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  1. there are mod you can add to the server which will change the rate of your gains.
  2. I think there are two solutions 1. Increase you LOD distance or 2. have the range pole Selected when close to it then make your way into position making sure you do not deselect.
  3. the server you are trying to connect to is joined to the login server in the cluister to get in tou need to find the login server in the list
  4. From what i remember it could be that wurm is seeing your laptops touch pad and throwing out this error. Did you update the drivers for that too?
  5. not that i know off. I believe spell lists are Hard coded and not stored in a file or database.
  6. Also, Do you have Test Server ticked? That option messes with some of the NPC stuff some how.
  7. With regret i announce that Novastrov (X38, Y37) has disdanded, i finaly ran out of silver to add to the upkeep. Thank you to the players who took the equipped horses.
  8. u are using your Internet IP address INFORMATION: Creating Wurm SocketServer on / U need to use the IP of your machines Network card
  9. Code Club have never made a model for it..... Same issue with WO. Spent some time on Release finding the right area and building one for a Epic Mission....... Was disappointed too, my only hope eventually one will be introduced.
  10. 100% right mappings.txt has to be map.kingdomofelysweir = maps/kingdomofelysweir.png did it manually to the file downloaded and the map image show in map
  11. Ooh oohh I just noticed in your serverpacks.properties You have #publicServerAddress=a.b.c.d RRemove the # bbtw a.b.c.b should be your internet IP.
  12. Ooh oohh I just noticed in your serverpacks.properties You have #publicServerAddress=a.b.c.d RRemove the # bbtw a.b.c.b should be your internet IP.
  13. Try a different port for the serverpacks mod, i use 8787
  14. Do you have test server ticked. It's to do with that i think.
  15. Connectionfix custommap serverpacks are downloadable separately, i think the .properties are not in the main download to stop people from over writing there changed files https://github.com/ago1024/WurmClientModLauncher/releases/tag/v0.4