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  1. So it wont be any trounle finishing it, I can complete the tent if the winner wants me to.
  2. Ive only attached a cordage rope as mentioned above, all military tents are at 1ql before you start attaching. [22:36:50] You see a military tent under construction. Ql: 2.3692198, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The military tent needs 10 pegs, 10 shafts, 9 cordage ropes, and 12 square pieces of cloth to be finished.
  3. A shiny military tent! Its a unfinished one, so this one will have your own signature on it! Happy bidding! Start bid: 5s Increments: 50c Reserve: Nope Buyout: None Sniper protection: 1 hour
  4. I got toolbelts: Toolbelts 7-slot 40c Toolbelts 8-slot 70c Toolbelts 9-slot 1s