marble versions of all statues. For now, Saroman has given us a preview of a marble Lady of the Lake. Feedback Structure Here at the PR Team, we've also been looking into improving the ways that we collect feedback from the community. It will be an ongoing process - but to get things kicked off, we've created a new e-mail address,, for general bits of feedback. Any issues with moderation should still always be raised with the moderation team, either through forum PM (or the in-game /support system where appropriate); bugs should still be reported in the maintenance area, where they will be picked up by staff and added to our lists of bugs; and suggestions for game features/changes should still be posted in the suggestions area. It might not feel like we listen to feature suggestions, but the simple fact is that the game is so huge with so many ideas that it will always take time to implement anything. Hopefully, recent dev work (like more clothing items, permissions and bugfixes) will help to emphasise that we do listen to suggestions, just that it always takes time to act on them. Most things are covered by the above, but we'd like to trial the feedback account as a way for you to communicate any other more general issues. The account will be staffed by numerous members of the PR team, and that will allow us to reply to all feedback within 24 hours - something not always possible under the current system of trying to find a team member to PM (who may be away or too busy to reply.) Handling feedback is difficult but is a top priority, and so we'd like to experiment with some slow expansion to see what works best for us and for the community. Tap Dance Bridge, Celebration It’s been exciting to see all the new bridges being created across the lands of Wurm! This week we continue to take a look at some of these bridge projects with the Tap Dance Bridge completed on the Celebration server. The folks from Mercenary Camp took it upon themselves to provide a quicker, safer route between Tap Dance and Southern Celebration. Hats off to them for such an impressive building project! The unique center arch-section allows larger ships to pass through and gives the bridge a fun, roller-coaster effect. You can learn more about the Tap Dance Bridge project here. GM Jberg/Logi also took some aerial screenshots of the bridge for us, which look pretty cool! Screenshot of the Week Our screenshot this week is courtesy of Calimdor. A fine example of covered stables now that the Devs have made it possible to plant thatch (i.e. grass) indoors. Looks awesome, Calimdor! Join us next week for a brief period of regret at changing the title format of the news. Happy Wurming!