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  1. Maybe you game files hve gotten corrupted. Verify them via steam.
  2. You can in theory, But there are big security concerns with opening the ports to the internet that servers use to comminicate with each other.
  3. The faction spawn location are defined i the server launcher window. Spawnpoint x Where players generally spawn, tile x. Spawnpoint y Where players generally spawn, tile y Kingdom 2 spawnpoint x Where kingdom 2 players spawn, tile x Kingdom 2 spawnpoint y Where kingdom 2 players spawn, tile y Kingdom 3 spawnpoint x Where kingdom 3 players spawn, tile x Kingdom 3 spawnpoint y Where kingdom 3 players spawn, tile y I cant remember which are the factions that the kingdoms refer too. ALSO I do remember a bug, (might of been fixed) that if a spawn village had water tiles it bugged out the spawning there.
  4. Have a look at your keybindings.txt file for excessive duplications...
  5. Maybe the duplicate lines in PlayerFiles\configs\test\keybindings.txt is cauing the issue.
  6. Could of started up one of the other default servers by mistake?
  7. There are complication when moving a server. Only thing that i can think of now is that there might when changing that the serverID did not get set in some of the database tables, ignore if you used the same ID on the new as old.
  8. Most lag is caused by tilepoling. Of which is due tilepoling calculating damage of items. A lot of items in a zone will cause it
  9. Well we all know that. Derrrrrrr!!!!!! Maybe you did jot graps what i was trying to put forward.
  10. The Question is "You can See" does that mean there are more traits on an animal that you husbandry skill can see???? So breeding at 50 you get a 5 speed and are there other bad traits that are on the animal but you don't know about. may be a max Husbandry player can check if there are bad ones!!!!!
  11. Post logs.
  12. Oh if you are starting the client from a shortcut, look at the properties of it, if it has the 32bit path, ie C:\Program Files (x86)\, change it to the 64bit path, should be C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_161\bin\jp2launcher.exe or what ever the 64bit path is.