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  1. Sacrifice action is pausing other actions

    From my past ticket i put on on WO a few years ago, i thought something like this was a bug, (cannot remember what exacly the two actions were), the GM told me there are some action that have priority over others, either jump to front of queue pausing current action, or run in parallel with current action.
  2. Another reason could be that there is no room for them, as the allocated max creature count has been taken up by all the standard animal on your server i thinm that the last server i was no seem to get aroud this by placing spawn lairs, not sure though.
  3. Bounty on bury mod

    Can not find it, but iirc@nekoexmachinais the author
  4. Bounty on bury mod

    i saw your pm darkness, i have no long access to Urath, ill see if i have the archive of it when i get home tonight.
  5. While the servers are not on the server list are you still able to direct connect to them? You will need the IP address and the port they use for connect clients.
  6. Wagoners?

    Yeah and then some one will take that code, mod it and then its will be free.
  7. [ABANDONED] Arkoniks Hitching Post mod

    What also need to be installed and working is Serverpacks on both client and Server, this will allow the server to send the hitching post graphics pack to the client.
  8. This may fix your issue.
  9. Real death

    Isnt called real death, coz initially if after the 3 deaths as a champion., your character actually died and you had to start again?
  10. Cannot make a public server (stuck on LAN)

    DUDE. Not a software issue.......
  11. WU Server not Showing up for Public

    Please try the on each of the 3 ports that you have open and routed to your Gamer server machine, please don't just dismiss as something that irrelevant you your situation. i did say ISP blocking, not your router or Firewall. Also try not to do ranges of ports to exactly what you are using, Also, has any one Tried to Connect to your server outside your home network via the direct connect option??? didn't Code Club AB outsource the converting WO to WU, i could be wrong there, they are a very small company that might not of had the resources to do it in house.
  12. WU Server not Showing up for Public

    . How do you know these ports are "active as needed" Have you tried on all the ports have you. Have you Have you!!!!!!
  13. WU Server not Showing up for Public

    ISP MIGHT be blocking a port, happened to me, had to use a different one on one of them.
  14. Cannot make a public server (stuck on LAN)

    Possible your ISP is blocking the port that the server is using. Has anyone outside your home network tried uing direct connect to your server?
  15. "Cannot determine a valid Java Home"

    I think that the desk top link you d-click is trying to find the 32bit java Try downloading the and reinstall, if all goes well, the install should see the 64bit java and updated link will be created.