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  1. Found a horse on Xanadu you are caring for, venerable KissKiss, male, 5 traits, PM on forums so I can arrange to deliver to your deed for you, need directions to deed.

  2. Goblin Leader Slaying

    How close to the water is the fight?
  3. Patch Notes 22 June 2016

    Can you please confirm/deny the following rumors/speculation: 1) You need to be inside the active rift area (where /rift works) for the monsters to drop loot 2) You need to be inside the active rift area for kills to counts toward your participation score This is significant since a common strategy is pulling monsters to the edge of the rift.
  4. Thanks for organizing this. Was nice to see some of the famous landmarks up close.
  5. May Event: Independence Server: Now running

    The items don't get used up and there's mailboxes nearby.
  6. May Event: Independence Server: Now running

    Scheduled to start in 25 minutes I believe.
  7. Rifts - Who? What? Where? - SPOILERS - TEST SERVER

    A few things from doing one more rift (this time on horseback and more controlled): The waves get bigger and bigger. The first (pre) wave is not very hard, but the last one gets quite nasty. Typing /rift shows participation scores. This seems to be 1 point for each monster you've helped kill. It's quite easy to reach the max category (phenomenal). It becomes a lot easier (but less fun!) if the mobs are pulled a few at a time instead of going Leeroy Jenkins on them. The final reward seems very random. Everyone who had "phenomenal" or "good" participation got 0.25kg seryll, but a single guy who joined in the last minutes and only did "decent" got a rare adamantine lump. It definitely felt significantly easier the second time around. Controlled pulling and horses seemed to help a lot. I think we might also have screwed up the spawning a bit the first time around since we "cheated" a rift before that so we had double mobs once we started to actually kill them.
  8. Rifts - Who? What? Where? - SPOILERS - TEST SERVER

    There's a new rift on the test server now, with a portal leading there. From the test server spawn use the pvp crystal on ground to go to the pvp server, then examine the rift crystal to go to the rift server.
  9. Rifts - Who? What? Where? - SPOILERS - TEST SERVER

    Screenshot album:
  10. Rifts - Who? What? Where? - SPOILERS - TEST SERVER

    A picture to sum up the event:
  11. Weekly News #19: Jackal Rising

    Any idea how many hours (or days?) the test will run for?
  12. Deliverance Event - April 30th 2016

    Is the end of the hunt/race going to be near Green Dog or some place far away? I would like to know if it's a bad idea to place my tent with my tools at Green Dog or I should place them in my boat instead.
  13. White Dragon Hatchling Slaying

    Sign me up please.
  14. WTB 90ql+ Compass

    I reckon this should be about equivalent to 90ql, just more shiny. I have it for sale for 30s on my merchant on Pristine. Let me know if you are interested.