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  1. I am surprised that no one has mentioned thread thrashing....
  2. Post images of the both server set-up UI's, obscure anything u dont want public.
  3. What i have found in the past that any changes made i had to save, close the server UI down and restart it up. Seems to me that the save may just cache it but not fully applying to DB. Closing and restart does the saving to DB.
  4. i have not played in a long time so i have not updated my client BUT my file is in the root dir, with patcher.jar etc
  5. One of the IP fields is
  6. Could a mod be created to address the issue temporarily??????
  7. #locateitem <templateid> - return the location of the end game item with that id. But that will only give you a Direction IE #locateitem 336 - Sword of Magranon [21:12:44] The Sword of Magranon has not yet been revealed. The Sword of Magranon is pretty far away ahead of you to the left. If you have access to the DB in the ENDGAMEITEM table of wurmitems.db it has the WURMID you can use #itempos <id> - checks the position of an item.
  8. OOOHHHHh I just remembered, Did CodeClub fix the Fog spider Spawning issue????? that could be the cause if it was not fixed!!!
  9. Sorry i looked in the mods folder and could not see a mod that helped with logging. Not saying the isnt, but the servers developer could of bunbled it with other mods he wrote.
  10. Most likely a zone that has 1000's of items on the floor, Tilepoller has to calculate decay for everyone. As for locating the offending zone. Ill look though Ages of Urath file/logs to see if there was a mod the help out....
  11. Can you direct connect with IP:port?
  12. release

    and so They Should Be!!!!!!
  13. Now all ya need to do is get rid of the items inside, mod it so passager show inside, and ya got you self a prison wagon.
  14. post the full logs of both servers if you can. so this is my Log in server DB image:
  15. Ill take a look at my DB when i get home tonight.. and screen shot how the IP's are set-up. Oh just to let you know i had 3 maps connected. And some others were having issues with a serverID of 1, in regards to mailing stuff ingame.