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  1. No Soup For You!!

    In the past the only way to get around this error is for the server to be restarted. And from What i can remember is caused by a bad connection to the server/steam.
  2. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    is it not supposed to be typed in the Console, not chat window???
  3. I think i might know why. Lets have a go at fixing tonight.
  4. Client crashing (solved)

    That looks like a Java crash rather than a wurn client crash.. Jvm.dll is having issues doing something
  5. Setting up Multi-Island cluster

    @Kyisha Can you post the logs of both servers soon after you attempted the transfer? Also can you use the spoiler option to hide large blocks of texts, helps us mobile phone users emensely.
  6. Wurm Unlimited uses a bundled Java, so updating it wont effect your issue. have a look at your keybindings.txt files for multiple entries...
  7. new pvp server when?

    No. Basicly the Wurm client is NOT a dumb client, it has some mechanics that stops various data from not show for the players. The Bear mods a ways back bypassed these mechanics and was able to display player and creatures at the maximum distances, etc, etc, etc. The server side mod from what i remember was not publicly available, or just on a friends network, it just limited the data that is sent to client to what ever the server owner wants..
  8. Trouble with ports

    Only thing i can think is to go into the database file and set them manually.
  9. @Jikuu i have feeling that it not the Wurm client crashing, buy Java crashing, may be install a previous version to see if that helps
  10. new pvp server when?

    There are server mods the limit the data sent to clients too....
  11. Where did my mine go??

    May be an improver server shut down corrupted the mine layer file.
  12. Adding More Spawn Points?

    From what i can remember. Kingdom spawn points are created when the kingdom capitals is founded, by checking a box in one of the windows when creating a village, not if you needs to be GM for this. PS, did the bug get fixed that screws witn spawning if water is within the villages bounderies? More: after read OP a few more times, i seem to vaguely remember switch home to non home causec issues too.
  13. By "Wurm Dedicated Server Tool" you mean the config window that appears to start up the server where you configure the servers options, these are stored in the database for the map and that the files you want. DOhhhhhh must read all previous posts before replying, what a n00b.
  14. Hitch Cart

    Also when tamed they can be. Bears need to be young or adolescent
  15. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I believe there is no extracting needed, you jusr run the .jar via Java.