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  1. New metal type properties reference list

    nice to see explanations at last
  2. Bugged sounds

    Could your sound java file be corrupted?
  3. New metal type properties reference list

    I believe yes, if iron tool makes a item of 30ql then a brass would make 33ql
  4. Creature Clusters

    [09:34:54 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: Zone at 2560, 1920 polled 17 tiles. That took 4759.3315 millis. This might not be caused by animals. As if it was an they are migrating to NW the zone would be at a mucb lower number. I suspect it is quite a considerable amount of items on the ground taking damage.
  5. All depends on how many players will be on the map, how mad they go at messing with item creation etc etc. A couple of bods the cpu will do fine. 30+ and hard core skillers not clearing up there messing, thread thrashing will occur quite a bit.
  6. Threads are your freinds. The more threads that WU server can use, the better the server will run.
  7. Sindusk Server Mods

    This may be a load of ######, but when was playing Wurm, i got told that the only time you can make a rare was: 1. At the initial creation 2. Adding the last piece. Using a rarity type item just increased the chances.
  8. there are three i can see, may be more [09:29:18 PM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Reading mods\ [09:29:18 PM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Reading mods\ [09:29:18 PM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Reading mods\
  9. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    Is serverpacks enabled on both client and server And inifinity.jar in the serverpack folder and added to the properties file of the serverpacks on the server
  10. Is there a kingdom of influence around other guard towers that are not on deed usually 60 tiles. ,
  11. From my experience with errupt, (the path of power ability), it does do the surface layer and the underground shaft. It may be a game mechanic that cooling of lava occures quicker at higher heights.
  12. Lava has two layers. The surface and underground. I think painting the surface as GM, does not do the underground. May be thats why its cool too quick.
  13. Server lag problem

    Most likely cause is the server calculating damage on items on ground, where there are A LOT of items, like when player mass skill, there woodcutting or make kindling etc which leaves 100's if not 1000's of items in a zone. Also as said before you have a player or players sending too many item creation calls to server, via a macro or other program.
  14. Question about cluster

    I think, that if the last time the characters logged out was on the second map, they should be ok. Any one that logged out on the old log in server and you remove it, j think the server will ask them to create a new character. FMI, what issues are you having with the log in server currently?