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  1. I have had zero actual experiance moving a log in server, Though I have had a million thoughts on how it could be done, The main issue is getting the data from the old one too new, Copying it isnt going to hack it as most of the data is to do with the play on the old server, ie, deeds, items on ground, buildings, animals etc. I did have an idea of running the new login server as a normal map, get everyone over the course of a weekend, that you can to travell there, play mess about. then switch the login server Down side is that if someone has not travelled there and logs in it will ask for a new toon to be created. Could of fixed by GM command to move, or a database script that moves all toons to the login server. These a just random thoughts i had when Ages of Urath server was having bad lag issues on the log in server. Before you do anything i would do lots of testing of on a copy of your cluster on a test bed.
  2. Duplicate Authentication Error is sometimes a server side issues, only way is to get it restarted.
  3. By dedicated, it only handles logins and other major database stuff. No player plays on it only there for character creation and then u teleport to the play server, Just like golden valley. Have you ever wondered why WO is set up as it is. This is why. the more players you have on your login server, the harder it has to work, doing what players do on the server AND managing all the other attched servers.
  4. I believe the shut down in game via the GM wand is the most gracful way.
  5. That what happens when players that have not logged in for a while. All there items get moved to fozen, when they log back in they all get unfrozen.
  6. I assume u mean a dedicated log in server?
  7. As a matter of interest, could the spawning of the epic creatures be related to the battle on Valrei???
  8. There is not. on the first ever PvP Adventure server i played on, it was Eagles Spitits that was the BANE of the server. at the time there was nothing that could be done too limited there spawn, m]ost likely its hardcoded into the pvp/epic server settings, and there still no way, unless there is a mod that does.
  9. Too right its long. Far too, for me to do a detailed look at on my phone. Though at a random scroll down i saw an error involving the hitchingpost Have updated the mod? In fact, go though each mod and see if they need the updating, as recent patch changed a lot of stuff.
  10. Any chance you could post the server log, it will give a wider scope on your set-up and help solve your problem.
  11. May be the custom command does not do all that is needed for the game to reliase you can abdicate.
  12. I KNOW, But how. You can not tap your foot 3 times, turn around, touch the ground and say i am King/Queen. There is only one way to do it properly that wil not screw things up later.
  13. Back to basics How did you become Queen?
  14. Is the kingdom a Player one or one of the template kingdoms?
  15. Ill take a look at the files for ages of urath again to so if there is a wurm.ini file nd if its been changed. Not sure but if too many proccesses are pushed to the executor thread that may be the cause of the lag, due the thread thrashing. you have to find the balance. Number of threads for server processes and number of threads for executor processs. Razor did tell me a formula he found out that had which had the relation of Total core threads to server process threads to executor process threads. I really can not remember what he said it was. EDIT: i thought i Posted when i was on my Tablet LOLZ got home and saw nothing was Posted, to hit post. After some brain storming and trying to remember what Razor said, he "may" of said set SCHEDULED_EXECUTOR_SERVICE_NUMBER_OF_THREADS to half the number of threads the machine has. See if that helps.. And i think try not to use executor to do extra, reset it back to default and try thread thing first. i do hope only 1 Server Runs on the each machine, as running multiple servers will cause the thread thrashing to be exacerbated. Virtual Machining them will have the same effect i think. (possible 2 servers is the Limit with less that 30 players).