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  1. in the steam Library window, right click on the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server, click on properties, Local File Tab, Verify Integrity of tool files.
  2. Validate the install, it may need updating
  3. Copy the dedicated server folder from steam directory.
  4. You know there is only so much Hardware That Code Club can throw are the issue, *REDACTED DUE TO SECURITY ISSUES*
  5. It does happen. Had the same issue on a cluster i was on once, No idea why, or how its was fixed. Vaguely remember server start squences had something to do with it.
  6. Not sure if this could be your issues, Could the servers default treasure chests be interfering with the mods treasure chests? Have you tried disabling the servers default treasure chest feature?
  7. Its all to do with render distance. Different items are linked to different graphics settings.
  8. I have heard though but not 100% sure, that damage to items is server uptime independant, i believe it because damage ticks are stored for items with a RL time stamp.
  9. The server needs to be running for time to pass Shut it down, time stops.
  10. you need to find out what CPU the Machine has, use Windows Task manager, here is mine home PC The Logical Processors is the number of threads.
  11. Any errors in your client console. Just after you open map and as soon as u log in.
  12. Spawn point is set to X 2,100 by Y 2,100 that is tiles. I think thats way too high.
  13. Is it a custom map server, or default adventure/creative?
  14. As Windows firewall has them green, i think we can assume that they are being allowed through.
  15. Quality not Quantity dude