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  1. First time using his service and was absolutely a great experience.Very informative and professional, I would highly recommend his service to all. Great job on the 2x high CoC casts on my rare Med Rugs. TYVM
  2. Hey, Thank's for putting the saddles up for sale, now my two nephews and I can enjoy our rides together with a little extra speed. Send CoD to brendabrenda.
  3. Send that baby home to Brendabrenda. Don't spend that pile of silver all in one place. TYVM
  4. 50s....Because my Unicorn told me to !!!!!
  5. Great job on the quick 96+ imp on another set of Horse shoes for me. Honest, great work is always found here! Thanks again.
  6. Great service, Kupferlisa had 6 small amphora's over in no time at all. A+