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  1. Yeah, thx
  2. 3s for both lw potions?
  3. Ill take the rare studded boot, Cod Rgr please
  4. Lets start it off with 27s
  5. How much?
  6. 8s for rare studded jacket, pants and sleeve? Cod Rgr if accepted
  7. 1s for the leatherworking potion?
  8. If you accept 3s, then I take it. If accepted Cod Rgr please...
  9. How much for the rare toolbelt?
  10. paid 2s for 15kg high ql black dye a few days ago...
  11. If you paid 7s for the dye I think you got ripped off...? You only need 6,5kg of dye if im right?
  12. Bought 10s for 10usd, need more
  13. Still looking
  14. Rare nail and river, 20c? If accepted, Cod Rgr
  15. Pm me with your offer, the best offer will be bought.