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  1. Bought enough for now Will update when I need more
  2. Have some rare tackle boxes, 2s. Comment here or PM me ingame.
  3. I wanna buy rare lumps and ores! Lead, tin, zinc, iron, copper and lead is accepted. I will pay 10c each! Just COD to Rgr and I will pick up as soon as I get online! (If it has much dmg, please pm me and we will see if I can use em)
  4. I you can do 10c each on Rare Iron Lump - 15 C Each - Stock: 14 I will take all of them Cod Rgr if accepted
  5. Recommended! A pleasure doing business with Muse, and to visit Southport Market!
  6. There is still yokes laying around at our old place in Black Pearl at Exo
  7. WTS Saddlesacks (Christmas present) 2s Rare leather knife, iron QL94,50 (Woa 93, Coc 99, Imbue 99, glimmer rune (10% usage speed)) 22s Triple shoulder pads, leather QL75 1,5s for both Rare triple shoulder pad, leather QL75 3s Rare great helm, iron QL42,60 2,5s Stone chisel, iron QL74,16 (Botd 81) 1s Awl, iron QL78,96 (Botd 97) 2s Got some other shoulderpads too, pm me with what you looking for, I might have it. /t Rgr or leave a message here