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  1. Had 2 pickaxes hit with SS and I'm very pleased. Great communication..Honest service... A++
  2. A++... I have ordered several items here and had a few custom made. Great service all around and you will not be disappointed spending your silver here. Thank's for making my game more enjoyable !
  3. Hi again, Hope all is well... I would like to purchase your Ql 70 Botd 69 needle, Ql 70 Botd 67 file. I would like to request these if possible. ( Knife at Ql 70. Botd Around 70 + or - ) and a ( leggat with a Botd cast at 70 + or - ) The Ql of the Leggat dosen't matter so much but the best you can do up to Ql 50. Thanks for your time and I know your busy so no hurry.
  4. Just had my rare 95 Ql huge axe hit with 95 Nim, 102 Coc, 98 Ms. I'm super happy dealing with a honest, high quality business. A++ All Around !! Thanks : )
  5. Simply Awesome ! thanks for the super fast service. A++
  6. Absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Will go above and beyond for you, very skilled and spot on. Super happy with the 5 items I have had worked on so far. I highly recommend you do your business here there is no need to search any further. Thanks so much for your awesome work!
  7. Hello, I would like 10 kg of white please. Send Cod brendabrenda. Ty and Have a great day!
  8. Once again I'm super pleased with the work done here. If your looking for friendly, professional, and very high quality service look no further and do business here. I can't say enough...A++... Thanks
  9. Super friendly and filled my order fast. Thanks so much for the GREAT service .... A++ cook in my book !!! : )
  10. Placed a custom order for a Scythe and it came same day exactly as requested. This is why I keep coming back and I highly recommend his services. You have my word you won't be disappointed. Thanks Again Baeowulf for the stellar work!!
  11. HI, I was wondering if you could make a 80+ Ql Scythe with a 70 + botd cast on it. If so please send CoD brendabrenda.
  12. Once again I'm very pleased with my purchase. All items were sent quickly and I highly recommend this seller. AWSOME !!! Thanks again : )
  13. Very pleased with the Imp service and the quality I found here. Great price, awesome service and fast turn around. I will be back for future needs!! Ty very much!
  14. Extremely happy with the high quality WoA and CoC enchant's on my rare pickaxe. Very helpful and fast service. I would highly recommend using this enchanting service. Can't say enough ! TY : )
  15. Once again I'm very pleased with my purchase. All items were sent quickly and I highly recommend this seller. AWSOME !!! Thanks again : )