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  1. Q I offer 20s for the rare horse shoe set if you still have em. COD Rgr if accepted
  2. Still for sale, can deliver at any coast on SFI, except Xan.
  3. Want to sell a 79ql knarr, its runed and the sails are dyed red. Taking reasonable offers Pick up at north indy
  4. Make offers, either here in the post or to /t Rgr ingame.
  5. [20:01:53] The name of the receiver contains illegal characters. Please check the name. I copy pasted the name from here
  6. As topic says... Start bid 30s Increments 50c 30 minute sniper protection No buyout
  7. you always log off before I get to answer so: https://gyazo.com/a7f552044a2bb2a79ce9c93c3fd7ada0